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George Krokos Jan 31
At times one has to go sideways before they can go forward
when attempting to reach that place they’re heading toward.
From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
CIN Jan 27
I tried to **** myself last week
But all did was throw up
And give you another medical bill
I made the school work pile up
and my friends mildly worried
gave myself a big bruise
And nearly cried from the emails
Explaining that i couldn't do the math quiz on Friday the 15th
Because i tried to **** myself last week
Did you have any suicidal thoughts this week? ah, maybe one or two, nothing serious.
CIN Jan 26
I was outside in the cold for hours that day
thinking about how to end things
i passed your body
On my way upstairs
Before spreading out my saved pills
And unlocking a knife
Crimson spread along my thigh
And my stomach became upset
My water is now empty
And all that's left on the counter is dust
A little bit of red stains the blade
And i pull up my pants nonchalantly
My first attempt was done in my bathroom after being on suicide watch for months. If i want something i will find a way, and you wont see it coming.
Valya Oct 2021
Will someone show me love once again?
Will anyone be so kind as to take
A broken soul and help them back up
Is that a tale that can still be told for me
Or will I be stuck with the
Stream of tears that row down my face each day
As my only companion
A painful reminder of my failed attempts
At a perfect love before
Can I have a time that is different
Can those next tears shimmer instead
And lead me to a happier future
One that teaches me what unconditional love is
I just wanna see what unconditional love is in a romantic way
mark soltero Aug 2021
please fix what's broken inside me
i've tried a hundred times
and i can't seem to make it right
there's nothing inside me that shines anymore

i killed off yesterday
so there wouldn't be today
yet i woke up again this morning
Ronin Mar 2021
you only learn to
appreciate your life
when you’re in a hospital bed
vomiting your guts out
praying to god
(you’re not even religious)
to please let you live,
just one more chance.
i’ll take care of myself from now on.
xandra Dec 2020
the way
that i spent
nearly countless hours of
my precious time
nonexistent nuances
in any
desperate attempt
to escape the silent shouting
void around me;
only to be left
in the same void once more
the moment i got
an ounce of clarity.
~it's astounding, but not in the good way
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
I have been trying to control the need
Escape ruthless desire
Hide fears within quiet looks
Start to falter and tire
For each time you leave my side
Another day crumple into a ball
Try to stand up by myself
Every attempt immediately fall
Way too wobbly to carry own weight
Legs always buckle and cave
Powerful devotion I feel for you
Holds me captive
A slave
When I try to regain balance I just get even unsteadier
He is scared that I'll go someplace he can't reach me,
So he's chosen not to connect at all.
I do not intend to be absent,
But I wish he knew
It hurts equally to regret love not given
As it does to lose love you've given your all.
Regretting time not spent and care not shown
Is a special kind of hell I do not wish upon him.
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