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Fayez Jun 1
I climb this mountain
While my hands bleed true
I climb this mountain
Just for you

You are not between rocks
Or at mountain peak
I climb and bleed
So I don't seem weak

These bleeding hands
are not brave nor bold
I hope you know
They are only yours to hold

I climb this mountain
With no goal or plan
A bleeding testament
To the ego of man
Men do stupid things, sometimes without reason, for the person they love. Sometimes just to prove to themselves that they are deserving of love.

I think that the
only way
to lose weight with
green tea
is to climb up to the top of
Chinese Mountain
and pick it yourself.
In other words, don't always believe what you hear or see.
Carmen Jane Apr 21
Change is all I want,
Smiles all day to flaunt
Vibrate with succes,
Always saying yes!
Yes ‘can do anything I ever dreamt,
My presence could make historycal dent!
Don't waste your time,
Cause I won't waste mine
I've got my mountain to climb!
It might be your bedtime,
But it ain't mine!
Got my perfect rhyme,
To find,
I won't stay behind!
can't climb over
every mountain
and you can't win
every war.

But one thing that you
can do
is try to be better
than before.
Try to be a better person than you were yesterday.
Anna Apr 5
When the days are long and the nights are restless,
we seek for a way to forget.
We bathe in our sorrows.
We rip ourselves to shreds.
We bleed to feel, because not feeling hurts more then the pain of blades.
When life ***** us over we struggle to climb back up,
and when we get up. Life laughs and kicks us down again.

Whats the point.
We feel nothing.
We are in an endless cycle.
Whats the point.
Steve Page Apr 3
I had watched his glow go down
and I saw the hole swallow him whole.
I now watched his light rise
and I saw his eyes rest on mine,
newly ascended.
Easter brings hope
Osiria Melody Feb 14
To all those troubled people,
who Deprived themselves of food 'cause they
were a size 20 instead of a 2,
who possessed Drawn comfort lines or
Engraved scalding designs all over their bodies,
who attempted to Snip their lives away from
the grand photo of life,
who fled from a place we call Home,
who Drank alcohol like water,
who Smoked nicotine like a campfire's burn,
who Did the worst of the worst imaginable,
I am here to let you know that there will
always be Hope.

To all those troubled people,
who Deprived themselves of happiness at
the Expense of someone else,
who possessed Gaits of Emaciated strength,
who attempted to Hurt their loved ones for
the Sake of protecting oneself,
who fled from a place that no one Knows,
this world needs your Uniqueness
Beauty, Dignity, Strength
Your Tears can water gardens of Happiness.
Pain can climb Mountains of pleasure.
Tell sadness to Hang itself by a noose,
Tell sadness to Shoot itself in the head,
Tell sadness to Indulge in poison,
Tell sadness to Jump off a building,
Tell sadness to Bleed itself.

For you cannot know what tomorrow will
do not let Sadness overcome you.
You're your own hero, a steadfast one
Make Sadness **** itself and spare Yourself.
I outstretch my creative hands to you
to all those Troubled people
never let go of what keeps you Going.

No one can take away your individuality since you're your best judge.
Chris Mar 26
Passing by, just the same,
woods are blue and unforgiving,
The wilderness has no name,
That would be known to the living.

By the mountains proud and tall,
Dare you call the prophecy,
Take a silent, quiet stroll,
And don't bring snow down at me.

Walking up when it pulls down,
The sad truth about gravity,
The abyss is calling now,
The voice of still depravity.

Down the mighty side of her,
Dare you climb the way you came,
One wrong step and little birds,
Will eat you and worms, just the same.
Blahgmahablahablablehhhhhhaugghhhhhh...*****...fall in it stop drop and roll.
Tehreem Mar 8
Ride on the whimsical waves of time
Yet the longing for most oddest climb

With rise and falls
With walks and crawls

Through the darkness of night
In the subtle moonlight

Torn hearts and tired souls
Carrying the eternal holes

Some faces lost in the crowd
Others are warriors endowed
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