And there is nothing,
Nothing at all,
Separating us from internal storms.
There is nothing,
Nothing to say,
It's all been said.
Now there's nowhere,
Nowhere to fall,
Nowhere left to sail.
Down that beaten path,
A lane to fail.

Where you want to go
Is a place I cannot see.
Where you want to go
Is a place I don't believe in.
Where you want to go
May as well be a nasty dream.
Where you want to go
Won't include me.
It's a place I cannot stand.
There, you can't hold any hands.

I regret all of it.
Do you?

Because I'm still right here,
Scarred from your sorrow.
Where you want to go
Will leave you hollow.
So no.
Please no.
Don't you dare dig this hole.

You'll be buried.
Little and broken
how did i end up here
popping pills every week
i ain't really think i'd be this far down
X for the parties
Bars to calm my anxiety
dont sleep for days
just write
Don't Die Yet
Don't Die Yet  
These words repeating in my head

Don't Die Yet  
Don't Die Yet  
That's what I Said Before Your Last Breathe

Don't Die Yet  
Don't Die Yet  
I kept on whispering as I Pull my Knife from Your Head

Don't Die Yet!

I Sigh.  

This is Boring.  

You're DEAD?
You don't wanna stay in this world.
You hate that you are you.
You hate the things you heard.
You want to disappear in this state your into.

It's okay to bleed, it's okay to exceed.
It's okay to feel fear, it's okay to ignore the things you hear.
Open your heart and think positive.
You have your own life just continue to live.
This is to inspire others that you have to ignore negativity in your life. Don't be with someone who brings you down, be with someone who helps you to grow. Just continue on being you and don't mind others. Live your life :)
Dean 5d
Binging and smoking
With foolish prance
Instant combustion
Meandering across barrier lines
In less than sixty seconds
Smashing, cringing and choking
Euphoric blunder
Six feet under
I don't know what is true,
I dont know what is false.

Every day I wake up,
breath the air and look up;
As I see the sky above,
I wonder if its all I've got.

What if things weren't as I see?
Could they be lies composed by me?
How can we trust ourselves these days?
How can we trust our human ways?

People are selfish, people are cruel;
All these people just want to rule.
So what if Im like them, what if I'm dull?
What if my brain just want to be 'cool'?

I'm tired of questions, I'm tired of thinking;
I just want the truth to finally sink in.
What am I feeling? Who am I really?
These endless questions forever spinning.

And this poem has no ending,
Like the life I keep in question;
Will I reach a true conclusion?
Or will my life be left on pending?
I'm lost in truths and lies.
when you already got her,
don't you ever find another "her".
one is enough.
Kauthar 6d
I don't understand.
When someone tells you they will do something.
Then they do the exact opposite.
Why is that?
Help me understand those people.
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