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ryeon 5d
title: criesofashatteredheart.pdf
file size: 143 kb
date modified: 28/06/2022


the idea of love lingers on my running maze of thoughts. the concept of my love is comparable to music that is exquisitely performed while staying in perfect harmony. but love itself is not perfect the way it is. my feelings for someone come and go like the tide. but at the very least, it's not lovely whitecaps dancing on my feet when i least expect them. they emerge to cause chaos just when life has a way of appearing to be a calm stream of consistency. they drag me under with such power that i feel like i'm going to drown all over again, to the point that i can't even take a breath in between endeavors.


he appeared in my life suddenly and unexpectedly, like a warm summer wind. in a single moment, my heart was captivated from my chest in a split second, and i was unable to stand. when he'd look me in the eyes and say the words i'd been waiting to hear my entire life, he appeared so honest. the things he'd say to me were so heartfelt and genuine as he looked into my face and spoke from the depths of his heart.

never in my wildest dreams did i imagine that i would be able to experience what he showed me. little did i know i’d expect the most unforeseen events in my life. in your absence, i was left to fend for myself on the edge of the universe. i'm on my own in the vastness of space because you deserted me. in between what i've buried and what i loathe is the emptiness, and it rang true. forever and always, a constant and ever-present reflection that there is no one else to trust and follow.

results and discussions:

you took everything you could get away with, but you were kind enough to leave the suffering behind. it is shameful of you to attempt to make amends for me as if i didn't have enough to deal with already. a roaring storm is howling here, and it continues to be there, raging deep within my head that refuses to subside. the very least you can do is let it be.

now i can now cut you as deeply as you have wounded me. i am tormented by the treachery of knowing the truth and never escaping the past. you took me up in the air, then let me fall to my knees and scream. yet i yearn to blossom like the sunflower even when the sunlight passes more dimly than the uncertainty of the promise of love. the dilemma of instruments may be found with thy beauty, and the betrayal of melody can be watch in the eyes when seen through incense. hence, that is the deception performed by the heart.

at some time in the far future, you will find yourselves wishing to the heavens that you had never turned away in our own little corner of the universe.

after all, it's the nature of love, and it crushes my heart that it had to stop before it could begin.
i just made a creative way in making a prose
My love it was never anything serious
We fall in and out of love
We are young and not enough
to understand all the forces we play
We play in a ground of mortal death
Love, I will see you
Will I ?
I cried for us yet you're gone
Rider of the storm
You're a dog.
My puppy. Naive and cute.
**** once I thought
now I ought not to think that way.
My heart knows it loves you and it will never stop, but my mind is telling me you don't care and I should move on. My friends tell me ur an ***. I don't believe them. Are you proud of me? Or do you think ur an *** and you want me to leave you alone? Unrequited love. or am i waiting forever like I want and you want?
Wrote this after my hospitalization in 2020 and thought it was ****. Dang does it resonate right now...
display Apr 15
the hardest thing to do in a world of lies
is to learn to trust again
the endless void of crippling apathy
consumes as a chasm of pain
the hardest thing to do in a world of hate
is to love yourself to death
the endless void of crippling apathy
was not allowed first breath
it was born dead
but not allowed to die
disgraceful abomination of the chasm of pain
if life is cloth this is its stain
my god did not bear witness to its worship
no soul left to claim
and so his silent pleas were thrown aside, worthless prayers in the rain
no soul left aside
in the chasm of pain
allowed life but to live
Alio Apr 6
Malicious, malignant
Crude, cruel
Your punishment for me
When didn’t tell you things I felt
Was to treat me like a dog

Call every thirty minutes
Not allowed alone with the kids
Else the police will show up
Make sure you’re not dead

I didn’t tell about the darkness
For fear of what you’d do
And as it grew it seeped out
Creeped up, out of the blue
And just as I thought
How did you respond?
Well let’s just say now
Im a fish without pond
I’m a hare without speed
Im an eagle without wings
I’m a person. Without air.

Feeling worse
More alone
More hated
More close
Just days ago I thought
I knew the worst

But ‘lo
I was wrong
And now I’m just wrung
Without fun
Seen as dung
Just a fungús

I wish it were done
Or that I’d never spoke at all
Everything was better
When it was all behind walls
Yemaya Apr 2
Skin peeled off of muscles,
the snapping and cracking of ones shell.
The splitting screams of the tortured
mimic the crackle of bones and
the grinding of eyes.
Leah Carr Mar 29
If this is what I signed up for
I want to take off my signature

If this is care
I dont want to be cared for

If this is the life of a sinner
Then let me have the death of one

Because if this is love
I dont want it
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