The town's stillness shakes me
It hold's memories of my pain
The night's cold air wakes me
as I call out for you in vain
All alone my will forsakes me
and I slowly grow insane
The old fight, then, retakes me
because the drugs still feel the same.

Good morning Sunshine!
It's a Bright new Day

With a Sweet Kiss of Coffee
For a Cold Lips and Long Lashes

It's a Perfect Day indeed!
And You are Worth it!

Tell yourself
on a Monday Morning!
You are Worth It!

Make Mondays special and perfect and the rest of the days of the week will be even better

I will make a mirror
with your love
in my little heart
and I will always see you
on that secret mirror
when you will be apart!

I will make nature beautiful
with your memory
on my tired eyes
then I can see you
and your imagery.
Yeah, I will do this
I make a promise!

If you forget me forever
and don't love me anymore
then it'll make me happy
and takes away all my fears
but no one can see
how much pain is in my broken heart!
Sweet, it'll bring me too tears
they can make a salty sea!

Probably you are a lover or a cheater
Probably you are a truthful or a liar
Whatever you do,
your looks are
so beautiful.

I am here to love you with no conditions
If you just like me then we can be friends
Just think about me
I won't push you
You're wonderful.

Please, don't get me wrong for this song
Sweetie, don't mind me; it won't be long
You can move away
there you want
You're powerful!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Tribute to those slain at sandy hook elementary school ™

I read the terribly tragic news oh boy
about unlucky kids
   at a Connecticut elementary school
thus a spark in me
   heavily languished from deadly ploy!

The steely bullets lit
tinder - kindle ling bastard
   nemesis illicit throve illicit
pandemonium didst sting
   this papa s if his entire being hit
by mortar rounds,

   and his mouth hooked dry like sandy grit
from cold bloody merciless killing,
whereby logical explanation does not fit!

Hours after the merciless horror,
   (already five years ago)
I dialed me younger sister in bend, Oregon
   and over the phone did cry

per wanton massacre
   and loss of innocent children,
a part of this dada did die
no matter this papa

   of two darling young adult daughters
each day he does espy
open mouth and wide eyed Shutterfly,
how the years of their lives

(And mine) ever faster fly
yet, a figurative stab
   to the heart tore up this gentle guy
felt obliged to blubber love for sibling,

while attempting to say hi
whereby psyche rent asunder,
who would sacrifice himself to lie!

asper distraught fathers
   and/or mothers heart broken for
beautiful daughters and sons
   only thru memories can only adore

from cleft psyche, gut-wrenching,
woefully torment
   searing within mind doth bore
recovery from such loss

   prized progeny well nigh impossible chore
haunted by priceless offspring,
neither surviving
   papa/ mama can never a door

not ever again hearing
   soft pitter patters across floor
mental angst fraught with blood & gore
this haint mooch different,

   than a g.i. Joe in battle fatigues
locked in moral combat with korps
indelibly etched in conscience
   bent on evoking nightmares

like an ogre of folk lore
once happy go lucky faces smile no more
will horror of grief abate,

   but continue to pour
inducing incessant screams
   from tigress roar
that remain in cerebral store

vis a vis an awful imp prim a tore
hammering, nailing,
   wrenching, et cetera phantoms
once genetic gems of yore.

thus, upon a bed of nails or
suffer any mortal pain well nigh
for my
precious progeny,
   whose innocence like apple pie
to the core

   their angelic souls parental guidance
yes, sometimes
   oat k shun ally goes a rye
but never could this father fathom...

   a momentary sigh
at beauty and innocence in children flush
with zest and unbounded energy
sans novel experiences those mowed down

now, he only stares blankly
at the bloody headlines wondering WHY???

Eric Pon Dec 6

I made a pitcure of jade and emma,
Tossed it on my wall,
Even took a couples pics
They loved it, that was all.
Neither understood its facts,
and till now, neither did I
Intended not as honorary, but as a battlecry.
That picture I conceived of them, includes me in it not- just my reflection in it's glaze, an abstraction in their thoughts.

And yes, even we formidibal three
Somehow all forgot
That even forever aint forever
Our lessons already taught.
And so the power of this image, is more then I will share-
It merley depicts my two best friends,
Admiting they don't care.

This type of art is devistating.
Astonishingly clever,
So clear its truths invisible
The subjects see it never.

You should always be able to rley on your friends- dissapointment only exists because of its twin sista, expectation

you don’t realize how much it hurts you when he
touches you for a moment and then begs for more
you say “no I don’t want to” and he pushes
(more) (more)
---says you are annoying and dramatic--
but you love him (so)
you grasp for straws you
gasp when he smiles and yet
your love is rotting and it is
filling your bones. All of the no no
I don’t want to” turns into
come back why are you leaving and then
you are clawing for air on the ground
calling your mom trying to tell her
how much you hurt without telling her why
because it might split her open
And that is the last thing you want to do.

I don't know if I already told you
that you´re the reason why I always go to class.

You are the reason why I'm still positive despite the relentless trials.

You are the reason why I live this life,
Eventhough you do not know I exist.

Because you are the High school superstar,
While I'm just the girl who fancies Romeo and other leading stars

(c) ForgottenDiety

It sucks that he don´t know you
Wanderer Dec 4

Sometimes life gives you no's
there may not be a reasonable explanation
Not even a justification
Just a no
And you have to know how to deal with that

Ysabel Dec 4

When you finally find a job that is decent, that pays quite enough and you love but your body betrays you, weakens you, and sabotage your dream.

Will you continue working despite the sleepless yet satisfying days? Or will you quit and listen to your body?

Its hard you know. I need an advice
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