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Isabel 10h
You told me not to trust the Darkness
But you never told me why
Then all the sudden you were gone
And you left me there to lie
But the Darkness came to comfort me
It held me while I cried
It whispered secrets in my ear
And told me how you lied
The Darkness said you were once its friend
Much like it is now mine
But then you pushed it far away
A clear and simple sign
What you did it hurt the Darkness
You made it hide and cry
You almost made it wilt away
You almost made it die
But the Darkness said I could help
I could be the key
All I need is to **** you
And take your final plea
And now's the day I found you at last
And there is nothing you can do
You told me not to trust the Darkness
But now I don't trust you
L 1d
who knows if

this is just a game for you

whether your coming and going

like shuffling cards

will deal me out

when your fun is over

am I just

a constant

something to carelessly toss

like dice

unsure of the result

only caring for the thrill of the moment

is it love,

my love?

or is it just a gamble?
Jade 1d
Trust is supposed to be treasured.
Kindness is supposed to be given.
Friends are supposed to be helped.
Love is supposed to be free.
Promises are supposed to be kept.
Why is Trust thrown away?
Why is Kindness only taken?
Why are Friends used?
Why is Love kept in chains?
Why are Promises
A poem about society's injustice.
I became the person I hated
Longing for the day you’ll notice my absence
Who am I to feel so entitled to your joy?
Maybe it’s because I only saw mine with yours
Questions I asked myself in the past.
Much love,
Lies are nice
The essence of lies is to hide truth’s true form of purity or defamation, considering the protection it entails for countless reasons.
Lines of lies by smiles to eyes each side a blind side of layer, reason, caption of safety that remained fiction.
Give me a chance and I will morph like clay
Remember my past I'll be gone in a day
Point my imperfections and I will love you
Pretend to lift me up and I will see through
Speak to me in the dark I'll stay by your side
Wave to me in light and you will be denied
Sometimes people think they're so slik I find it comical.
Kenji 4d
Is my cause to live the cause for eternal death?
Is my cause for death my cause for eternal life?
As I have mentioned in my other writings, nothing ever dies.
The physical form diminishes into thin air and rots, and the soul, the spirit, the ghost, takes on a new form.
This bordem got me feelin' weak.
Hearing other peoples thoughts, conversations, am I being tested to immoral justice?
Am I being tested to focus on the subconscious, even though it hurts more than the conscious.
It hurts, to have a gift of such empathy and unconditional love.
I feel 100 knives stab me all at once.
It twists through the knots of my intestines
It rips my skin off and allows my blood to pour
It pulls my heart out and has me aching in misery
It's something I've experienced but still experiencing.
So bad, my mind has me in sorrowful loneliness.
"Cannot trust anybody"
She says a million times, and that voice, that voice is right.
They smile to your face but whisper unwanted words to your back.
The wonder of who's real has me whimpering in weakness.
I have become weak and it is my thoughts to blame.
I fear them...
Nobody to trust but my unwanted pain.
Cannot trust anybody, the 5th chapter of my life: Trust
Hershey 4d
You said you'd forever be there
Or were those words just pulled from thin air?
I loved you with all my heart
I felt nothing could keep us apart

Remember when you said you were home?
Little did I know you weren't alone
You said that it was for her you fell
I was your girlfriend!! what the ****?

I wanted to slap you,hit you on the head
All I wished for was you to be dead
I failed to realize it was all a lie
and that I had to face goodbye

The truth,the love,the loyal tears
The betrayal,hatred and all the fears
Feelings which we both failed to see
Well,it's a pity you lost me

And now my mind is at peace
so is my heavy heart at ease
I have friends in my life
who are ready to help when in a strife

Alas,there is nothing left for me to argue
It's better I go thus paying heed to my cue
Because,what would forever mean to you
if you couldn't even keep it true?
If I am writing about you now,
then you have stolen from me
something as precious
as the gem I was named for--
my voice.

I'm afraid our encounters
were never quite as cinematic
as Disney's animation--
no tantalizing mist of green
shrouding our figures,
no sweet harmony
evaporating from a
frightened, rouged mouth
in wisps of golden light,
and absolutely no
happily ever afters.

you've always had
a catty flair
for stepping all over me
like a Just Dance Mat--
yes, I'm quite familiar
with the way you toy
with others, myself included;
and the **** has never
defeated the Game Master.

Call a ***** a *****;
I know very well that
I can't change you
or what you did me.

I can't undo the hurt.

But I can reclaim my voice.

Through poetry,
I will say all the things
I wish I had the courage
to say to you
way back when
in response to your
cruel fuckery.

I will expose you
for what you truly are--
a petty,
sea (witch) *****.
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