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Sep 8 · 48
Let go
Lara Sep 8
Rethink your thoughts
It might help you to release the right words into the world

Recycle your emotions
You can’t put all your thoughts and emotions into one person

Reduce your problems
You can’t live with a world full of problems

Release your tears
You can’t keep all your feelings bottled up
Sep 4 · 204
Lara Sep 4
My desires are
to **** my feelings
to freeze my emotions and
to numb my pain

Lying hides my desires
Aug 25 · 62
Let go
Lara Aug 25
I’m not ready to let go
I can’t
How could I
I’m attached
My life is attached to it
I can’t let go easily
I hate thinking about the fact of having to let someone go
It feels like leaving
It feels like betrayal
All strings are attached
I don’t know how to loosen them
I don’t want to loose anyone
My personality can’t let go
I just can’t
It’s hard when it happens, once it happened and it’s going to hurt in the future.
Aug 18 · 105
Time loop
Lara Aug 18
I‘m trapped
Trapped in a time loop
Same scenario
Different people

I‘m robbed of my lifetime
I can’t do anything
I don’t want this to happen

I can’t get help
I made my decision
I have to live with it now

Was it the right thing?
Was it the wrong decision?
Am I going to be happy again?

I don’t want to feel like this
I want to travel back in time and get out of this dark place!

Decisions lead to new people, new adventures, old friends
You don’t have to change your life completely
Nobody expects you to do this
Nobody should expect this from you
Aug 15 · 125
Summer weather
Lara Aug 15
Summer weather are emotions
Emotions that are hard to express

You’re holding back emotions
(The weather is getting hotter)
They are building themselves up in you
(Clouds are getting bigger)

And then
You let go of everything holding you back
The rain is pouring down your face
And the summer thunder and rain is coming down from the sky

It’s scary
It’s a new perspective
It’s a way of life
Aug 2 · 67
Who is?
Lara Aug 2
Who is that shadow holding me back?
Who is that shadow grabbing my wrist?

Who is that ghost navigating my steps?
Who is that ghost controlling my voice?

Who is that storm throwing me back in time?
Who is that storm managing my emotions?

Who is that thunder regulating my decisions?
Who is that thunder making my heart beat?
Jul 31 · 97
Denying love
Lara Jul 31
Some people don’t want to accept love
They deny it and won’t even thank you for it

Love is a part of respect
Respect for people around you
Respect for people who where there for you
Respect for people who are there for you

Respect for people who never stopped respecting you

Respect everyone how you want to be treated
Everybody has an impact on feelings of others
Make a good impact
Jul 8 · 236
Blue Eyes
Lara Jul 8
Blue eyes change due to the feeling a person has

Darker blue eyes are showing their spark when I’m getting tired
The sparks in my eyes can’t take very good glances anymore

They shine bringst and light when the weather is getting better and when I’m happy
They shine just like the clouds with wind coming for them

When the emotions are overwhelming my eyes look like an ocean
All the same but different
Different colours who can’t find the right place just like waves trying to catch each other in the ocean

My eyes are like a colourboard of feelings
You can read way much from the eyes than from the smile
Lara Jul 7
Life is weird

It could be that you’re surrounded by clouds
Clouds around your head
Just filled with air and invisible
Clouds of air to breathe

Clouds are keeping us alive

Clouds bring rain
Which water we drink

Clouds are maybe giving us air to breathe

Clouds could be the thing that keeps us alive
Jul 6 · 100
Lara Jul 6
Everytime i try to paint you next to me
I fail

Why isn’t this working?

You’re supposed to be next to me
I guess
I hope
I don’t know where you’re currently at

Come and find me
The road can be stony
We can do this TOGETHER

Let me try again
I’ll paint you next to me
I’ll paint you in my life

My paint is getting less
I don’t know where to get new paint
The paint must find me
Just like you do
Jun 21 · 140
Lara Jun 21
Support is one of the most important things in a friendship

Everybody makes decisions and the people who are closest have a huge impact on these decisions

Friends and family who support you are the best

Yesterday I got surprised from my friends

A party to support me with my decision

Everybody can choose their friends

Choose wisely

I know that I can always count on my friends

Choose who you want to be your support
This could also be written in my diary
Actually this kind of is my diary
Lara Jun 19
Age is just the earth going around the sun

What if the earth would just stop going around the sun?

