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 Nov 2019 c
Chris Saitta
She walked out of the watercolor storm of a fresco
Like a cowl-bound form in a light drizzle of rain,
Her mosaic tiles of ancient lovers’ eyes, ceramic-borne,
Just as her hips held the curves of the urn, kiln-fired,
The coiled heat of Greece still stinging through her flesh.

For her, the treetops had been the summoners of storm,
In kind, she poured down the wet grove of her hair, electral,
Pantheress of humid breath and fanged flair of lightning,
Tamed once in the cloudy cage of Pentelic marble of the Parthenon.

But the world piled dust before her, baiting with its groveled roads,
For her black mullings, much-tasted rain, and heaven’s leaves to fall.
If only the Michelango-to-come had carved the clouds of her
For the light to remain, shining its centuries,
Then maybe the thunder would have been left undone.
 Nov 2019 c

In one eye
I see God
In the other is
the Devil

Feathers fell
from a hidden

You are a cold
in my bedroom
Dancing fingertips
on my canvas hips
My flower petal
that sandpaper
strip away
A living work of
You wanted on
your wall
of fame

To afraid to
So you painted
a fake
 Nov 2019 c
e l l
too soon to say
 Nov 2019 c
e l l
you ask me if i love you.
so i say
“i feel like i do.”
but sometimes my feelings lie to me
and i don’t want to do that to you.
 Nov 2019 c
Jenny Moran
 Nov 2019 c
Jenny Moran
every day I spend away from you
returns me back to normal
I belong to myself for once

if you're near
everything I've been practicing disappears  
I'm yours again

just let me breathe on my own
and set me free
from your controlling grasp
and your unyielding touch
and let me be me
 Sep 2019 c
They love you
 Sep 2019 c
I guess they love you
Because all the poems I’ve written are
About you

I guess they love you
Because every single love song I hear
Describes  you

I guess they love you
Because In every passing face
I see you

I guess they love you
And I’m not quite sure if all the writers and poets fell in love before
With you
 Aug 2019 c
• Time •
 Aug 2019 c
I'm running out of time
And the clock is ticking fast
But I'm trying to erase
All the damage in my past

I'm running out of time
And these minutes never last
But the darkness that I face
Is the shadow that I cast
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