separated by a wire fence
almost time to go
sad and the joy so intense
a promise born long ago

promise of friendship; faithful
loyal and true
distance, disgraceful
broke us apart, and grew

who promised this love;
pure, undying?
two kids on a playground
naïve and crying

who promised this much?
what will we become?
it's still me though, waiting
for the one who's the one
Amanda 6h
Look at what you have done to me
And the things I've written
It seems to me you are the snake
I'm the one who's bitten

Your poison seeps around my words
Twists until they are burned
With my unhappy memories
The painful lessons that I've learned

The effect this has on me
Sinks right to the core
Now all because of you
I cannot write about love anymore
This is one from a loong time ago. There is no date so it has to be pre-2010 but I am surprised at how good it is
Genesee 12h
Part of me wants to try again.
But the other rational side of me is like you’ve got a lot of healing to do.
it’ll take a long time but you’ll get there in due time so don’t rush.
So I don’t rush
taking it day by day
Simply observing
But I can’t help but fear of getting hurt again.
And the way certain words rolled off your tongue so easily
It frightened me.

Only because we barely know each other.  
I don’t know your likes and dislikes in general
Or anything else related to get to know each other
The unspoken moment of being vulnerable with each other frightens me to no end
Only because the thought of doing the same cycle again and again
Makes me want to run and not do this again
But then there’s that 1% of me thinking
what if this one time around you don't get hurt and your happy
The pattern ends and is destroyed forever.
Unspoken topics such as one’s past is filed under things that may or may not be talked about
Personally for me it’s one of those things that won’t be told to anyone
Even if we reach that point of closeness to where I can trust you
Whose to say you won’t leave me suddenly and out of no where
But the point is.
I might take a chance and try again.
But then again I might not and leave it at a simple hello
Walking out of your life
not by choice but because I’m going to be going through another life changing event - Graduation.
We’re going to be at two different stages in our lives.
But I’ll simply observe and continue doing what I’ve been doing.
mks 12h
you say to me
your mood feels lighter when it depends on me
you say that to me
as if you don't know how heavy it feels to me
and you look at me
and you look at me
as if you're waiting for me
to say you do the same for me

and, oh, i can't breathe
Sayer 2d
Poison and infect me with your fangs,
get under my [skin ] with dirt
roll around (with me) screaming
i'm rolling around dreaming

is it this dry spell or is falling in love a pain
                                               (let's fuck in the rain)
i can't feel your skin because you were never there
the blemishes of my                skin don't    


embellishes a sense of trust and misty mystery

true noir

my feet                 only
                                                   take me             so


so       drive    me     home            one    

can please so


                                          turn me into dust

cover me in dirt

I forget to shower

i'm not going anywhere
drowning in holy water
I’m constantly thinking
If I had done something else
Been someone different
Or loved another way
Would you love me the same
Maybe it’s the way that I talk
Or the way that I walk
How i live and I breathe
And why it couldn’t be.
It’s all me you see
I’m not enough
To love
Not enough
To see
Not enough
To be
You and me
Lick my Crocs
As I swing from tree to tree.
They taste like dreams.
See my toes as I swing by.
Don't look too hard though,
For I'm not too perfect.
There is perfection in imperfection.

My sillage lingers on behind for you.
Smelling of wild gardinias.
Your thoughts still see me in
Memories like cinamatic films
That will inevitably fade.

I swing by
And our eyes meet in a temporary gaze.
Let's break it and keep swinging.
My touch is gentle to the branch on which I swing.
It supports me well;
I trust it with my life.
Day after day, it looks to me.
I water it and keep swinging.
I can be no other's branch,
For I am busy!
No joke
Kill me please
I have lost hope
I want to leave

It's all a game
Should be having fun
It's all the same
I've had enough

Make it stop
I can see the end
Fuck God
Fuck a friend
Nobody seems to care
Working so hard
Yet going nowhere
The system is flawed

Be patient, wait
Put in work
If you want to escape

A man melted away
Just a shell
The world will pay
You will join me in Hell
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