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i told him my head was heavy
i couldn’t think, my legs shook
i told him i wasn’t ready
his lips on mine, i couldn’t look
his hands roamed under my shirt
he bit my lower lip, pain radiated
i was as meaningless as dirt
his hands on my thighs, his hunger still not satiated
he tried to slip his fingers into my pants
i pulled away, pushing him into the seat
and moving over i said “i can’t”
“why?” he asked, “i’m feeling the heat.”
i layed quietly, hands shaking still
he came over, climbing on top of me
“i’m going to leave,” i said, “i will”
“why?” he wondered, “just wait and see.”
i tried to sit up, but his weight was too much
he slipped his hand down again, this time over the fabric
i set my hands down as a crutch, tried to push myself up
my stomach turning, my whole body sick
i tried to fight it and yet i couldn’t
what if he decided he no longer liked me?
i wanted to leave but felt as though i shouldn’t
what if he yelled or hit me?
i was too afraid to go, for what if i lost his approval? why did i need it though? if all he wanted was removal?
of my pants and my shirt and maybe my soul too?
why not just throw that in there, to be sure i was through?
wrote  this   some.  time ago
x Jun 7
i wonder if you see the fear in my eyes
when you show me your love
in hopes that i will compromise,
but i know i am not enough.
so instead i shove your face between my thighs
in hopes that, that will be enough.
because you see my dear,
no love lives here
can you smell the fear?
can you taste it?
as i open my legs for you?
as i lie in a bed for you you?
as my body begs for you?
Glory Apr 29
It’s like having a twin, who’s existence makes other people uncomfortable
Like before I was born, only I was in the ultrasound
And no one was prepared for her when she followed me into the world
It’s like having a shadow that does not just stretch out behind me
But instead she has attached herself to my back,
It’s like she has hooked her fingers over the edges of my ribcage
Her head is resting on the start of my spine
Her heels are digging into my thighs
People ask why I let her hang around
As if I have a choice
It’s like everyone is waiting for me to admit that I want her
It’s like they are all expecting me to secretly bend so she can climb on
I don’t
They think I like it when I want to laugh but hers is what they hear
I don’t.
They think I choose the days when she is with me, telling me the words to say
I don’t.
They think that when I wake up, she is something I put on
Like a favourite t-shirt or a sad song
She’s not
She is with me when I wake up
She is with me when I sleep
She is with me when I take my clothes off
She is like a second skin that I can’t shed

Don’t ask me to leave her behind
Because it is not my decision
I cannot control her hold on me
It is her who is pulling the strings

It’s like having a side of me that no one wants to know
As if they don’t already know her
She is me when I can’t help being down
She is me when I can hardly whisper a sound
She is me when I laugh the hardest
She is me when I am missed
She is me no matter your belief
And maybe one day she will walk away
But until then,
She is me.
A second without her feels like an eternity in Heaven
elle jaxsun Mar 23
i hope my thighs
never shrink to the size
i wish they were

where else would my
beautiful furry friends lay?

if anything i hope
my thighs double in size
making more room
for furry friends
I just wish I didn’t give a **** about the size of anything on me truly

this was also deleted but *shrugs*
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
Your *** and thighs
My reason why
I am so hypnotized
Your *** and thighs
On top of me
My mouth in ecstacy

Your *** and thighs
I fantasize
My Head between your thighs
Your *** and thighs
I dream of you
They're my ******* come true

Your *** and thighs
Under night sky
Are music to my eyes
Your *** and thighs
My midnight treat
They are so very sweet

Your *** and thigh
Do satisfy
My hungry tongue and eyes
Your *** and thighs
My bedtime guest
They are the very best
Just an ****** fantasy that was floating in my head
SomeOneElse Nov 2018
As i gaze with wanting eyes
My mind begins to fantasize
In your thighs i long to be
My lips to roam them endlessly
Starting low then moving high
Intoxicated by your thighs
Caressing your perfect hips
While teasing your sweet ***** lips
This is where my heaven lies
My face in between your thighs
Oh so soft and lubricious
Unbelievably delicious
I could spend eternity
Just worshiping your thighs with glee
Oh how happy I would be
To have your thighs, my fantasy
Just another ****** fantasy poem
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