i could play both parts
of the scene in my mind
this moment between us
i've watched a thousand times
they're my favorite movie
so i know every line
i like to imagine you and me
making our dreams our lives

wherever we go
we're on our very own red carpet
so grab the popcorn
and let's get it started

every movie has a sad part
but it never stays that way
so dim the lights, we'll take our seats
and roll the tape
I never heard you, but I hear you.
I never held you, but I feel you.
I never knew you, but I love you.
Jamilla 4d
You say you love me
You made me feel like I was the only one
You make my heart flutters a lot
You give me butterflies in my stomach
We imagine what future will be for us
If we will be together at the end.

That you're gone
I still love you
You're still the one I love
How will I take this pain away from my heart?
How those butterflies back in my stomach
Instead of this little creature?
I imagined my future to be with you.
With our supposed to be happy family.

I'll see you there, soon my love.
But for now, I'll be the best mother to our baby boy.
Thank you for giving me this precious gift.
I love you with all my heart.
Hi! I just made this not because this is happening to me. But because I just got inspired to make this one while I was watching a movie.
Sanny 7d
Our bodies were shivering.

We held each other.

Surrounded by water, out in the lake.

The thunder and rain chrashed around us and I felt your lips on mine.

Our feelings for each other were so real and intense in that moment.

The memories and moments we have will be my favourite movie to watch.
Steelyvibe Jul 2
In the shadows of the Island
The moon killer on the prowl
Trio of eccentric professors
An echo of a howl
Turn out the light and interconnect
The mysterious Dr X

A technicolor murder scene
See the bizarre experiment
A creepy lab, a fiendish killer
An evil development
He waits to see who is next
The mysterious Dr X

A group of strange wax figures
The victim bound to a chair
Peculiar feeling of cold mechanism
In a Gothic horror nightmare
Who is the killer suspect
The mysterious Dr X
Eric Draven Jun 29
Day burns down to night;
Burns the edges of my soul.
In the night I break into
Sparks of suns,
And become the fires end.
The dust of bones...
Night knifes my breath,
Swallows whole my tongue.
Turn back reverse return.
In the night I see
The real concealed
In the days bright lie.
Eyes stitched shut;
White teeth smile.
Sleep walks,
And talks,
And feet
Mark time
To the drumless beat
I loved this poem it's beautiful, I cannot ember who wrote it.
I asked the producers of the movie and they gave me no answers.
Red Brush Jun 27
Fate in oblique wisdom gave,
A lonely soul a gentle heart.
Lost, he sought a love to save
What hope life had torn apart.

In time he saw her facade cave,
And felt her tenderly impart
A meaning to him that would pave
His path to glory; A legend's start.

A champion, proud, saw just a knave;
A tool to use, then take apart.
Into the ring, Creed swaggered brave;
What lay in wait was Rocky's heart.
A poetic synopsis of the classic movie, Rocky (1976).
my face is like an open book and
everyone knows exactly where the last person left off.
there’s no reading between the lines, no built-in metaphors. no.
all the words and feelings are out there,
on the page and they start screaming at the first contact with the outside world.

I have no covers,
no pdf format,
no index,
no once in a lifetime offer you can’t miss.

I only come with a story, that
some people enjoy reading,
that others hate (and
decide to wait for the movie).
the main character is a guy that’s neither good nor bad,
that lives inside a human head,
but always gets beaten around by a human heart.

I’m curious about that specific moment when
it was decided that we love with our heart
and not with our brain, or leg, or knee.

you may be the main thing in the menu at one point,
the hottest dish in the restaurant
but you know that
you’ll always gonna be someone else’s sloppy seconds.

today, a kid on the metro asked me
why do we keep saying „may God save us”?
when really, it’s up to us to save HIM?

I didn’t know what to say.
I didn’t know how to explain to him that
sometimes I’m afraid to believe
in something that doesn’t feel like belief worthy..
that I don’t understand how certain things happen..
that I can hardly save a WORD file after a day’s work,
and he’s proposing me to save S̶A̶N̶T̶A̶ .. GOD.
I didn't have the means to lie, to be wise, to be strong..
I couldn’t let go of the iron bar and my smile had no teeth to show, no lips to uncover.

but I guess he knew all of that.
my face is like an open book. not the holy one!
with me there’s no reading between the lines, no built-in metaphors.
T McGilberry Jun 16
Insulated from the chill..
Unless I breathe the ice.

Don't panic,
Just make room.

No one can stop me from entering the doors I've built with my own hands.

I walk through and hear the voices this world whispers,
the worst part is my own words are the harshest.

The devil in my mind I evicted..
Somehow keeps sneaking through the window...

I've seen too much,
and not enough at the same time.

