Özcan Sh Apr 14
Life is like a magic cube
Think, try and turn
It takes a lot of time to solve a puzzle
But by every attempt we make
Let us take a step closer to our goals.
Ben Fernekees Mar 26
I tried to talk to you the other day, you
        seemed distant and mind astray, so I
        faded away.

Falling into a space, a place, where I have no
        face, no way to mask what's inside.
Everything building and burning, trashing a
Emptiness of everything thatempowers the
        truth of all I hide.
Love that has been lost and left behind in the

All is forced out to see, unable to replace my
       mask and hide all I know.
Losing my sense of being, just a feeling, but
       one that fades fast.
Opening up, isnt as good as they say, when
       your secrets are disected from your mind
Nothing to stop it, no one to care.
Everything to lose.
Just spitting out thoughts..
Anfa Mar 19
i'd rather be blind,
than be on your mind
Will i ever find?
This love i've got for you
For you

Will I lose control?
It's all over my soul
note for myself
Anfa Mar 19
Darlin i know,
Your tears won't glow.
As my world,
Meant nothing to you

My tireless lust,
Filled with dust;
Whatever it takes,
It can be made.
notes for myself
eF Mar 19
Crowded yet alone.
Searching for a place called home,
Forever to roam.
Ever feel like you just don't belong?
Danial John Mar 12











Lean in further, for I will list
Sing a song, for I am listening

Reach for me, for I will draw
Watch me write, for I am drawing

Hold me once, for I am close
Do it now, for time is closing

Proximity can be such a precious thing when accompanied by infatuation.
Cana Feb 23
Its Friday night in the ramshackle city
The sweaty bodies writhing to to soco beat
Drugs, Drink and Debauchery and Cigarettes
Let go.
Maida Rasool Feb 14
it's hard not to notice
when your face lights up
alone in a crowd
i listen to
the sounds of the building
the slow drip of paint
the screams of the wind
all traces of sadness disappear
as your my distraction
from the pain
which once consumed me
if i could fly
i wouldn't because my home is
right here
next to you, pure bliss
which i lean back to admire but
nobody knows
nobody sees
my need for art
but i can't complain when i have
a piece of you
as you complete me
there was a time i felt
i couldn't feel anything
i felt helpless
heavy with exhaustion
i slept
i remember the tired
then the sound of life followed
behind you
it wasn't much but it was
all i needed then
this poem was an attempt of me to do something different, i tried to write something using only song titles
Ashley Lingy Jan 30
I really want to say
I hope you're okay.

I see something on your face, a familiar grimace.
I want to tell you, I suffer from mental illness.
And all too well, I can recognize your pain;
I too, have struggled under the overpowering strain;
The suffering caused by a malfunctioning brain.

I see how you've started to avoid and withdraw.
I see enormous stress in the tightness of your jaw.
I see you grasping, desperate for some alleviation,
from this curse of complete anguish and frustration.
I see you like this not because I wish to pry.
In you, I see myself. Allow me to clarify.

I have been where you are, totally lost and alone.
Hiding from friends and family, ignoring my phone.
There were many times I felt held together only by thread.
Eventually I decided that my only option was to be dead.
But there were no lights at the end of any tunnels.
The attempt failed, and I continued my struggles.

Then someone reached out a hand for me,
offering somewhere safe for me to be.
Longing for relief, feeling defeated, I said yes.
And looking at me now, you would never guess,
the darkness that dwelled deep in my head.
Today I'm better, and quite glad I'm not dead.

So, I'm here, should you ever want to talk.
Please, feel free, tell me to go take a walk.

But I swear, my intentions are honest and kind.
I want to help you take back control of your mind.
This is just a hand held out, from me to you.
I urge you to take it, and I'll help you through.

Peer to peer, I'm offering you solace.
If ever you need me, I'll be there, I promise.
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