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There's something
Over when you're

Something missing
In your mind.

When you've
Passed on,
And starting

There's something
You leave

And now it's
Now I'm sober
And I'm supposed
To be fine....

But I'm not Over
What I found
When I was lost
In my mind...
68 days sober, trippy *** dreams, and I still feel like I'm missing something. No more coking and smoking for me. Seeing what it does to my roommate made me never want to do it again. That and my court case, of course.
Who love the LORD they fear,
Enter and worship here.  
Who love or know Him not,
Enter, but fear a lot.
Shannon Soeganda Jul 2022
Would love to meet you again
After all these years

But for now,
I need you to know—

that I have always loved you,
And I always will,

It’s just that,

I don’t trust my self enough
to see you the next day,

or any day after.
It’s excruciatingly painful to be fine one minute and gone the next.
Khoisan Jun 2022
The devil strikes form
we host the match lines are drawn
home ground advantage.
Mark Toney Mar 2022
wasting well water wishes
while in wastewater wading
waiting waist-high wailing
weeping, wailing—
what a waste!

wasting well water wishes
while we're waxing waning
waning waxing waging
waging, wasting—

wanting well water wishes
while whole world wishing
wasting wishing wanting
wanting wishing—
whole wide world!

welcome well water wishes
while we're wakeful watching
wakeful watchmen warning
warning watching—


Mark Toney © 2022
Poetry form: Alliteration - Mark Toney © 2022
redacted Dec 2021
As a child I was told, after 10 years your skin regrows completely anew
The part that’s sad
Is it’s only been 2
I sit praying to nameless god
Please be true

Like the death card, skin shed
Only skeletal remains
Maybe if I scrub hard enough
new cells will come soon

You were a friend
To Whom had my trust
all thrown away


You thought me breathing was enough
I want to hate you, but I have to let go. Maybe with this out here, you’ll quit plaguing my mind
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