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Mohannie 16h
People may see you as inadequate or flawed
To be imperfect; to be seen by all
Covering up is the only way to go
Dreading for summer and a wanting for snow
Hating to walk by any mirror in sight
Wanting to cry if clothes are at all tight
Needing a way to escape from my thoughts
Having the desire to drop the hate I have brought
I must break free from this seal
Open my eyes and heal

An imperfect body?
I must change for me not everybody
But the change I seek,
It’s not physical to speak
I must learn to love
My harmful thoughts must be undone
Who is perfect?
No one, last time I checked
What makes a flaw?
Take a breath…ahh…
Learn to love yourself
Please, put your pain back on the shelf
It’s time to dance
Break free and take a chance!

So, dear my imperfect body…
I learned to love you, along should everybody.
My first poem on this sight! I just wanted to tell you that there is no such thing as an **** body. Everyone is beautiful!
Spitz Nov 15
I know I am not an easy person.
I know I overthink it all.
I know I can be insecure.
I know.
But I promise you,
while it is hard for me to accept it,
I will give you love
with every part of my being.
I will love you
with a passion and fierceness
that will make you wonder
where I was this whole time.
I will make you forget
every imperfection you have,
because I love all of them.
I will comfort you
when life draws your tears.
I will care for you
like the sun cares for the earth.
I will try to be everything you need.
I may not be very good
at being loved,
but I promise you,
I am good at loving.
Bella R Nov 15
Who gazed upon I
With railroad tracks across
Disobedient teeth,
Bumps blooming defiantly
And overwhelming exhaustion
Painted under my muddy hazels,
Declared this imperfection

Lay me down gently
Carass the smooth folds,
With steely greys against my hazels,
Peel away delicately
Layer upon layer--
Infinite; Endless,
Exploring unknown depths,
Savouring every inch
Then kiss me whole
Knowing the bruises and blemishes
In my battered soul
And kiss me anyways.
Good morning world! (It's morning for me anyways) Thought I'd try an alternative way at putting romance instead of just sugar sweet
Amanda Oct 28
I am underneath this mask I've made
Down below the smile shown
World within is stony and dim
Think you know how it feels to be alone?

Take my place for a single day
You will realize your life is sweet
There's always effects from mistakes repeated
You have a house to ease your feet.

Breathe me slow, inhale my thoughts
Only I could invade your mind
Occupy another brain for a brief stay
Enough time to leave battles fought behind.

There is no escape from this pain
Don't know  what to say when friends ask
Continue to carry on like I'm okay
Hiding beneath my delicate careful mask.
It's hard to be real when fake is all you know..
Xylos Oct 18

A cluster of breaths

Cold feet,

I'm still,
And hoping to pass on.

Anya Oct 10
I find...
enjoy making fun
of myself
pulling out my flaws
like colorful balloon animals,
twisting them
into wacky creations
to laugh at

-Not me
the flaw
to see how silly I can

But what scares me
does this
at another flaw
Hmm...stanza three seems to be contradictory.
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