Lean your head
On my
And taste

Let these
Cover this
Of mine
With relief.

Let my ankle
The pain
Of your
As we both know
It is our last.

Close your eyes,
As you did mine
So you won't see
My shadowed
Walking away.

Take your farewell
And cover it
With clothing,
But it will still be
Too much
For our
One hour
Love story.

Breath in throat. Breathe child breathe. Keep reminding myself this is just memory.  Nor more reality.........

Seems like yesterday when you drove by. Nothing special nothing earned on that hot day.  As every story of hot day  that's  were my story of you begins.                                                          

Water. Yes.  For your radiator. Handing you the jug was tomorrow never seen. Oh, but I skip so much already to talk about are midnight escapes.
MU 4d

My only sin was to ask..
If you want to marry me…
And I was punished with no…

To moments when you turn
Ugly feelings into love
And the beauty of your tears
Washing anger…

Which always has to mean
I’m forbidden of the dream
Of the feeling of your breath
Seeking pleasure

To all thoughts in my mind
That do desperately define…
Subtle glimpses of your look
When you wonder…

To desperate words and looks,
And the touches that describe
Just the slightest sound of voice
When you whisper…

To the sound of my cries
When you look me in the eyes
Fondling passion with your hands
Soft forever…

To all nights and your moans
When we tremble and explore
Different angles of your love
Slow and tender…

To all dreams that are wrong
Since the real you seems to be
Only fiction from your dreams
When you slumber…

No mercy
No mercy for my sin…

My shattered dreams...If felt like a sin, because she trusted me as friend. Therefore did her 'No' feel like the punishment.

We are not shattered glass for you to attempt to piece back together only to cut yourself using that shed blood as an excuse for us owing you.. We are not shattered glass. We are iron.. Dented by the toils of this world, and the fires of your abuse are tempering us into steel..

... We will steal ourselves away from you time and time again until our hearts learn to understand the difference between love and abuse. Until our hearts learn the meaning of the word "No."... And until yours. do. too.

                            - EPL (EtherealOmega)

It's just a small piece that I thought of. It would make a good end for a longer SW piece.
The Lonely Bard Apr 16

Know it that people don't like me single,
Right in my eyes they look for you.
In a lonely life I yearn for you,
Please tell me my crime,
I want to know the real reason you left.

My HP Poem #1505
©Atul Kaushal
cosima Apr 15

we write because no one listens

no one ever wants to listen to a sad girl.

A lot of people are so quick to criticize other people not knowing what they go through or went through in their life . I met a women she was always grumpy . In my head I was like she's a bitch ..  so I would always be in her class room .... I'm the type that will sit their quite and analyze you ...so I'm looking at her just by me staring at her while she wrote down my assignment I asked her if she was okay .. she look to the side and said yes me knowing she wasn't she wouldn't let me see her eye to eye I noticed she had a patch on her face of make up not blend to well I noticed it was a bruise.. when class ended I waited to be the last one out of the students went up to her and told her that is not to late to get away from the toxic relationship ,she didn't know what to say she couldn't speak her voice was in knot she leaned over to me I ended up hugging her she cried in my arms and she said I try my best to be perfect and im not good enough . .... it broke my heart when she said that a young beautiful women dealing with a fucking Scumbag.....


She said she moved across the countrey to
Get away from her sister
They got a divorce and it was
Against her beleifs.
Against God.
I told her firmly
That i empathized
How it must be hard to move across
The world, to pack up everything
Just for your morals
She said she and her husbamd moved in with the ex husband her sister
And that the whole family besides herself
Supported her sister.
I said that must be hard.
Then when she loved me
Knew i understood.
I promptly told her i was polyamorous.
That my lover moved to ireland
To live with her husband
Packed up everything
And how hard that must be
and She did not flinch
I held her as she cried on my shoulder
She in the fifteen moments I saw her
Realized there is a whole world of differences
She can find comfort in when she is alone
She never once knew what I thought of her
How In my family we have divorce celevrations.
How ending is always a new beginning
How you can love amd still realize that a forever is going to make you miserable
Or never having a baby will kill you
Or being raped every night is going to torture you
Even if the abuser is your own husband
I worry for her safety.
A woman who doesn't beleive in the word stop.
Doesn't consider leaving
Or letting go
I could never trust someome like that.
I would never be able to see them without feeling regret.
There is no words for the sorrow I place in that body of theirs.
And it is not my place to change it.
But I can tell them how happy i've been
Letting go someone I love, forever.
Not because We are unhappy.
Just because it was time for them to go.
Tell her how I still love them.
How i miss them every day, but it does not depress me.
It enlightens me.
Tell them of all my happy memories
libraty labrynth where she made me look her up with the dewey decimal system
Ice skating and backwards buttwiggles
Every time we stayed up late and I whispered that she existed.
Because even I wasn't convinced.
Now that she's left.
I'm still not.

But I will never forget either of them.

Whatever I eat I have no hunger
Just gut pain
Dilated and constricted all over
Taking and it just keeps going
I keep smoking
High or low
Can't get it out
I can't get it out
It's starving me out
I am in pain!
And the dialogues just keep
Scrolls of them rolling
Noises from the bathroom
No one's home
Distant triggers from real surroundings
Bringers back to life
The orchestra
Eyes prune in sockets
Can't close 'em
What do I need
To be so goddamn awake for anyway?
Water want nothing
I am rabid

Neex Apr 10

I feel less deeply,
So I write not at all.

I am less connected,
So I am at loss of words.

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