Eni Hasanaj Oct 8

You fucking idiot,you're leaving me all alone under this sad blue sky.
It'll start pouring soon, as the tears that I have cried ain't enough or is it that the sky wants you too.?
Ain't it funny ,cause all you want is to belong to the sparkling blue.

When your heart is broken,
there is no automatic cure.
Your internal grief will grow,
and will never go away,
just slowly become easier to deal with.

Days, and months will pass.
As a smile rises on your face,
a gently curved plastic,
only to hold those who know nothing.

They sit on your swing,
pumping their legs
forward, backward.
But they only rarely move.
Their movement are forced,
by the showers of tears, and expeditious winds.

The heart ache is stable.
Yet will eventually go numb,
nothing will ever be able to cause the same immense pain.
The guards rise up,
neglecting connections.
Fake it until you make it.

You will hear the crowds telling us over and over,
"It WILL be ok".
I'm here to tell you it won't.
So, find useless distractions.

Broken hearts suck. Plain truth.

I'm falling in love with you
No one knows except the moon
That’s why the moon told me
To love the moonlight forever,
Like you are melting my heart
The world will know soon.

If the moonlight will ask me
How happy you are?
I will keep silent forever
Because of your happy smile.
I'm falling in love with you
No one knows except the moon.

When the moon will look at you
To talk to me of my love for you
I will hug you with sweet love
Then the moon will be shy,
I'm falling in love with you
No one knows except the moon.

I will not ask to get moonlight
If you love me and stay close
The silver moon loves the ocean
I’ll get pleasure in your touch,
I'm falling in love with you
No one knows except the moon.

s 2d

he’s addicted to the high
from egotistical joy rides. he revels
in self pride, arrogance apparent in
his stride. but his confident exterior
stems from narcissistic lies. he can’t handle
hearing “no”- rejection leaves him mortified.    

this is not the first time
he's come to me cock-eyed.      
he asks for my consent, politely i deny.
but he refuses to listen, preparing to defy.
my fear becomes palpable-
his desire

“no, no, no!” yet his hands
are on my thighs. “we have to tonight.”
his words cut like a knife.
i don’t understand why
i’m forced to comply. (this is my body,
don’t i get to decide?)

my bones calcify, my heart’s
a ship that’s capsized
i’ve been dehumanized and
now i have to act alive.

i look in the mirror and let out a long sigh-
is it his soul or mine
that’s been demonized?

Whether or not I am beautiful
I have a heart of lead
I cannot be convinced otherwise
I'd rather die alone instead.

What you see is not broken
It's how I'm meant to be
Opinions do not matter because I know
You cannot be fixed by me.

Do not tell me what I am
Even if it's kind, I'll deny
It stings; my body is not a front
To hide sexuality behind.

My friendship may be lost to you
Because I don't reciprocate
Love is not a medal earned
Or an achievement to get.

For all the misunderstood asexuals, there is nothing wrong with you.

Hell, I'm the result of a decade or more of some coddle culture
Fucking left over from safety scissors bound up in bubble wrap
Much to do about feuding parties of mopped up has beens

Gutted and mutilated by the dullest claws, vomiting out soliloquy to someone waiting off screen

Feeding on attention when I've got none left to spend
Endemic of the stations fashioned on the broken bones of little kids
Who do you think you're kidding
Fitting each misfit with a fistful of
Faux Information
And letting them sort it out with perfect indigantion
Each stroke of a pen left blood on the page
And you wage war warning all of the names written
The only fitting way for you to die
Is in the cause you've helped create

Facing facts

Fabrication is largely left to the mental state
Of intoxicated fake plastic yet venomous snakes
Imagination only limited by wavelength
Of who's thoughts can last longest
Who can outlast

What class is the farthest when ranks are displayed
With golden tradition on vest made of clay
Surrounded by privation
Formal ware decays

When dinner jackets are
Met with machine guns

If its won by numbers, the race will all starve and
If science is damned, vanquished gods walk the streets
The enemy is what we've seen in the dreams
Not what befalls us in countless nightmares


My scrap meat is metal to build my machine
Body of parts I was so denied
Lithe and disjointed
Foraging necessities
Festering sensitivities lead to machinated loss of life

Let it sink

This ship is filling with the inked material lies
You claimed I could safely sail upon
Bailing out every word I despise
Something tells me, I'll find nothing to drown in

Nine o'clock

Weaponry only to serve me in time
Once in the presence of what I will claim is mine
Deep inside, rooted in every peer
Fear is the malady keeping them occupied

Each click represents a reclamation
Every time

Denote subtext

I want to run away.

Don't need to hide it.
No need to faking it.
You don't love me like I love you.
No feeling no heart no soul.
The light we shared has turn to darkness.
Colder than ice we are drifting apart.
Choosing to let you go and save my dying heart.
I don't miss the fun we had.
Can't live in a lie.
I am free and i learned love can burn any heart.

I just wanted to show that sometime love can burn and things can change with out warning
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