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Nina Oct 4
I knew that I'll lose you someday
And that day
Has already past
It's been 2 weeks
Since i last saw you
And it hurts to know
That we are back to being strangers
And yet
I still keep your photos on my phone
And still smile at them
Knowing how happy i was
During that day
When i was with you
I was so happy
But all i can afford to do now
Is to smile
At those memories
Even though
Its hurting me deeply inside
Taking in breaths
Through the bottom of my feet
In all the places that I landed
Mind overtaken
By all the possibilities
Of things that could've come
Live life in the moment, kids.
Nylee Sep 25
A**** real and reality
I follow the blurred real pictures
Which spiral away from divinity
Cyan Aug 6
Liken lichen to a chimera.
Made one is multiple fungus in the forest.
Take a snapshot with your camera
Of the photosynthetic lycan that crawled
Up the bark of the dogwood flora.
moon Jul 29
i hate how much emotion is held in photographs.
ig // @moondiiary
My pictures in my room are not just for show,
they have way more meaning than you would ever know,
my pictures in my room are memories I wish had last
but now they are only in the past
My pictures in my room are moments ill forever hold
these memories are highlights, these memories are pure gold
however those times have gone away
I have never not missed them to this day
Nina Jul 25
He asked,
"What am I supposed to feel looking at these old photos?"

I guess
i wanted him to never forget those memories
The ones we had together
And how much happiness it has brought me.
But also remember that it's all gone
And i have been ruminating about those times
How deeply sad i am

Maybe you felt nothing
But those pictures,
Brings meaning to me,
Even if you don't feel the same
Dream Fisher Jun 26
If pictures could speak
I've heard they'd say a thousand words
But if the language of them was foreign
Then, to me, it may sound all absurd
Yet, in the sound you could still feel
The tone at which they spoke
Softly serving as a memory
Of the places it did know

If pictures could speak
I would listen through the night
Laughing as the sun came up
Never sleeping but eyes creeping
More closed passing through a morning light.
I would listen to the faded laughter
Of times someone lived to say
Staring at the past, wasting time in present day

If pictures could speak
They may haunt the world I knew
But their secrets I would keep
In the cryptic art that someone drew
They'd never know I heard them
So silent, but still there
Always talking but never realizing anyone cared
Nina Jun 9
Isn't it amazing?
How a picture
Could bring back all the memories from that moment.
Just take a look at the picture
And all the memories come rushes back
All the little details
Let alone videos,
Both stores memories on its own way
Both painful
And happy memories
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