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Your actions
Are like a bold pen.
Never erasable.
Always visible.
think about that before you do something you can never take back
Nylee Feb 2021
Your gravity hit me hard and fast
But mine didn't even touch you
It just repelled out of your axis
And you still keep pulling my strings
I keep falling over my feet
The physic's law won't work for me
The biology and chemistry both
are working against me
affecting just me.
Nikkie Jan 2021
I feel your strong masculine energy every time you cross my path. You systematically shut down all my
defenses, and hide the key esoterically inside your heart.
I’ve felt a new elevation ever since I said that special prayer.
I began to notice this brand-new hue; the color
wasn’t clear to me at first. This feeling is different than
I’m used to, one that I didn’t understand when we first met.

One day I saw an attractive light, which leads to a
mountaintop high above me. Step by step, I climbed your mountain, with deep ravines and steeper valleys.
Some peaks have tried to block my travels, but I am
making my way beyond your hills.
I want to be born all over again, with you my King,
taking my rightful place upon your regal thorn.

Our souls will intertwine, to complete our sacred mission
from God. We have no choice but to take our place, a place of love that feels just like home.

This trigger “affect” is what’s taking place. You’re the truest essence of my answered prayers. This is not of my time, not
of your time, but in God’s very own perfect balance of power.
Dante Rocío Sep 2020
Imagine a young fervent swarthy portrayal,
caramel strong un-clad lady,
yet at touch so “douce” and glued
whilst leaning out
from a window
slender rainy on a balcony too urban
And eyes at digital art
Spin a confession
Of how the watered petals of flowers there
do not explain
The origin or calling of the rain
And that its every end or beginning
In her unbetrayal made swayed
Has actually
since always
been taking
its rightful place.

The world in that fact
does not have,
make relay, sense.

Someone right  on the other side’s
staircase stroll
Would extract their own core
by extending through their ribs own

her beloving so longing and old
that one at last will find it
possessing a too hurtful call.

Head lolled.
Dew owned.
Hereby a painting
The Rain gave me
As my new rightful face.
They will hold it forevermore
As their subject yet bearer.
The chosen laid and left there
Nylee Jul 2020
the world suffers with and without me
all things take shape in the way it was meant to be
my attachment to it could affect only me
it breaks me when I am apart from it
when I am not part of bigger things
and they surround me.

not included in movements
missing out on various moments
loss being heavy on me
and tasting the feeling of envy
I like and dislike this and that
but no one ask me of what I think
every one has thoughts of their own
and things are working out just fine.

a disconnected environment
in a deeply wired mess
nothing works as expected
more or less.
Niharika Jun 2020
Don’t give up

Just talk , don’t give up
Share a thought, make sure ‘tis heard
Lean on as it gives you strength
To bear and sail through the flood

Don’t let the despondency rule your emotions
For every breath you take , there should be no hesitation
A trifling smile can bring much hope
For any being who’s just trying to cope
Though the world is harsh and at times it seems
No one is there to confide and speak
It’s a perception we carry by the night when no one can see what’s in our  plight

Remember the golden rule that in no way it’s uncool
To share and talk with your tongue as a tool
Don’t let imperfections affect the vivacity of a bloom
As each flower responds to a mother’s croon.

........……….                 Niharika
Emotions# share# talk# # affect# imperfection #bloom#confide
Lara May 2020
A part of life where you’d like gravity to stop

And just fly away

Decisions are a part of growing up

Sometimes it’s hard to decide
Sometimes it’s easy to decide

Sometimes it’s hard to accept decisions
Or make decisions

Decisions affect your life
Decisions can hurt or make you happy
Or both at the same time

Everybody makes decisions to make their life better or get another chance

After making a decision
You feel freed
But there also is this other feeling that hurts
Make your life better with the decisions you make
Kylee Nov 2019
You change moods like the tides

And I am tethered to an eroding *****

Easily pulled by your waves,

you affect me, darling
A Simillacrum Mar 2019
I can rewire
everything about myself.
I can reshape
every facet to fit your pieces,
but why would I?
I'll tell you. I forget my worth.
Did I ever have worth, anyway?
Did you ever hold it, either,
to be fair. What's anyone worth?

I can rewire
every aspect and affect.
I can reshape
every facet to fit your tropes,
but why would I,
when you don't seem to fit my soul?
Can you ever change that? You can.
I know it full well. I know it first
hand. It hasn't been worth it.

What's the weight of a goodbye,
when tasked to tell someone you love?

What's the weight of a sharp knife,
when used to cut tangential lines?

What's the wait on a goodbye,
when its utterance will free you?
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