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i can imagine us together so well. i can see every little piece of our future together. the things we will do, the things we will say, the places we will go. everything. i can see it so vividly like i'm just watching a movie play in front of me. and it makes me fall even deeper in love. i just hope the universe doesn't tear us apart.
Amelia Oct 30
It all ends
and i thought I was Summer
when finally I met my Autumn.
I thought I was numb, I had emotions all along. Oo, yung movie nga.
lucav Oct 25
i’ll burn down your white picket fence
destroy your garden
crash your car
you want me to join your perfect little life,i hope it doesn’t go far
im a ******* disaster
a hurricane in nirvana
a ****** scene so close you can still hear her womanly screams
if you still believe this is the silver screen
i hope you see me in color ruining your favorite black and white scene
i honestly have no idea what the **** this is
slr Oct 23
\ ˈmü-vē \


1.a story represented in motion pictures/motion : noun : mo·tion : \ ˈmō-shən \ :
   an act, process, or instance of changing place/forward, backward, up, down,
   pacing, running, crawling/how we flee from our lives, our problems, our
   responsibilities/instead of focusing on motion we look to pictures/picture :
   noun : pic·ture :  \ ˈpik-chər \ : a design or representation made by various
   means/click, zoom, import, export/our lives are on a flash drive, on a
   snapchat, on an instagram, on a memory card/everywhere but on our own
   memories/we don’t like pictures either/they show moments never to be
   regained from our past/our solution?/combine them into something
   better/movie : verb : mov·ie :  \ ˈmü-vē \ : an escape from reality/we use
   movies to deflect the pain of our lives/we think that we watch because we
   are bored/no/we watch to escape/escape : verb :  es·cape : /əˈskāp/ : a
   recording of moving images that tells a story and that people watch on a
   screen or television.
I wrote this a while back but I fell in love with dictionary poetry after it
Maria Etre Oct 17
I will not allow you
to replay your
past relationship
featuring me.

Throw that tape
Direct a new one

Scene 1
Take 1

(snap goes the clapped)
cutting all strings
with the past  


....Rolling ....
a feature
of drama
now in
her proposal
my palpable
fave of
penetrable cave
as starlet's
life in
director of
dream she
dance her
tassel to
this soundtrack
of ska
with a
street presence
A concetion
There was that director in the room and his film
on the screen. He had filmed clouds
nothing but clouds pushed by the wind
with their incomprehensible shapes
which sometimes looked like clear images
but they only seemed so and you needed
an imagination effort and
the ability to delude yourself to believe
that those clouds, which were not clouds
but only their images,
could mean anything than nothing.



C’era quel regista in sala e il suo film
sullo schermo. Aveva filmato le nuvole
niente altro che nuvole spinte dal vento
con le loro forme incomprensibili
che talvolta parevano figure note
ma lo parevano solamente e ci voleva
uno sforzo di immaginazione e  
la capacità di illudersi per credere
che quelle nuvole che non erano nuvole
ma solo l’immagine delle nuvole
volessero significare altro che niente.
Third poem for the Luton Festival. If you have any suggestions on the translation, let me know.
I want to be your favorite tv show
I want to be the blue dice on your rearview mirror
I want to be the words in your favorite quote
I want to be the folded page in that book
so you wont lose your spot
I want to be something you'll hold, touch, feel and cherish
I want to be yours
Sanny Sep 23
My grumpy face doesn't stop him from kicking my *** on Street Fighter.

My illogical arguments makes him laugh, he even use them against me.

He laughs at me like I'm an irrational child.

He rolls his eyes at my singing and dancing in the kitchen.

When I refuse to be quiet, he sighs and moans.

he holds my hand through movies that scare me.

He tries to keep me warm though he's sweating.

He values my opinion even though he doesn't agree.

He holds me tight, even when he's mad at me.

He cries while laughing at me.

He gives me everyting, even when I don't deserve it.

He is my partner and best friend.

If this isn't love, I don't know what is
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