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This Independence day
I pledge to be-
Be Bold
Be Joyful
Be Helpful
Be Creative
Be A Better Me
Be Independent

Happy Indian Independence Day!
We as Indians are celebrating our 72nd Independence Day and on this auspicious day I thought to celebrate it little differently, in my own way. To contribute a thought to make myself efficient not just for my country but for a better world in small little things whatever I do.
Lalima Yadav Jun 21
Each morning,

When I look into the mirror

I see you in my eyes

Yes true! That's another place

Where you reside.

All I wish to see more

Is to look at you

And your sweet smile.

I promise you that,

Through thick and thins of life.

It'll be me always

By your side

Helping you out to overcome

From your worst dilemmas.

Being your strength, your power

In the darkest scary nights.

Trust me on this.

Be it any of the craziest situations

But I'm going to be there with you.

I want to hear you

As long as you want me to listen.

Putting my best efforts

To be the best version

of your reflections

I am sure when I say that

I'll take the best care of you

Because as happy as you are

means that

I'm happy too.

No....never! I won't stop you

From exploring your heart

How could I?

I'm just the person

who would see you

Getting better as the day passes by.

Those days, when you'll be

Crying, silent or totally screwed

Trust me, and then too

You'll find me nearest to you

Wiping out all your worries

And trying to make you smile.

I swear, at your most vulnerable state

I'll make you feel the most loved.

Those moments you'll take

The most important decisions of your life

I'll help you to stay up until the mid-night.

Even…if you ever fail

I'll remind you that

Darling! You are my HERO forever.

Maybe! Someday it happens

when you might forget that

How much you really mean to me

Believe me! Even that day too

I'll tell you and remind you

That I'm in love with you.

Nothing could set me apart

From you,

But the death, as it's powerful

And until I exist

I’ll care for you always

Remember that

You're my dearest friend.

Maybe! In this whole journey

I could not come across you

But then nothing in this world

Could stop me

Flying in love

truly, deeply, madly

With YOU; my hero!!!

©️ Lalima Yadav

Thank you very much for stopping by. Radiate happiness. :)
I request you all to please let me know what impression does this poem will left on a guy to whom such a piece of poetry will be dedicated. Highly obliged to you all.
A name that lionized once
Exemplifying crystal goodness
Dwindles now amidst the crowd
For an instinct extravagance
Who loved once, now fear
The name that lies in darkness.

‘The culprit’ now reminisces
All that made his past.
Endurance long did he face but
Long didn’t his freedom last.
Joy comes slow and with struggle
Folly! He wanted it fast.

The culprit earlier envied people
With love, money and other wealth
Unlike winners, he failed to stand alone
In himself he did lose faith.
Burning desires made evil rhetorical
Pity the age evil ignite stealth.

Forbidden fruits he dared to reach
Stranger he felt on being a deuce.
He cherished at the illusion
Of walking on a supreme avenue.
Everything comes with a price, he forget
Now the Devil waited for his revenue.

Blindfolded by the espy of interim wealth
Wealth of humanity has become a fiction.
Just of the self he kept ruminating on
Never thought of the innocent’s malediction
He who snatched several dreams by his desire
Awaited for him the much deserved destination.

In his cell, his sleep now breaks
As the moonlight seeks him in murky.
The joy in seasons are lost forever
Burning passions depleted of intensity
Time passed with thoughts of past and future
Alas! Immature insanity changed his destiny.
The shores of Manhattan
He left behind
To track down a dolphin’s remind

