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Indigo 4d
Sometimes I wonder if I’m the reason, the inspiration, and the thing that pushed you through some of your hardest struggles. If I’m part of your thoughts that you write about; the thoughts that you pour out into your poems and music.
I sometimes wonder if I matter enough. Matter enough that sometimes the things around you remind you of me. Like when you look at something, you smile because my name is the first thing you think of.
Sometimes I wonder if we’re actually right for each other. Like maybe we don’t know it yet, but maybe we were made for a reason. Made for each other. As if maybe all our broken pieces of ourselves fit together.
Sometimes I wonder if the poetry I write, will ever be as good as yours. If it will ever have as much meaning to it as the poems you write. Through all the pain we went through. As if yours will always be so incomparable and impossible to write and put it out on paper. Through your scars and the things that broke your heart.
Sometime I’m left wondering if I will ever be the person that will cause you to feel loved again. The person that makes you smile because they are the first thing you think of when you wake up and the last thing before you fall asleep. I often wondering if I ever will be the person that can help you pick up the pieces of your broken heart and put it back together. The person that takes your breath away and helps you breath at the same time. The person that will love your perfections but most of all your imperfections. I don’t know, but I still hope that maybe someday I can be all that and more for you.
Sometimes I don't know what to say.
It's okay. The glance is enough.
I really want to see
If you reached out to me
Like you promised
And possible revel
in the silly long
Banter of our old voices.
It seems a lifetime
turns to a month
That you got older
Becoming more preoccupied.
But I don't want to let myself See
Because another let down
Would leave me lonely.
There will always be another
      n t
      u         a
    o                  i
     m                              n

that I'll have to move.
There will always be another battle,
and sometime I'll have to lose.
In life, you can't always win.
Äŧül Apr 6
Harry was the best friend of Henrietta.
Harry cared about Henrietta,
So much so that he loved her.
One day Harry prepared to propose her,
Before he did, Henrietta told him something.
She told him that she loves Henry,
However, Henry was seeing Lisa.

Harry was determined to get Henry for Henrietta.
Harry wanted happiness for Henrietta,
As if she's his daughter, his alter ego.
One day Harry charmed Lisa & lured her into a room,
And all this while, he made a video of them making love together.
Lisa was not aware of the video he made,
Harry beamed the video to Henry.

When Henry ditched Lisa,
He accused her being a cheater.
Yet with Henrietta he did not indulge,
And Lisa tried to woo him back.
Lisa apologized and felt it too,
Bad for Henrietta, Henry forgave Lisa.
This left Harry helpless & hapless.

Finally he loudly spoke up an ode to her,
Harry to Henrietta that be,
"Can't you tell that I love you,
Oh how much I love you?"
I slept with Lisa to make sure Henry,
The guy you want so badly,
Broke up with her.
She apologized and he accepted her back,
Their love is flexible and true.
Yet you don't see me seething with resentment and pain,
How I wish for you to see that I love you so much!"

Henrietta's eyes brimmed with tears,
Tears of realization and happiness.
Harry & Henrietta stared at each other,
In a moment that was so pregnant,
All the ambience was so stagnant.

Then both Harry and Henrietta lunged for dear life,
And they jumped towards each other to let the lips lock.
They kissed each other and caressed the partner's neck,
As if life is forever here to stay and they can play the leisurely fife.
****** Cupid Indulgence.
A short poetic romance young adult fiction work. Do tell in comments what part of this story you like the most.

My HP Poem #1740
©Atul Kaushal
Jules AA Apr 4
“*******,” I tell myself, you’ve just sat down and I’ve already melted on the bench,
You’re the sun and I’m the spat out piece of gum
Whose flavor fades too fast, plastered on the sidewalk.
And today is hot.
I tell myself not to look, not to blind myself, but I know I won’t look away,
I’m glad you’re next to me though, even just talking to me this once,
Like I waited a week and a half for this exact situation but I’m blanking now,
What had I even wanted to do again? I guess just to stare at your face while I can,
because *******.
I'll only get to for a minute, after all you shouldn’t stare at the sun too long.
Besides, you have more important place to be, other better places
To shine your light on than this one old piece of gum
Whose flavor faded too fast on the sidewalk.
Lilli Sutton Apr 4
Reality like the dull edge of an old knife –
no cuts, just rips. I want to go back
to warm fall nights at the train station.
When I still talked to Audrey and we made lemon bars
and we solved problems with incremental strategies.
We danced in the daylight in the shimmer
of passing trains. Now every time I answer the phone
my heart skips a beat. It’s never who I want.
Like a countdown clock on being okay. Or,
setting fire to a field and fanning the smoke.
Signal coming up from West Virginia –
do I belong to the valleys or the hills?
I’m clawing my way through to reach the desert.
We talk about visiting in such roundabout ways.
Like everything – just close your eyes
and say what you’re feeling. The silence is eating
me away and when it’s finished I’ll be a question:
“do you feel the same?”
I was sat drinking coffee writing a poem today In my local supermarket when strange sensation came over
was as If everything around was distant, voices echoing I was drifting away further
away spaced
don't know how best to describe but probably as an out-of-body experience noise all around me but It like constant
couldn't make out what people were trying to
say none of It made sense a constant noise none of It made
people coming and going but I wasn't a part of It like Invisable just couldn't understand what the **** was going
but sure as **** was not a part of this I was hearing anymore I think I've sunk so far Into my own little world since Helen been gone
It like I'm In a bubble protected from the realities of the real world I'm no longer a part of this
crazy world and In truth I don't really
Such a strange feeling today I have almost like an out of body experience sat drinking coffee writing a poem loads of noise coming from everybody around me but echoing voices
couldn't understand what they were saying none of It made sense
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