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mind wanders
and sometimes mind gets lost
but mind always come home
to you
finally, i can post again.
The tears are healing soul.
The tears are cleaning clearly.
The tears are helping to live.
The tears are bleeding sometimes. The tears are feelings inside.
The tears are healing us.
Seanathon Sep 3
You’d have better luck storing rain in your mouth
Steadying quiet clouds with your eyes

Mere perfection doesn’t exist I see
And the cake is a lie

It’s the desire to interject
And infuse
Which I push against

Yourself insinuating from which I hide

This look says me
Let me feel my feelings felt
Or else there is no point left alive
A name would be too personal here. But I will say that there was once a time, when my intuition was very right about something. And in that moment, I felt awful about life. Because I knew what was happening, and yet the other person, who was supposed to reassure me of such, only furthered the deception and tried to comfort me with kindness, not truth. Which is something, to me, that is super personal. Don't forcibly stop my feelings felt, unless you have a **** good reason for doing so.

Just Let Me Feel My Feelings Sometimes. That to me, is humanity.
AM Aug 31
we realize the truth too late

people move on

there is no end to the hurt

it won’t stop

there is no other option

we just can’t.
amber Aug 30
our broken pieces
are not a match
instead of making me
you scratch
and cut
robot mom Aug 23
a routine that is getting old
when will my shell break from this mold
perhaps ill wear something bright and bold

perhaps my actions will come back to haunt
proving that i was the one who was wrong

maybe i should turn back…
maybe i should sing a song

sitting here, oh so clear,
the message and the path are near—
the work still to be done, will it take very long?

i walk on as i sing my song
the one you taught me in a dream
where we broke apart from the seams
from who we were- into the people
we were meant to be, you and me,

now it's just me, fending for myself
we grow without guidance,

no one knows the right or wrong way
and it scares me that ive lingered around

home and comfort,

maybe i shouldnt stay
maybe i should just-

get out of my own way
when your life is unclear write a poem and shed a tear
I'm mirror-like sometimes
reflecting back the faces that I see,
all of the faces and emotions around me

I'm mirror-like sometimes
shattering into fractals,
my own emotions ever-so-fragile

I'm mirror-like sometimes
I show you what you want to see,
cursed forever to agree

I'm mirror-like sometimes
vapid and forgettable,
not inspiring, but rather regrettable
Sometimes I just blend into the background. Sometimes when people don't notice you, it's easier to get through the day.
Pooja Jajoo Aug 16
She asked to herself,
Do you still love him?
Something inside said, "NO".
Feelings? NO

So what is it?

It's just that,
'I Miss Us Sometimes'


-Pooja Jajoo✍️
And sometimes,

she wishes that she'd finally be enough for someone.
But I'm not, and I guess that's the problem... isn't it?
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