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LC Apr 10
the feelings became an engraved key chain:
its grooves were made just for me.
I hid the key chain in my back pocket,
shielding it from the side eyes,
but when the people saw it,
they took out their own key chains,
and the designs were very similar.
now my key chain is in my hand,
and I show it whenever I want.
#escapril day 8!
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
Vibrations near unison
Result in resonance
Bridges come crumbling down
Creating hiatus on the ravines
Waves beyond the range of sound
Are called ultrasound
To make diagnosis profound
Cure may still not be around
Human relations work around
Similar fashion
As vibrations and ultrasound
Ruheen Aug 2020
It's funny,
how when you read something
and realize that it basically
describes you and is talking
about you
and that there is a person
out there who relates to you,
and yet you still manage
to find a way to convince
yourself that no one
understands you
and you're just being dramatic.
Because this isn't fiction.
It's reality.
But apparently they're pretty similar
Every time I read.
Amy Perry Jul 2020
We stop our faithful car
Halfway between both
National parks
Because the scenery
Was too gorgeous
To quickly forget.
We sit down near a cow fence
And you pick me a flower
And place it in my hair,
And I can tell everything
With you is about the scenery,
The message, the emotion.
You’re an artist that never
Turns away from the canvas.
You never turn off the appreciation,
The evaluating, the creating,
And I want to kiss your
Tired eyes,
The ones that must dream
Exhausting things
All night and day,
And now there are tears in my eyes
And they sting
And it’s because I realize
How draining it must be
To be so beautiful.
You make me realize
How similar we are,
I see myself in you.
Everything to me is poetry.
All the double meaning
And metaphor
Gives me context, gives me life,
Helps me make connections.
It drives me absolutely insane,
Being an artist at heart,
And then in a twist of fate,
That turns out to be
Exactly what you want.
Now we’re weeping
On the side of the road
Somewhere in Idaho,
And you love me,
And I know it,
And it hits me hard for the first time,
And I’m an artist
So I want to feel it all.
And we talk about love
And our fears about death,
How we’ll always be artists -
Me, the mad one, and you,
The sad one, and we laugh,
With tears of every emotion,
And we want to drink them up,
And it’s like time doesn’t exist
On this abandoned highway road
With the unforgettable view,
The unforgettable me,
And the unforgettable you.
One of the first poems I wrote for him.
Lara Jun 2020
Everyone feels different
But deep down we are all similar

Deep down
-Under the sea
-In feelings
-In love
-Full with hate

-everyone just feels-
-everyone connects-
Irakli Beria Mar 2020
Man means himself
It is very similar to the sun...
One is the sun, it is possible to warmer
Second is the sun, global warming may be threatening,
But unlike this sun
You are the land,
This land is possible for the sun
It's functioning...
Nicholas Feb 2020
Don’t forget to blink
he told me with a wink
as I drank that drink
and began to think
is he my shrink?
He has my same ink
and he’s wearing the same pink
things are too in sync
what was in that drink?
I need to find a sink
get somewhere where it doesn’t stink
but anywhere I go I find the same link
it has me on the brink
it’s time to rethink
it’s time we fully interlink
Colm Jan 2020
Seeing he
with you together
The similarities
do not perplex
So much absolve
Me of the truth
That at least in together
you’re with someone
like me
a little bit
Similar Perplexities
Robby Dec 2019
Do you think like me?
Are we the same?
Our issues and confusing thoughts
Addictive personalities
Thriving on love
The thing we hate but crave nonetheless
Adventurous but scared
Scarred and depressed
But refusing to live that way
Could we be kindred?
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