Would we stop aging?

Would we know how old we are?

Your age is getting controlled by the earth

Age is scary

Growing up is scary

Disconnecting from people is scary

But this is life

Life is scary

The earth going around the sun is one thing controlling us

Missing is a part of life

Do I want to grow up?
I don’t know
Because of this actually no

Am I scared?
Yes, I am so scared of what is coming for me in life
Jun 19 · 104
Lies are protection
Lara Jun 19
Everybody lies at some point in their life
To protect others
To protect themselves

Lies are supposed to make situations in life easier
But most of the times the lies come to light.
Your protection will become your biggest enemy

Starting a lie starts a Desaster of more upcoming lies

Lies can be dangerous
But still lies are protection

Lies don’t have to be bad all the time
Keeping a secret from someone might be a lie
But a good one

Use lies wisely and don’t get yourself in trouble

Lies can be used as protection
But also protect yourself and others from disappointment because of lies
Jun 19 · 168
Lara Jun 19
Connecting with people is easy
You just get to know them

Disconnecting with people is hard
You don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings but the person is not good in your current life situation

Change is not bad
It just makes everything different

How do you tell a friend you need distance?
Nobody knows
Nobody wants to hurt feelings

But also nobody knows how they would go on with their life when people you want to have a break with can’t leave

Nobody wants to be rude
But change isn’t always bad
Goodbyes are a part of life
Leaving is a part of life

Let people change
You might disconnect but never with the most important people of your life

You can fight for everything you want to achieve

Life is complicated
Don’t get distracted by the wrong people

Disconnection is just a goodbye
Jun 18 · 101
Lara Jun 18
There will be no freedom until we’re equal

The world is one

Everybody is different
that connects us

The world is one big family

Treat everybody how you want to be treated

Don’t judge until you know someone

Everybody has feelings that can get hurt

Everybody has their own lifestory

Accepting is a part of life

Nobody matters
Until they matter to you

Everybody should have the same rights

The world is ONE

Freedom belongs to everybody

Everybody decides for themselves how they want to live their life

Everybody makes mistakes

But the world is united and should be treated like that

Everybody is on this earth for a reason

Don’t criticize, judge and make mistakes just because somebody behaves different, looks different or talks different

This is what makes our planet so special
Our differences
Jun 15 · 167
At my lowest
Lara Jun 15
At my lowest

I can pretend like I’m fine
I can pretend like I’m happy
I can pretend...

But at night lying in my bed listening to the raindrops running down my window or watching the stars I know how I feel

I am the only one who can see deep inside of me

When I’m at my lowest I can pretend
I don’t need any pity

I need to help myself get up
Don’t try to hard to help others
They decide for themselves when they want to get up and shine bright like a star
Lara Jun 14
Did I loose myself?

I‘m surrounded by great souls of stars

I distance myself from toxic things I don’t want my planet of life to explode
because of anybody I trusted at one point

I‘m spinning around trying not to loose myself

I don’t want to loose the control of other people having the chance to hurt me

I surround myself with stars that shine bright like happiness
Jun 8 · 114
The heart
Lara Jun 8
The heart
The center of the body
The center of feelings
The center of hope
The center that controls you

The thing that keeps you alive
The thing that beats in your body

The heart is the difference between people
Every heart beats different and for different people

People can share what is in their heart
But they can’t share their heart without the risk of losing their life
Jun 7 · 78
Lara Jun 7
You always wish for what you don’t have or can’t have
Why don’t you wish for what is already there to stay
Appreciate everything and everybody that brings joy to you

Wishes don’t always come true how you expect them
But you can make them the way you want them to fulfill
Jun 6 · 119
Lara Jun 6
What do you see in the mirror?

