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Irakli Beria Mar 13
Man means himself
It is very similar to the sun...
One is the sun, it is possible to warmer
Second is the sun, global warming may be threatening,
But unlike this sun
You are the land,
This land is possible for the sun
It's functioning...
Nicholas Feb 29
Don’t forget to blink
he told me with a wink
as I drank that drink
and began to think
is he my shrink?
He has my same ink
and he’s wearing the same pink
things are too in sync
what was in that drink?
I need to find a sink
get somewhere where it doesn’t stink
but anywhere I go I find the same link
it has me on the brink
it’s time to rethink
it’s time we fully interlink
Seanathon Jan 23
Seeing he
with you together
The similarities
do not perplex
So much absolve
Me of the truth
That at least in together
you’re with someone
like me
a little bit
Similar Perplexities
Robby Dec 2019
Do you think like me?
Are we the same?
Our issues and confusing thoughts
Addictive personalities
Thriving on love
The thing we hate but crave nonetheless
Adventurous but scared
Scarred and depressed
But refusing to live that way
Could we be kindred?
Scarlet Keiller Sep 2019
The sun is in her eyes as she glides
through the trees, her hair tangled
with ocean, and she is extraordinary.
Looking at her, I am stranded
in that musical way, only a leaf
floating on a wide, wide river.
She swims beneath.
Miles away, I hear the winds reciting
her name, and even in September, she is a summer
watching the rains appear, reappear,
birds flocking in confusion.
I close my eyes and line the pages
with constellations, see the stars murmuring
on her forehead. Gold glimmers
in front of her eyes, my eyes,
and I am no one, nowhere.
thelemonpolice Sep 2019
--I think I have an issue--
That's the problem, this is it

The only thing that's really haunting me, is this strange "what if"

The theory that if my childhood
Was a little more nurturing

That I would not be the same person;
The one that's left soul searching

Well that theory is wrong
I have to say it is quite brave

To admit the only thing that's right there
Standing in the way

Is the belief that I am broken
And I should just be ashamed

Well that belief is wrong
I have to say
That really, I'm okay.

It's hard to hear when friends start talking
About all their family

And while I hush the voice inside that
Compares mine so violently

I must forgive myself
For all the judgement
I readily inflict

But if Im the one that's punishing
Then I'm my own convict

And to be truly okay
There is nothing more to do than stop

Thinking I have had it worse
Than everyone that comes along

Because I don't know their experiences
I haven't been in their skin

And my assumptions about better lives
Will never see me win

I must be grateful for experiences
The ones stuck in my skin

So I'm happy I can think like this
I'm happy I can swim

In shallow waters or the deep end
I can bash around to move

Or I could just allow myself to float
Give into it let lose

I can just be myself and whole
Nothing truly needs to change

Except the idea that I am different;
Us humans all the same.
shatteredpoet Jan 2019
different pigments
doesn't change
the fact
we have the same
different religious beliefs
doesn't change
the fact
we're made of the same elements
different ****** orientations
doesn't change
the fact
we are all human
different social classes
doesn't change
the fact
none if us are
consistently happy
different lifestyles
doesn't change
the fact
we're all imperfect

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