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B D Caissie Sep 16
Realize your worth without short-changing those around you.

time fades and makes it's way through my fingers like my palm is full of rain
and I know that I don't have time to worry about feelings unreciprocated
I'll love without expectation
if equal affection can never be achieved
at least I can be the one who loves more
sir humbug Apr 14
not all **** videos are equal

one searches the index,
hopeful a screenshot
pinpricks the eye and the peculiar

peculiar need of the moment

like most things good and appreciated,
sifting through the chaff is a learned skill,
required but not intuitively sired,
not every new word in the dictionary
delights, insights, triggering a welcome!warning

the sifter’s handle fits the hand uncomfortably,
requiring egregious prodigious turnings,
till the flour is silky and manipulative, ready,
pleasure is work, luster need maintenance

you passover, skippering,
a search for the next and the next,
treasured island is constantly on the move,
it’s coordinates require GPS updating

rerouting rerouting rerouting

what does this reveal about you?

there are no simple single path pleasures,
the first bite delight is ultimately worn down,
recalled but not equally fully restored,
so we need, insistent for new thrill pathways
to get to the same old pleasured places

the body acts, the body’s acts, the body’s reacts

familiarity is a  museum collection,
everything human requires updating,
especially essentially by
the imagination’s perpetual swiping
Johnny walker Apr 12
I drove out In my car yesterday oh such a glorious sunny day It
made me glad to be
My darkest days they
have now passed to
much brighter days that
now lay
And I'm no longer afraid
to move on with my life
but never forgetting my
She has helped me with the inspiration she gave me but
can rest In peace for my friend as taken to looking after me and Helen will
know that I'm
The Inspiration Helen's given me has got me thus far she can now rest In peace knowing my
friend Terry Is keeping an eye on me
He left without saying goodbye.
In English, but faster.
So is gone, that, running away,
Knocked the door out of the box.

Entrance door, easy come – easy go,
Quickly beat the crap out and in silence is gone.
Through the wall could also go,
From antennas could basket weave a.

Write four lines.
You want eight?
Want – in the last two lines
Paradox what decide.

You want a couple of paradoxes.
You want three theorems.
Like it or – household issues
Maybe eight or seven.
Khoi-San Mar 13
Evenly poised
for a mere moment
at a tilt in time
equality reigns
Even nature observes the scales of justice
Amanda Mar 9
If I scored you on a numeric scale
You're even higher than a ten
He is barely a four-five at best
You still let him hurt you again and again

You have been trapped in this place too long
Your every thought shaped around him
I think you've had enough of this
Future feels awfully grim

What can I do to make you see
How beautiful you are?
You deserve more than a guy
Who stores your feelings in a jar

I hate seeing you treated this way
What happened to the person who was strong?
Need to see what's not good for you
His arms are not where you belong

You have wasted so much time hurting
Over somebody who does not care
He deserted you after saying
He would always be there

This relationship is not right
Twisted by his bad intent
From the moment he stepped into your life
You knew he would leave a dent

I guess that's the funny thing
Though sometimes you know it won't last
You throw away all your fears
Fall in love, and you fall fast

But he is never going to change
I am sure your other friends agree
You plus him will always equal
A great big catastrophe
Written in 2012 for one of my best friends Brooke because her boyfriend was not treating her right
Kelly Hogan Mar 3
One step forward
Two steps away
From you.
I don't know why we grow apart. Am I different? Are you? I wish I had the answer.
Badshah Khan Mar 1
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) - 63

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

The Life, its kindof a board game,
Ultimate victory and imminent defeat
Are equal to both key players.

Good actions and bad deeds
Both stay morally a key player
May be differing but both are equal.

One who acts smartly he instantly wins
One who doesn't he looses, at the distinct end;
Both stay in same board!

Allah Khair..... Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab - Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
I am British,
But I don’t feel English.
I’ve lived in France for manny years,
But I don’t feel French.
I have traveled to different places,
I can’t seem to find my home.
The truth is,
I do know where it is.
It’s all around me,
Everywhere I go.
The world is my house.
We are all from the same place,
We are all worth the same.
Why does my nationality confines me?
Why does it define me?

To explore the rooms in my house,
I have to ask for permission to enter.
I can’t stay in my kitchen,
As I have be cooking for to long.
I can’t return to my garden,
As I have already been there twice.
I am waiting to see my living room,
But I am still being refused.
I am stuck in my bedroom,
But I want to change rooms.

Stop telling me to go back home.
This is my country,
This is your country,
This is our country.
We should all have the right,
Equally to explore our house,
Without being refused.

Coco 07
I am very new to witting but it has inspired me to express my feelings.
In which I would like to share as maybe it will inspire you to.
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