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-elixir- Sep 2020
The ashes of your fire that burnt
me adorns my heart,
like a sweet laced with poison.

Among the vultures that lurk
in the shadows of mistrust,
I seek out my missing pieces.

The days that were broken mirrors,
left the scars to last an eternity
as I fixed them with the gold of silence.

The scars heal, yet they remain
to scare away rays in the dark
as my blood runs cold.
The scars that remain speaks my resilience and strength I gathered to come back to life from the pile of ashes.
Never be ashamed of your ashes , the ashes that made you.
Ashlyn Yoshida Sep 2020
My love is wrong in the eyes of the sane
to them it seems my love is irrational
possessive, obsessive
chained to my wrists
I suppose it's my fault
I suppose it's all their's
I think I'm forgetting the normal thoughts
and feelings a person is to have
Clinging onto the familiar
and what was thrown at me when
I was younger.
It scares some away
and brings others closer
Insanity goes unnoticed by those inflicted. Don't go on thinking I'm a terrible person for not understanding social constructs the same way as you do.
Parin Aug 2020
Sometimes my own thoughts consume me, scare me.
I know that the wild situations I create in my untamed mind aren't real,
and yet I scare myself to death.
Its like I'm drowning myself in these poisoned waves of thoughts whose pain is spreading inch by inch all over my body,
making me ******* in agony,
making me want to rip my hair off my head.
I need to save me from myself.
Who knew you could be your own worst enemy.
sanchit mehta Apr 2020
The word itself describes its art,
Lots of deaths, people leave with a scar,
Maybe you  think its effect is temporary ,
But don’t you worry, these pity days will haunt you
Till you are buried.
The life started so beautifully, cro-magnans and environment
Living symbiotically,
What happened after that, you all know, history of the earth changed,
When the man learnt to fight and take revenge.
You really think its all a particular regime’s  fault,
Well don’t worry! I guarantee you.
Mother nature was planning this since long halt,
And why not, after what damage has been done,
Maybe she just wants to remind us ,
That power is just a time’s rust.
So bury yourself in your glass palaces,
And promise to whatever you believe,
If there is even a slight chance that you aren’t preyed,
Then you will never  ever predate.
Lily Oct 2019
At the end, my hand
Nor my fingers trembled as
I grasped her pale neck.
I recently entered this in a Halloween haiku contest and wanted to share it with you guys :)
c Sep 2019
I’ve missed you in so many ways
The minutes and miles between us
Grow my heart ever fonder
And it scares me
Because I’m never sure
That you feel the same
Alifmun Jul 2019
he came to me
with a crooked smile
I let him in
and smile with him
now i'm searching
someone who will
smile with me
My first poem go easy on me
Jiya Jun 2019
how does one live
knowing there is nothing they can say
to scare away pain
their words are weak and brittle
yet they say them all the same
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