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rig 6d
i name any
enemy o’ mine
an ammonia
man o’ money?
oh no, on many a nome.

“okay, okay, don’t hurt yourself.”
credit to the last line goes to Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson, and David Reynolds
Act as if I'm not moved by movies,
how'd that play out if it's not seen
Flip away the motion,
picture me stuck in a box of a T.V screen.

Why I speak like this,
is a person who often lives remote.
Losing control
as I try to channel every emotion.
People live to have no Parental Guidance,
all live their lives watching in due caution.

We've rated ourselves explicit,
our actions can be offensive content
The biggest of man profits from
the suffering of others.
The world is like one filled with many vultures.

The stage is set,
love in this picture shouldn't be misplaced.
Lights, camera, action!
Give your all of true love,
until none is left.
Life didn't come with scripted lines,
we can't always imitate all that we've read.


We all have a role to play,
do be weary of the size
No matter the camera time,
play your role well to the fullest.
At the end of life,
hold high that Academy Award prize.

When all is said and done,
you'll be known as part of a "great people"
Live this one life well, there's no sequel.
When all is said and done,
you'll know, "That's a wrap people"
Cae Apr 22
that feeling you get when you see others living in the moment
you’re there in this moment, but not the focus of it
on the sidelines, you’re like a ghost
you aren’t part of the moment, but you contribute to its existence

like a side character, you don’t interfere
watch as the main characters make the moment clear
you don’t dare to step past the invisible boundaries, fearing you’ll ruin the moment

like a camera, you catch the moment, but you aren’t part of it
it’s like a coming of age movie, except you’re the extra with one line

people say you’re the main character, but you know that isn’t true
the main character doesn’t watch from a bench
the main character doesn’t swipe through stories of friends
the main character doesn’t stand under a roof as people play in the rain

you’re the side character, and you know it
you’re the side character, just living through the moment
relahxia Mar 28
Where is the remote control?
Please, mind, stop this movie
I have watched it many times now
Can we change the station?
   Where is the remote control?

My mind blank and my body on hold
Can we rewind,
         will it unfold?

Shivers down my spine
And you said you were mine

Could you stop it?
No, I´m not ready.
Where is the remote control?
Why should you have it?

My mind blank and my body on hold
My heart, out
   My soul, foul

But.. where is the remote control?
You took away from me what was never supposed to be yours.
aslı Mar 25
What are you up to?
- I am watching movie on mubi with the cat on my belly.
- That means you are in the mood for love.
- My  eternal mood is love.
Gerald Feb 19
"I've got an infinite number of places to go, the problem is where to stay."
Tizzop Jan 29
**** the river, **** the river of oblivion
past lives are drifting beneath its surface
they are singing a hymn, in kids voices
this hymn was written by the thoughts of ancestors

a human being has more than 60.000 thoughts a day
the psychiatrist who told me that is chinese
i like her appearance, she's my type, sweetly dark
the memory of my poems is implanted into her brain

when the night becomes day, the sun swallows every word
its rays burn down all the letters of the past
and the past is nothing but the last word written
i want to take a bath in the ideal of love

this ideal is tattooed on a person special to me
i have to think of what alejandro said in sicario
a movie is never a movie but a collection of memories
no story will ever be written without experience

the observations of birds make up for a pool of poems
if these creatures could write, yet they sing their stories
every soul which existed on earth, comes back to it
sooner or later, gökhan, reyka, ama and alexander

i would have liked to meet my uncle but he died of an overdose
a man who hated him gave him poison and alex injected it
as a child, i would often look at his picture:
eyes wide open, wildly glowing, as if he was in a waking dream
Vanessa Jan 9
found my body last night
the first time in months
after getting a covid test
and watching Eat, Pray, Love

unrolled my yoga mat
lit a candle
painted white my
unfinished canvas
made anew against all things fear

then slept and dreamt
of Hawaii

all in one breath
“Free your mind and your *** will follow” -George Clinton
An easygoing quote I've had in mind as of late
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