It is hard to tell everyone that needs to know the same thing at the same time. Without sharing it with those that might not need to know. Follow along as I take you on a short ride
I care for many. I am friends with few maybe just two. I trust none but my siblings. I would give my last if I thought that you not only needed it but deserved it. We have all had the same opportunities in life. With your extra, you drink, drug and ***. With mine I give to my children. I don't ask you for anything. We don't talk yet you feel comfortable opening your mouth to ask me for something. How dare you. I use to try to understand the thinking of everyone. I thought to myself, how can I help you if I don't understand you. I now understand that you are all about you. Uncaring, greedy and selfish. I am none of those, but I also owe you none of me. This journey has helped me to see that I owe you nothing. Does it hurt me not to help you? Yes! But for the love of my self, I will not. We all need someone sometime. But using people is not the answer. If it is not my sibling, children or real friend...don't ask for nothing! If you desire for things to change you need to change. Build trust, be there just to be there. Not because you have needs. I can't deal with over-grown people throwing their needs on me!
My heart is large but I am not here for you to use.
TD 14h
Don’t settle,
Don’t think it’s okay,
Don’t say “I’m used to it,”,
Don’t lie and say “I’m fine,”.

When you do these,
You lose sight,
You lose sight of your worth,
You can lose your opulence,
You’ll lose your fight,
You’ll break in the end.
I wish I could take a break from life

I swear how many times I’ve said this??

I want to isolate myself
Long enough
To figure out
(I want to have time)
So I never have to worry again
(To be upset)
Worry they don’t really like me
Or that they do, or that it looks like I do
(But there are so many)
Worry they are doing not good
(Choices and possibilities)
Worry I don’t know what to say
(Never enough time)
I never know what to say
cupid 5d
i do not hate this body
this body is not wrong
this body is attractive
it’s a pretty girl
blonde curls
dark eye lashes and rouge lips
this body is beautiful
i am thankful for this body
this body is healthy
this body is amazing
it’s not my body
i want to die :3
I don't know what you want
But I could give it to you
All you gotta do is tell me what to do
If you want me you have me
Baby don't play me
I'll be waiting...
Safiul Jan 11
Will you marry me?
Because I am meant with broken pieces
I want you to see them
And put them in to perfect place.

Will you love me?
Because I am the person who gets left behind
I am the type of person who wants to talk but can’t
I am the type of person who is so polite that people leave me
So if u agree to love me please don’t leave

Will you walk beside me?
When I walk alone in dark night
Stars become the only listener
Trees clean my path
If u want to then please don’t leave when the road is too rough

Will u hold my hand?
When no one is around
When I decide to go to wrong path
When I don’t love myself anymore
When I don’t want to live
But please don’t leave when we will face difficulties.
MoonBunny Jan 10
I don't want to write about you,
I don't want to think about you,
I don't want to dream about you,

You never liked me,
It was my soul aching for love,
And somehow found you,

I had a fear of loving you,
I shed not a tear but many,
I spent half a year in a lie,

I don't want to love you.
Tatiana Jan 8
We don't speak
not a word
not a sound
can't let them know
how insane we feel
as we do our rounds
We take our medicine
as we do our rounds
We hand their heads to them
as we do our rounds
We do ourselves in again
as we do our rounds
We don't speak
not a word
not a sound
can't let them know
how we're liars now
We take our medicine
as we do our rounds
We hand their heads to them
as we do our rounds
We do ourselves in again
as we do our rounds
We don't speak
not a word
not a sound
We don't speak
not a word
not a sound
Don't speak!
We don't speak-
Don't speak they'll hear!

We don't...
We don't...
We don't...

We scream
© Tatiana
I'm the one who wrote this and i'm very uneasy right now
Cody Jon Jan 8
I don't know what it is about you
That makes me want to move
We can climb it together
I hope the feelings mirror
You are so many things
Best of all
Is your personality
I think I'm falling
But if I do
Please catch me

C. H.
n Jan 8
Don't think
This fragment is up for your interpretation. Take from it whatever you see/hear/want. It was written after cliff jumping. The whole thing is very daring. It becomes a repeated thought process turned personal motto. The 'darling' at the end is very 'me'.
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