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I would cry
Until my eyes dry.
I would feel mercy
Without knowing
what should I see.

I would love
Until that love has lost.
I would share
Oh, I would dare,
With people who don't know me.

I would sleep,
Knowing that I did wrong.
But what could I do?
It's already been done.
There's no turning back.

If I restrain myself,
I would never see the light of day.
I might as well hit the hay,
Away from the fray
But I don't want it.
I want to be who I am!
No more spins and turns,
No more colds nor burns,
I could feel a slight yearn
To go into a repeat of patterns
But no more!

That elegiac feeling came to me,
A wonder-filled wonder of ecstacy
Like a fraudulent father confessing to thy brother
Like a sickening sick sicko hurrying over the slippery slide into the well.
Like an adult ant attempting to attempt the actual act of impossibility,
It's all coming to me!

I would cry out in joy.
I would cry out in shame.
I would keel over and shed a tear.
But I always know.
That we're in tow.
sometimes i feel like giving up on writing
feel like throwing this screen into a canyon
but then i remember all the memories stored
all those late nights i stayed up
either crying or restless or just confused
this world would have nothing left of me
so maybe ill keep some of these words
wont throw them all away
but eventually ill get tired of this game
the game i play with myself
how i lie and cheat and fold my cards
raising the stakes, they say
sometime before i felt like giving up on you
and i should have
but all you left me with is a storage
of feelings and memories youll never know
Danial John Nov 26
Sometimes the pain
Masquerading as passing faith
Does nothing but leave a stain
And a permanent frown on your face

And sometimes the hurt
Under the surface where it lurks
Should be given wide berth
Because addressing it will only make things worse

Sometimes the hate
Waiting to reach the boiling point of rage
Puts you beside yourself into another state
A place where every choice is a mistake

But sometimes the love
Oddly sanctimonious in everything it does
Slithers through the detritus and picks you up
Makes you realise the cycle's not over but only just begun
And then we do it again...
Lil Sunflower Nov 14
You say that I’m your one and only but you don’t prove it. You say that you love me but you didn’t really. You say that we will last for a long time but that’s not gonna happen. You say that you wanna kiss but every time we try you chicken out. You say I can have your jacket but you act like it’s the only thing you have in life. You say that you wanna hug but you hugs feel awkward and stiff. You say you wanna be my boyfriend but do you really?
kiran goswami Nov 11
Sometimes I just wonder,
Will you still love me even when I change?
Will you still love me even when I'm strange?
Will you still love me even when I'm no longer me?
Will you still love me even if I'm not what you want me to be...?
Sometimes I wonder
Why my heart chose you
Because I'm getting married
And you're married too
Sometimes I wonder
Will we ever talk
And if you made a move
Would I reciprocate or walk
Sometimes I wonder
Does she know my name
Does anyone know about me
Do you wonder the same
Sometimes I wonder
That maybe he knows
But when I spoke the words I liked you
The joke went right under his nose
Sometimes I wonder
Have I read the signs wrong
Or if you've written about me
Because I know you write songs
Sometimes I wonder
Will these feelings ever end
Because when I get married
I don't want to pretend
glumplum Nov 8
Nobody wants to admit it but we all miss our ex.
Because its one person that used to fit so well with you,
Somebody held parts if you that you can never get back.

So yes, sometimes I miss you,
Sometimes I miss how we could make each other laugh so easily,
I miss discovering new shows with you,
I miss how you talk about movies,
I miss how we compared our notes after watching something,
i miss how we threw around jokes so comfortably,
and sometimes we laughed because it was funny,
but usually we smiled because we were happy,
I think I'll always miss the way we knew each other so well,
Until we didn't.

People change, feelings change,
but sometimes I wish we didn't.

I'll always have a piece of me missing,
Where you fit in just right,
And sometimes I don't think about you at all,
Sometimes you invade my mind.

Sometimes I miss you,
I hope you're doing okay,
I hope you're laughing at something right now,
I really hope you're happy,
But mostly,
I hope you miss me sometimes too.
Peter Balkus Sep 29
Sometimes I feel
that when I was born,
someone else
has ended their life
unfinished, cut
too short.

I tried to turn it back,
but it's really hard,
impossible in fact,
to round it up and let it end,
it's too late now.

Sometimes it bothers me,
it calls from within,
the unfinished life
of someone
before me.
Always Ally Sep 28
Substantial are the ways to show love
To feel love and let it sink in
Let it run in the veins and tear through the heart

Touches now tattoos of memories
So sweet and lingering
So searing and painful

Greater than a *** above
I worshiped you and gave in
Sewed together my pieces to once more be torn apart

I could always love you with ease
You who could never love me or anything
What love is this that leaves me empty but feeling full
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