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Hollie 3d
I always thought losing my virginity
Meant being like a flower
Having been plucked bare and tossed away
Everything asked of my body
Was an obligation
Something I couldn't say no to
Nothing I could complain or protest about
because at the end of they day
They would say they love me
Love me but not respect me
Not care that I was in pain
Crying and hurting beside them
Today I know better
I'm an endless garden
Forever growing with new flowers
Mark Wanless May 27
there is no answer
now there's no answer future
there is no answer
Ken Pepiton Oct 2022
Popular vote,
ignorant hermit-scribbler
proverbs and epigrams and memes.

Scattered in the collective unconscious,
not non conscious consciousness, self
feeling fine, in response to the question,
how do you feel, how are we doing today.

fine, well ground, espresso speed, powder
fine ground, steam-pressurized pass,
whoosh, rich man's java, Starbucks,

from the TV show, yeah, maybe,
what TV show, the audience, is only
on average, just past thirty,

so the Space Pilot Starbuck, is, wait,
we can use Ziggy Stardust,
For 2024, he can be VP, and…

whatchewmean, ee ain't real,

I saw him in the crowd,
at the Arizona election Trumps supporters
are buying,

Ziggy is real, he'll help us, give us a
selfie with the Pearl of Great Price,
for the land owners trust, show 'em.

The word of God is the word of God,
if an oath taken on it stands up in Hell.

- oh Lord, please don't let me be
- misunderstood.
That felt great. Amen.
neth jones May 2022
uncut grass
   casts long shadows by night
animated on the inside
   of our basement windows
elongating and dashing away
   projected by the passing traffic
no mow may (May 2021)
Alienpoet Mar 2022
There is no room for gods
for angels and hope
for wings of flight
and depth of field
this defensive arms want to yield
and this scarred heart wants to heal

There is no room
for imagination
under the weight of these books
the text fills me up
no devils cup
no drugs or substances can free my mind
the weight of the world is unkind
and the sub titles aren’t signed
and chaos has died in my mind
or it’s been set free
I can’t escape I just don’t want to be…
She wears no mask
She wears no make up
You look into her eyes
You get what you see
Mark Wanless Nov 2021
life ain't the master
of me no longer i tell
it what i will do
basil Nov 2021
i didn't have a single wish to make
at 11:11 today
i don't even know what to say. i just feel off.... it's upsetting, especially since i don't know exactly what's wrong right now. i feel okay, but i don't feel myself

m a k a y l a Oct 2021
I don’t know what to name it
It’s such a beautiful emotion
Provoking my heart to race against itself
Fooling my eyes
I can’t comprehend it’s weightlessness
It’s almost too freeing
My breath leaves me
My palms sink into the earth, it’s perfect
Everything is perfect
There is hope here
There is life here
It’s an indescribable emotion
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