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(Sounds Of Silence)

Would I have had it any better in life?
Why would it be me?
Why would he hurt me?
He is my Father

Why would he get closer to me?
Why would he unbutton me and tell me not to shout?
and why did I not?
Why did I not tell Mom?

That her husband, my father is not the man he was once
Now, he craves for me, his product,
That he didn't do it just once
but more times that I have even lost count

I am hurt but can only speak to myself
For one word out, is hell
I am fearful not to speak, for he said
DO NOT DARE SAY ANYTHING, or you are gone {dead}

Mom, I am sorry but I each time you inquire,
"Are you feeling fine, Glory?"
I can only say "Yes Ma," a deceiving story;
I can only smile at you

For the man in front
Is not a man
but a beast who feasts
on his own kids.

I fear for my own death to not come at this young age
Perhaps, I can tell only myself this tale
Till when he is of old
and the story can then be told.
The story I fear telling anyone, I have to keep my sounds in my silence
Haleigh 1d
you showed me
the kind of love
and kindness
I didn't know at the time
came from above
you were nothing less
than a gift from God
you were
and I wonder
how heart grew so big
he sent you to touch many
especially me
you gave your who life's time
to helping others
I watched you
go so out of your way
to give all you could
to so many strangers
you did it with joy
it wasn't a chore for you
how did your hear get so big
and looking back now
I don't think your heart problems
were caused by your diet
or genetics
it was because you gave
and gave and gave
and gave all that was in it
as much as a human heart
would possibly allow
and I know you didn't regret it
you were sincere
you were genuinely interested
in the lives of others
never considering what you
looked like to them
you just loved to give
when you called me your favorite
I know that you meant it
the bond that we shared
was truly one of a kind
the love you showered on me
was not of this world
how did your heart get so big
I can't reach you
they do not move
nailed to the cross
broken arms

Shattered at the bone
blistered and diseased
muscular atrophy
broken arms

They want to feel
they want to grow
they want to give warmth
broken arms

Would you lend your strength
so that they can give you
one last hug?
broken arms

Will you please nail them
back onto the cross
so that they can be numb again?
broken arms

Will you please walk away
and leave me in agony
sorrow is the new happy
broken arms

Do not pity me
pity is for the weak
my knuckles drag on the ground
broken arms

Rotten and deformed
decayed and putrid
burred six feet under
broken arms
Hands that only reach for you when you turn to leave, whispers that only say your name when you turn up the music and shut the world out...love that only rears it's head in their hearts when you give up on feeling anything beyond hunger; such is the fleeting nature of man. Noah_arkenswagg
Tatiana 4d
He had wandered far in his truth quest.
A man by law, with 19 years he can attest
and ended up stuck in the west.
With limited cash in his name,
as he had abjured his family's fame.
Since his beliefs differed in his chest.

The family ideals were deceptively lenient.
Kindness was taught but he had never seen it.
His views were seen as unnaturally scenic.
A family that preached their branded acceptance,
made the man sing their praises and dance
with their rhythmic rants.

Maybe he is just a rebel;
A phase where instead he sings treble,
because the bass is in a bubble.
His head shakes and dusts rains,
falling just like earthly remains.
The ideas caused by yesterday's pains.

Heartful man, take care in the west
Listen as lives differ with the rest.
Make a pledge and mind the dread
Keep a level head.

Keep a level head.
© Tatiana
No 'O' was surprisingly more difficult to write than No 'E'. The amount of times I wanted to use the words "to," "of," "for," "you," etc. and then realized that I couldn't, was more of a challenge than I thought it would be.
Also I couldn't write "vow" so "pledge" it is.
The amount of times I've looked in a thesaurus is unreal.
My razer goes swift and sharp
As it runs across my arm i feel a bit of pain
It the only thing i can feel somedays
the blood comes out crimson red
Then the wounds scar and i start again
For all those people who would tell me to stop self harm because " its dangerous" I say so should we not cook because its dangerous and we can get burned And when people says its bad because its not normal, your saying that im bad because im different. isint that what the whits said to the blacks and the nazis to the jews.
Mya 6d
Some people say
"Love is what keeps me alive"
But I say
Love is what get me killed"
Seanathon Sep 10
In an empty room
No sun is there but you

At a day of gloom
No cloud escapes the moon

At a daily pass
No dream was meant to last

As the dreams may be
No one will last for me
No cloud escapes the moon
Michael Sep 9
They look at me,
It’s like they think I know.
They ask me for direction,
As if I know where to go.
I try my best to provide it,
But there is no way to hide it.
The fact that I just don’t have a clue.
So don’t look to me,
I don’t know what to do.
Don’t ask me,
I’ve nothing to tell you.
Don’t pray to me,
I have no way to save you.
Being looke upon for answers is hard when you don’t have them
Kristina Sep 8
I've been told to take a breath
And to soak in my young-ness
Without a shadow of a doubt
I thought I couldn't wait to get out of this mess
But the years keep on moving
And I just keep circling
Around the dreams I used to have
Wondering what happened to the soul
I used to carry
But I guess growing older
Means there's some things you have to bury.
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