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The Kimbeaux Sep 5
matter who
reaches the top
of the mountain first
because eventually we
will all be buried beneath it.
We're just racing towards death.
If you're always trying to reach the top,
you never really get there. There will always
be another peak to climb, and you can't stay above
tree line forever. Also, the hail storm in the valley won't
last forever. So you hunker down and ride it out. Finally, if the
journey is the destination, you'll always be on top of the mountain.
Reflection from mountain running and life.
Taking back control of my life
My food is mine
I don’t need to weigh myself twice
Don’t get me wrong I’m still not fine
But I’m a lot better
Eighty-nine pounds was my low
Let me be a trendsetter
Just take it slow
One day at a time
Don’t let that voice take over
It’s an uphill climb
It’s not a four leaf clover
It’ll take tears
Maybe years
Not unscathed but you’ll get through
Take it from from me it’s true
18 pounds ago I was at my low. It’s been almost exactly a year since I was there. A year since I decided that I didn’t like fainting when I stood up and wearing baggy clothes. It didn’t happen overnight and I’m not going to lie to you and say that I never wish I was still that thin but the price it came with was too high. The price of not only muscles being stripped away but also my joy
Nylee Oct 2022
I used to climb on window pipes.
Look through the neighbour's side,
Reach around trying to climb high.
I wanted to go into the dark skies
Find the real paradise.

And I am still climbing the staircase
where the happiness begins
but the steps are never ending
my legs are forever bending
the journey, like any, is tiring.
AE Sep 2022
when you climb mountains
you leave your footprints
in the rigid soil
that feeds into the ground
we once laid on
waiting for the sun to descend
to take our guards down
and prepare our fingers
for pointing at stars

Time leaves us reminiscing
Leaving behind bitter tastes laced with honey
something you liked about coffee
on these notes

I think about the distances between
Who you are and what I hope to be
And I see the mountains you said you'd climb
Steve Page Mar 2022
confident embracing failure
comfortable with self-doubt
curious about bumps and scrapes
convinced I've found what counts

balancing needs with desires
encountering more than I sought
wondering if it's really about
leaving with more than I brought

climbing beyond the summit
flying above the clouds
reaching where I aimed to be
least there or thereabouts
a re-working - still climbing
Hussein Dekmak Jan 2022
It's a frigid January
With gloomy sky,
Depressing weather, and
Falling snow.
Yet, I don’t care!

I want to play,
I want to have fun,
I want to climb in the trees,
I want to be free,
I want to be present,
I want to feel alive!

Winter will not take hold of
My love for nature,
I will forever have an eagerness to
Dance to the eternal melody of life!

Hussein Dekmak
I got inspired to write this poem after I saw a kid climbing in a tree from across the street.
Annie Oct 2021
It is true, though,
that I'd rather leave scars
on this body I possess
and leave tears in my heart
from the lovers I've met,
than to have never lived
or loved at all.

Life is a climb, a trip and a fall.
Steve Page Aug 2021
I lift my pen at the scent of the coming rain.
The wind rises, and I sense the pain gathering strength
and after a beat or two, the drizzle scouts my face
- but I smile.

I have my compass, the North Star
and the maps I made before.
I can still climb this new stanza
navigate past the memorials,
through to the meadows beyond
and I can rest there, refill my pen with the rain
and write again.
re-write of Navigating the hills, flexing my writing muscles ahead of a poets retreat
B Jul 2021
All my life I have appreciated the view of this city.

I’ve climbed the highest mountains to see as much of it as I could. And every time I loved it, I loved how it never seemed to end.

But as time goes, we grow up.
I still climb the mountains, just not for the view.

Nowadays I need to know where to go next. Not for adventure, not for new experiences.

I’ve been through things, things 10 year old me didn’t see coming.

I never knew this city was going to break my heart.
M Solav Mar 2021
All of those past events
The mountain climb, and the descent
They're scrolling past to lay my

And once I'd gone to the other side
Despite all that I had left behind
They've started hunting for my

And they're gone,
Yes they're gone,
While I'm torn
In the maze of my

And they're gone,
Yes they're gone,
While I'm tearing
The fabric of my
Written on July 22, 2020.

— Copyright © M. Solav —

This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
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