Rounding out my pressure points,
If you touch me I'll feel no pain.

I am better than you..
I tell my ego...

What a mind trick.
I made a video of this piece performed in a jedi style.. posted on IG & Twitter @timcgilberry
Business the Guinness
of records
Of the
Drunkin drivers
The presidential
audience all

We love one
white or dark lie
conifers thinking like
the Beatle song
I'm a loser
having respect for
yourself be the defeated
M-L-M morons, losers,
So nice you are linked
into my millionaires
The marketing scam
You will be broke
Those 69 lovers to
be pissed
off shorter life
just smoke  PM
ATM money goes
pop the weasel
painting it dark
wearing your
heart out on the easel

Not for sale dancers
need exotic drink taking off
their Drunk Zen shirts
Chirp that Chippendale
dance her out
Until she is drunk
Drunk Zen Rocker
of punk

So Homey light thinker side
Phone drinker fantasize
about the trip
Link me on my
mountaintop- stamp
collection glue-stick
philatelic reinvention

Doing my exercise why so
Wow such beauty Judy
sunrise recent
What meeting my heart all
depends to remember
September but October
November Drunk Zen
Thanksgiving food
with crying pillows
Quite the Yam and
before I was drunk

The new navy blouse said
I'm not drunk abbreviated
Inebriated linked-in
private club
Like an initiation or
Sorority only drunk
I'm not sorry invitation

Drunk Club Zen
adventurous men
The hair club Oh! no
He got her by her
drunk-in neck

The Mediterranean
Going French Canne
Itsy bitsy tipsy bikini
The monk was like
the morning hot flame
Glitch or twitch of the nose
What a Red-Robin Rooster

Kevin Bacon lovers
Melted cheese and him
couldn't hold his sneeze
The Bed and breakfast
This wasn't Hamlet
or Camelot just
drunken Dunkin donut
For God's sake
(O) outstanding omelet
 drunken sea of eleven
Steven Universe
Glick Pearl chick
Email one universe click
Linked deep-sea hoarder
of junk
At her summer house
Strawberry wild hair he was
drunk forever Irish lad
Like the pub in
London Abby lane

Nancy Drew mystery
tour Zen men pour
In Georgia stays in her
mind what would it be
without nature, we need
air the water the sound

The trees grow in Brooklyn
Robin me birds spoke in
Those hubs on the go
In there Mercedes
having yogurt? Their drunk__

Drunk Zen be brave not
to be hurt his head cocked
A million in none
cars parked
The cheer was in beer the
lover of darkness
sky malt drunk
They were bushy eyed
with a  drunken masseuse
Drunk Zen was having sweet
tooth French kiss mouse  

Hands numb she is falling
over her  tweets of words
So jibberish dumb what
rubbish but silence
That number lottery Freddy
Halloween what Diva Queen
13 shots
High school drop out

Guilty ever Greek
to ever think cop out
Spiritual caller like the
winding road babes of pigs
in a blanket the helicopter
Head spinner Eifel Tower
Frenc kiss got plugged
drunk never a hug

Hangover flower mugs
The Drunk-Apple* of his eye
computer the Zen dogs'
Alaskan Husky Buddhism
Shiba Uni from Japan
They got the realism

Heavy rain tents you walk
out on me
Woodstock Jefferson Airplane
Or those Cocker Spaniels
Elton John with Daniel

The adoption they were crazed
with high tech gadgets
The adopters named Danny boy
Zoolander commander was drunk
I wasn't really drinking you have
a brain of a sieve

Man, water, the green earth just live
Like the four-leaf clover hey
this isn't over
(The Planet) or her
drunken eyes who wins
I could see a glimpse of
garnet Oh! darn it like
a dragnet or the Zen
The Roobus tea faraway
In Ireland hilly garden

Men with ladies cat milk
purr Kate Perry
Linked into the
materialistic Madonna
lady of silk he's the
hangover she
gave him her soy milk
what a guy
The pry coexisting to
ever think to pray

The super lady drink
never thinking blue
that he ever existed
Not remembering who you're
with he was on the
wanted list
Linked In the army
green wearing
a tank top bullets firing
in his chapel getting
married in his tank
Blue uniform acting

Disguised as a cop
My acting role for
both like Darth
And hey we are
not drunk!!
In the name of a
drunken love
Before I was drunk

My higher flight parachute
twenty-two jump street right fit
yourself as oneself linked
onto the mountain
the Ancient spiritual awareness
Grecian  love fountain harness
Maybe a lonely shot
of darkness
Maybe a lovely shot
of wellness
Linked into so many things do you feel pressured or you have an acting role but you better be drunk Ay Vey just pray when you show up don't give up we are all friends in the same boat. Let us sail away or no let's show the world what we really need to say
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