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Neha Sharma Aug 9
People called me
Actually they mispronounced

~your smiling queen :)
Motivating myself to become an achiever.
moke Jul 8
i don’t need it
I’m guessing at wanting
the fingers tracing theirs
eye contact
that will unmake mine
I have finally seen
eyes that look at me
and see me for me

I don’t need it
saying “no” to new
declining politely
invitations to come inside
sly words through wry smiles

I don’t need it
you give me the up and down
a look I’ve seen more lately

I don’t need it
he wanted more

I don’t need it
they ask for my body
but it is mine
and I will choose

I don’t need it.
bk Jul 1
The answer is quite simple really:
You can only love others to the extent
of how much you love yourself.

A little tip: Love yourself first, then
go and love others wildly!
Lilli Sutton Apr 4
Reality like the dull edge of an old knife –
no cuts, just rips. I want to go back
to warm fall nights at the train station.
When I still talked to Audrey and we made lemon bars
and we solved problems with incremental strategies.
We danced in the daylight in the shimmer
of passing trains. Now every time I answer the phone
my heart skips a beat. It’s never who I want.
Like a countdown clock on being okay. Or,
setting fire to a field and fanning the smoke.
Signal coming up from West Virginia –
do I belong to the valleys or the hills?
I’m clawing my way through to reach the desert.
We talk about visiting in such roundabout ways.
Like everything – just close your eyes
and say what you’re feeling. The silence is eating
me away and when it’s finished I’ll be a question:
“do you feel the same?”
Grace Conde Jan 31
Tenebrous days in which it feels as though you will never be happy again; nothing is wrong, but nothing is right. You spend all day switching between uncontrollable crying and complete and utter emotional numbness, feeling stuck in time, as though everything is moving in slow motion. For you are trapped underwater, and all of your energy is put into just keeping your head afloat above the murky water.

Black ink running though your veins, coughing for air, you fear the darkness inside you is contagious. Slowly sinking, ears ringing, muscles aching, bloodshot eyes, your head throbbing every time you blink.

You watch the light dance across the room as the days fade into dusk, closing your eyes, and letting the shadows cover you like a blanket. And you beg, you plead, you pray, that the next breath you take will be your last.
mks Aug 2018
angels try to entice me with visions of heaven
but i keep clawing at the ground to get to hell for you
Yudoni Apr 2018
It's alright, like actually alright,
Take a break from the mthrfkn fight,
Take a breathe, deep, that's right,
The world may try with all its might,
The present, your knowledge, blinds your sight,
Rest your heart, let your mind be light,
Don't take it to heart or it will begin a chain of *****,
Everyone's different, been through different ****,
With different stories, insights and secrets.
It's actually fine, just breathe, focus on your breathing and stare at something small. Like your fingerprints.
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