Madolyn 1h
behind my back
isn’t she so annoying?
my naive self
just eager to love
to have good friends
was i just
a pity friend?
someone you felt bad for?
this is what it has always been
no matter who decides
to take me in
i’m always just
a pity friend
the fact that i’ve had so many fake friends makes me wonder what i’ve done wrong
Natalie 9h
Its curious how
meaning nothing to someone
actually means something
It means you were stupid enough to believe that you were something other than a boredom filler.
Natalie 9h
I agonize over
a single letter
sent by text
a week after
my world crumbled
and I chalk it all up to
a mistake
a butt dial
I decide not to reply
and I move on with my day
I wish I could make it
leave my mind
as quickly as I left yours.
M G Hsieh May 5
We veered towards calle muerte. It is 
inevitable we come here. Before this, 
there was no us. All things was only
you. One year ago, you called me a
whore. One month later, i learned
about the affair, that i was the obstacle. 

Separation. It provokes anxiety 
and relief. For appearances, a
requirement of exchange needs
subterfuge. It won't help us
to seem greedy to others. I
will not relinquish what is

Last week, you invited me,
say you will give stuff
due to me. Yet, not my 
pride? Let's not play

The drive back to my
place disquiets us.
A crippling heaviness,
enters the room.
I break out in a cold sweat.
The dolls on the stand,
are securely locked in their case.
Their sad eyes watch as he
inches closure and silent screams
fill the space.

He whispers violent things
and spits in my face.
I succumb to his lingering words,
as I forget how to breathe.
I lost my voice.
It know belongs to him.
I should have known to never trust a poet,
cause they know what makes the human heart tick best.
I should have known to never kiss a poet,
cause they leave the sweetest aftertaste.
I should have known to never save a poet,
cause they all rather bleed and brawl.
I should have resist myself becoming a poet,
cause we can never do the math.
I should have...
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Stolen kisses, pretty lies
Untied hair and tears in her eyes.
Trembling hands and
Quivering tongue
Her tried throat knew she cried.
Broken promises lay down
Shattered dreams on the ground.
Her broken wings were lying there,
How could the bird sing now.
Flowing blood and silent shrieks
All her cries and long sleeves,
Hid all her scars beneath.
Falling down, no hand to hold
Crashed upon the love she holds.
Life she lived and life she lost,
Frozen heart and painful thoughts.
Cold feelings but warm breath
Who could now mend her heart,
She lost today though died everyday,
An angel brought a hideous beast from inside.
Logic said "It has to be"
reason replies, "I do agree"
Then how's it so
I do not know
why sense is betraying me
Natalie 3d
I once thought
you hung the moon
but in the right light
it was easy to see
you merely sit under it
just like everyone else
thank you for finally opening my plain brown eyes.
Annie 3d
It's easier to judge
Not easy to understand

Two feet away
And you won't hold my hand

So I made a promise to myself
My body is not your land

I cut my hair short
Sing songs you hated with my little band

I could dance away the nights
If this was God's plan

I could spend days without talking at all
You're just a boy, not my man
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