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Anya 5d
I catch sight of the me

The me behind self consciousness
social anxiety

The me behind my tied up hair
prim and propper

The me behind silence
Choosing my own thoughts
to the company of others

Now, I'm not saying
Being this way is wrong
But in my case

I'm trapped
in a cage of my own making
and I only get to peer inside
At the me that could be
Deemz Sep 12
Some days I count the times it didn't work out,
other days I just wonder why I even bother counting when it never worked out with anyone.
Haley Lorish Sep 10
But life is beautiful
And I need to live it
Even if I’m doing a shit job.
I want to die sometimes
Peter Balkus Sep 3
Sometimes I meet myself
for a very short time,
when I can taste and feel
how it is to be alive.

Sometimes I meet myself,
but he gives me a stranger smile.
I wish we could be friends,
I wish we could be alike.

Sometimes I meet myself
for a very short time,
I touch his skin and I wish
I wish he has never died.
Robin Lemmen Aug 30
Sometimes I feel like a sunflower lost in a sea of roses. Drowning out my sunshine with endless streams of red. Killing my words with the poison of your laugh. Bleeding out my confidence replaced by curious venom.

Sometimes I feel like a tree lost in the comfort of the forest. Handing out leaves to cover up the bruises. Letting me die over and over again to bring me back around every fourth season. Roots deep in the ground, no way to escape now.

Sometimes I feel like a monster in a halo of angels. I am the reflection of your nightmares hiding in broad daylight. I am the devil’s daughter pretending not to care. Claws sunken into my back whispering words of dispair.

Sometimes I feel like a book lost to a world images. Words to give, lost to the ones that don’t care about it. I am a song in a foreign language begging to be understood. I fight my mind with movements captured on a screen.

Sometimes I feel like I am screaming in silence. Begging, pleading, dying. All with a smile on my face for we only care about what others don’t know about us. What the world sees.

A M Ryder Aug 21
Sometimes our lives are made up of the same stories with the same beginnings and the same endings and things happen the same way almost every time.
Sometimes you just have to go for baroque in this acapella life.
The Blindness monotony,
Hurl your jokes my way.

Your play ball strikes as stone,
Not very much unlike that which is buried deep inside my heart,
And never shown.

Harmless, is in the eyes of the beholder, my friend.

Your jokes,
   Are my demons.
Your entertainment,
   Is my downfall.

So all I ask,
   Is that you walk a mile in my mind,
Then maybe you'll see,

Harmless jokes hurt sometimes,
  But don't mind me.

~Robert van Lingen
Every now and again
I am not with others.
I consider it as a gain
without thinking further.

But deep inside
I am not contented at all,
I too want some ones aside
A Friend or Comrade to call.

Being drown in loneliness,
For me, it's not new.
But it's a kind of sadness
knowing what's true.
Can you let me know
How do you do it?
The way you unlove me
So easily, so smoothly.

Can you tell me what,
For what you did this to me?
What's that which made you
deceive me, proficiently.

If you ever let me know
Maybe I won't or never
can I do it to some other and
That's what differs, you and me.

I wish, someone do the same
to you on my behalf, someday
maybe then you could know
How it feels, to feel unwanted.
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