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My silly little days
Passing by
Bit by bit smaller
Bit by bit more sad

Sometimes I wonder
If I can go on
No, not even that...
Is it worth going on?

Honestly now, I do not know
My silly little tasks
Keep me moving on
Like a puppet, not by choice
But to keep the charade up
Just a little more

But sometimes
Just sometimes
Days come by
Days I can’t stand
And I cry, and cry
But I’m not sad

Move on

I just need those days
And my strings, for a moment
They loosen up
And let me breath
A little more
a poem about the everyday
Sometimes there will be a connection

Sometimes there will be rejection

Sometimes you'll be just another trophy of someone's collection

Sometimes you'll be someone's perfection
I wanna shut people out til I'm all alone
And cry to my music til my head explodes
I wanna break down while nobody knows
Lock myself in my closet as my heart implodes
Isabella Oct 17
Sometimes I think about
All of the words
That never escaped my lips

Where are they now?

Are they waiting restlessly to be spoken?
For the sweet release from the darkness of my mind.

Or have they long since decomposed?
To be forgotten, until only whispers remain.
Q D Malcolm Oct 14
"That outfit doesn't suit you" says the impeccably dressed
"Your back is breaking out" says the clear skinned
"You are actually really really dumb" says the complex thinker
"****, those teeth are yellow, you should brush more" says the one who does
"What **** chat, you're not clever" says the quick witted
"Look at those chicken legs!" says the one who squats
"Why can't you manage your emotions?" asks the one who's matured
"Stop watching **** and get a girlfriend" says the one who has a girlfriend
"Clean your ******* room" says the one from his organized bedroom
"Stop smoking, it's not healthy" says the one who doesn't need to
"You have to stop skipping meals" says the one who isn't nauseous
"Stop feeling sorry for yourself, it isn't attractive" says the happy one
"You're not a bad person" says the good one
"Let people love you, but also let them not love you too" says the brave one
"You've got to stop procrastinating" says the one on time
"Write things down, make good habits" that one remembers
"You shouldn't hate yourself, forgive and grow" this one I like least
"You are really awfully dumb" this one repeats himself the most
"You're so dull" says the one who isn't
"I hate you" says the one who tells the truth
"You could be what ever you want if you stopped listening to all of us" says the one who I barely hear
"We're not us, we're you" says the one who's truth is the hardest to hear
alexis Oct 12
sometimes i miss the touch of rain on my skin,
the water pouring down on my body,
soaking me to the bone.
sometimes i miss the feeling of calmness,
the racing thoughts in my mind
drowning into a peaceful quietness.
sometimes i miss the feeling of not knowing
where my tears begin and the rain stops,
basking in the sorrows i feel.
sometimes i miss being alright,
the depths of numbness,
the emptiness staring back quietly.
sometimes i miss the sun,
sometimes i miss the loud thoughts.
sometimes i miss the nights it rained for hours.
sometimes the soft sounds luring me back to sleep.
sometimes i miss the calmness i seek.
12 octobre 2020
6:48 am
Wanna rescue earthworms
All about on the drive?
Throw ‘em back on the grass
To try keep them alive

The rain has come down hard
And flooded their worm home
Beneath where they all live
We can’t leave them alone

Before the hot sun welds
Them all to the cement
And long before their last
Squirm and wriggle are spent

Hurry and grab a twig
We’ll save ‘em, you and I
We won’t get them all
But be sure we will try
Word farer Sep 26
Sometimes i feel like
Someone will definitely realise that
Somebody has to love for not gaining
Something but to just understand the feeling
Love isnt SOMETHING its just that SOMEBODY in ur life is so important than the materialistic world
Denise Sep 19
sometimes i feel
all alone
i look at my friends
and feel that i
don't belong

sometimes i thought
about the worse in me
i feel dull
like a black&white
colored tv

sometimes i feel
dead inside
but when i look up
the night sky
i see how the stars
still shine

i'll smile all along,
& feel a little
less alone.
Alienpoet Sep 17
The world goes on behind my window
I stare out into the suns glare
I wrap myself around my thoughts
and all that I have sought
do I still care?

I am broken beggar
trying to get a leg up
sometimes I want to say
words of meaning
am I still dreaming?

my hearts soft like paper
sometimes it’s hard like a diamond
fashioned with pressure and heat
sometimes I play my songs on repeat
hoping to make my way to someone’s smile on the street.

I bow to the dark
sometimes I look to the stars sparkling in the sky
sometimes I want to die
but I realise life is short
and I love my friends to much to make this life end
so my epitaph will say I loved until my world drifted away
but I left you my words and that’s more than ok.
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