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Alifmun Jul 8
he came to me
with a crooked smile
I let him in
and smile with him
now i'm searching
someone who will
smile with me
My first poem go easy on me
Jiya Jun 6
how does one live
knowing there is nothing they can say
to scare away pain
their words are weak and brittle
yet they say them all the same
c Jun 5
Please do not tell me
You love me
Because that scares me so much more
Than loving you
Ever could
Skylight May 19
Afraid to love.
Anxious to miss.
Scared to hurt.
Terrified to feel.

I have built walls around my heart.
Wore an armor of steel.
Held a sword on my hands.
Protected myself with a shield.

I turn away.
Pull back.
Push through.
Set my guard up.

Afraid to be love.
Anxious not to be miss.
Scared to be hurt.
Terrified to be feel.
mjad May 2
I've rebuilt walls so high
that the conversation scares me
why would he desire me
after years of not speaking
every opened message
is a bomb detonating
destroying the walls
of my brand new building
A spitfire of conflict raging inside, playing the fool at all that one
His hair singed, flaked with blood,
and fresh smoke at his heels.
The cavalry fall to their knees at his feet,
As the gates open wide at his smirking
sharp teeth.
His horns held high
He marches in.
First things first,
He kills the king.
The drapes catch fire and up sulfur swirls.
A glowing silhouette to haunt a kingdom for years.
Is harm meant?
You'll never know,
But you can see he rests easy wherever he'll go.
As chaos and havoc lay a path behind
He smiles sweetly,
Destroyer Of Minds
You know in anime when they give a character super sharp kanines that look like fangs. Kinda grinchy description but yea that's them
Jenna Mar 30
--The line torturing
its always held me back
staring, mocking, my resolve
it nips my foot
a friendly reminder;
it tells me theirs nothing
on the other side
yet, something scratches
my throat to voice what
everyone hated me for
Was it an opinion?--
The Dark night.
Screams, moans.
Obscure and scare.
I'm in my bed.
Around me demons
Devils dancing .

Just one question:
Does tomorrow come?
I hate dark nights.
In darkness came monsters.

Mind says:
Don't sleep, don't sleep
You need protect yourself from monsters.
They are so close.
grace Feb 19
we were waiting on a miracle
a rainbow through the clouds
but all there was was a drought
and queens killed for their thrones
Am I now?
Am I god?
Is that why they are scared?
I have not threatened anyone
I have not killed anyone (though I would mentally)
I have not hurt anyone (I hope)
So why will I scare them with something that they will eventually learn about?
Maybe it is my face. It is expressionless.
i don't get people.
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