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c a e May 6
but then you’d be jack and i’d be rose,
setting sail in a cruise trading questions just to get to know the other
then you’d stare at me for a beat longer than normal
i’d take note of the different type of glint in your eyes
as you ask me “where to miss?’
to which i’d respond with “to the stars”
we got the ocean below us
and despite its vastness
and atlantis’ threat
from down down down below
its vast clear surface a reflection of a crystal ball
of us and the future
yet everyone knows how it all ends
and so the ship sinks
but this time it’s not just because of an iceberg;
they’re the iceberg
and they pull me away from you
and it all comes down in a slow gradual yet sped up type of sinking
as if it were a tragic accident; one that was staged
‘cause surrounded underneath by their iciness,
they keep dragging me away from you
and the plans we made once the cruise reaches the port
and the route to which we’d go to once the ship is docked-
the way they repeatedly tell me that you’re not for me
is enough for me to drown
and i remember when you told me that we’re in this together
and that you’d rather be with me
through hell and back
than to never have stopped me from jumping out as response to the song of the waves,
from never learning my name
but this, darling i’d rather not drag you into this
i don’t want this love to be the cause of your downfall, so i’m saving you
by doing this i’m shielding you from hypothermia that they, that this tragedy will cause you
i hope the warmth of my embrace will be enough to last possibly a lifetime-
even if it’s the last
let the headlines label this,
as an accident, casualties upon casualties
for we both know better than that;
meeting you was never a blip in destiny’s timeline or a regret
my only regret would be
that we didn’t stay longer in the staircase
neither did we stop the cruise from heading in the direction it did-
towards our doom we could’ve survived
you must know, darling
that if there is a day that i await,
it would be the one where we’re once again in that staircase
and you’re wearing that lazy smile i learned to love
and everything would be alright this time
and there would be no crash, no sinking, no drowning, no separation
the cruise just goes to its next stop and its next
and we’d be drinking from flutes of champagne
voyaging through the vastness of this body of water,
safe from its threats in each other’s arms
but for now let them think
that any possibility of us drowned deep under
as the ship gets ****** by the greedy tides, the greed they breathe with
Nylee May 2
It's a routine
and there is a disruption
Everything is fine
On the surface
Dig deeper, an eruption.

Let's believe in it
but worry is constant companion,
Hope is whimsical
It flutters and breaks
And burns again with flame.

It was a dream,
A beginning and the end,
A living breathing trend.
But a life is beyond imagination,
Ups and downs and a show.

Now to this slowdown,
We don't know,
The time in abundance
Is going to drain
A fear turning to a new name.

The year has been
straight out of some ******* movie
It is building and building
and no one knows
what kind of end it will bring.
Owlycat Apr 26
why isn't there a movie
with a mid 20's girl
living in her parent's basement
with mental health issues.
she could question her future,
date a guy who hardly understands
anything she's going through,
and eat a lot of cake.
she works in an office
but takes a lot of sick days.
she sees a counselor once a week.
breaks up with her boyfriend
who constantly questions her sanity.
at the end,
she decides to live for herself,
move out of her parent's house
to live in the city
and she write a book about mental health.
Louise Apr 25
Last year was like a movie.
But this year is the sequel.
The sequel *****.
It always *****.
Bea Aguilar Apr 20
It feels like we are in a movie.
A disaster one.
Everyone is dying and we don’t know who’s next.
However, some can already predict it.

The only difference between a disaster movie and of what’s going on in the world now is that we can do something.
We can help the people who are evidently in need.

ECQ *****
Zack Ripley Apr 13
The opposite of war isn't peace.
It's creation.
So take this time of isolation
To make something that inspires
A generation.
A poem. A movie. A song.
Something that reminds us
That even though we feel alone,
We belong.
Elly Apr 12
there are lots of bad days in times you chose to see the good ones and most of the times you must not have been looking. you focus on things that you thought is right and overlooked how is that right. that in life we need to realize and know that the things you see may not be you thought you were right about. we have to understand wrong people and wrong things in our lives for us to get to deserve the autumn of our lives. the right timing, people who didn't just see us but looked at us, someone who is sure about us, and someone who is right for us.

in this is kind of funny to me since realizing stuffs from this movie is just right. i needed to watch this twice in my life to look, to notice, and to understand. trust me, when i watched it for the first time i didn't understand it. and now would you look at me typing this thoughts on how i did not just understand the movie but what does it want us to realize when it comes to life. as what summer answered in tom's question on what happened? life happens.
Nova Apr 6
We had hope in the beginning
Before things went wrong.  
But life was short as a movie,
Happiness a song.

We took those memories for granted,
Those moments long ago.
Now we only have each other
And time moves by so slow.
Nylee Apr 5
I wish the end will be better
There is a chance if I push through,
Conditioned to happily ever after
I expect this will work out.
The God is a better writer
The ****** is stretching longer,
Soon things will fall right
There is an end to the night.
But as I open my eyes,
Nothing has changed
I have to repeat my belief
Believe that maybe
One more day to see
The end is coming
Let's do this again.
Wait when it begins
My real life movie
Is more than three hours long,
The drama won't die down
I should just switch off the TV
Wake up the next day and see
If I want to even read my book?
You don't owe anyone anything and everyone is different so embrace your uniqueness and live your life to the fullest.
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