We sowed a seed of friendship in the soil of our feelings.
It grew into a plant of love withering in the wind of your fears.
As days passed, it turned into a tree with fruits of betrayal and roots of doubts expanding deep into your heart.
You kissed me for one last time turning me into autumn leaves on a windy day.

huda 1d

beauty is in the eye of the beholder
but beauty couldn’t fit in his eyes

it was filled with lust

it's taken a while
to realize you're no good
for me.  

it's taken a while
to see that your intentions
are of lust.

it's taken a while
to realize that
you never loved me.

it's taken a while
to see that you were
never the one.

it's taken a while.

and i may be drunk when i write this
but it's taken a while
to realize
that you're no good for me.

Hiraeth 2d

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words won't simply hurt me
No, they'll burn more than acid on skin,
Settle like dust on every thought,
Pound me as water would stone
Itch like sand in my eyes
But they'll be the only thing I have left of you when you desert me.

City lights reflected by silver clouds
My brand new shoes on the dark, dusty pavement
Following the golden glow down the avenue
High trees, white walls and luxury villas
Marilyn, and Daddy, you would be proud

The cold air heating up on my skin
The JFK hotel, promising decadence as I walk in
I didn't expect this to happen so soon
When yesterday you told me you'd be here in this city of mine
And I've been dreaming of this all my life

Slow steps, the hallway is plastered with pictures
Of high class people
The receptionists treating me like I'm one of them
Getting lost on the third floor
Ready for room 334

You look in my eyes while you talk to her
The lies, the betrayal, it don't bother you
This love is too good to deny it
Smoke fills the room
While you hang up and take my hand

I'll be your mistress just to have you around
In misdemeanor and intrusion
Our hearts are bound together
Double-cross, no condemnation
I'll be yours and you'll be mine forever

Based on a true story... <3
Jenny 4d

Your my sunshine turn to darkness
Your my hope in this world of emptiness
I thought your my angel
A person whom I can be trusted.

You slice, poison and laugh the vulnerability
I wanted to die slowly.

He lied to her.
laura 7d

I feel so stupid. I'm angry. I thought I knew you, the deepest parts of you. How could you do this? How could she do this? The same place we had done it before. There I was sound asleep in my bed, probably dreaming about a future with you.. and you.. you were with her. Maybe it would be easier if I knew you did it to hurt me.. I know you made a mistake, but that mistake is killing me. I can't breathe or speak or do anything without thinking about that night. About you and her. Together. It's been months since it happened, and last night is the first I'm hearing of it. What, were you just planning to keep this frok me forever? Every moment you looked in my eyes and told me you love me and that I'm the most beautiful girl in the world, every time you held me and told me I'm your only.. those things aren't true. They were lies. These past three months have just been one clusterfuck of a lie. I want to vomit. I want to scream and yell and cry and laugh at myself for being such a fucking fool. I love you, I always will, but is that enough? What if this pain is stronger than our love? What if I can never be with you again without thinking about her? Have I wasted more than a year of my life? Has all of this been for nothing? My mind is spinning and running and jumping up and down with thoughts and emotions that I am too fucking overwhelmed to process. So I will just go on with my day, and smile, like th content little girl they want me to be. It's easier that way, right?

You are nothing humane.
You stand out like a diamond amongst millions of other gems.

You drive me insane.
I am to blame, but you make it difficult
I try to remain composed, but everytime I see you, my heart just explodes.

You cause me to sacrifice many things;
Late nights, all for you.
You really get under my skin.
You're my everything, and I want to be your everything too.

You were brighter than everything.
You were all I could hope for.
I thought I was everything to you, but you hit me right in the core

I've always been there for you,
Through thick and thin,
You were my ultimate win.

But now things are different.
Seperated, like a cub without it's mother.
My heart, I wish I could save it.

If I fight the good fight,
There will be hope within the light.

You were my favourite constellation.
You became my addiction.
But now you are the burglar bars preventing me from running off into the sunset with my real love, fleeing your darkness.

Smit Jun 17

“The sad thing is,”
          she said,
    “the moment you start to miss someone, it means they’re already gone.”

Smit Jun 15

“The sad thing is,”
          she said,
    “the moment you start to miss someone, it means they’re already gone.”

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