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lauren Mar 8
Daring spirits search for delirium in a city of opportunity.
Enthralled by the endless possibilities,
The blinding lights and abandonment of time.
They crave excitement,
Yearning for the surge of adrenaline in their blood.
The sweet taste of freedom.
Empire Mar 6
I just sit
And feel
The adrenaline
That courses
In my veins
I caress it
Let it flow
Through my flesh
Feel it run
Down my spine
Through my arms
To the tips
Of my fingers
Sometimes it makes
Me sick
My stomach turns
My head beats
To my pulse
Which is consistent
And fast
I smile
I love it
I want more
I feel like a
Talis Ren Feb 15
i wrote in rings
rings of fire and
rings for flyers
to set off
and marry the sky
when i smell their food
i become animal again
and threaten my veins with
adrenaline again
and slip into my sheets again
and think of her again
to rest my soul
while it believes in god
Cece Dec 2018
i've talked you all off ledges,
balancing on my own,
but honestly,
i don't care.
i rather like the feeling of uncertainty,
the butterflies that can
quite literally fly me off the edge.
i rather like the sweetness of the wind,
the cool air,
head in the clouds.
i rather like the view of the stars,
beautiful constellations
distracting me from my thoughts.
i rather like that my legs can swing
back and forth and back again
almost like a kid again.
i rather like seeing the city from above,
people milling about aimlessly,
a little adrenaline to spice up the view.
i rather like being on the ledge
nowhere to go but down,
sure, it's a little cramped,
but it's okay, I suppose.
hecc me up
Stark Nov 2018
I feel it coming
The rush of recklessness
The active adrenaline
As it surges through my body

I may fall
But I will rise
And continue on

Only one life to live
May it be my last
As I run past
Towards the setting sun

Youth is like a day
Early brightness
That dies out like a star
Emily Oct 2018
What would you do for adrenaline?

Speed along uneven country roads,
Aim just right for that special ****,
Fly upward unexpectedly,
Drop back down with a thump?

Sweat in a long queue,
Strap oneself in tight,
Fly up and spin around,
Drop to earth from a great height?

Pay for an airplane,
Add a parachute,
Jump bravely,
Create a new route?

The great lengths some will go,
Simply for a rush of adrenaline,

But what would you do for adrenaline from these?

Misplacing a wallet,
Racing to its last known location,
Discovering a stranger took it,
Wondering if it will ever return home?

Driving placidly along,
Stopping abruptly,
Missing by an inch a hit headlong,
Hoping the car behind will stop?

Why pay hundreds to risk life and limb by diving through the sky, yet do anything to keep one’s wallet?

Both produce adrenaline;
one for free with no risk of life and limb, yet it’s the riskier one,
that’s sought even at great cost!

Perhaps it’s because:
adrenaline is best enjoyed when expected?
What do you think? Is my theory valid?
Spitz Oct 2018
Excitement building with height
shouts of joy escape laughing lips
a slight pause
to look down and get butterflies
that fly from your mouth
as you arch and fall
faster than gravity
clothes floating
threatening to catch flight
in the rushing wind
skin red from cold air
terror and exhilaration rein
laughing and screaming
forgetting the world
as the wind
tears away
all thoughts
as fingers brush the sky
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