It is a cold friday morning
and the sun isn't rising
I am on my bed doing nothing
The whole day is so boring...
I decided to take a zip of coffee
And a bit of bread to fill my tummy
I sat down and turned on the TV
And watched one theatrical movie,
This is how I spend my day
Sleeping, eating, watching all day
And if you think I had nothing to say
You're probably right, we'll put it this way...
I am just boring so I wrote this poem,
Do you think its nice? Don't get me wrong,
I have a lot like this, much better and long,
Some are Stories, Quotations and Song.
Now if you want to follow me,
To see my works and poetry...
Just leave a message or talk to me,
So you can join my World and Fantasy!

©2017 John Vincent Obiena. All rights reserved.

I was lazy that day and I don't have anything to do but my mind works and words started to pop up!

She endeavor sentimentally to enliven chocolate
till we're both finally in a rotunda as sweet
and intuitively match with just a Hershey's kiss
while a distraction is like something on screen
with their soundtrack and film avant-garde today.

Seema Aug 21

Stars light the dark sky.
Cold creeps with falling degrees.
Covered in warm quilt,
Sipping on hot, ginger tea,
Watching old classic movie.


5-7-5-7-7 syllables

If I could live in a film,
then I will try.
Waiting and claiming,
what I can’t have,
moving against all expectations,
finally I will be there.

If I could live inside a cinematic view,
then maybe I will be free.
Colors of the sky,
all around your skin,
my eyes settled on a body,
I can only hold in my head.

If I could still live and make this life a film,
then maybe I will be yours.
Memorizing your walk,
and following your breeze,
finally speaking,
finally unafraid,
only searching for an end,
that doesn't exist.

I'm sitting on the top row,
looking into a movie screen.
There's an end to people's rope,
as ketchup spills out.

I'm consuming popcorn,
with a large fountain drink.
Bowling balls go flying,
as knives swing through the air.

I'm becoming yellow,
from chili cheese nachos.
Dusty clouds linger,
keeping ancient wolverine worn.

She opened her legs to the Truth
And it engulfed her like a phantom,
Every aspect of her being
With the flame
Of passion.
Truth was not the sort of romantic lover
She had dreamed of,
But It was still preferable
To the Impotent Specter
Of Deceit.

Last week, I saw a Mexican Movie called "The Untamed" at the Denver Film Society, and I finally have a better idea of what the real meaning of this Erotic Film actually was
rb Aug 9

Dear Manic Pixie Dream Boy,

You’re weird.

You like to dance badly to Michael Jackson. The Beatles are your idols. You’re a miracle worker when it comes to procrastinating projects. You choose to be Murdoc over Nightwing any day. A phone is a necessity you chose to live without. A good-looking leather jacket is among one of the many things you’d want in life. You have a vintage camera collection and your house has ninja swords that no one really uses. You let others borrow your bikes, and are not afraid to punch someone who’s a threat…

… and that’s why I like you.

I like the way you accept my flaws. I like the way your curiosity takes over every inch of space you’re in. I like how it’s so easy to talk to you, no matter how mundane the questions are. I like how you don’t judge my preference for long, critical words. I like how you value opinions a lot, and think them through. I’ve asked for your help too many times to count, and you don’t show any signs of being tired about it. I don’t know if you notice the way your face lights up when you talk about the things you love, because it’s blindingly endearing. It’s precious that you have a checklist of things to do before you die. Each word that comes from your mouth seems so genuine and sincere.

I could go on and on about the little things that make me so enamored with you… but I know I’m not supposed to like you.

Labels are a possessive sign to you, while labels give a sense of stability for me. Your nocturnal ways and my early-bird persona will clash eventually. I like finishing things early, while you wait ’til the last minute. Disney doesn’t exactly mesh well with the Gorillaz. Your stubbornness and mine will be our downfall, despite the numerous petty debates we’ve had so far.

I’m still glad you’re my friend.

I mean, that’s what we are, right? Friends? I mean, friends sit on the curb of the street and listen to how each other’s days went, right? Friends stay up until the late hours of the morning to talk about life through audio calls, right? Friends go to the park in the middle of the night together without their parents knowing, right? Cute nicknames as we wish each other good night is a friend thing, right?

Right. I forgot. Labels are a possessive thing to you.

I’ll try to stop checking Facebook for every chance you’re online. I’ll try to make our talks less about personal things, because I think only my labeled “boyfriend” should know them. Forgive me for trying to keep my distance, because I’m sure that I’ll only fall harder the more I get to know you. You’re probably starting to get weirded out by my strict, depressed lifestyle, anyway.

I hope that one day you’d find The One who would change your life. As much as I’d like that to be me, I know it’ll be someone else.


The Snooty Protagonist

Best to write things down before it eats me up inside, honestly.

HE stroked a white cat. The cat slowly turns into a cloud. He was about to cup the cloud but the whole cloud came into his eyes. She became sleepy and fell asleep.

The cloud that had entered his eyes became cloudy outside his eyelids. He dreams about a sheet of sky that will rain. Then woke up with slightly wet eyelashes. But it was not the tears.

Who cried in my eyes last night?

He did not see, the cat or the cloud wanted to answer but they were stuck in a holy book that on one page of inserted a brochure course an easy way to reach the paradise that has been long past the date of its operation.

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