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J J Jan 15
a headboard crashing
echoing against the walls
like whips of lightn'in'.
Post credits scene
Wilkes Arnold Jan 12
The ultimate judge is oneself
And I'm afraid I've found him wanting
What's to be done when you've found the one
But the thought of being with them is haunting?

A pure life and one condemned
I wouldn't risk tainting the cure
For how could one condemn the girl
That they would give the world for
LONE STAR May 2023
Everyone says no to us
Yet our hearts entwine
Everything is against us
Yet when our eyes meet it's just us
Even as a tear drops
I know you are still ready to crucify me
They say ice and ice
Is bound to freeze
Yet the fire in our hearts
Burns brighter than ever
Won't the warmth keep us breathing
How to tame our hearts from going wild
The only way is to crash the spirit
In your so called ways
To purify the soul
Yet it will **** us
With an excuse of keeping us alive
After diminishing us
Extinguishing any hope
We have for the future
You think we are wrong
The problem is
You think
We believe that in this world
Right or wrong  is a question for our hearts
Let the hearts decide
Our minds fool us
Our eyes blind us
Our people abandon us
The world betrays us
Yet you still crucify us

©The Snitch Writes
®I never betrayed but a snitch they said I was
When will we be equals
Exosphere Mar 2023
the plane is flying
no babies are crying
but the guys behind me are talking about guns
fortunately my ear buds are working
because this tin can is jerking
and the guy next to me doesn’t appreciate puns
xavier thomas Sep 2021
I’m grateful.
But I don’t owe you sht

You have options, but wasting my time isn’t one.
Honey, I don’t owe you sh

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries is what I praise.
I don’t owe you sht

You’re entitled to your opinions & feelings.
However love, come back to reality cause
I don’t owe you sh

I make efforts, easily
and yet again I say, I just don’t owe you sht

You want explanations for everything but remember,
I don’t owe you sh

You can’t even be accountable
yet you want a relationship - relationship?…
No baby,  I don’t owe you sh*t
Modern day woman: stop playing games as if I don’t know my worth.
Keli Mar 2022
Today a Russian lady
Asked me for the Lou
And I said there is
A Porta ***** colored in a blue

As she left a coworker
He said with a smirk to me
You should have told the ***** animal
To squat on the bushes to ***.

And I stared in dumfoundment
as he turned and walked away
Why would he have said that?
what ***** games a play?

Then I realized she was Russian
And my mind clicked, I see
He was blaming her
For her countries, Recent Misdeeds

but what gave him the right
To decide who she is?
To call her an animal
I’ll tell you nothing did

He thinks he’s high and mighty
Cause he’s male, young and white
But I think he needs glasses
To fix his ghastly sight

For we are not our bodies,
our skin, our hair or face.
And the sum of a person
Is not found in their race.

So what?she’s from a country
That’s creating a hot hell
Does the daughter of a ******
Belong inside a cell?

So what? she has an accent
Don’t tell her what to be
For gods sake man
She just wanted to ***.
Don’t create more hate. There’s already way to much in this world
JA Perkins Oct 2021
Don't you cry when
I'm in the grave
You'll be sad and
I won't hear..
Tell me what's
the matter now..
Tell the truth
and make it clear.

Don't you weep
when I go to sleep
if there's a promise
I've failed to keep.
I'll give to you and
when I'm gone,
just let me sleep
and don't you weep.
Live now
Give now
Wilkes Arnold Oct 2021
Which way the wind blows
Why the night falls
Or where it goes,
When adventure calls
My attention grows
Til I drop my pretension
Of depressive prose,
With that said my apprehension
To speak of this romantic tension
Leaves my heart in locked up throes
Its wants and wishes won't be exposed,
I don't know what happens now
Or happened then to bring this out
Why the night falls
Or where it goes
It won't matter I promise, it's what we chose.
Aislinn Vesper Oct 2021
You would say life is how you make it,
but I dont agree.
Sometimes you can try your hardest
and still feel on a ground,
not able to get up, not able to see.

There are times,
when I dont see light.
Sometimes, just one sparkle would be enough.
Thats what makes me hold on.
Life is not always bad but often it is.

I guess what makes it good is the feeling.
Being important, being pretty, being active.
Being enough and still be you.

I remember times when I didnt think of
not being enough.
I was a kid who didnt have a reason to feel that way.
But as I was growing up,
all the things around me,
make me feel like giving up,
on everything I want to be.

I dont know, is it reversible?
I always try my hardest in everything I do.
I try to be the best student,
the best friend,
the best girlfriend.
But all I feel like is fail because
everytime I turn around,
some things just disappear.
Why they cannot just be good I ask.
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