No, Such a simple word.
Yet, So powerful.
'No, dreams don't come true.'
'No, I want to start a war.'
'No, I won't talk to that person today with depression today.'
'No, dreams do come true.'
'No, I don't want to start a war.'
'No, I will talk to that person with depression today.'
"No"; Like many other words, It is so simple, yet so powerful.
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I've got
The weight of the world
On my shoulders
I carry the Earth on my back
They throw stones at me
But I throw boulders right back
Cold shoulders
Disregard to your hand on your strap
I try to share warmth with this world
But it just makes me colder
I try to show my brothers Love
But I have less and less
As I get older
And they can't come back
I've learned to forgive
And I have no regrets
But I never forget
Not when it comes to this
You can miss me with that
Stay persistent
God, I miss them
Still I stay laid back
Just like the way
The piece always pops
The red sight always dots
And the steady aim always protects
Lessons learned
When you earned your stripes
In the 'jects
I’ve watched so many
Loved ones leave
Like the changing of the colors
In the leaves
That my heart
Has begun to bleed
It feeds the fire in my veins
And the bullets in my teeth
Of which I load into this magazine
That hides the pain
Buried deep beneath
For all the brothers
That I've lost to the streets
Just like Pac
I shed tattooed tears
For multiple peers
And failed to sleep well
For multiple years
So I drank multiple beers
On the night that
I lost all fear
That was the night
I told those cowards
All come near
So they can all come hear
My rifle rear back
As I blast back
And I take the knife
Out of my back
And I stab back
With a pen in my hand
My pen is a bullet
And only the one's
Who didn't have time to think
Before they pulled it
Will ever understand
Don’t fall in love with me.
There are days when I get sad without a reason
And I just stare at the ceiling
Senseless thought running around my mind like phrase
With tears streaming down my face.

Don’t fall in love with me.
On those days, I don’t talk to anyone.
I just bury myself on my mattress
And think about how I became this mess of sadness.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I will become attached to you
And I will cry myself to sleep
If you don’t text me good night before you go to sleep
I will convince myself that it’s because you got tired of me.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I’m too much.
I will depend on you.
I need attention, much more than other people.
I’ll talk to you in metaphors and make you one.
I’ll write poems about you and open up notepad at 2 A.M.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I couldn’t stand you coming home to find me on the bathroom floor
Shaking and crying, with blood spilling from my wrists.
I couldn’t stand seeing the disappointment in your eyes.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I will pour everything I’ve left of me into you,
Every bit of love, until I have nothing to give.
Until I become completely empty.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I’m scared that my sadness is contagious.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I will replay your sweet words in my head
When I hate myself so much that I want to die.
Your words will be the only things that make me stay.

Don’t fall in love with me.
You will live in fear.
You won’t be able to leave me,
Because you’d know if you did, I wouldn’t have anything to live for.

Don’t fall in love with me.
Before I met you, there wasn’t a single person who could’ve made me stay.
You’re my reason now.

Don’t fall in love with me.
Because I will fall in love with you
There's only so much that you can do,
so be honest about it. If you are in
a situation where you truly can't
help them, at least have to
courtesy to try and not
hurt them.
I reached 100 of Lesson Learned! I did it! I did it! Gaaah! I'm so fricking happy! And holy hell, 91 followers?! I'm so happy I could jump to the moon and back! Thank you so damn much! HP is the best, I swear!

We're all human as as humans, we all have the power to hurt people, internationally or not. We have the capability. I've been on situations where I knew I wasn't able to help people but I did so, and ended them harming them in the long run. I've learned the importance saying the word, 'no'. Do your best as a human and as a persom, ok?
Thanks so !uch, everyone.
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Gray Jun 16
Before i got out of bed everything was going okay,
But that’s before i knew that this was going to be the last good day.

I come out of my room and noticed my family gathered around.
The feeling in the room was painfully profound.

“What’s going on?” I asked in confusion.
I only wanted to end this feeling of exclusion.

Each one of them responded with a slight whine.
Their answer sent a shiver down my unsure spine.

“Please, I am very confused,” i say this time more intensely.
The fear building up inside was growing immensely.

Someone softly whispers, “Come on dear, just go back into your room.”
I can tell by their tone that they’re full of dreadful gloom.

