Shame fills my entire body.
I was a fool.
Such a fool.
Such a goddamned fool.

I believed the lies that you fed me.
I swallowed them like I took you in,
Eyes, smile, words and so much more.

I can still feel your hands creep up behind my back.
I have started pushing them back down or cutting them out,
But your words weed their way in through the cracks as they always do.

My anger rises and ebbs as waves bring in your words on to my empty shore.

"I'm only trying to do the right thing."

The right thing is leaving someone behind to watch your castle build in the distance.
The right thing, for you, has been throwing people under the bus
By playing it casually cruel.

Your righteousness will  find you a spot in hell and I will be at the doors: your worst nightmare coming to life, and death.

Tell me, if loving you is healthy
Been holding my tongue full of worries

Nature's shades can be yellow, blue, or green
Please show me things I have never seen

I'm only asking for dominance, full of desire
You had your chance, I can now call you a liar

My hands cannot stop from writing you different poems
Afterall, I still wonder, will you read all of them?

All of these try-outs is a waste of time
It's all unworthy, was it because I'm out of time?

'Could see your sins and they are relentless
I know you're skilled, though I still think you're perfect

The options I've been dealt are done foolishly
These silly reasons are lowkey plain stupidity

So tell me, if loving you is healthy
You can tell me the answer to stop and finish it with an advisory

What a good start for an account, aye? Lmao, this is a complete popped-up brain idea, nothing intentionally personal :) So yeah, I'm new, hello there x.

Whisper sweet nothings into my ear
Though i know they mean nothing
Sweep me off my feet then in mid air trip me so i fall flat on my face
Break my heart tear me down to my core
It's what you do best
Make excuses so what i see doesn't hurt as much
Pretend you love me so you can lure me in
Misery loves company
And I'm your savior

XX 4d

The first time you broke me was your own fault,
the second time, my ignorant hope was to blame.
The third and fourth and fifth times were self-harm.
I crossed my heart and hoped to die
that this would be the last time you would ever hurt me.
But maybe now, this isn't about all of the promises you didn't keep,
maybe this is about not keeping promises to myself.
I said cross my heart and hope to die,
and now I have to deal with the crushing pain in my chest.

Laying there looking into your eyes
I can see you still love me
Your nose pressed against mine
Not saying a word
Soaking in each others energy

You say
"You're so pretty, you know that?"

I think
"Why did you cheat on me?"

Laying there looking into your eyes
I can see you still want me
Your hands on my body
You start to whisper
Giving me bad memories

You say
"Do you like that?"

I think
"Why now?"

Laying there looking into your eyes
I can see you are realizing
We are not the same as we used to be
I'm less naive
You're less familiar

olive 7d

Such a little baby,
So green and so small,
Think of how crazy,
No one wants her at all.

Some say that she’s vile,
Some say that she’s cruel,
But all the while,
This just gives her more fuel.

Though all the things said,
The girl does not crack,
All this has led,
To a knife in her back!

They say that she’s wicked,
It’s chaos they’ve brought,
Her aura is livid,
Wicked’s something she’s not!

She is not all these things,
Her compassion shines true,
All the hurt that it brings,
Makes her look like a fool.

In a panic and a hurry,
Her whole life is changed,
The girl now must scurry,
In fear of being caged.

She runs and she flies,
To a place far away,
For herself now she cries,
She’s safe for the day.

No one is born wicked,
It’s something you become,
Though she’s been afflicted,
She is still full of love.

Cassian Oct 14

They loathed her
They loathed her for spurring me
They loathed her for keeping me straight
They loathed her for wanting to stay away
They loathed her for her pain
They loathed her for loving me
Romeo and Juliette could only end in tragedy

by the book and by the blade
by all that lies under the shade
I traverse along with my phantasms across the worldly glades

I thrust my sword into the earth
and stand firm against this turbulence
inspired by virulence my phantasms
guise over me
this is a rift in reality  
you may call it an abnormality

by the book and by the blade
by the lustful mermaid
you hold no sway over my heart
for I have built a barricade
I see through your facade  
you malevolent  with lust
I feel nothing but disgust

by the book and by the blade
by those who renegade
fatal is your deed
wicked is your breed
you have no time to save
the crimson reaper is at your grave

bad blood runs through my veins
this dire world is veiled by rain
hanging onto despair, bound by chains
I grow weary of the flames lurking within
the haziness I live in
morbid I grow by the day
morbid I grow by the night
you may call it madness
I call it  darkness


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