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No one really believes that life begins at forty.
Death, however, is off and running
at birth.
Jules 1d
you don't love me
you love the idea of me
funny how I believed you
funny how I cried over you
but you got me
you got me good
highschool was never for me
and I guess here is too

for real I was fighting
don't I deserve someone who's fighting too
I'm tired of getting tired
ecophobic Oct 8
child, please be silent
you know not of what you speak
your words are untrue
your verses are unholy
imagine you without me
Erian Oct 8
His wildflower heart
Set a spark in my chest
That no other could compare
To these October showers
And our unfamiliar bliss
Donna Oct 5
Fuzzy wuzzy boo
Wimble dimble bingo bim
****** zooney woo
X one of those days :)
I don't do don't don't disundisdisagreen'tn't
A poem every day.
Erian Oct 4
Your smile
It's something that no one else can compare

Your laughter
It brings out my worries and pains

If only you knew how much
You make my stomach flutter

I can't help it
Falling for your smile
Christi Michaels MoonFlower May 2018

There are no
Monsters here...

this, the
soft, fertile soil,
that was
to feed the
Family Gardens.

No evil creatures, lurking behind
these timid
hurting hearts.

a painful place...
this invasive, pervasive,
of Us .

Here lay
The raw,
The ragged
mashed up
An onslaught
of hurts,
that float and fester
in our cauldron
of tears.

'Canvas of Colors'
tells Our story...
Melding together
The frozen and
unthawed moments of
all the

There are no Monsters here

We are the tender
beings that continue
to breathe ragged
after the forest fire,
tripping  through
Crumbling Ashes
turned wet black.
Dank and slippery.

Yearning to find
strong footing
amongst these
ruins of our
own doing

No evil creatures, lurking behind
these timid
hurting hearts

There are no Monters here
Addiction uprootes and infects
The most loving of familiesamily#addiction #familyunits #hurtandpain
KHY Sep 27
Are you okay?
No, are you?
I'm not okay. Will we ever be okay?
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