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Michael Luciano Dec 2020
This is the Canyon lands Can you feel it man?
Dawn's early promise to lend you her hand.
Awake from the cave from the rubble you climb.
Down the lonely path to the river of time.

This is the Canyon lands far from the thought Plateau.
Deep down in that crevasse where the warming fires glow.
Where the canyon walls climb to the cheeks of the sky.
The sun she peaks in from time to time.

This is the canyon land Where the River she winds.
Cut down deep by her flowing design.
Through the valley she runs away from the caves.
On a long from our shelter to a place that we crave.

This is the Canyon Land but all we want is more.
To travel the river of time set sail from our Shores.
Slide along the river to where the canyon meets the sea.
Float on from that crevasse to Eternity.

This is the canyon land from where we took the plunge.
In to her cooling hands flowing toward the sun.
To divide and conquer explore the high seas.
Gain, grab, and get more than we can dream.

This Is The Place To Where the River Flows and the canyon meets the sea.
Plastered form our being until eternity.
Something Beyond this miserable cage that we live in.
and the sky opens up to give all she has to give
Where the sky opens up to give all she has to give.
Steve Page Sep 2020
I lift my pen from the page
and smell the coming rain
I hear the rising wind
and sense the gathering pain

and as the scouting drizzle coats my face
I smile, because I have my compass
I have a North Star and the maps I made
when I came this way before

I know I can navigate these hills
and I can form a new stanza
to take me through to the meadows
that wait for me there
I navigate by poetry
In a glass room
at the top of a mountain
I learned how to speak.
At 10,000 feet
I learned the shape of words
and how they can sound
so much like wind
persisting, wailing against
the impossible odds
of sturdy, dismissive construction.
If this is not a home,
then what is it?
A shrine atop this mountain?
An offering to the gods of
sunrise, sunset, thunderstorm,
and man-made radio equipment?
Man-made fire?
There are certainly plenty
who climb to worship at its feet.
Surely nothing, save from
the mountain itself,
could send this glass room
tumbling down the path
I just walked to reach it.
Bryn Kennell Jul 2020
Monkey bars
Hold on
Do not let go

I climb high
To hold you close
But it takes all my strength
So I let go
Ezbon Kancharla Jul 2020
I see and feel the multi faced
Wondering how's that valid
They say that's how we survive these days
Ignorance of these will end with guilty days
Change is the essence of time
One should thrive to tame his heart in time
As tranquility of pure soul is uncorrupted

Every step i take among these, facing the ill
I am pulled into an underworld by a quick sand in a loamy soil
With all my raw and pure strength, i tread to sky
Like a phoenix i rise and clear my path with fire
Turning these ore of men into priceless stones
Looking down from celestial dome, i see crystals
Witnessing a tranquil change in my own and every
Tranquility in my heart and every every
We need to change ourselves and others for the much good that is there in this world.....we must see it done before our time is done.
Boris-Bryce Jun 2020
You don't climb in love but fall in love, because no matter how high it takes you, the fall is always twice as painful.

You are like the star in the sky.
Far away and tough to climb.
Urge to touch you still alive.
Nor you can neither I,
This distance can never minify.
This distance is beyond our control...

Down from the *****
I saw the steps
I thought
Were, the steps
To my calling.
All that mattered
Was, to believe.

When calendars
Churned out unending numbers.
And the process
Repeating in cycles
Of rippling rhythm,
The ripples flattened out,
And the rhythm turned silent,
Realization set in.
It was blind faith all along,
That belied convictions.

The first step of yore,
Had become the last one now.
And ahead once again,
The ***** reveals itself,
Winding down
I not know whither,
But I know this
That am bound thither.
Scarlett Riel Apr 2020
They watch my lavish fall
Lips gnashing together
Grinding teeth in anticipation
Its the only sound I hear
As I slip through the abyss

I blame them
With their eyes scanning upwards
Fixated on the throne
Waiting for the day
They’ll look down on the rest of us

Now today has arrived
And they marvel in what I’ve become
What I've lost
Who am I now
Surely not this creature
Cracked mask on a sunken ship

Blood streams from my temples
Tormenting thoughts cannot be contained
In the mere encompass of my mind
They hug the curve of my cheekbones
And slip on my lower lip

Inviting me to speak them
Inviting me to scream them

All while the parasite keeps digging
Tunnelling deeper and deeper
Up the underbelly of my wrist
Matthew Rousseau Apr 2020
I'm going up the hill again,
The top is my destination,
Confronted with fleeting dreams of mesmerization,
The sky is clear but it feels like rain, soil gone too,
down the drain,

I've been here before, I can feel it,
Imprints of my feet, the ground steals it,
The sky is a blue hue I do not recognize
The stars look more like flies

I approach the top and something feels off,
Stress, anxiety, and vertigo on top,
I inhale but no relief comes,
Gravity is not for friends or fun,

I get the top and I can see the sky,
For a moment I feel like I can fly,
But I realize my deja vu the lack of serenity,
I'm at the bottom in an endless journey,
It has been a long time since I posted. I hope you guys like it!
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