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You say you’d give a penny for my thoughts,
well, you start a fire in my mind as soon as I turn the lights off.
This is perfect, you’re perfect, you can’t shut these thoughts off.
When your mom and dad made you, they did a fine job.

Sizzling, from top to bottom you’re so hot.
You give me honey with your sweet talk.
This is perfect, you’re perfect, but it’s obvious that I’m not,
so how was it that we ended up in this particular spot?

I know you’ve been wishing that I surrender to you completely.
I know what you’re feeling, I see what you’re feeling, I know that feeling.
I know you’re probably thinking that I’m just tripping,
but what you don’t know is how amazing now life is for me
and it’s all because of you, sweet baby.

I swear, every time we get together, it's like a movie.
Everything is so cool and different like a romantic comedy.
You act so cool when other girls are around me,
I know you’re ride or die, but they better not make a move on me.
You still want to know what I’m thinking?
It’s hard not to think of you, baby.

Every morning I wake up saying:
“she’s the cherry on top of my ice cream”.
No drama, no craziness,
She’s the cherry on top of my cake.
I go to bed late at night loving what I’m doing,
so, if you’re getting what I’m saying, won’t you put a cherry on it!
Written on August 19, 2012
Composition number: 424
ethan gaskill Aug 18
maybe we're like, in a movie,
nibbling on the ends of our spaghetti
unaware of the fact that it's the same noodle
and eventually we'll find each other
after all, you are a lady
and i just a tramp
Billie Aug 13
12 hours in to my day I wake.
Mind still buzzing from the latest instalment
in a long series of dreams you feature in,
this one involving you pushing me up against a wall
and making out,
in a house that I knew was yours but looked different.
Flipped and rearranged.
I could feel the weight of your body on mine,
and even now I can still feel your hips on mine
as I thrust back against you,
you smirking and your body reacting with a growl,
I spent half of my day with you,
and the other half without.

I ate 6 cookies in a row,
got motion sickness from looking at my computer screen,
or maybe it was the lack of eating,
and sometimes I feel like I’m in a house full of strangers.
My sisters barely leave the rooms they declare ownership over,
the youngest sleeping until 3
(although I’m sure her dream wasn’t better than mine)
and the other closing the door to the lounge,
shutting the curtains,
turned off the light,
sealed herself inside like a fallout bunker,
neither of them say a word to me.

My mom has already left by 7:30,
gets home at 6; and immediately goes to bed.
She seems more ghost than human these days.
I don’t disturb her,
she needs all the sleep she can get,
and so now I’m back to the activities of my day,
hoping for something more interesting,
putting off work because sometimes I just want to breathe.

Stay within my dreams,
like a movie theatre where I’m the only one watching,
and the actors are everyone I know,
I ask the usher if they can play a double feature this time
and they gladly oblige.
The concession stand has been out of food
for as long as I can remember,
I can feel the sounds rumbling through my chair
and the lights flash before my eyes,
dancing in front of my face.
There’s no pause,
or rewind,
or second screening.
And sometimes there’s a problem with the projector
and I never see anything at all.
Sometimes I’m startled
and sometimes the usher gives me a blanket
and tucks me in,
sometimes the theatre is locked
and I bang
and bang
and bang
on the door before turning
and seeing you
and everything goes black.

I used to avoid sleep,
to avoid the movies I’d be subjected to,
claiming it was so I’d get more done,
but I’d actually spend those extra hours staring at my wall
and thinking too much.
Nowadays I’d much rather catch a movie instead,
catch a glimpse of you,
catch a cold,
will you go to the movies with me.
Because I want to watch you in my hands instead of on a screen.
i see you more in my head than in person nowadays.
Marie-Lyne Aug 4
It was an adoration of the body
the male body
It reminded me of statues
of desire
of a sexual gaze
and multiple pleasures
what an aesthetic way
to compare life
to water
the cycle of life
the maternal side of life
what a tragedy
I fished a movie
hoping to cast a reel
that catches a keeper
hook, line, and sinker
I waded in line
the tackle box optimism in my sights
butterfly's in my net
visions of a hotrod
I look up at the marque
with a good cast and reel
my boats singing
a song that's hooked on love
I enter the theatre
among the trees
branching towards my spot
such forestry
I race past the mainstream
hotrod in tow
I take to my seat
setting anchor to a fun outing
as the lights abate
skip to my Lou
at bay
watching the cast make a splash

Logan Robertson

A Aug 2
our bodies are merely inches apart
and our seats are side by side
your eyes are glued to the screen
while your face attracts mine

in case they start to linger
i force myself to look away
despite the desire to hold you close
i teach my hands to stay in place

pictures flashing, the cast appears,
more romance, drama, comedy
i pictured you and i but i need
self-control, less fantasy
K Jul 29
I always thought love was supposed to be like the movies,
An ordinary man meets an ordinary woman and they fall in love right?
I mean c'mon?
Two not so perfect people meet,
and they form an unlikely relationship that last forever!
That's what love is supposed to be, right?
Love is suppose to be this heart racing , mind captivating pleasure that enables you to show your feelings in a way you never did before.
You're not supposed to be hurt,
You're not supposed to be depressed.
You're not supposed to wake up feeling like shit because the man you're in love with you can't have?
That's not what love is?
Then why does it feel this way?
Why does my heart feel like its ripped into a million fucking pieces by the man I love?
That's not like the movies.
Growing up, I always thought love was supposed to be this pain free thing. I guess I was wrong. :(
JAC Jul 27
Since we last were here
the chairs have greyed with age

they, like us, were once a gentle blue
now they lay aching in the pre-show

the walls quake with the noise of decades
and the air is stained with concession salt

like living memories that were never ours
dissolving in the flicker of the picture

we remember so many first dates
and missed childhood kisses

that we forget the film
is even playing.
I love constructing a nostalgia for something that never happened, it's exactly as I said: like I'm living a memory that isn't mine.
Isaac Jul 23
Each day a movie I watch
inside a body I feel.

Outside of what I see,
I control a person that’s real.

Born before my birth.
Beyond my being, I be.

My soul rests in a deeper world
enwrapped by eternity.

Death a door that leads outside
this home I know so well.

Slipping outside on a special day,
I'll find my real home to dwell.
Written 24 July 2018
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