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faux finish line it may be,
but colour me happy
as my knackered toe to tip
crosses it
Dancing music chord
On a Friday night
And sipping classic drugs
An euphoria between the eyes.

Attempted dance missed the legs,
Emptiness and hollow feelings.
The eyes are thin and might be red
Two more sips to do the biddings.

Life is short and no retry,
Anaesthesia to help feel fine
And a reminder for tonight,
That It's a beautiful Friday to be alive.
When critics roar
parceling out every error,
weakness, & poor decision
keep breathing,
wander out
& watch the sunrise,
study Her wonder as light curls
from pale rose
to a ravishing blush;
pull kindness
from your pocket,
drop its gilded edge
into others' palms,
smile at glimpses of promise,
allow tears, too, to come
for feeling is the opposite
of a walking death;
don't retreat
from today's pain;
a blistered heart stings
& you may suffer
for a while,
but the beauty of hurt
is that it also heals-
given time
Maude Laurent Aug 28
My dreams predict
My future,
And I don't lie
Or at least that's what they told me
To be honest
I'm not sure what they mean sometimes...
I see emptiness in my future,
Or a galaxy of wonders,
Or just space where I will spend my days,

I might not understand my dreams,
But at least they show me
Where I left my car keys last night...

And I don't lie.
Bored... I'm so fricken bored. But have a fun friday geesh!
Amanda Hawk Jul 3
I will sip

This life slowly

Remember you

By Friday

With each carbonated hiccup

Your face reminds me

Of brightly colored wrapping paper

Always loud with a mouth ready to be opened

So I will collect this life

Into a chipped tea cup

Slightly jagged edge that nips my lips

With every sip

Like our conversations

Gathering up tidbits

Of current events, laughter, and insults

Pour them across the table

Come Friday

So I will sip

This life slowly
Lu Wilson Jun 19
Thursday you've finally arrived
Work is over and I'm ready to imbibe

You've become my favorite day of week
Most of my jobs done and giving Saturday a wink

Late enough in the week to relax a little more
While Friday's shadow lurks closely under the door

Early enough to fantasize about Sunday
Yet still so far away from Monday

Pour me a glass, or two or three
Unplug my brain and help me let it be

Since I only have one more day of work
Will a one more hour really hurt?

So sweet Thursday you may not be part of the weekend
But since the quarantine, it's upon you I've come to depend
Cheers to Thursday - the under rated day of the week
Jennifer May 22
pile of folded clothes laying on my bed
doused in sunlight
coming in through the blinds;
today my eyes ache,
only managed to sleep in the early hours
of the morning, i could cry.
i want to go out
forget about my thoughts for a while,
focus on me and my little mind:
wind’s lashing though.
i hate the wind, it blows my skirt
and my hair askew.
wish i could go down by the river
and see all of the little painted boats;
forget i am alone.
You’re sad but there’s no reason to be sad
Heart is throbbing
But you can’t tell nobody
As you have no reason to feel these things
Make others laugh
In hopes you’ll get that in return
Heart continues to ache
Why can’t y’all tell I’m hurting for reals
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