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Whispering so silently,
You glided into my head.
Mumbling so quietly,
You leaped on my bed.
Breathing so sensuously,
You took off my vest.
And shrieking so furiously,
You stabbed my chest.
Heera 3d
To build a home from scratch is like learning alphabets for the first time in your life
Only that you aren't a toddler anymore
And you already have those newspapers, articles and sheets to be read before your boss throws you out.
You see the world pace by you, moving fast and furious towards their unending circle of duties
You pause and breath out, you realise
This time alphabets have decided to cut through your skin as you skip his first name's letter L or her whole name from it.
You don't really write them on the paper  but your heart can see them even without your fingers making their outline
And you wonder how You can unsee what you have already seen
You know you can't stop how your heart pounds on only those words, read in your mind as


Out of all those alphabets,
These were the only four letters you recognise, it seems

But you get the metallic taste of other words as well, like


The touch of tongue to your upper mandible in,


The little shock and shake from under the ground as you pronounce,


But most important of it all,


As your cheeks go up in a fake smile

Maybe the home
This time will be a little crooked
With something missing
Like Y O U
From 'I love'
But you will still have L O V E
Maybe this time, just enough for yourself.
I might edit this more.
This poem implies on how it feels  when you start afresh with hurt in your bones.

Its getting bad for me but i'm trying because here is no other way.
Um... Just read aloud the words in italics as separately as alphabets and you will understand the words beside them.
Tati 3d
That day was awful
Writing was my passion, it was my escape
Because I could write anything about everything in this universe and it felt like freedom and adrenaline were partnering together and cascading through my veins like a sugar rush
But then it went away
The day that the rose tinted glasses were ripped away from my doll face
And the truth was in front of me all along
I was face to face with an image so devastating to me it changed my perspective on love
Because I didn’t believe in it anymore after that day
The image
Of my best friend. The one I saw as a sister. The one that I sheltered and cared for since the day I started to call her a friend.
Kissing the man I love
Do you remember that poem I wrote?
The man I love
The poem that I stayed up hours for every night for weeks
Perfecting it because in my clueless and infatuated little mind, that was what he deserved
The look of shock on her face when she turned to see me standing at the doorway
Tears running down my face as if they were racing to see which one could get to my jawline the fastest
My mascara that I bought at the drugstore since I saved up money for weeks to get her the best one at the Macy’s counter so she could be happy
Stained my porcelain skin
I stumbled down the hallway, hearing the cries behind me
“Forgive me! Please! You’re my best friend! I’m begging you!”
I kept walking
After that, I stopped writing.
One of my minimalistic stories
Once upon a time, you gave me your heart. Wrapped in light pink, and blotches of dark ink, you wrote that you wanted me to keep it. I clutched your heart into my chest -
I didn't ever want to let go. I didn't ever want to return it.

But I saw that you were now giving pieces of yourself to other people - laughing and whispering forbidden promises, then you let me fall out of your list of priorities. I no longer am able to feel what you feel. I no longer can feel the happiness and will. You let me there alone, standing still.

So I walked up to you in my worn out shoes that used to be filled with pride, and I wrapped your heart in transparent paper. Let other people see the light pink that flows every time your heart beats, let them know how beautiful it is.

I return your heart to its respectful owner.

You ask, "why?"

I say, "I don't deserve it."
A single moment,
As minute as the silence before the gasp of each breath,
Can leave us feeling like we’ve swallowed shards of glass.
That is the last pulse, before a heart breaks.
Ellison 7d
My love and I had walked around
We walked for hours without a sound
Then the sun had suddenly fallen down
And my smile had turned into a frown

I turned to her as if to say,
"You are my night to my brightened day"
But she turned into a different girl
And all the colors of life did swirl

I felt a tremor in the blackened floor
And I looked around for an escape door
But she held on my hand 'til I could no longer breathe
As my tongue chopped off from my chattering teeth

The truth was that she was dressed as another
And while I cried for my own dear mother
She told me so bluntly without one single care,
"I've been a stranger as long as you've grown out your hair."
Be careful of your partner. Everybody wears some sort of mask.
Mitch Prax Sep 12
the knives in our backs
are the only things
keeping us upright;
Who'd have thought
betrayal could be our
greatest asset?
How ironic.
Harry Roberts Sep 11
Cutting Your Head Off It's Not On Your Shoulders,
Stamping & Kicking & Pulverising Your Boulders.

Sick & So Twisted Pure Evil Inside,
Demons Take Form In The Flesh You Reside,
You Could Take The Reins But You'd Never Decide,
Lacking Control So There's No Need To Revive.

Let His Soul Sink As His Frame Rots Away,
Malleable In Death As Energies Like Clay,

Reformed & Reworked & Reinvoked When We're Made,
Spirits Impression From The Past Will Fade,
Resurrections Reincarnation Like The Phoenix's Way,
We Can All Leave Buy It Takes Steel To Stay
Harry Roberts - Ressurections Reincarnation © 11/09/18
Divya Kaushik Sep 11
I am not broken
Just betrayed
My little friendship train
Got derailed
How do you feel?

Your libido not in check
Our interaction made a mess
Distance is what I suggested
Now you won't have my back
How should I feel?

I don't blame you
But still it hurts
Knowing the moments we shared
The distance we fared
I just made a fool of myself
What did I believe?

I can't be a lover
But is it fine
Shutting me out as a friend
Never knew love's confined
It used to be omnipresent and divine
Why did I equate zero to infinity?

Let me tell you straight
Love is not restricted
To just the role you wanted to play
It's the respect, care and understanding
For anyone and anything
I won't take a detour to irrationality
Goodbye and fare well!
Hard to accept friendship can be of so little value against single track role of a lover.
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