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I heard about the sloop John B.
When I was fourteen.
I had learned to sail in a storm
And the story gave me daring,
Although I had lost control,
Tightening the sail
Instead of letting it out
In a sudden gale.
And just in time, a boat passed
With a man who shouted,
“Loosen the main sheet!”
As the boat heeled to starboard,
And I nearly capsized.
But discovered a fair wind
And the ease of a beam reach.
So my first time was the worst,
And best…
But adrenaline fueled desire,
To do this again and again!
This is a fond memory, which really happened, but I like to apply it to life, except when I'm feeling adventurous!
Jace Joesph May 16
Dance in the rain, you'd be surprised how the adrenaline makes you feel, it might just take away some pain. Just dancing as it's pouring and thundering, it's truly beautiful how the lightning can show you the world in a way nothing else can.
Trying out something, I guess I'll see how this goes. I would love to hear your thoughts about starting a series that focuses on finding things to be happy about.
Grey Apr 19
My heart once drummed a steady tune
Like a contented wanderer it continued on,
s l o w
repeating, repeating, repeating.

But like the wanderer, it sensed you
a disturbance in the equilibrium.
The drum solo arrived, a fast-paced melody

     a     i
  e          n
l                g
                 ­                                     singing.
                   ­                                                   And then...
                                                         ­                                   stopping.
Only to continue again,
just as quick, throbbing just the same.


This time...

The wanderer sensed danger.

This time...

The adrenaline filled my veins
as you filled my gaze
and it was too late.
It's been a rough day. I'm super stressed and anxious. My brain knows that it's probably over nothing but my head, stomach, and heart think otherwise.
A Apr 4
Do my words even manage to make sense of what my heart is saying? I'm just too drunk and emotional to fully understand the meaning of my aching, all I know is that I want more.
Lilly F Mar 29
the repetitive days grow tiring
so extremely uninspiring
as i remember the times when things were so simple
where we had smiles so big you saw dimples
the dusty chalk left on the porch stairs
the house's unfinished repairs
the creak of the wooden doors
the kitchen's tiled floors
the chipped paint on the walls
and none of it bothered me at all
my mind held no worries
my heart was never in a hurry
oh, to go back to the days
my teary eyes look back in a gaze,
looking back on the shadow that it once was
i want my adrenaline rushing from running too fast
i want the green stained knees from sliding on the grass
i want to taste the salty tears on my cheeks from scraping my knees
i want the calluses from climbing sticky trees
i want the brush burn from going down the static-feeling slide
even if the bruises and scratches make me cry
i would go back in a heartbeat
because those days were oh so street
being a kid on Grape Street

Zack Ripley Feb 8
My stomach churns as I get ready to fly away.
Adrenaline rises as I hear a voice say...5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Then my rocket blasts off
toward the milky way.
Before I know it, 2 days have gone by. And as I look out the window,
I can't help but cry.
Because floating in the moonlight, even though I'm all alone
in a sea of stars,
it really hits home how small and connected we really are.
r f laurel Mar 6
race at an arm road;
a full earth bodyquake to
space me out of death.
Amanda Mar 3
Sometimes feels overwhelming
Adrenaline begins flowing
I hate having anxiety
Fear and uncertainty growing
Self diagnosed anxiety
Your feet locked into your board,
You’re rolling to the crest,
The point of no return,
Heart pounding as your eyes scan the road,
Checking the surface for bumps, stones and grates,
As your board builds up speed,
Your mind empties,
The board wobbles every so often,
Your body on fire with adrenaline,
You begin to feel like Kerosene is pumping through your veins,
You hit the first bend,
Your heart races as the board slips out,
You reign it back in,
Controlling it like a wild Mustang,
You begin back downhill,
A straight,
You see the bottom where the floor levels out,
You begin to breathe a little easier,
You hit the bottom,
You let out an almighty “WOOOOOO" as you slow down,
The feeling of facing death and winning,
Leaving you in a state of euphoria.
a little insane Dec 2019
it begins with a single slice.
then you start to feel it,
the adrenaline.
the excitment.
you feel the desire,
you long for more.

after the longing comes
more longing,
longing for the feeling,
desire for the rush.
soon you give into
the temptation.

then the guilt sets in.
shame about the ****** lines
on your arms.
shame about the scars
then you remember.
the adrenaline.
the rush.

then it begins again...

i'm slowly beginning to break...
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