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Totally busy
Every minute
To busy for a hug
or smile.
To busy to  snooze
or to rest.
To busy to have fun
unwind down.
To busy with work.
Or to spend time with your nearest and dearest.
To busy to eat sensible or run
Garry 2d
Don't go losing your mind
to a devious mouth
and a full moon,
It's usually a lie
to bring up the sap
and clear the tubes,
Another life won?
Another life lost?
Take care
We want the warnings plain as daylight, but I'm not sure they  can be any more obvious.
We want someone to tell us what they want, and what they feel, but I don't know if they can get any louder.
I want more, to provide more, to live more.
But I no longer think that I have anything left to give or take.
the gods told me to **** him
in my dreams, a warning,
I was born to be his fate
as he was made to be the break
upon which I would unravel
yet now his chest, so warm,
breathes softly beneath my head
his lips raw against my neck,
I knew that he had hunted me,
that I was doomed to die by his desire
his tongue lashes out to feel
the blood beneath my flesh
run cold as his hands consume me
Toe the line, keep the peace
lay brick and mortar higher
do not proceed.
For fair is my heart and weary am I
of the anger that follows the deed.
I hear the warning from my heart
but I don't wish to flee.
Trying to hammer down the wall,
the masonry, that encircles me.
I am an invert. I have to try extra hard, and that's ok.
Darling don't you know that dreams are for bed time,
Be careful you don't get them confused,
For no good things can come from
Your thoughts being abused.
Really sneaky
Credit card
Got out of control
You spent  money on things
You shouldn't have.
Did You.
ómra Oct 20
i am a child again, spending every stolen moment in the company of the dried-up riverbed that stretches, lazy and old, through the ten acres of our desert land.

the arroyo is a mentor to me, a solace, and i love her dearly. she loves me too, and sometimes she brings me gifts: an old brass lion doorknocker, painted pieces of pottery, smooth stones. she catches them in her hands and leaves them at my feet, and i take them, and i tell her "thank you."

the arroyo is a protector to me, too. on her left bank is a small mountain, topped with hair of trees and scrubs-- this is is where her heart is, the old yucca plant with searching roots. she will keep me safe.

it was there that i hide, belly-flat on the ground, watching with animal-hunted eyes as he strides through the tall dried grasses in the valley below.

he calls my name, but i do not answer. i know what will happen if i do.

he is getting angry now, and i beg her not to give me away: please, please, please, don't let him see me. don't look up.

i pray to the ages-old spirit of a long-gone river and she hears me, a thousand miles and a thousand years in the past, and her anger is strong.

mother nature does not take kindly to men who hurt little girls-- but the arroyo is old, and tired, and all she can do is hide me away, tuck me into her twists and turns. give me yet another gift.

he does not look up. i am safe-- the arroyo is my protector, and she teaches me the most powerful lesson of all:

he is not omnipotent. he doesn't see into my mind. he is not all-knowing, all-doing-- this seed the arroyo plants in my mind, and she cultivates it. carefully, carefully. slowly.

this is the knowedge that saves me, years later, when i finally pick up the phone and call the police-- after all, an arroyo is one who is very well aquainted with the patience and difficulties in nursing life in harsh conditions.
she taught me so many things and even now i am grateful to her for that one bright, searing memory of his eyes sliding past me, unseeing-- for giving me the gift of an evening with no time spent on his lap
Nat Lipstadt May 2013
Three Minute Warning

A messenger delivers
A three minute warning
As I lay in bed at 10:30 am
(Resting in preparation for,
not from, our oops, early morning hike).

Breakfast will be ready in 3,
Get your **** in gear or else
It will be cold, I'll be mad,
And you will answer to a
Higher Authority.

No problem cause I already know
All I need is two.

Splash water on my face
Now I'm presentable
enough to the human race,
current company probably won't be happy,
But I ain't telling her, are you?

Shave! You crazed?
It is a three day weekend,
Every day a July Fourth,
Celebrating freedom from the European tyranny,
Of shaving smooth  every day!

Splash water on my head, count with me,
Five brush strokes as you can plainly see
Is a classic case of overcompensating
In my geling n' hair stylin'

Brush my teeth, well,
I hope 2 full minutes of rinsing with  CVS
Green stuff, mouthwash, will have to suffice.

Blast my deodorant both sides,
Long and strong, wearin' now
My bold blue *** husk of musk,
Cause I am a very considerate fellow
Who happens to really have stunk.

Clean T- shirt and shorts,
Yes, clean underwear too,
Leaves me a whole minute to write this scribble.

My flip flop noises coming down the hallway,
Are the butler announcing our joint arrival,
Me and my poem.

Lest you think this is paean to men
Another grand male boast,
Be advised this ditty be writty
By a man who, while no longer gritty,
Just put jelly on his scrambled eggs
And ketchup on his toast!

Mmmmmmm there might be a poem
Lurking in that too...
Sigh, a true story.
Eric Babsy Oct 5
Under the skies.
Looming is a web of lies.
Destroying all life.
For you and me it destroys our life.

Heading for more danger.
Putting leaders in anger.
There are always two sides of the story.
So which, if any is the real story?

Stuck on corporate greed.
Is this what any of us need.
Greed is taking it way too far.
Like, do I really need a fancy car?

Or, do I need something to get me to and then back again?
Instead we follow lies to spend and spend.
Cash can stick to your ribs.
While you can feed and take sips and sips.

Spend it on stuff we really need.
It is the truth I really bleed.
Though there is no more to believe.
Take this warning and take heed.

Greed is upon us.
Like were caught in a web with something poisonous.
One day I hope we see greed for what it really is.
It is just an obscene risk.
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