Do you see yourself?
Do you see your soul?
Do you see your emotions?
Do you see how people treat you?

And who do you see standing behind you?
Who is there for you and can’t stop watching you in the mirror?
Who do you want to see as yourself in the mirror?
Are you how you want to be?

And all this in a mysterious mirror who reflects your own appearance.
Jun 5 · 95
Language of emotions
Lara Jun 5
Sometimes it’s easier to describe your feelings in a different language.

I can describe my feelings way better in English than in German.

It just feels right.

Some people describe their feelings in pictures or mimic.

How do you describe your feelings?
What is your language of emotions?
Jun 4 · 131
Lara Jun 4
It comes from the inside and the outside

The people around you control how happy you are

Sometimes you’re just not happy with the people around you and need a change

But you will come to the point where you find the right people that make you happy

The people you cry about because you are so happy to have them in your life right now are the ones who care the most for you

You need to accept the happiness from the outside to become happy in the inside
Jun 3 · 232
Deep down
Lara Jun 3
Everyone feels different
But deep down we are all similar

Deep down
-Under the sea
-In feelings
-In love
-Full with hate

-everyone just feels-
-everyone connects-
Jun 3 · 131
One world
Lara Jun 3
The world is one

Problems don’t get noticed
Until they escalate

Racism doesn’t get shown in the news because it’s bad for the ,,right” people

People who cause trouble often think their selves are more important

They may have more power
But that doesn’t give anybody the right to be racist

The world is one
We should fight together
Skin colour doesn’t matter

People should see more than just the person in the mirror which is the right one for them

The world isn’t equal

But the people should be treated equal

equALLity for the world
Jun 3 · 168
Lara Jun 3
Alone in a world
where nobody understands you.

Nobody gets you.

You just feel alone.

Drowning alone in an ocean of emotions.

Left alone.

Feeling insecure.

Physically alone.

Mentally alone.

Swim to the surface of the ocean.
You can do it.
Get some help.
Be alone with other people.
Be together with other people.
Lara Jun 2
My heart is made of stars

They seem so small watched from the earth
But they are big
Living in the universe

Knowing where their place is
and when it’s time to come down to earth

Our heart is full of joy
Full of sparkle
Full of lightness

My heart is made of stars
What about yours?
May 30 · 146
Lara May 30
I am running around on circles
Can’t get my thoughts organized

Is this the circle of life?

I seem to be overthinking
Overthinking and overthinking

I just can’t stop
What am I doing?
What should I do?

Telling me to stop overthinking does not help

I have no control

Overthinking controls me in circles
May 28 · 580
Lara May 28
The demons haunt me in my sleep
They follow me

You’re the demon I meant to forget
You keep coming back
Scaring me
Hurting me

I keep fighting the demons
The demons in my head
The demons under my bed
The demons in my soul

But you’re the worst demon

The one that tells me what to do

You control me
You’re the demon in my heart
May 28 · 131
Lara May 28
You are someone’s angel
You make people happy
You bring joy in someone’s life

You protect with your wings.
You’re protecting.
Just protection.

You protect with your words.
You’re helping.
It is your mission.

Be someone’s angel.
May 27 · 233
Open your eyes
Lara May 27
Take a look at the world
What do you see?
Are you missing someone?
Can you see the mistakes you made?
Did everything turn out good?

Do you want it to be like this?

