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Nylee 6d
It is the night time
Owl's eyes look right at mine
the eerie silence fills in
But I look away first, coyly look back,
Keep gazing eye to eye
I'm hoping to grow wise overnight
aisha Sep 14
they named her Isabel

when she was born
there was a thunderstorm
outside her hospital room
her mother looked into her eyes
and saw the abyss staring back at her

she tried to keep Isabel in her womb
long enough to pass the date but
she could not stand
the pain in her brain
flames that could not be tamed

Isabel was chained
under the stairs
an ascent of nightmares and broken prayers
insinuating despairs of soldiers and heartbreakers

Isabel was her mother's thirteenth child
born on the thirteenth day, a Friday
she had nothing, only broken mirrors
jagged sides that cut through her fingers
every time she picked them up to look at her reflections
she too saw the darkness in her irises

they called her by her other name
for when she walked her feet did not touch the floor
people believed in her but she was never adored
she locked herself in a wooden coffin
only coming out of her hiding to the knocking
of two

I saw Isabel that night
when I was on the verge of collapsing
she had a black cat in her arms
she was humming, swaying
to the flashes of the lightning

I said, 'Isabel, are you here to save me?
Are you here to be my saviour?'
she laughed

they named her Isabel
for she is the devil wearing pastel
with my soul in her fists, with a crooked smile
she whispered
'If I'm your salvation, welcome to hell'
13.09.2019 - Friday
c Aug 18
You are Friday the 13th
And I am the glass mirror
Shattering before you
Have we always been so unlucky?

I have this superstition
That once I love you
You’ll leave

And you’re walking away now

I’d be lying if I said I could do the same
Nigdaw Jul 10
There is a voice that’s very clear
Talking to me on the verge of freedom
Its sound is warm and reassuring
Stating simple obvious facts
But danger lies within such sentiments
Fear and anger have no place
Walking on the cracks in the pavement.
Phenomenal, Phenomenal, Phenomenal!
Brain superstition.
I broke it.
I had my own imagination!
Rafał Jan 11
We praise the broken pictures
And hail the holy scriptures
Inhale the superstitions
Stare into shiny mirrors

No matter what your fear is
Let me guide you by appearance
As the place that we live in
Is bleakly mysterious

A mistful satisfaction
I’m shivering from the tension
All by myself I’m dancing
In futile comprehension

Does that make make you anxious?
Under the microscopic lenses
All we are is a fairly transient
Bunch of aliens, barely sentient

Is this a worthwhile desire
To seek for a world to admire?
Is this what I want
Or is my brain a liar?
So I keep up a smile
And it’s been working wonders
Whether I’m feeling content
Or I’m hiding in dark corners
Brent Kincaid Nov 2018

Jesus is a friendly guy.
Such a very friendly guy.
Lived two thousand years
Didn’t care for queers
And he has a painful tale
That brings us all to tears.

Jesus is a loving guy
Doesn’t even have to try;
That’s why he was born
To have his body torn
So it’s not a total loss
We get colored eggs on Easter morn.

Jesus is a groovy dude.
Don’t let this song get misconstrued
He’s god and he is man
We do everything we can
To beat and **** the fools
With anti-Jesus attitude.

Jesus was Caucasian man.
He was so much better than
Any Jewish kind of guy
That’s the reason why
The televangelists and stuff
You buy from them began.

Jesus needs your money now.
So sell your tractor and your plow.
Your preacher’s gonna show you how
To fill the check out while you bow.
You go to heaven with no doubt.
Jesus needs your money now.

Brent Kincaid
It's a parody of what may be a YouTube parody song called JESUS IS MY FRIEND.
Shadowed windowpane
Walking under the ladder
A black cat with glassy eyes
Crosses the street
Where am I?
I'm stuck in a cul de sac
"The Sphinx-riddle. Solve it, or be torn to bits, is the decree.-D.H. Lawrence
Knit Personality Oct 2018
"Curiosity kills cats, you say?
Perhaps.  I'm curious every day.
And of my nine lives,
I have left
A single life's breath.
And soon I'll satisfy
My curiosity
About death."

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