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Lara 5d
A part of life where you’d like gravity to stop

And just fly away

Decisions are a part of growing up

Sometimes it’s hard to decide
Sometimes it’s easy to decide

Sometimes it’s hard to accept decisions
Or make decisions

Decisions affect your life
Decisions can hurt or make you happy
Or both at the same time

Everybody makes decisions to make their life better or get another chance

After making a decision
You feel freed
But there also is this other feeling that hurts
Make your life better with the decisions you make
Kylee Nov 2019
You change moods like the tides

And I am tethered to an eroding *****

Easily pulled by your waves,

you affect me, darling
Osiria Melody Aug 2019
I am worthless

No one could ever convince me that

I deserve to live

Please read from the bottom to the top.

1st read (top to bottom): I don't want to live anymore.
2nd read (reverse): I'm willing to live and won't let others bring me down, despite being told that I should die.
Yes, I'm doing fine. I felt inspired to write a short reverse poem after reading some online.
A Simillacrum Mar 2019
I can rewire
everything about myself.
I can reshape
every facet to fit your pieces,
but why would I?
I'll tell you. I forget my worth.
Did I ever have worth, anyway?
Did you ever hold it, either,
to be fair. What's anyone worth?

I can rewire
every aspect and affect.
I can reshape
every facet to fit your tropes,
but why would I,
when you don't seem to fit my soul?
Can you ever change that? You can.
I know it full well. I know it first
hand. It hasn't been worth it.

What's the weight of a goodbye,
when tasked to tell someone you love?

What's the weight of a sharp knife,
when used to cut tangential lines?

What's the wait on a goodbye,
when its utterance will free you?
Mary Frances Oct 2018
I get drunk just from
the thoughts of you.
Imagine what will happen
if you'll be close.

This is how you affect me.
Xaela San Aug 2018
I know everything you said to me
It was only meant as a joke
A joke that was not meant to be mine

Yet it was the truth
The truth that I knew
The truth I am experiencing
Deep in my conscience
Where I tried my hardest to keep it hidden to the prying minds

Those jokes;
As it hits me straight to my face
And burns my confidence to the ground

You can call me sensitive or emotional
But believe me I chose not to be affected
And still
The burn remained in my head

Like you said it was all just a joke
It was painful to hear
As it cause my heart to bleed

For the words (joke) you let go came out
From the mouth of the person I dear the most
The person who knows me more than anyone
Is you.
"Bato, bato sa langit ang matamaan masasaktan"
Larry Kotch Jun 2018
I look outside my window and it becomes within.
natures are converging on my behalf,
they’ve been here, the nest, the walls!
They come to end old twos with enchanted grasses,
so that now brass and birds are equal to know,
they sing, in harmony, from far to near,
they constitute the new world that brought you here: My symbiotic woman and creature clear.
I’l stop shouting ‘****** place!’ and ‘fleshless trees...,’ thinking of exotic canopies,
such sublime notions have betrayed this locality, downplayed our bonds,
could have never set me free.

Today, many worlds have travelled from afar, looked up at me,
finally! Joined to make me see.

So I open the window and shout at you: The world is multinatural!
Uneven textures fill my spirit,
dualisms have stopped debating,
silenced by the mind’s web creating.

And in the middle of these new topographies, your face,
coming to a door, made of trees, horses, thoughts and economies.
All histories, cultures and natures here: She is a node of forces,
ambassador of the new continuum and this ecstatic feeling,
an affective vision of a singular healing.
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
As I turn the page
Thousand births and thousand deaths
None affecting me
Aa Harvey May 2018
Never found.

Circle of friends, broken in time;
Hear new words, lost in a rhyme.
Discover truths, before unknown to you.
Want for it all, to have meant something true.
Times passes by, too quickly for two.
Summer is dead and now winter’s in bloom.

Angel tears burn like ash on the ground;
Fading away like a shooting star never found.
Angel tears burn like ash on the ground;
Fading away like a shooting star never found.

And now all I know is I!  Don’t!  Want to go!
All I know is I!  Don’t!  Want to go!
And now all I know is I!  Don’t!  Want to go!
All I know is I!  Don’t!  Want to go!

Like a lightning bolt sent straight from above;
**** on their daisies to **** them off.
Search for love like you are searching for God.
All I know is I will never do enough!  So!

Give me your love; I need your love.
I’ve already given up!
I can no longer go in search of God,
Because I lost my faith and I have fallen out of love.

And now all I know is I!  Don’t!  Want to go!
All I know is I!  Don’t!  Want to go!
And now all I know is I!  Don’t!  Want to go!
All I know is I!  Don’t!  Want to go!

Love is dead and all hope is lost;
I have no faith when it comes to trust.
Love breaks the heart and you can never do enough;
So be never found!  Never found!  Never found in love!

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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