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Cece Apr 27
My face lights up like a little ******* Christmas when I see you
It's been only day or so but I won’t stop loving you
You make me into a diamond when I feel like a piece of coal
As you shine my day and make me sparkle.

Your smile is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen
As it brings joy to all
it is something that cannot be unseen
Every day you treat me like a queen
As I ascend my throne
You are my king
Nsmith15 Mar 29
Wherever you are,
Whereas you go,
Always be sure to
Forgotten that this poster was on my wall.
To all you amazing writer
Johnny walker Mar 22
Helen always had the sparkle of youth In her eyes a sparkle that always kept her young she never seems to get
When first finding she was
pregnant we came home from the doctors Helen stretched out on the
She was wearing this beautiful black two-piece
suit black tights and matching shoes I sat beside
her I ran my hand over her
Oh how good that felt feeling her legs through
those tights sometimes It's
a simple thing that comes to mind I can still feel that
that sensation even
Helen had that sparkle In
her eyes that you have when you're young she never
lost Ut never seemed to get
Johnny walker Feb 25
Even at 62 Helen she
never lost that sparkle
In her eyes that of when
you're a teenager In
Helen, she never seemed
to grow old she never changed not one bit
she was just like when she was sweet
I know a lot of guys like to
compliment on a lady looks by saying you haven't changed a bit but with Helen, It was absolutely true
She was like Peter pan never grew up she was
always young at heart so beautiful to me she would laugh with Innocents of a schoolgirl
But far from being that In reality, she could be naughty but nice that's what made her so attractive
But oh so pretty and such a wicked sense of humour she was like a naughty nymph when she was sixteen but so
Helen like Peter pan never grew old never lost that sparkle In her eyes
Nathalie Dec 2018
When you are kissed by love

In its sacred form

You can no longer shroud, behind

Any other kind of devotion

You are instantaneously transformed

By the pure sparkle of it

When love draws you out

Its creativity knows no bounds

Your imagination awakens

To the reality that lives

Inside the temple

Of flesh in which you reside

When attraction sees its

Mirror image in another

Where two souls remember

Their shine and purpose

True beauty emerges

And grace is born

When both hearts are open

The energy flows

In peace and harmony

Marvels are everywhere

Clarity becomes crystal clear

And intuition becomes one’s guru

When this new awareness

Is sealed in gratitude

A narration through

The nature of spirit

Unfolds, and through

This seedling, the blossoming occurs.

OpenWorldView Sep 2018
I was blinded, stunned,
by a thousand bright suns.

A star so young and charming
raised my spirit to never known highs.

But the sparkle only lasted moments
for my courage descended into night.
a noble
dap in
Naples note
his fascination
was joint
and drew
the line
with paint
but her
****** will
batch his
tweed jacket
furthest along
the map
that she'd
wed post
modern here
a post modern dap in Italy
Karisa Brown Sep 2018
Her hands came
From sawdust
Burried deep
Hidden caves
Of madness

Her speech
Made no sense
But I knew
I read her lyrics
I could see the stars
Dancing in her eyes

Was a four letter word
**** love tragic
We had to say goodbye

I miss her sparkle touch
And warm hugs before
I closed my doors
Sometimes a heart
Just won't have it
And sometimes it ask for more
Sarah Aug 2018
Once there was a sparkle
Lighten inside of me
It was bright like the beams of the sun
Small as a flame of a candle
But it filled me with light
With hope and love and dreams
It gave me wings when I could not fly
Carried me up and brightened my nights
It was so beautiful, so precious
Too small to be recognized
Then the storm came
Along with demons and beasts
Hatred, grudge, and fear
And they took my sparkle away
Leaving me in endless darkness
And unbearable cold
As they stole my only source of warmth
And now I search
In every face
In every sound and every touch
Trying to light my sparkle again
But dull souls, like wet woods
Can not be inflamed
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