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brinn 7d
i hate that every time i see you
i think you feel the same
i hate that i think these scenarios could be true
i hate that i only have myself to blame

i hate that i build you up inside my head
i hate that your smile makes me feel high
i hate the words i still haven't said
i hate that i continue to try and try

i hate that i can't make you see me
in the way that i see you
i hate that no matter how hard i plea
you won't notice the things i do

but most of all the thing i hate
is the hold you have on me and
the simple fact that i would wait
forever just to hold your hand.
Cy Jan 14
The reel flickers then ends
The popcorn crunches under their soles
Credits roll on my eyes
It's easier to say I'm fine, just tired
As if my reply was a movie
Cutting out the details and generalizing
In a way, not giving the whole story
Read me to know more
Though it may be long and tedious
Only for the people who want more
Who will love me more serious
When I say I'm tired
I am tired of life
So when I become more distant
I'm just trying to survive
RLG Jan 8
Holiday: a man backstrokes
oh so gently in the hotel pool.
It’s breakfast time. Bean juice
coagulates on my plate.

I watch the man’s languid, enchanting
backstroke and, for some reason,
it inflates my heart with sentimental joy.
This semi-******* middle-aged man,
is, right now,
The Most Beautiful Thing On Earth:

His arcing limbs do not slap or thrash,
but plop into the drink like skipping stones.
He is a babbling brook. A water feature.
The splish-splosh trickle-truckle of a spa waiting room.

And what’s more, this forty-something baldy
gliding through the water
fills me with love for all humanity,
because he seems blithely rapt
in absolute peace
(despite the room rates at this place).

But then, I realise, all of this might be
free association of the mind
linking this moment to a scene in
the Oscar winning motion picture:
Forrest Gump;
when a legless Lieutenant Dan
makes peace with God (for taking his legs),
and backstrokes with the same carefree beauty
into a pink and orange sunrise

(funny how the mind does that).

And suddenly the bubble of beauty is burst.
The portly swimmer becomes just that
(FYI: legs intact),
and my wife returns from the buffet
with a plate of vibrant fruit segments; Cheshire melon
and the greenest kiwi I’ve ever seen.
Lo! Only now have I tasted true kiwi.
And I remember: I’m on honeymoon!
And my wife, in this moment, and forever more,
shall be the only human to be known as:
The Most Beautiful Thing On Earth.

Similar to the way Forrest felt about Jenny,
in the Oscar winning motion picture:
Forrest Gump.
Joshua Marshall Dec 2018
Oh, Christopher.
Look at you.
I can't believe it.
You've improved.
Joshua Marshall Dec 2018
Is it your birthday?
Are you stuck in a
time loop?
Is someone trying to
**** you?

If you said yes,
it's your lucky day.
We're giving out
free glasses of lemonade.

Happy death day!
Joshua Marshall Dec 2018
I'm sitting on the top row,
looking into a movie screen.
There's an end to people's
rope, as ketchup spills out.

I'm consuming popcorn,
with a large fountain drink.
Bowling ***** go flying,
as knives swing through the air.

I'm becoming yellow,
from chili cheese nachos.
Dusty clouds linger,
keeping ancient wolverine worn.
Deniz Eilmore Dec 2018
This cast includes
a sad reader portrayed by you
a sad writer portrayed by me.
Meruem Dec 2018
Final scene of the movie:
Tom met this one particular girl.
They used to go to the same plaza,
But Tom wasn't looking.

The narrator goes:
"There's no such thing as fate..
Nothing is meant to be.
He knew, he was sure of it now."

A slight hint of hope,
A second chance in love.
Tom asked her out, she said sure.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Autumn.."
December 10, 2018 - 14:58

The greatest and biggest things in life comes when you least expect it. Live life to the fullest and just watch how it unfolds right before your eyes.
Vivek Dec 2018
This isn't me it's someone else!
Someone waiting ringing the bells!
Someone so shy and insecure!
Someone so harsh and impure!
Someone so tiny and little!
Someone so big and brutal!
Someone is laughing,
Someone's crying!
Someone gave up,
someone still trying!
I don't remember their names!
I don't remember their games!
They're all inside me!
They all wanna be free!

Inspired by the movie split-2016
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