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I strive to be as good a man as I can ever be.

For my wife, abandoned by the only man who should have stayed forever, to help her restore her faith in men.

For my daughter
Unborn as of yet
To show her how she should be expecting to be treated by a man

For my son
Still only a dream and a wish
To help him become an ideal man for his wife, his daughter and, his son
maria k May 2
That was a wonderful time of day
When I took a glimpse of a person
Who never bothered about the specifics
of life in general
but glided past it
and loved life to its fullest
because of the minuscule moments
that pieced together
bit by bit and
day by day

He would wake up with wide eyes
and absorb life slowly and quietly
a book was his friend
music his haven
and most of all art was his expression
words were simple
glued together with thought
and the only conversations
were those that dealt with sifting through
the meaning of life

He became my magnifying glass
my compass
my sword of knowledge
and this still
remains true today
find a role model to brighten your life
i feel a role model coming up
the photo of an object
in my head
it won't die
it's not dead
what/who do you look up to?
Elizabeth Sep 2018
And it was the saddest thing to realize that even though someone could give so much love they would get so little in return because the world is a cold cold place. The world is hurting and yearning for someone to feel their pain. The world wants revenge on the lovers who paint hearts, beautiful colors of yellows and emerald green. And I’d learn that the fairytales were never true for no knight ends up being with thier princess no matter how much love he gives them. No moon could shine any brighter than the loneliest star looking for love. A love they may never find. A love that may never be.
ethan gaskill Aug 2018
some dreams just aren't meant to come true
a scarlet letter turns you blue
if anyone can overcome, it's you
you see things before they appear
ironic cause your sight is near
the ones that you get close to bring you tears

you placed your feet on solid ground
then suddenly you were surrounded
you are a flying soul; forever grounded
a close friend of mine lost his dream today. it's devastating to watch something he's wanted for ten years fly away right from under his thumb, and devastating for everyone else because he always encouraged us, and made us think that if he could achieve his dream, maybe we could too. pray <3
Kayla Jun 2018
I wish to succeed in life
I wish to find love
To get married
To have kids
I wish to grow up to be a role model  
For my own kids
That when people say who do you look up to
They will say with the biggest smile my mother
I wish to be the woman my biological mother never was
The mother she never was
The wife she never could be
I wish to find a love that will warm my heart
Love that gives me the feeling
That I am needed  
I wish to succeed in life
Beverly McKenna Jun 2018
I've been wanting to write a song since I was 17 years old.
Put my own things to the side, to help another man grow.
Now I'm here at 25 tryna find what I stand for.
With my little girls eyes watching every move close.
I lost all my sense of pride, had me laying on the floor.
Felt so much pain inside, still couldn't make it out that door.
Felt like I failed my daughter inside, let her see her mother choke.
Saw the pain all in her eyes and knew that it was time to go.
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Louisa Coller Jun 2018
Oh! Happy, Confident, It’s finally all done!
My happy moments of truth felt brighter than 30 suns,
I finally got through it even if it hurt a tonne,
annoying all my new friends with overrated puns.

Fans from left to right are finally meeting me there,
I speak words of wisdom and hope that they learn,
they comfort me from all the stories I share,
who knew it would all change you see? When I begin to turn.

Fair skin walks towards me with smiles of pure glee,
I know there’s something here, I see it in his eyes,
he looks up to say, he’s always wanted to see me,
I hold a moment in time, I can see him rise to the highs!

Shades of red covered us both,
it became a blanket of pure hope,
I then vowed to take an oath to see your growth,
to see you excel beyond this *****.

He reminded me of when I was just a dreamer back then,
When I always wondered when...

He sprung up happy, I could tell,
the spark in him never shone so well.
When I was talking to many people starting out YouTube, they would sometimes ask me about it:
    • How can I do this?
    • Is there a secret?
    • Do you know how I can get a following?

In honesty, people just want to see nice, genuine caring people.
Of course you can make views easily by being a **** to everyone because drama sells, but in the end of the day, it was genuine people, being themselves.

One in particular stood out to me when I was young when he started out, was this guy who was really shy at first, but he was an absolute sweetheart, heart of gold and a mind filled with ideas and ambition. I always wanted the best for him and sadly I cut off with them.

Many years later I did see them have their own uprising of following and it made me happy. I was quite glad to know that I could inspire someone to be themselves and go out there to show off who they really are.

I was inspired by irregular ode mixed in with some free versing for this. I wanted to create almost a structure of hope, a feeling of importance and happiness.

Odes are something I do need to practice, but I do think I did a rather good job.
natalia reese May 2018
i dream of meeting you every day
the icon you've become inspires me to no end
your beauty intimidates me
your advice saves me
your kindness brightens my world
the words of wisdom that you speak keep the blade from hitting my wrist
the proof that **** gets better is shown through you
my last glisten of hope sparks in your eye
i know i can go on
because you keep me going
even if
i'm just another face.
Mariam Shittu Dec 2017
There’s no me
Without you

There’s you
Then there’s me

Life’s been tough
Without you

There’s me
There’s no more you

Looking over my shoulder
Watching me get older

Buying my favorite things
Guiding me thorough everything

Teaching me to be strong
Scolding me when I’m wrong

Taming me everyday
To the woman I am today

I never imagined life
Without you

Now I have to live life
Without you
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