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This is sparkle dolphin town
Everything is glitter now
Lots of lights all up and down
Stay here and there
And sparkle now
I have a sparkle dolphin thing that my bf gave to me... happy fun friday :)
walking around the pâtiserrie line
hoping i might find your smile
i miss you a lil bit more
Renee Danes Oct 4
Happiness find the child within us all
Screaming through the hallways
"Run for your life,"
And getting hugs from a girl
Who pretends to be a koala.

This is the happiness within our hearts
That will stay with us forever
This is a fun Friday, it is also homecoming for us. In going to a dance with my bf, i am so exited. Have a fun Friday everyone :)
One contested definition of a circle is:
A polygon with an infinite number of sides...

- A woman in a pretty skirt walks to work at night aware of the stares she receives, ashamed to quietly be thankful for the attention.
- An old man looks at the crystal ball in his hand, glimmering and shiny, and suddenly understands mortality
- A young boy examines the body of his best friend, cries for hours, then places the dog’s collar around his wrist.
- An old lady suffers, unable to meet her own needs, and wonders where the children she ignored have gone.

- A young man finds his soul mate but loses himself in her.
- Forty-five teenagers wage war on Friday night, their screams of triumph pierce the night air, yet Saturday feels empty and tastes of despair.
- A middle-aged father of three hunts a fresh rose in the moonlight, unaware his wilted rose no longer has thorns.
- A woman in a business suit bangs against the glass, thick and heavy, and shudders when it fails to crack.

- A squinty-eyed man makes good on his debt after years of being gone, then walks off the roof of a forty-story building.
- A child of twelve is ignored by haggard-looking parents, yet cries go out when he, in turn, ignores a drowning victim.
- A wealthy entrepreneur, of sour looks, enjoys a fine meal by the shore, yet wonders why as the tide rolls in he still feels insatiably hungry.
- The drummer in a metal band sees his father’s face in the cowhide, yet each night after the show he still needs ****** to numb the pain.

Pythagoreans thought the universe Eternally Recurs, and we know human life has infinite potential.

If it's true that human lives eternally recur and are filled with infinite potential

Why are we all still in pain?
High Concept Sh*t
Everyone wants you to be someone else
“Don’t conform to society, but be yourself
Remember to educated, quiet, and polite
Don’t make faces, don’t laugh loudly
Don’t forget to be nice!”
They tell you to be different but to act like all the rest
They tell you to have character, but only show your best.

If I’m acting like you and you’re acting like me
Then together what are we?
Were just a bunch of people pretending
to be something were not.
We’re all together putting faces
To be something someone wants

In a world where people tell you
“They’ll like you for who you are.”
I find it kind of funny
how were all same model car
ive just been thinking about this for awhile
laura Sep 7
I've never been a huge socializer,
and that's really all,
that people seem to do at football games.
So, why even go?
Well, now that I'm a member of the marching band,
it looks like I have to.
I mean, last night I never really thought that I'd have fun.
I mean, who wants to just go and scream for 3 hours?
I guess I do.
Last night was amazing.
You get to just be yourself,
and you just forget about everything.
You just realize more and more through the game,
that's it's just about having a blast and playing songs,
to keep the team going.
There we were, waving our instruments,
screaming for our team,
and having the time of our lives.
Now, I know for a fact,
that at the end of the season,
I will do anything to go back,
and do it all again...
Last night was the first varsity football game. As a first year marching member I didn't really know what to expect :)
Avy Gaile Aug 22
I met you on a Friday,
when the week is almost ending,
when the week has been tiring.
I met you and never knew that something is starting.

I met you on a Friday.
My favorite day of the week,
when we can unleash our inner “freaks”,
when alcohol makes us red on the cheeks.
I met you and you make my knees weak.

I met you on a Friday,
the day of partying and *****,
the day when everybody tries to drown their blues.
I met you and little did I know, you’re the one I’m going to choose.

I met you on a Friday.
Back when I was just minding my business & trying to chill,
back when I’m okay on my own; not looking for a thrill.
I met you on a Friday and my heart stood still.
Black Friday, will become white Monday, and then yellow Wednesday.
c Aug 18
You are Friday the 13th
And I am the glass mirror
Shattering before you
Have we always been so unlucky?

I have this superstition
That once I love you
You’ll leave

And you’re walking away now

I’d be lying if I said I could do the same
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