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Earl of Lemongrab*
(or Fat Lemongrab in "Lemonhope Part 2")

The Earl first appears in the episode "Too Young."
He is the high Earldom of Lemongrab
Heir to the Candy Kingdom

Note: Some spread the lie that

"It is possible that he is no longer heir
to the throne"

"Because as of 'Hot Diggity Doom'
the Candy Kingdom
is now a democracy"
Eliseatlife Aug 4
I can't describe it
it's a feeling
just like air
I can't grab it
c Jul 21
I’ve always been one to enjoy the burn
But this
This is a new level
Of salt in the wound

You are cold to the touch
Leaving blisters
Where you grab my wrist
And pin me down

The longer you stay
The longer I scream
Until the pain is numb
And I do not feel enough
To need you to leave

You burn me anyway
love wash them as waves,
neither he or she grabs it;
where does it contain?
Abby M Dec 2018
Is a common turtle really different from a crab?
They both make their ways slowly, across the dirt and sand.
The mouth and claw don't differ much in ways they're used to grab.
Could a common turtle really be a green-shelled crab?
Isaac Nov 2018
Wisdom is a tree of life.
Grab it with both hands.
Ask God for it every day
Until you understand.
There is always more to see,
And always more to know.
Our joy lies in seeking out
What God has hid to one day show.
Written 14 November 2018
Leon Murphy Nov 2018
Callous child
Fear seeps from your eyes
As you start to cry in silence unable to soften the heart.

D'you want a piece of this!?
You wanna slice of it?

Throwing all your stones away
Falling from freedom like you ever cared.
it's not only your ego
You wished it all ended right then and there cursing the world around
pounding on and on into the ground.

You want a piece of it!?
Begging for a slice of it.

Fear seeps from your eyes as you started to cry you wished to die.

Callous child
Frantic panic is just irratic
Turn your head! it might be frightening but you might find it lightening.

D'you want a piece of it!?
You wanna slice of it!?

Just so you know
Callous child
You are the creator of your own,
Put your mind to it
And you will see yourself grow.
c Aug 2018
Grip my thighs
The way you grip the steering wheel
And let’s go for a ride
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