And you're still there
The boy in the sky
I love a bit of you
In everyone I meet
Find you in the milk of their thighs
In the soles of my feet

You're still there
The fly on the wall
Though I can't see you
Your smell spills on the clouds
In the light that burns my eyes
I know you're just behind

Somehow you're still here
In the curves of the rocks
The hollows where my hand fits
And our fingers lock

Diana Garcia Nov 2017

Written by Diana Garcia
This is a craving I didn't know I had
Filling voids of which made me so sad
Mad, hateful, spiteful and jealous..
You've given me what I struggled to give
Leading by example
Giving people a will to live.
Compassion, empathy, enlightenement
Ambition, fruition
Readying for my next exhibition

Beautiful little being
What is it that you are not seeing
Chin up my love
For we have life
Our reason to smile.
Take my hand
I want to share with you my discovery
Where many things are to be taught
Where all is hope and you
Can see the sky for miles.
Watch the clouds or dream
Of reaching the stars
Or of climbing the tallest mountains
Each step with care
Remembering the strength we all share..

Mari Carrasco Nov 2017

it is few that seek for color,
when the world leaves them grey.

it is few that climb mountains,
when only plains come their way.

EmDictado Nov 2017

with the raging wind
as our enemy
you threw the rope
down at me
i clung to it
tightening my grip




i climb

midway through the ascent
confusion washed over me
for i expected you to continue
pulling me up

gently and hesitantly
i tugged at the rope
to call your attention


you never bothered to look down
and I never
ever bothered
to hold onto anything else
beside the rope
our rope

it was too late to see that I was falling
and broken bones
are just one
of my many shattered pieces

only after i was ashes
did I understand
why the highest soar
has the most painful drop

-i can still remember how both my skull and heart crack open

The year gets later,
The air grows colder,
The pack gets heavier,
The trails grow longer,
The hours get earlier,
The elevation gets higher,
The minutes pass faster,
The friendships grow powerful.
My heart grows stronger
With each summit.

10/27 Inktober prompt: Climb
No edits allowed.
Eliah SolRae Oct 2017

I climb through time, weaving in and out.
I ride the wave of time through my life.
Time hold me, time controls me. I have
So little time for anything else.
Time is my friend, time makes my end.
Time takes me, I cannot fight back.

Eliah SolRae Oct 2017

I am on an everlasting slope. I look down there is no hope. I look up,
it's the only way; here I cannot stay. I climb higher and higher,
I dream I am on my future pyre. I shout I am alone . I want to stop.
I wish I had a home. I was born for this, my life is this, my job was this.
I fell, I couldn't take it, I knew that I would never make it...

Janelle Mainly Sep 2017

I read it in a book today that really caught my eye,
it said "to climb you have to rhyme" and that stuck in my mind.

That phrase, the catch, the maze that hatched,
I can't think of anythings else!
Get out the dictionary! A new order must be dealt!

This poem started as an untitled draft with only the words:
"I didn't mean to say the worst thing at the right time."
Then I ended up rewriting and changing the whole thing.
Breanna Sep 2017

Today I climbed a mountain and screamed at the top of my lungs
It felt so good
To finally let go
To finally be on top
To finally have my voice back
The climb was hard
There were points I thought I wasn't going to make it
But I did.
There were obstacles in the way
Hills, trees, giant rocks
But I overcame
I had so many hands around to steady me along the way
And voices telling me that I had it in me
So I kept pushing
When my legs hurt and my lungs burned
Because I wanted to make it
I wanted to see the view from the top for once
Not from this dark pit I have been making myself live in
Today was the day I took all my troubles, hurt, and my addiction
And I burned that shit on top of the mountain and left it there
I walked down a thousand pounds lighter
And it was fucking beautiful

Riley June Sep 2017

you built the wall as tall as  it could go till it pierced through the sky of your standards,
I grabbed your latter of stories and climbed with each level whispering into my ear,
don't look down it is no longer an option just keep going with breezes tugging at my skirt,
sweaty palms grasping for the security of solidarity too far to turn back and yet not close enough to hope,
shakiness begins to take hold as the ground quakes with anticipation yearning for my fall,
arms that were once so strong only pull down my climb with the weight of its secrets,
creeping ever so slowly with uncertainty yet trembling full of fear that false hope brings,
slipped from the security of the latter air cushions my plummet to kiss the ground beneath your shoes,
bet you would never expect to see me fly,
but I was the angel in your dreams

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