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The incumbent village idiot would be alarmed by my efforts, as he'd most likely perceive them as ones attempting to dethrone him.
Came up with this a while back. Still don't know what to do with it.
Hunter 7d
I lay awake,
Broken glasses,
And try to fickle my hair.

I look up to the sky,
Awaiting some type of answer.

I look down at my legs,
Hardly look normal,
And down at the end of the road is you.
The reluctant royalty looking at the town crier.

The most beautiful sight was thinking I saw you,
As the paramedics put me in the ambulance.
I got out of the stretcher,
And ran to your embrace.

I wasn't ready to die,
Purpose was literally in front of me.
When I got your embrace..
I think that's when I woke up in the hospital

I adore you.
You don't care where I came from.
When I'm gone do you think of me?
When you dream do I make the screen?

I've watched my bridges burned,
And here you are helping me build them.
Life is better now with you,
Loving you,
Making me feel nearer to God or even the heavens.

All I got for you is love,
And the rest of my life.
Let me be your prince,
And let's build our own kingdom.

We can live happily ever after,
I love how that sounds.
Don't you?
Can we do this forever please?
May 1st I tried taking my own life, at this same time I was meeting someone special. What I believe from the drugs the paramedics gave me I visioned this person I adore and I ran to her, It was In that moment I woke up in the hospital. To this day she has been by my side being my crutch I owe her everything.
BR Grayson Sep 1
Marbles made of sweet canes with a dash of cinnamon.
Varnished tresses of lyptus that bathed in the glow.
Petals that once knew the shade of heat.
Now sour, fade and bleak
in the face
of nature’s decree.
Undress. Deep breath.
Lay down. Tight chest.
Temperature normal. Gown in tact
Vitals good. We have to check.

Back again.
Let’s take 7
You don’t belong in Heaven.
nadine Jul 11
your name will forever linger on my mouth,
immeshing the dust within the fragile pages of a literary classic.

“my eyes were dazed by you for a little, and that was all.”
you saunter freely with romantic words i cannot grasp and call as ours.

my love for you seeps out of the vintage texts—
unfinished; refusing to fill out the blanks and questions.

in vain —
that’s what all it was.

no more, no less.
the act of being   FOOLISH.
c May 19
Does riding home
Without a seatbelt
(Left unbuckled on purpose)
Count as a suicide attempt?

Asking for a friend
Who lost control of the wheel
Annika J May 7
That feeling
That I can't describe

When I know someone is genuine

It's physical
And emotional
It's happy
But calmly
Without any flourishes
Or bubbles
I feel it in my chest
A feeling of connection
Not quite the right word
It's lukewarm
But bright
And roundish
Kinda like a sphere
Sitting next to my heart
Centered in my chest
There's love
But little magic
It's pure
When I think of someone's face
I see open eyes
Open to watch another
But not wide with shock
I see a small smile
I hear a voice
Clear as a bell
And indeed
I think of pure
Golden bells
Not twinkling
Not ringing
Just a single
Unbroken note
I think of gold
Or is it orange?
Orange with a yellow halo?
It's energy
But not radiant
Not growing
Not destroying
Not dark
The feeling I get
When reading a classmate's essay
Or reading a good fanfiction

All this
Does not capture the feeling
But at least I tried my best
killian Mar 16
My spine spared a half inch
​when I fell from where cars drive.
Yes, I'm still a living breather.
Yes, I'm one who does survive.

Maybe life won't be so lenient––
Won't let just anyone pass.
I can't create energy out of nothing.
I can't destroy my mass.

As long as clocks are ticking
and the pedestrians cross the street––
as long as we are living––
I will stay standing on my feet.

To climb up on edges
and sit there looking slumped...
I could feel, but couldn't think,
I did only after I jumped...
alternative title: don't go climbing on edges where you don't belong
Sam Maye Mar 12
I tried to die
wanted it
yet he came
he yelled
he told me off
yet he didn't sugarcoat it.
He didn't get sweet
he didnt get sappy
no 'you deserve to live a long life'
'youll be missed if you do'
or any of that.
he gave it to me straight
and gave me the cold
and yet that helped more than anything else.
sweets just aren't for me, i suppose.
Screams echo madly.

To my silly little dream.

Falling teeth and eating phones.

I put the snooze on a hold.

Betraying all my friends tonight.

This dream will never be alive.

So dance madly and chaotic.

Dreams that last like a narcotic.

The caricature of a me.

Drowning and crying in the sea.

Playing soccer on the field.

Former lovers leave concealed.

From your smile to a frown.

The last breath before you drown.

But I see that everything.

Merely a silly little dream.

Crying tears, abundant tears.

As I wake up from my dream.

And feel my heart crunch.
Attempting to write in a similar style of
The truth behind a photograph BY CommonStory
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