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Anastasia Sep 20
She had a heart of ice
Holding his, she squeezed
He stumbled back, and she looked him in the eyes
She told herself he deserved it
Tears pooled in his eyes as he clutched his chest
“What you did,” She said
“It hurt,”
“You said you’d never hurt me,”
She said, her heart melting
She squeezed again
Blood dripping down her hands
He fell to his knees
She got closer
“We were supposed to be happy,”
She sobbed
He leaned in
And whispered his last words
“I never meant to”
And thats when it shattered
Mikel Sep 4
A thought of you snuck up and grabbed me today.
But it didn’t leave me gasping for air this time.
This time, the memories squeezed me like one of your hugs when you buried your face in my chest.

Thinking about you is starting to keep me warm.
I never thought I would love someone the way I loved you.
You weren’t even the right one for me.
Risa Njoroge Aug 21
Am sorry that’s not what I meant,
It’s just the auto-correct,
This new technology thinks it’s ahead,
Replacing the words that come from my head,
with words like "You are my best yet"
When what I meant to say was "meeting you I regret"

And that last text I sent, telling you how I felt,
That too was auto-correct,
See, there was a time when your words made my heart melt,
And the butterflies that rose from my belly up to my neck,
I sometimes needed  to tie them down with a belt,
All this words you say you never meant.

Every time you sent that I love you text,
Now I know it just auto-correct
This new tech is quick to make us forget,
And replaces words like I regret,
With stupid texts like “come hold me”
Leaving us with broken hearts we now hold up like trophies,

The rest of the world may never know just how much I hurt,
Because I found a filter that will auto-correct
This frown on my face and turn it right side up,
And every time I take a picture,
This auto correct will add color and remove the hurt,
Making sure no one will never know what really lives inside,
"this whirl we call home, spinning out of control.”
we have been living in an auto-correct world, never saying what is on our minds, and everything is spinning out of control.
Joanna Aug 16
Melted snow flows in a river of love from your heart to mine; giving me strength to look beyond; the cold grey waters within I know this is not a place to end but a place to begin.

Yet around the corner there is a stormy sea, restless and violent and at the same time free to move; a bed of rocky ground like a magical mystery it weaves its way around. Telling a story of survival of another time as it plots a new course.

Melted snow flows like a river with no remorse. Yet being what it is one accepts it's flaws as something expanding and sometimes withdrawn. All things work together from beginning to end when one recognizes the true nature and still sees the beauty within.
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m h John Aug 3
The way the earth
slows down it’s
rotation each year
and the way
the climate changes
causing the ice to melt
while the world
is at war with itself
make me want to take you
to a mountain top
and yell
“**** it, I love you!”
Bhill Jul 18
The icicle slowly melted
It slowly melted in the afternoon sun
Melting while hanging off the rain gutter
Letting go of a small portion of its essence
Essence, that in the end, would be gone
Gone to create another form of its previous self.....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 178
You just never where your writing brain will take you...
c Jul 14
Ice Boy
You’re not so cold to the touch
When your lips are on mine
And your heartbeat’s a rush

Ice Boy
Is this the thing that you planned?
Do you sharpen your blades
While I melt in your hand?

Ice Boy
My heart sinks like a stone
I thought that I could chase you
Now I’m cold and alone
Strung Jul 8
I am a nothing nothing nothing person
Nothing here to see
I am a nothing failing bailing person
Clinging to a dream.
I am a nothing nowhere no good one
A one who dries out eyes
I am a nothing but a husk person
Who can’t fight the dark demise.
A Dark Crystal demon look alike
It’s true, I’m not dead yet
I look my nothing in the face
And question it’s true taste
For if blood was what it wanted
Then blood it would’ve had,
But my nowhere eyes are missing spite
And deep down nothing me is glad.
A demon eyed me is nothing new
But here, I find a light,
If a nothing me was fighting so
Why can’t I feel the bite?
Give up then! I always do
A nothing keeps its name.
Look my nothing in the face
And play this ******* game.
Dark Crystal creature crawling to the surface of the world
To tell everything
To Shove It
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