Open your eyes
Open your soul
Open your heart

You are full of life

Control what you want to see
May 25 · 176
Lara May 25
A part of peace

A place where you feel save

All around you

For happiness

For sadness

For letting go

For being alone

For tears flowing

For thoughts

For the world
You don’t have to keep being silent
May 24 · 248
Change yourself
Lara May 24
Change yourself
Change your personality
Change into a different person

You are not good enough
You are supposed to behave different
You are supposed to be different

You can’t look like that
You can’t wear that
You are showing too much skin
You are covering too much

Society is not easy
There is not a wide span between showing too much skin and covering too much up

You have to learn much
But don’t be a nerd

You have to have fun
But don’t be a looser

You changed
I don’t know if I can still be friends with you

You stayed the same
I don’t know if I’m too mature for you

Society has high standards
Society has impossible standards

Make your own standards

You don’t have to change yourself
Change the society
May 24 · 149
Drowning emotions
Lara May 24
You can’t control them

Some people are able to show their emotions
Some people prefer to not share them

Emotions are private
Everybody decides who they want to share their emotions with

Emotions are a way to express feelings

Emotions can be rough or sensitive

They sometimes drown you
You decide whether to swim back to the surface or go under
Can you control them?
May 21 · 669
Close your eyes
Lara May 21
What do you see?
Do you see yourself?
Do you see your future?

Who do you see?
What do you see?
Who do you want to see?

What are your wishes?
Can you reach your goals?

Who was there for you when you needed them?

Are you proud of yourself?
Are you living with consequences?

Are you happy?


Make yourself happy.

The persons you love should be a part of your life.

Find the persons you love.

Live your life.

No regrets.

Don’t turn around.

Don’t think about what could’ve happened.

It was caused by you.


Close your eyes.
Think about what you want.

Open them and make your dreams come true.
May 21 · 568
Change is a good thing
Lara May 21
Change is a good thing - they say

But who am I?

Do I want to change who I am?

I am who I am
But I will change sometimes

Love or hate who I become.

I want to become my best self.

Not everybody needs to be proud of me.

I need to be proud of me.

I am who I am.
And I will change into who I want to be.

I won’t change for other people.

I can become my own role model

Im never changing who I am
I might change how I am
May 21 · 378
Lara May 21
A part of life where you’d like gravity to stop

And just fly away

Decisions are a part of growing up

Sometimes it’s hard to decide
Sometimes it’s easy to decide

Sometimes it’s hard to accept decisions
Or make decisions

Decisions affect your life
Decisions can hurt or make you happy
Or both at the same time

Everybody makes decisions to make their life better or get another chance

After making a decision
You feel freed
But there also is this other feeling that hurts
Make your life better with the decisions you make
Lara May 19
The world

What is the world?
Does it describe our world?

The world of every single one?

You might be my world or I might be yours.

Everybody has their own perspective.

Everyone’s is the right one.
It might be different of what you’ve imagined but it is your world.

You can change your world
and you can have an impact on the whole world.

You can make the world a better place.

You have the impact
Use it
Make it your world
May 17 · 668
Lara May 17
It brings me down to earth every day.

I am just flying around in my daydreams.

And then it just comes.

The gravity that brings me back to earth.

Gravity one word that describes how people are living on one planet.

We can’t just repel ourselves from the earth and take off.

It’s just not possible.

Gravity stops us from flying away.

Gravity keeps us on the ground of facts.

Gravity is just there and determines all of us.

Gravity is letting us see the beauty of nature.
We feel satisfied by the birds flying and the clouds flowing at the sky.

It lets us see the stars at night.
Such a little word for such a big meaning
May 17 · 161
Do you know who I am?
Lara May 17
Do you know me?
Do you actually know me?

Or are you just assuming how I am by my looks?

I don’t know what you think or how you see me

But you don’t seem to know me

I am me

And I never showed you who I am

You just assumed it

Like I’m a rumor

Everything somebody says about me is true.

That’s a lie.

I don’t know what people tell about me and I actually don’t think I’m anybody’s topic.

I am just me

And if you would ask me

I would show you who I am and how I am

Because I am me
I am just me
And I don’t allow everybody to see me
To see the real me

Because I am the real me
See me how I am or see me how you want to see me

Don’t judge
Ask if you want to know something about me
Don’t assume
Just ask it

Because I am just me and actually not here to judge people by their looks

I am here to find out who some people really are

Because everybody is just a me

And somebody may not know me
Do you know me?
Lara May 16
Is it where I am?
Is it where I would like to be?
Is it where my thoughts are?
Is it where my heart is?

