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Danny 6d
Could be called a beautifully made mess

A torn new dress shot through with silver threads

Decorated coffin rotten inside

Well, the lid is as free as a lame leg

Unsheathe your sword and cut my humble skin

Pain I may feel which make us feel alive

But will you be able to stand the sight?

A gentle pool that will have been set wild

Looking at me with eyes that give me chills

Like I'm a god on the throne, that's so sick

I am flesh and blood just like the next man

Walking on a slippery floor, cursed to fall

When the ice starts to crack under my feet

All I shall give to stay above water
I know I have flaws but that simply makes me human, I think
Whole world please know I am not perfect.
And I don't care.
I can scream it loud.
I'm Mmmmm imperfect.
But I am happy.
You right, I am not perfect.
You right I'm wrong.
So how could be I with such perfect person like you?
I can't let myself such kind of luxery.
I never will be perfect and I don't wanna be perfect.
I am imperfect and I'm fine with that fact.
Aylin Chavez Aug 27
As I say my hello to you,
I begin to prepare my goodbye.
Every hello ends with a goodbye.

So hello,

I wish our love wasn’t so cruel,
but our love conflicts with one.
Love had a different journey for us.  

I never understood your love,
and you never understood mine.
We confused our love.

I had my flaws and you had yours.
We were imperfect,
even though we worked wonders.

I was once your hello,
then I became your goodbye.
I was another goodbye to you.

Now I’m saying goodbye,
even if you were the first to leave.
So goodbye...
Ally Aug 17
In a cruel world
I love
without expecting
anything in return

I will give
I will love

In a cruel world
I hide my scars
and show my beauty
to the soul of a poet
Eloisa Jul 14
She wears a mask of ease and tranquility
to cover her suffering and pain
She dons her mask of courage
to hide her failures and fears
She puts on her mask of confidence
to cloak her shame
Though reluctantly she keeps her mask on
and disguises to show an illusion of fulfillment, happiness,  and success
Day in, day out she slips on a mask
and cloaks herself in disguises
Her bright and colorful mask is a reminder
of her need for the approval of others
Yet her glowing fancy cloak pulls her away
to her true self and hides her real heart and identity
But one day she finally paused,
she closed her eyes and then she realized
Pretending to be someone she isn’t other than herself does not make her worthy and happy
Her understanding of herself and her flaws matters
Her deepest desires and passion to accept herself blossom
She begins to release herself from the layers of life’s loathing and hypocrisy
Throwing away her mask
Imperfect and flawed, she embraces herself happily
Inspired by Crow’s beautiful “Choreography”
Thank you!
~Also a continuation of my old piece “Camouflage”
I can make mistakes and that okay. I am imperfect and that so perfect.
No body perfect, no body...
Anastasia Jun 26
There's a tear in my soul
And the stuffing's falling out
Surprised you're not surprised
I was never real
Eyes of glass
Heart of gold
My flesh is made from silicone
Imperfect, blemishes and wrong
Hands are cold
Warm as stone
I was never real
Yet I still feel alone
I need this lie
To bleed itself out
And cut through this flesh
Of silicone
Do I mean anything more to you?
I am imperfect because I human, like everyone.
No one is perfect and that's okay...
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