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Poetic T Sep 20
We spend to many fractions

taking away or adding up the

Times are incomplete,
          but we must always
divide every moment so that

everything adds up to the equal
                         breath that we aren't

in control.

But we are but numbers,

                in an equation of now.
Surkhab kaur Aug 8
I don't wish the power to be in hands of a woman
I don't wish the power to be in hands of a man
The world will be a better place...
only when millions of beings will be seen as one.

This is what the the feminist said.
"If you stand for equality,then you are a feminist.
Sorry to tell you."
                                    -Emma Watson
Usually we are mistaken between a feminist and a misandrist.
A feminist is a person (not a can be a woman as well as man)
who believes in equal rights of men and women. But in our society feminists are considered to be misanderists i.e a woman who hates men. We cannot forget that during the first feminist movement in 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York, 3oo men supported feminism in this movement. So let's not hate anyone and make this world a better place.
Anais Vionet Jun 25
What's the scariest book you ever read? ... Some Stephen King book like Salem's Lot or The Shining? For me it's Kate Millett's ****** Politics ... Oh, man ... Now THAT will scare you to death if you're female.

I discovered a man, overheard at my church, who actually believes his *** is a sign of power and of superiority. WHY am I so startled? Some childish trust not yet scrubbed off?" Or worse yet, some belief, not yet strangled, in a better world? See, stupid me, I thought this bill had been paid, by sufferance, by real people like Elizabeth Stanton, Carrie Catt and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ... by entire generations who ran through those tangled woods emerging cut and bruised ... if at all.

What is it like for HIM? I see him eyeing us, his little inferiors who bleed with the moon, with secret, catlike distaste ... regarding female opinions as slightly impure ... then, with calm, Godlike grace, granting females the forms of servant to assume.

Can I, can we, be forced to accept this inheritance? I don't know ... All I know is that this prejudice, so strangely without substance, strikes me like a dueler's lucky ******, robbing me of attendant rights and wit ... springing a tender trap of doubt in the future and abandoning me to stammering.
a free verse piece about sexism equality and about growing up
Lara Jun 18
There will be no freedom until we’re equal

The world is one

Everybody is different
that connects us

The world is one big family

Treat everybody how you want to be treated

Don’t judge until you know someone

Everybody has feelings that can get hurt

Everybody has their own lifestory

Accepting is a part of life

Nobody matters
Until they matter to you

Everybody should have the same rights

The world is ONE

Freedom belongs to everybody

Everybody decides for themselves how they want to live their life

Everybody makes mistakes

But the world is united and should be treated like that

Everybody is on this earth for a reason

Don’t criticize, judge and make mistakes just because somebody behaves different, looks different or talks different

This is what makes our planet so special
Our differences
-elixir- Jun 3
The air grows crisp,
as the emotions for him
become dense.
Reliving the suffocation,
of the soul, as he fought
for his life
in the hands of
the spawn of the devil.
Together with tarnished
memories the world,
moves with weary steps.
For the sequel
of justice.
The human race is one. There are no divisions among us. Skin does not make us inferior or superior, Your intellect and behavior does. Deep down inside, all our blood is red. There is no difference among us we all are of the same race, THE HUMAN RACE.
Jace Joseph Jun 3
We're all humans so
why is there a problem?

Our minds our different,
but we're the same species.

No one is better than anyone,
we're all just stuck on this rock,

So why don't we just get along,
Instead of slaying our own kind.
Aren't we all homosapiens?
rarae aves May 21
With individuality & togetherness
With independence & belongingness
I crave connections deep and free
Isabella Mar 23
If we loved each other,
Pushing differences aside,
We'd accept each other,
So people wouldn't hide.

All our colors would stand out,
Instead of just blend in.
Our world would be beautiful,
Instead of "Full of Sin"

Respect our neighbors,
Hold their heart.
And keep it from,
Falling apart.

Love and peace,
Let go of greed.
Love and peace,
Is all we need.
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