Without hesitation i start to walk away.
What is with them today?
Emotional guillotine clefts
     irredeemable psychological umbilical accord
witnessing heart breaking,
     woe-begotten inhumane rip cord
gut wrenching shuffle board

     (indiscriminately sporting)
     most punishing option explored
involving upwards of 2,000
     immigrant children forced to ford
predatory invested foreign territory

     south of Rio Grande potentially gored
if not raped, enslaved, via gang lion, viz
     nefarious smoking bandits gloating
     with anticipatory glee - hoard
ding young boys and girls

     sacrificial hideous torture
     mocking land of free and home
     of bravely ejected innocent
     nubile terrorized angels,
     where horrific, pedafilic traumatic plight

     unwelcomely visited upon
     naively overly trusting
     precocious youngsters ignored
fiendishly, and diabolically,
     where kids injured

malevolently, punitively,
     and violently inured
at the bloody hands of many
     a self proclaimed war lord,
which hypothetically,

     presumably blithely of once safely
     (albeit tenuously) moored
then cruelly wrenched where mill let tarry
     uber brutes ill league hull
     tender babes asper incident

     uprooting tooth and nail on floss
inconsolable sorrow upon fractured families
     (live re: worse, now imagine
     if you will gasoline poured
over naked peach fuzz flesh

     aye envision engulfed forked sinister flames
     purposelessly immolated how screams
     dark shadows within outer limits
     of AmeriKa twilight zone roared

renting asunder travesty
     treachery and trinity
     in God We Trust smugly trumped toward
page from fascist playbook
     "Stasi in Nazi Ward,"

where atrocities censored
     like Black Sabbath despite
     freedom of speech reprehensible witch
hunt scenarios over span
     six weeks bedlam
     decorated epaulette
     glorified hoodlums twitch
with numbskulls
     while defrauding, deflecting,
     and defiling,

     defenseless as deer lambs switch
ching the other cheek as smug snitch
like scattering rats
     Department of
     Homeland Security officials
administration’s enforce
     new “zero tolerance” policy
toward illegal border-crossing,

     nonetheless bend rules
     they busily play
     an extra round of Quidditch)
feigning obliviousness perfect suckling

     nursing, and mewing infants
     forcibly experienced nirvana unplugged,
whereat strong arm eminent
     marshalled tuckered law tugged
maternal instinct doubling down,
     sans cradling tender infant snugged.
Who died and made me king?
Who burns my Icarus wings?
I can't afford such dreams.
They take,
They steal,
They seek.
Well, I'm no king.
Specifically, not your king.
But I dare to dream.
And I strive to sing.
Through wingless flight
I gain my stride
At altitudes high,
As the shackles start to sink.
I'm no king.
I'm no king.
But still, I dare to dream.
I need those things
I will always need those things
Arlene Corwin Jun 15
Have I offered you this before?  Having just found the scrap I wrote it on, and having a dreadful memory, I'm offering it up - perhaps again.
       Anyone Can Write A Poem

Anyone can write a poem, but,
To call oneself a poet is another thing.
To be a poet calls for gift:
Humdrum persistence,
(Some would call it patience)
Mulling over, musing on; but with distance.
Facets focusing upon all faces:
Places, spaces, graces…
And their antonyms; the oxymorons.

If anyone can write a poem, write one!
If you like it, write another.
You and I are everyman: unsung, unclear.
Become a thinker, sluice and duct;
Avenue for inner construct.
Everything has drama: kitty’s purr,
Dying fir, cowboy’s spur…
The insignificant betrays a stir
That sits within a coma.
All is magma in the planet’s inner.
You, the [unknown] poet winner.

Anyone Can Write A Poem 5.20.2018 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Definitely Didactic II; Arlene Nover Corwin
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Sylph Jun 11
Ask first
before putting
your key
in my

No trespassing.

Welp. imsorry
Tatiana Jun 11
There's a body on that park bench,
the new attraction in this town.
They don't know how it got there,
but it has certainly been found.
By passerbys who were passing time
seeing the body sitting there
and not saying a word to anyone
because no one cares.
It's just another body
and it gets recorded in the system.
Writing off a human life
as another simple statistic.
Because that's what we are to most
a number thrown around carelessly.
Twisted, abused just to make a point
normally by political parties.
Funny how the body was not reported,
not recorded as a public statistic.
Until the smell of what once was
turned rotten and horrific.
Then it could not be ignored anymore,
people reported its presence
and glared with arrogant eyes
at a shell that once contained a life.
The lack of compassion so evident
that it could make those of good heart
turn to more evil spirits
drinking until they fall apart.
Then the spectators open their mouths
and words of disgrace would escape
assassinating the character of the dead.
Killing them all over again.

I'd have killed them if I could
people like them are no good.

© Tatiana
This was dark.
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