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Soon it all dies down,
I’m behind the Queen’s gown

When you lose the throne,
The links drown in his bloodstone

You’ve become the malefactor,
The framed picture of my backstabber

Premier cinemas we’ve stopped,
Reputations and ranks swapped

The shivering sierra,
Why leave me stranded in Canberra?
Is this a farewell?
Hammad 1d
I always wondered
why on earth
the betrayal exist...
the lies - we tell
the promises - we break
the castles we build - in the air
but then i watched
the sun
plunges into the horizon
and then i knew why
without a darkness
the world could never
appreciate the dawn...
if the betrayal
didn't exist at all
- True Love would be
meaningless for all...
They say there would always someone to offer a helping hand.
But what happens when the hands are curled into claws,
And your out of blood to bleed.
Timeless in our archives,
Immune from heartless knives,
Bravery streaks your face,
Stage fright, my ultimate chase,
We run faithfully away,
Stayed hidden in the art closet for a day,
Nightmares of my nemesis,
Duchess of the venomous,
Our loyalty marked by,
The city of Versailles,
Have I bitten you,
Have I gone too blue?
You never bid me a fair adieu,
We were the best of friends,
Is it because of her Mercedes-Benz?
Why bury me so deep,
In the mountain of poisoned apples,
Where the ocean of watercolors never dapples?
Surrender the streams,
Of eternity,
I wish you a farewell,
From the deepest depths,
In the abyss of Siberian steppes
I kind of miss you now...even after such a horrible fall out. Why did you shut me out so suddenly?
Aquila 3d
I am on to bigger
and better
and she will stay in
       and one day it will burn.
and I won't care
yama verita Oct 13
i didn't followed you to the waters,
just so you could pull me under.
Safiya Husain Oct 12

My Irreplaceable, tangled self,

The most beautiful heart .

The soul,So-


Mysterious in its own way


Uncanny in its own acceptance .

that looks like love and know trust by heart.

I know you've been tested, cheated and manipulated, a number of times.
I know you're broken, hurt and unloved a many times.
I know when you fell in love with that fair tone and those grey eyes and when they did'nt fell for you, How dis-heartened you were!
But love, don't be sad.
It did'nt work out because it was'nt meant to be.
Instead have faith that soon lights will guide you home.
To no-one but your own irreplaceable,tangled self.

Yours truly,
To be.
Nala Alfira Oct 5
a man ruins my childhood
a man ruins our sisterhood
a man ruins her motherhood

but it all happened cause
we thought we loved them while
we only wanted to be loved
the only thing you can fix is yourself
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