Jay 2d
Draw me a circle
Draw me a beautiful circle
Make it any size
Make it perfect

It can’t have bumps
It can’t have wiggles
Make it any size
Make it perfect

Use your own special compass
Use your own special parchment
Make it any size
Make it perfect

Keep retracing the circle
Keep retracing the feeling
Keep retracing the steps you took

Draw me a beautiful circle
Draw me a scarlet circle
Make it any size
Make it perfect
Keep retracing the skin until you find
What you’re looking for
I wrote this about a week ago, on self harm. One of my really high achieving, perfectionist friends told me a story of how they would use the compass they had gotten in geometry class to doodle on themselves, and the pain would help them feel less anxious. It got me thinking and I suppose this is what I ended up with
A planted seed will grow,
Unmasking its true identity.
Absorbed into the madness,
That empathy can't accept.

The bludgeoned trophy you keep mantled,
Ascended by antlers for the pecking birds.
Intricately adorning a delicate creation,
To showcase to the world.

Brought along for your hobby,
Game that stands on two legs.
The foulness of recollection,
Tastes awfully familiar.

Honored bodies devoured whole.
Devoured bodies honored whole.

The messenger in the forest,
Manifests closer each time,
Unbeknownst my dissociation,
Drenched in another cold sweat.

Constructed a new form of practice,
Sophistication that leaves no trace,
Attracts all and what is connected.
Cut from the same cloth.
sara 6d
My heart is whole
but it has sharp edges.
It got wet on my sleeve;
now, it hangs from my necklace

-round like a pendant; hurt hangs
round my neck with a vengeance:
like a lighthouse on a dark night,
blinding sailors, offended.

It draws them in like a siren's call,
but the sky bleeds red at the first sign of morning.
The captain is certain he'll lock land at dawn
but does any type of siren sing its song without a warning?
Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning; red sky at night, sailor's delight.
Aa Harvey Jul 4

There is an old wooden table with rickety legs;
It looks as though it is ready to break,
Under the weight of the treasure chest which upon it rests.

A little brown box in the centre of the table;
The dust has had time to settle and the spiders have set their trap.
A torn piece of paper next to the box tells the story,
Of the contents of the box and the power that it has.

Do not open the lid, unless you are prepared for all evil.
Do not make a mistake and make sure you keep your faith.
The greatest heart stood before this lock,
Will simply break apart and shrivel.
What more is there to say?

You have been warned; do not touch.
Keep away, because all we have to give is hope.
Is it really worth the cost?
Are you sure that you know?

The souls of humanity are the price to pay;
If you decide to open this box
And ignore what the warnings say.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Danielle Jul 1
I am too often preoccupied
with fate-
Fate, which, presently,
is swinging from the apple tree
in the backyard, toes just barely touching
the aging rocking chair beneath
the tree.

The rocking chair has just begun
to sway beneath the feather weight
of fate, but the movement
seems to be enough
to nearly create a macabre scene
beneath the bedroom window,
not quite visible from the street.

I am too often disconcerted by
fate’s musings and whims.
Fate whimpers from just outside
the bedroom window about
the torn soles of my boots, warning that
I will soon stumble
into the wrong path, out of the reach
of destiny’s delicate hands.

Rather than heed
fate’s fragile advice,
I keep finding myself coming to rest
beneath the apple tree, seated in
the broken chair, and
rocking, until the groans of its wicker
are enough to drown out
any further warning.
Always Ally Jun 30
Where is it
The hand to hold
Why is it
That it has gone cold

You are gone
From your place next to me
You chose it this way
You made it to be

Am I not enough
Feed my anxiety
Is she more for you
Are you less for me

Let’s put an end to this
Before I put an end to me
Wake up
Wake up
From this bad dream
Greg Jones Jun 21
I saw it, I saw it,
Please trust me, it’s coming soon.
Forgive me, don’t ignore this, I mean it
Pay attention pay attention now.

Don’t dismiss me, I promise, I mean it,
Hell comes tonight.

I know I...I’ve said this all before
I’m a liar, but I’m not lying.
I know I...I know I’m a joker.
I’m not joking….it’s coming for your

Children, your loved ones, you hear me?
You’ll burn tonight.
You welcome your extinction, keep faking,
You’re all gonna die.

I know I...I made it up before,
This is different, I feel it coming.
I cannot...Can’t fight the change anymore.
It’s a poison, it’s overwhelming.
Fever sweats, the growing hunger for meat.
It’s the moonlight, the transformation…

So ready your shotguns, I wonder
Will anyone survive?
Don’t beg me for mercy, should’ve listened
When I cried wolf….
Lady Grey Jun 20
Whimsy clouds, dark with rain
Swirling, whirling,
Filled with the pinks and blues and shades of sunset,
Do threaten the eager earth below

To spill its contents in a furious roar
To empty itself with passion
To drench the dry bones
Of many weeks

With that passion comes the lightning
The static of too much friction for far too long
That dances and crackles through the air
Filling the quiet before the storm;


The clouds are dark,
The dripping sunset no longer visible through the staccato sky
Though the yellow warning arises,
Casting the world in eerie shadow
Watching a thunderstorm on a hill is beautiful, awe-inspiring, and incredibly stupid
Brent Kincaid Jun 15
Whatever you do, my beloved son
Do ever become a Republican.
They care for you, until you are born
Then after that, you'll become forlorn;
You have no power, no say on life.
Exactly the same for your kids and wife.
Unless you are white and born rich
You are one out of luck son of a bitch.

You have to be born a child of the wealthy
Then, as  a Congressman, you stay healthy.
But other modes of life, unless you get rich
The GOP turns off the ‘welcome’ switch.
They only want whie men who follow the plan
And become a full-fledged party yes-man.
And don’t have friends who are black or gay
Because the Republicans will throw you away.

Once you join their Klan, you can't have friends
Who are liberals or socialists, that is the end.
Your party invitations and your job prospects
Will all disappear, no matter if you object.
So, listen my son, and learn the lesson well,
The Republicans are mostly creatures from hell.
They’ll cheat and steal from their own brother.
No matter wrong or right, they stick together.
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