He rowed and rowed
Wiping sweat off his brow
A Red Indian hunter of old

Deeper down the seas
He finally sees
The tail of a swish in his hold

And steadily comes
To meet his old smoke
His Red Indian hut and bone fork

But what he sees there
He finally stares
For the bonfire and cottage no more
             At the shorelines of our home
             Towering above, a million white dove
             Were skyscraping buildings of York.
A Red Indian who missed whole centuries on a hunt of his, only to return to shores that were no longer his.
Sakar Tiwari May 11
कौन होते है आप
घूर कर उसको देखने वाले
कपड़ों पर उसके भौंकने वाले
सोच को थोड़ी खुद की सुधारो
आंखो की हैवानियत ,बाहर निकालो
निकलेगी खुद की भी बेटी एक दिन
इन्हीं बेशरम सड़कों पर
तब सवाल होगा तेरा खुद से
क्या सलामत लौटेगी वो घर पे ?
जा कर मंदिर में आप जो
ढोंग हजारों रचते हो
लक्ष्मी दुर्गा का नाम बोल कर माथा अपना रगड़ते हो
देवी समझ कर ही बंद कर दो तुम
ये हवस अश्लीलता का व्यापार
वरना विनाश को तेरे धर लेगी वो मां काली का अवतार
एक सुंदर तस्वीर है वो ,अस्तित्व लेने दो उसे
एक ख्वाब है वो ,पूरा होने दो उसे
एक खुशी है वो ,खुल कर हसने दो उसे
एक सितारा है वो ,चमकने दो उसे
खुदा की खूबसूरती है वो,
सिर्फ लड़की नहीं किसी की बहन
किसी की बेटी है वो
जीने दो उसे ।।

Tsunami Apr 20
what my ancestors gave me

(the curves of my body
the curls in my hair
the swell of my breasts
the wetness between my legs)

was not meant to be colonized.
stop them from eating me alive
Sneha Thakur Apr 12
With color painted on my skin ,
I walk amidst these clouds ,
Too high , too scared to fall ,
To fall onto more melanin.
The more the melanin the more alien I become , they say.
I try to soak these clouds into me ,
Like I absorbed the Indian in my folks .
Like I carry a bunch of them beneath this skin.
Like my taste buds will always crave for more spice.
Like all my girlfriends will always have less clothes on than me.
Like it is all I know.
Like I am always the one suffering with the wrong accent.
Like an accent could be right or wrong.
As if , proper has a sound of its own.
I come from the land of red soil
Soil being red from the blood .
I come from the air ,
Filled with all the carbon and heat
I come from the waters of Indian ocean .
But , mainly I come from my country , my India
Jack P Apr 12
teacher sent me to the doctor's office
teacher sent me home
teacher sent me to the place
where all the foul things roam

teacher gave me tic-tacs
to swallow when i'm sad
teacher said the chemicals
will make me sorta mad

teacher dries my eyes up
with platitudes enough
to even console all the kids who
are made of smarter stuff

teacher says confusion
is not a cause for shame
i'm not quite sure what teacher means
but i listen all the same

teacher treading tip-toed
lowering the tone:
"i'll help you with the theory here
but you'll practice on your own."
if you are sad, get people to help you not be sad, thanks
I fight injustice in the West and help people who are in danger.
When my brother was murdered, I became the Lone Ranger.
I bring outlaws to justice wherever I go.
I couldn't do it without the help of my Indian sidekick Tonto.

People constantly think that I'm an outlaw because I wear this mask.
They want to take it off but they learn that removing it isn't an easy task.
Tonto and I always beat the bad guys by using our wits and our fists.
When we're done, the outlaws have handcuffs slapped on their wrists.

I ride Silver who is my trusty steed.
We always help those who are in need.
I only use silver bullets and so far Tonto and I haven't failed.
We will always protect the innocent and send outlaws to jail.
Gowtham Ganni Mar 13
The bitter neem reminds of those days -  
the day your heart broke
the day you have to leave your family
the day your beloved pet passed away
the day you felt your life purposeless
all those days filled with sadness

The sweet jaggery reminds of those days -
the day of your first kiss
the day you achieved a dream
the day your kid first walked
the day you received the first paycheck
all those days filled with happiness

The spicy chilies reminds of those days -
the day you were criticized
the day you couldn’t find a solution
the day you waited long in queue
the day you were rejected after many attempts
all those days filled with anger

The sour tamarind reminds of those days –
the day you are completely lost
the day your dearest friend betrayed
the day you failed in everything
the day the problems seemed unsolvable
all those days filled with disgust

The pinch of salt reminds of those days –
the day you are left alone
the day you failed an exam
the day you have to speak facing the crowd
the day you felt crisis in life
all those days filled with fear

The tangy mango reminds of those days -
the day when a stranger  helped you
the day you received an thank you note
the day you met a very old friend
the day when a wish suddenly becomes the reality
all those days filled with surprise

Combine all -
the experiences of life in a single dish
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