I don’t know how I can get there

How far do I have to go to get there?
How fast do I have to run to get there?

Can I get there in time?
Is it timeless, or is the time running away?

Do I have to hurry?

Is my life long enough to live in the here and now?

With who will I get there and who will I meet there?
May 15 · 230
I scream
Lara May 15
I scream for your attention
But you don’t hear me

I scream out all of my anger
But the wrong people listen to it

I scream
I just scream
Does anyone feel the same way?
Does anybody just want to scream.
Does anyone want to scream with me.

Scream about something
Scream about everything
Just scream

Scream about the environment
Scream about politics
Scream about generations
Scream about social standards
Scream about what is going on in my head

The roller coaster in my head is screaming
My ideas are flowing

And I stop screaming
I begin to overthink
Are you screaming with me or against me?
May 14 · 150
Lara May 14
Friday, the 13th.
Something bad is going to happen.

13 is an unlucky number.

But is it?

Can a number be unlucky?

Can something that is getting used in the world be unlucky?

13 is just a number.

A number that can mark a day, be something special for some persons.

But for me it is a lucky number.

No one can define what makes something lucky or unlucky.

Everybody decided for themselves what is supposed to be good for them.

Luck can not be predicted.

It just happens.

Luck is unlucky.
May 14 · 149
My thoughts
Lara May 14
My thoughts.

They come and go.

They just exist.

They want to be heard.

They want to be written down.

My thoughts are coming like a wave
They either go lost in the sea
Or they want to be shown, be heard, be seen like a cloud in the sky.
High up and far away from the drama.

But all of these thoughts I have are just so confusing.

Are my thoughts enough?

Does anybody care about my thoughts and the way I think?
These are just my thoughts...
May 14 · 110
Lara May 14
What are colours?

Colours define everything.

But who defines everything to the ones who can’t see?

Not only the ones that are blind.

But the ones who just don’t want to see it.

To see what is right in front of them.

To see the world around them.

To see everything that exists.

And what does not exist.
So what exists?
Lara May 13
What is real and what isn’t?

Nobody knows.

Everybody knows.

Nobody really knows anything, but everybody knows something.
Who knows?
May 13 · 286
Wind flows in the air
Lara May 13
Wind flows in the air like water in the sea.

But Wind also brings the trash and plastic into the ocean.

You can’t stop everything.

Nature is unstoppable and invariable.

Nature does what it does.

The wind whistles together the invariable events of the world.
Lara May 11
Politics - what is this?

Everybody wants to convince us that their opinion is the right one.

There is nothing like one right way.
Many ways lead to the goal.

People try to explain the world to us.
But what if we want to experience all of that by ourselves.

All ways may be right for us and our future.

Our life - our future - it belongs to us and nobody else.
Lara May 10
There are just these little things - you never noticed.

But now that they are gone - you miss those things and moments - even the ones you didn’t like.

The things you would freak out sometimes - but now they are gone.

Gone like one little breath.

Gone and maybe never coming back.

Enjoy everything while it’s still there.

You will never know when it will disappear.

People come and people go with all they have and can offer.

Don’t take anything for granted.
Lara May 7
Would it help me?
Would it change me?
Would I overthink my life and my decisions?
Would my life be the same?
Would I still live in the now or would I just think of tomorrow?

I don’t know what I would do!

But I know what I am doing today!

Living in the now!
May 6 · 210
Lara May 6
A start for a day.

A new beginning.

A new chance to live your life the way you want to.

Your life - your decisions.

Make the best of each day of your life.

Make mistakes - be happy.

Make yourself happy.

And the next morning wake up and think of all the thinks that made you happy yesterday and find the things that will make you happy today.

You have the ability to change you and yourself everyday, every morning.
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