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hazem al jaber Apr 2021
Let's pass miles ...

when we love ...
we could pass ...
so many miles ...
just to get a hug ...
yes sweetheart ...
i got in love ...
so ,...
i would fly ...
would run ...
so many miles ...
just to have a hug ...
and a sweet kiss ...

i'm running now ...
for you sweet lady mine ...
to there ...
together with my heart ...
for you ...

come lady mine ...
let's pass miles ...
let's have our desires ...
hugs ...
with a  kisses ...

let's pass miles ...

hazem Al ...
Thomas W Case Feb 2021
I know the wind
cries for me.
The birds sing of
my loneliness from
the sky.
I don't even see
you in my dreams
Your red dress
hangs from the mahogany
coat rack, and the
storm clouds in my mind
never go away.
Baby, these miles
and miles are making
me soul sick, and this
trumpet will be the
death of me yet.
The inspiration for this one came from Miles Davis, his Trumpet playing on this French film I was watching was amazing.
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2021
So here I go again

If you walk
A mile in my shoes
You may feel it as an adventure
If you walk next 10 miles
You may feel something new
And if you walk for a whole week
About 30 miles or more
You will know
The enjoyable way to take steps
And If you walk for a whole month
You will know the core of life
All that one needs

I walk most often
To get myself recharged
Just what I need
Right at that moment

That's me
That's my shoes
And still

An extra mile ahead
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Everyday Life
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2021
Happy birthday to sherlie
The best person I know
Another year has passed by
You continue to grow
Though we are not as close as before
The love that I hold in my heart
Has only gotten stronger with time
Even when we are miles apart
One from my facebook memories
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Tossed by waves like a boat
On top of the sea
Surrounding are miles of blue
Hope I do not sink too deep
But maybe I already am
Laura Dec 2020
there's a place i want to take you
it's not very far
the miles we will travel
reveal who you are
little by little
giggle by giggle
take my hand, solve this riddle
between us
I've seen us
on a movie screen
I know this scene
you will be my queen
your eyes I have seen
kalo zadukr Dec 2020
I know, there are miles between us.

When someone smile at me just because
When someone give me a company without any reason
When someone just pay for the next person who needs change
They all reminds me your kindness and you.

I find your black long hair whenever I see some dark Columbus Clouds at the east corner of the sky.
During the rain, Nips fall by the back allay,
Your favorite flower remind you every rainy summer.
Whenever I walked at night by the quite neighborhood-
and hear Samina's soft song.
My heart start singing with your song like a spring bee.
Each Starry Starry night, I lost myself in you.

Somehow you seems to be everywhere.
You live around me in a distance of one hair.
I can see you around me everyday all year.

Although I may never just touch you anymore.
Words' Worth Nov 2020
I drove all the way
Out here on an empty highway

Should I keep going
Or stay with the rust-colored sky

I'm not sure
But, I sure love the horizon's shine

The eclipse on the cacti
A bit of light colors the reptile

I know behind the blue sky
There's a diamond mine

But, a bit of dust never hurt anybody
So, I stay back searching for the oasis of my life
With many miles in sight
With many miles in sight

Before I sleep.
:) Love is the flower, let it grow. Also, there are no mistakes, only music.
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