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even if we are miles apart, at least we're under the same sky.
c Sep 9
I’ve missed you in so many ways
The minutes and miles between us
Grow my heart ever fonder
And it scares me
Because I’m never sure
That you feel the same
Arise in the pre-dawn hush,
Everything moves, ask the toilet brush,
Then a morning offering to God,
On with the routine I do plod,
I think to rise and smile,
And send each one positive vibes,
To my cyber buddies across the miles,
To my pen friends in the USA,
Hope you dodge hurricanes today,
Then it is breakfast time,
Compare our statins in a rhyme,
I have learnt this yet, you see,
Aging is really not for wussies!
Feedback welcome, have a laugh.
Äŧül Aug 24
The easterly breeze softly whispers
Only your sweet name in my ears...

I whisper back your name in the air
Hoping my message to reach you...

One day by your side you will find me
Yes, we're so much happier together...

Oh dear, you are of course my heart
And definitely the heartbeat within...

Come, hold my right hand in your left
Rest your right hand on my shoulder...

I shall hold your left hand in my right
And I shall grip your waist by my left...

Let's meet at a place beyond any light
There you can find your name glowing red on my chest...
My HP Poem #1763
©Atul Kaushal
Bidrangea May 24
Your beauty, your kindness, your compassion
The way you smile from cheek to cheek
And the way you laugh with pure joy
Your body is a treasure that you have yet to find
You make this place feel like home
Even when I'm hundreds of miles away
deleted your location
from my phone
as the little green dot that represents
your distance from   me
is no longer accurate.
Johnny walker Mar 30
There were times In my life thought I could never
smile or be happy again but how wrong
was I for
the lady
who just wanted to be my friend and asking nothing more than friendship and that I respect oh so very much no pressure at
but just be happy to be good friends Oh God bless her my wonderful friend so miles many away but
brings us to close almost as If we're neighbours oh bless my wonderful friend who
lives far across the sea for we'll always be
God bless my friend from far across the sea for putting a smile back on my face
simon Mar 6
2,527 miles
13,342,560 feet
160,110,720 inches
to your heartbeat

different state
different city
different coast
miss you, miss me

today here
yesterday there
it’s hard to talk
but I don’t care

you make me happy
that’s all that counts
I think I quite like
having you around
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