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goodtea Sep 26
wired soul,
punctured through
the only one bleeding is you
blood over cracked lips
you fear you'll
stab the person closest to you
but where you see barbs
they see a friend

hey wired soul,
people pet porcupines
and walk on needles
so don't draw up
warnings and cautions
the problem is you've been
chasing balloons
when you should go find
those fun *******
who know
all the best things
come with some risk.
your heart is a steel trap, but some people wouldn't mind being caught.
julianna Sep 12
How can I send this message?
I tie a ribbon ‘round my wrist,
To keep a measure of my rib cage
And I scarf down my food,
I shower when no one’s around
Cause’ I can chuck it up in silence
Still trynna be silent because I’m paranoid
That I’ll spill Mia’s little secret
So many letters,
But I’m still wearing an “ED” necklace
round’ my thin neck
Read between the lines on my wrists
I don’t like being alone,
But I need help and you don’t give it, no.
Jules M Aug 30
I wish people would stop warning me about you
I trust you
I love you
I need you
But these people are instilling fear
And anxiety
Deep in what is me
And I hate it
I don’t want to worry about these things
Because you are
A king
A god
A ethereal being
A liar
A cheat
A user
I cannot see those things in you
I cannot see these bad things
I don’t know
I trust that you are changing
But I also worry
As these people keep coming to me
I would like to
Feel safe
Feel loved
Feel trusting
Feel secure
Feel worthy
But these people make it so hard
I wish they would stop
Because I don’t ******* care
I love you
And that’s all that matters
c Aug 22
I think my tragic flaw
Is reading the warning label
On every person
And pulling a Romeo
On each boy
marked “Toxic”
Lyra Saros Aug 13
I’ve always been erratic
There’s still an ember in these ashes
The forest has cooled since the fire
The birds are coming home tonight
They make their nests from kindling

Is it still a relapse if I never quit?
tw self harm
CNM Aug 5
I boil and bubble over my clothes like steam over a cauldron
Cooking up a dreadful brew
At times unaware,  at times I am still in the body of a 16 year old
At war with her mind and body
Bones almost audibly creaking with each gust of wind
And although the world wasn’t kind to me all of those years ago
And although I wasn’t kind to me
And although older boys snarled their teeth at my protruding rib cages and hip bones hungry for a snack
I’d do anything
To get my body back

And boy, if they didn’t gnaw away at my skin and flesh
I may have been left with my beautifully rigid shell
But my insides are spilling out in soft rolls
Reflections making my head spin, the spinning of the clock, the new looseness of my exterior, my own hell
Maybe if I could do a spell I could tell the goddess how my body once fell at the hands of the Devil and it began to swell like a balloon and I’m waiting for it to pop
I’m waiting for it stop
And hopefully then
I will no longer dwell
On how much I hate a body
That holds me so well
Anna Jun 14
I found out today
That you are now a father
I’d be scared if you had a boy
But you had a daughter
A boy would grow up to be like you
And that thought made me cringe
But you will watch your baby girl grow up
And protect her at all times
But all of the things you want to protect her from
Are the things you did to me
I’m sure you don’t even think of me now, but I can’t forget you.
Wang Di Jun 13
Walking through this abyss of road,
I can feel the wind rushing towards me,
Warning me about what’s next to come,
The trees towards my right,
A synchronization of tales
about the seasonal changes that
they have yet to overcome.
Colleen R Jun 7
you love a boy who doesn't love you back
your bones become bleached under a relentless sun
but you whisper to your heart that it's fine
you've never loved the rain

you love a boy who doesn't love you back
and you wonder what it's like to born with a green thumb
the flowers in  your soul seem to wither and die
there's no life blooming in an endless winter

you love a boy who doesn't love you back
you throw down the shovel after burying your latest truth
you want to say you're sorry but it was necessary
you were bound to miscarry anything but a lie

you love a boy who doesn't love you back
and you let it destroy you
Marla Jun 6
Green Light abounds the horizon
Every time a mortal life is lost
To a sea of miserable desperation
Perpetuated by Desire's cost.

Let go of thy less than humble whims
And instead find a new way to cope
With life's materialistic drive to win
A prize that will deprive you of all hope.
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