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elSe 2d
I hated emotions, yet I shared them.
I valued privacy, yet I let you into my space.
I forced smiles, yet I made you laugh.
I yearned for time, yet I sacrificed hours.
I never trusted others, yet I gave you a chance
To prove yourself.
And now you broke it.
The end.
Arya 3d
The mark you left on my soul is still there
Stating your claim on me without a care
The sweet nothings you said are now barely a whisper
The beautiful flowers you gave are now ready to wither
The cottage where we spent the dark long night
I can still hear the murmurs of our love fight
The sea shore where you swept me off my feet
Only the roaring sound of waves now are there to greet
The warmth of the blanket where you cocooned me in your arms
Seems like every single thing has lost its charm
The way you soothed my nightmare by singing a short song
Everything was perfect but now they seem wrong
The gap between my fingers yearn to be fulfilled by yours
Now they are all memories which leave me in tears
I still remembered the day I slipped like dried sand
You were the one who vowed to never leave my hand
I faintly felt the kiss on my head when I was asleep
I let you roam free thinking your promises you will keep
As the time went by I gathered words from the start
Thinking when you return I will pour all of my heart

But the promises were lie, giving me hurt & shame
I waited and waited.. but the season of you never came.
Marla 3d
Beware of forgotten pasts
that hide behind shallow masks.
Their masquerade is a treacherous game
meant to strip you of any and all chance.
A friend, a foe, a vision of lies;
give them your fortune
and see where they lie.
Et tu, Brute?
I can still feel the numbness entering my bloodstream,
And my stomach wringing once reality’s claws ripped into me.  
My chest flooded with an emptiness I’d hoped to never come to know,
An emptiness as heavy as the heavens right before a storm.
Resistance would be futile, so I began to let myself drift,
Hoping that by doing so I would somehow cease to exist.
I wanted to scream and shout, but only silence rung in my ears.
Waves of loneliness crashed over me as you confirmed my deepest fear.

Hook, line, and sinker, I fell for your sweet deceit.
I should have recognized the changes, so subtle and discrete.
You can love someone deeply,
You can trust someone implicitly,
but truly knowing them is never a guarantee.
First poem in a while. Feedback super welcome!
to leave your allies
who helped you achieve
your often-boasted victories


against their well-known
overpowering enemy
is abominable betrayal

a crime most foul!
On the occasion of the American betrayal of the Kurds in Syria who were instrumental to reduce IS - now rising again thanks to the Turkish-US "deal."
I can’t believe you-
I can’t believe those words came
straight out of your mouth

10:33 AM
How many times I betrayed myself for two pennies of loneliness?
The act is so old, and after time, poverty is the best teacher,
But there are evergrey examples that never change;
I am one of them, for ever strange.

Did Judas' tinkling silvers burn brands into my hands?
Or by any chance, I am himself, suffering through centuries,
Living my own betrayal against myself and fans;
Just as I sold the prophet for the centuries?

Is there any chance that this world were real, all the happenings?
I truly suffered through histories and left behind all blessings,
Tormented by living and imagining;
I forgot everything about me.
lake Oct 6
did you check the time?
it must have slipped your mind
you went home so late
look at these cold plates
bet you think i wouldn't notice
bet you think you could control this
i don't like it when you lie to me
when you said that you would die for me
I’m a nice guy,
Certain boys like to say that often don’t they?
I’m a nice guy,
I’m a nice guy; I’ll open doors for you,
I’ll let you walk first,
I’ll be ‘modest’ with you,
I’m a nice guy; I’ll never lie to you,
I’m a nice guy; I’ll never keep you waiting,
I’ll never ask for nudes,
I’ll wait till you get comfortable,
Then ask for nudes,
I’m a nice guy; I’ll call you from overseas just to check on you during your ***,
I’ll skip my work to cheer you up,
I’ll treat you like a queen,
Always, and forever,
Who am I kidding? Forever? Nah!
lua Oct 5
i feel their eyes on me as i walk along the street
their mouths hung agape, panting like dogs
like a wild pack of wolves
ready to pounce
ready to strike
ready to ****
i lower my head in fear
my heartbeat quickens as it sinks to my stomach
i walk and i walk and i walk
i run and i run and i run
and when i turn my head over my shoulder
i don't see them behind me
but i watch them from afar
each howl and snarl that slither through the cracks and gaps between jagged teeth
their blood stained paws move to the side
and i see it
i see it
i see it!
it was another wolf!
but it had collapsed
and when i turned my head to the side
all i saw was teeth marks
and red
it was a traitor
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