Josephine R Jul 12

Stay, please, let us stay.
Allow us to remain
Upon this heavenly summoned rock,
Reigning above the valley below,
Where the horizon meets the setting sun,
And now the beastly songs have just begun.

Let us lay here
Within the silence of the whisp'ring wind,
And the cold, biting air breathing on us.
Farewell, daylight.
Uncloak the suns that were hidden from sight.
Allow the warmth of mine guide me tonight.

Derek Tatum Jun 16

Poetry in motion, like the wide wavering oceans. Why climb? Its far more than just passing time. Nothing tangible to show for it. Memories, a sense of meaning, pride. I climb & I'll never quit....its puts some pep in my stride

Tiptoe through forests
of lollipop trees
and play with cotton candy bunnies

Climb rock candy mountains
Jump in chocolate syrup puddles

I wear a little yellow raincoat
to keep me dry
from the cream soda raindrops

So many sweet things
live in this wonderland

Things like you

Why would anyone want to leave

Paul Jones Apr 29

I climb. Although a harsh wind and sleet sweeps
  these hills, my temperament remains steady.
Although the path is treacherously steep
  I have been thoughtful, I have come ready.
The footfall here is few and far between
  and some who came to conquer, could not cope.
As I push on past the point where they've been,
  I look into a mist that holds my hope.
Joy lies beyond a helm wind of despair
  and must be battled with to be surpassed.
I will prevail here knowing that it's there.
  I’ll conquer fell and fall so I’ll be passed
to where tranquillity abounds below,
  throughout the valleys of the rain shadow.

Sonnet - 9 -
11:00 - 29/04/17

This is a revision of a previous sonnet. It's metaphorical and explore's why some people choose to do difficult things in life, despite having easier options.
Austin B Apr 29

Here I exist, cowering underneath this monstrosity.
Each breath a constant reminder I am still alive.
Wiping the liquid nerves from my quivering hands.
Wanting to slip away between the deafening cracks.
Swallowing my last drop of reality, a harsh cold sting.
There is no turning back now.

Little Samantha McGee was climbing up a tree.
Branch by Branch she went further and further up with glee.
Till she got to the top, it was quite a drop.
Poor little Samantha McGee lost her grip on that tree.
Down and down to the ground she went yelling, "oh dear mother please catch me."
But it was not to be, for you see it was all a dream.
Little Samantha McGee won't be climbing in any other trees.

Copy Right Michael Robert Triska
It's going into my nursery rhymes book.

My shoulders a mountaintop
My mind a sky
Would you climb?
Will you fly?

Just a clever little thing to keep in mind.  Hue hue.  (:
Brett Palmero Apr 11

Fall down
We grasp at everything
But as we drown
We realize we have nothing

Climb back up
We continuously fight
Take each step even though
We barely see light

Walk a mile
We want to give up already
But we can't help but smile
At the progress we're making

Run toward the skies
We reach for the blue
And we rise
To enjoy the view

Poetictunes Feb 22

I remember the nights
when I used to climb
into your window
To jump into your bed

V Jan 25

Panda woman, that is me
Wears a mask and is chubby
Climbing up a bamboo tree

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