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Kris Balubar Jul 24
1,096.4 miles away
180 minutes far
one phone calls dial
hoping to the universe,
you are here instead.

as I dream about you
lost in my thoughts,
I know that was not for naught.
I'm stuck here only to know how far you are.

I clutch to remind myself,
it will all get better in time,
your smile seems to cross my face,
setting my mood at a new pace.

I hold onto these things,
because these are coming
sooner than I will think of
in the hope of a better time,
that you will be here.
there's so much distance between
you                                         and me
there's a line seperating u|s and whenever i think I've crossed it,
three more lines seem to appear between u ||| & me
Miles between us
I know I must pretend again. Just one more time.
I ought to show you indifference. Even though you were the first to admit that..
That I’m nothing to you. Just a piece of charcoal among burned trees.
A nothing. A nobody. A foreigner.
Something short and sweet! :)
Valentin Mar 14
One smoke of this cheroot
The taste of you is back to my lungs
I could cook your skin and eat it in Paris
I feel this feeling again miles away
It is like distance makes it stronger
I miss you I miss you I miss you

I remember everything
There is not one single second that I have forgotten

Send me your regrets
I will leave them behind
And follow me
Don't look back
They are miles away

The smoke alters my voice
But I will still be able to say it
I love you I love you I love you
Those romances are not the same

And I am too shy to ask myself
When I look at the sky and breathe deeply
What's wrong with me?

Miles away I feel so close to you
I picture your face from different angles
Like a dose of morphine to my spirit

Let me send you back my love
I put it into words
You can forget me
I will remember for both of us
Cherokee Proverb
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Before you judge
a man for his sins
be sure to trudge
many moons in his moccasins.

Originally published by The HyperTexts
Moonlight on her sweater.

Alex took a 3rd.
Shot in her head.
Didn't know any better
She pins the 44 at the wall.
Skulking at the rain.
Tired of the poor of it all
The lie of the weather man.
The azure wind in her ears.
Saying that ran.
Behind the fears.
Left only foam from her mouth n her toes in the sand.

Garrett Johnson.
Only and not just.
Iggy Chuck Jan 31
If you ever ask me
how I really feel about you,
I’ll say that 

even though we’re hundreds miles apart
I can still feel your fingertips
wander through the lining of my skin
and the warmth of your lips follow in cadence

I’ll say that 
I fall asleep thinking about you
and wake with you being my first thought

That’s how I feel,
I feel you all the time,
all over.
We at far off places
survive in a hope
of reuniting with our loved ones,
in a hope that there wouldn't be
this eternal note of silence,
that there would be the noise of happiness.
However, I am here
hopeless I'd ever see you
or even get to know you
because I misunderstood the distance -
It's worlds not miles.
I misunderstood the distance between us: It's worlds not miles.
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