R 22h
i tilt the glass so
the water creeps to the edge
of the glass rim
Joshua Nai Jun 14
hard to talk when the hands of my heart grab yu throat.
when fear grips me and suffocates me.
  knees falling hard on the concrete,  hands like the mask of my face,
covering the shame i dare not see, hot tears streaming down, crashing down from the louvers of my cheeks.

Eyes forming shores, the tears crashing, bursting through.
i can't take it anymore.
it's so hard sometimes to do the things they do.
to do what you do.
hi. so this is me. sometimes i guess.
God bless!
Constantine Jun 12
I mean if im being honest the love i deliver
is kinda creepy
but it isn't when you're on your knees asking for
the nastiest things you could think of
Deemz Jun 8
Sometimes all I need
is my lion-print blanket,

ice in my coffee,

and isolation from my thoughts.
Josh Jun 7
Sometimes I hurt myself,
Sometimes I cut myself,
Let the blood pour out,
Let the pain flourish,

Sometimes I burn my arm,
Blushing burns on my cold caucus,
Scaring it, every mark a ventilation,
Sometimes I hit my head
Smash it against the wall,
Still the demons remain,
And still I do not change,

Sometimes I imagine something new,
Sometimes I imagine ending it too,
You see all these terrible things I do,
It’s because Sometimes, I talk to you.

But we all have bad habits.
stopdoopy Jun 6
Sometimes you just got to go out

and get what you love,

and right now?

I love me some mother fucking ice cream
old poem, really wanted ice cream
goodtea May 28
I heat the water until
it burns, I never know exactly
what I’m trying to burn off


We get high because getting high
is a little bit easier than
getting close
get close to me
Where can I run
To escape the reality
Of my first break-up?
Where can I hide
To dodge those
That are after directing my life?
These evil maestros
Don’t know how to let an instrument
Ring out in its own voice.
Can my hands
Cover the Medusa eyes
That hiss in circulation
Until I tell my life plans?

Sometimes I wish the night would never end,
Not so I can rest,
But I can wander without fearing the terror
Of not knowing what’s around me.
I wish I could become a virtual character,
Gaining hopping abilities,
And being able to lurk on rural ground
As I admire the brilliance
Of the light pollution
From nearby facilities.
I wish I could just flee
The amateur terror others cannot see or feel.
I’m not talking societal threats or actions,
But what I see all too often
Is what chokes my growth
And ability to move on.
The living presence of my past
Still has me in a gridlock
That I wrestle with all day
Even though my weakness defeats me every time.
Fine, here’s my privacy and dignity,
Just leave me and my nocturnal silhouette
To intimately caress each other,
Rumba, tango, freely through the darkness,
The shadows, the black light
Which guides me but trips you.
Life sucks right now.  Or maybe always; it's hard to consider when I can't think straight.   :/
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