Look at the faces on your peers
Are they smiling and welcoming you
Or are they secretly plotting your demise
The ones you never expect
Are the ones laughing at your gravestone
You need to always stay alert
Any second a knife will go through your back
And out your stomach
Don't even speak to anyone
You must stay a vigilante
Make your mama proud
Stay strong my little wolf
I always died a senseless death at the feet of affection,
I always compromised the word compromise to this life's own zeal
My pride and keys to joy were thrown to hell,
All in the name of love so well

We were birds heading to the world of honey bees,
Yet you lost focus to the weak morning breeze.

Can't you see
That we meant to see
Beautiful life hidden beyond the seas?

I sang the love songs of hatred,
Sweet text which contained bitterness.

Can't you?
Tasted the betrayal once by chance
The blistered memories still haunt,
But managed to change the way
Now no pain flows through spillway...

Do revisit but for a while,
Recall the good time, smile...
Come back with the lesson right,
Review...revise...and...just write!

Betrayal is hard to forget
But learning the lesson is just apt
Some cracks are beyond repair, Although
they let the light pass through!

Last 4 lines, initially Foote note, included as suggested by pradeep..thnk u so much Pradeep. .
Sometimes when you steal,
You can end up ahead . . .

But why take the bonus from one opportunity
And trade it,
For the lifetime of opportunities you could have had,
With the person you stole from?

Could it possibly be worth it?

Besides . . .
Sometimes when you steal,
You can end up dead . . .
When I lived in my beautiful cottage by the river, the old house across the street had been converted into a "flophouse", much like what unscrupulous landlords do in the 5 boroughs of NYC. They take a studio and make it a 3 bedroom ... they take a two bedroom and make it a 5 and ... well, you get the picture. The owner of this home had done the same.

SO, being low rent for being crammed into such a small space with others, it attracted ne'er-do-well's and transients ... at best. One morning I awoke to sirens and such invading my normally quiet and peaceful, dead end street. Apparently, a guy had been stabbed to death in the flop house ...

A MURDER in my quaint little fishing village?


But, it was all confirmed by one of the local Police Officers there that was also a pal of mine. He told me that one of the "flops" was actually renting the couch and that another 'tenant" had placed a beer in the fridge for his early morning shakes. When he awoke and found it missing, he saw one of the same brand beside the guy on the couch. Infuriated that the guy took his beer, he repeatedly plunged a 10-inch kitchen knife into the guy in his sleep ... The poor soul never woke up.

What was really sad, was that it all came out somehow that it was NOT his beer and that the stabber's beer had been drunk by the stabber's own female "house guest" while he was asleep. I'm guessing her shakes came earlier than his?

Somehow, I'm reminded here of the W.C. Fields quote:
"Ah, the evils of strong drink!"

Also during that time in my life, I had helped two "friends" that were really struggling ... who, in turn, had then stolen from me ... one opportunistically and the other refusing to pay a large debt after I bought him a used car to help get him back on his feet.

Those frustrating "lessons" and the poor soul on the couch became this piece in my often-hard-to-understand mind. I know that he didn't actually steal the beer, but the parable, as-it-were, remains.
i trusted you.
and you broke my trust
i was there to help you
and you betrayed me

i trusted you.
you did the one thing i told you no
the one thing i care about
and you ruined it

im tired. so tired
of everybody who betrays me.
i trusted you as my friend and you couldnt manage
go fuck yourself
my best friend betrayed me. i dont know if i should break his nose yet.
Waking up with a ghost
The girl that matter to him the most
The bittersweet feeling he has
Can I mend his aching heart at last?

I came back not knowing why
Knowing he can see me, I must not cry
Maybe I just got an unfulfilled wish
Or I just want to eat a dish.

I tried to make my friends see me
For them to know I am here
But every time I tried, no result.
They don't believe Jinta, it's an insult.

I know my time is little
I found out our bonds turned brittle
Secret feelings make us scattered
And everyone in the group surrendered.

While I did my best to mend
Time running fast and it's the end
One last time I know what to do
To rescue my friends from their ego.

To fulfill my wish, now I know
All of them are okay, it's time to go
Tears running in everyone's eyes
Now I can say no more lies.

To Tsuruko,  be gentle
To Yukiatsu, work hard
To Poppo, continue to be funny
To Anaru, always be wise
To Jinta, my love, thanks to you
I have proven to myself something
That even though I am dead
I still got that "I want to marry you".

---shakazaqui 12-6-17
(Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai)
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

The feeling of Menma.
I really love this anime. It has 11 episodes.
Group of Friends, betrayal, secret feelings, love. everything was in here. A story which  reminds you of your youth!
And don't forget to bring tissues with you.
I'm sure you'll end up crying too! :)
Raziel Mar 10
Walls of stone, a door of steel,
He brings them up to protect against all that’s unreal,
But is he really protecting himself from the idea of something real,
Or is he hiding the fact that he doesn’t want to heal?
Raziel Mar 9
“This isn’t pain,” she said.
“Then what is it?” asked the man of her dreams.
“This,” she whispered, “This is raw agony.”
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