We’re all trying our hardest
to keep away the crushing thoughts;
I know, because every day
I think of new ways to disappear
and I have to stop the voices in my head from eating me alive.

but sometimes when I see you
the warmth in your gaze screams a little louder
than the noise in my head;
sometimes when your eyes meet mine
I forget who I am afraid to be,
and I’m okay with being what I am.
(Sometimes you save me.)
when I'm sad
I fill my body up
with words
until there's no room left
for tears

when my body cracks
under the weight
of the world
I paint the colors
of the sun
under my skin
so that when it breaks
it shines out
from inside

when I can't speak
I close my eyes
and whisper softly
to the thoughts
in my mind
Sally A Bayan Feb 27
.....a day's, or a night's inspiration
just walks away
and escapes my mental grasp
an idea, pregnant with possibilities,
suddenly becomes infertile, like
a barren woman, or a wasteland
i try to get hold of it,
still...it glides away, falling along the
edges of my imagination.
i am bereft,
when my muse has left.

i eagerly dip, and wiggle my toes
on a sunny blue river that
manifests itself in my mind,
bursting with promises of new insights...
yet, a slightly curving path is hard to ignore
for, it easily presents itself......and
i give in to its swirls of unfulfilled
dreams, and....sublime moments,
hovering, like a hummingbird
quivering...in my own space,
there in neverlandia, where i'm left
pondering, about a life......unlived.
my toe-dipping moments,
my rare moments of serenity,
are short-lived........ruffled,
besieged by old shadows,
because....phantoms of fear
refuse to die.

when treading this curved path,
unwanted, unexpected
circumstances occur,
and, all of a sudden,
my muse emerges from hiding.
inspirations bloom,
like mushrooms,
than those that elude(d) me.

it takes a while,
for love and life
to rhyme.


Copyright February 10, 2018

On lonely days,
when I feel broke,
The kind of day that feels like I've lost
All hope,
It comes to take
Away the pain...

It splits the sky;
It clears the rain.
It sends a ray of light into my
Shadow -filled brain.
For just today,
It'll be okay...

But sometimes,
It clears away the fog and it helps remind,
That I deserve
This gift of life...

And sometimes,
Means another day when I can
Let it all out,
And I can smile,
Without my doubts...

On days when I
Sit locked inside,
Feeling so depressed I couldn't laugh
Or cry,
I'd close my eyes,
And step outside...

And sometimes,
Like a memory from another
A warm embrace;
My kindest friend...

On endless months,
Or brutal weeks,
Those times when even sleep never
Brings relief,
No drink or pill
Can give me peace...

I lay awake,
Beneath the sheets,
Begging for a dream that doesn't have
To be sweet.
Just let me fade,
And end this day...

But when I wake,
It covers me,
Brightest of them all in the Great Black
It seems to say,
"Come out and play. "

See, sometimes,
Means another day when I can
Never mind,
And leaves me free,
To just be Me...

And sometimes,
Makes me think about why I
Doubt myself,
This gentle breeze
Can set me free...
I wrote this earlier this evening while watching the sunset at the park. It can be read as either a song or a poem.  The colors  of sunset  always have a way of making me smile,  no matter how crappy I feel that day.
Lyda M Sourne Feb 20
Sunshine days come and go
So I'll enjoy today a little bit more

Sunshine days come a little less
And more rainy days I do confess

Sunshine days are precious little things
That flitter and flutter and has wings

Today is one of those sunshine days
So I smile a bit more just in case

I won't find those sunshine days anymore
What a rare day..what a lovely day..
Simpathi Feb 5
Sometimes I wonder of things that could be,
Things of old made new into realities,
No longer trapped in my infinite dreams,
Appearing as distant as the marvelous beams,

Holding my life together, carrying my shame.
I may have lost hope but never the gain,
Of experiencing fear and holding it close,
If you’ve faced risk then you’d know what I know.

Sometimes I think of the matters at hand,
If they matter to me all that much.
But nothing involves me so why try to touch,
The poison that fills me whenever I blush?

I don’t know of options, never had freedom.
Unsure of character or, just lack of good reasons.
But this I know and this I will share,
The moments of fear that only I can tear.
Just some thoughts I wrote down :)
I thought you leaving would be the hardest thing to go through,
But it was me, standing there
Walking away from you.
Like a moth to a flame, I am captured by your light.
The irrevocable longing I feel towards your essence,
Is what frightens me when I leave your side.
I fear not of losing you,
But of you losing me
To your greater journey into the light.
In fact, I even feel like you are superior to me
The way coffee is stronger, more bitter than tea.
Walking away on a cold winter's day,
Is more bone chilling than the snow that coats our bodies.
Kissing you goodbye, too soon for now
Your sweet embrace, embellished by sorrow,
Imprinted on my heart but stained with love.
Letting you leave,
I had to let you leave.
Deemz Feb 5
Don't be afraid of changing,
sometimes the best breaks are taken in the middle of the road,
they can spontaneous and unplanned, but quite needed.
Madeon Jan 30
the world is too big
sometimes getting scared
lose yourself
Nylee Jan 26
Sometimes I feel
we lead our life blindfolded
we have eyes, we can see
but we don't see
what is right in front.

Sometimes I feel
We turn deaf
to others views
to the problems and the screams
which are not ours.

Sometimes I feel
We should turn mute
at least for some time
and not comment too fast
on things we don't comprehend.

Sometimes I feel
I feel too much
thinking life revolves
around me
and it hurts
when I realise, it doesn't.

Sometimes I feel
and other times I don't
so quiet
Those time,
I feel something
that makes me feel absolutely nothing.
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