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They easily left in a remorseless goodbye
I tried to forget and seemed to get by

The hardest part of moving on
Is always remembering that they’re gone

Even if they’ve forgotten about me
Feelings can’t be erased nor the memories

Friends stick together and lovers depart
I’ll say I’m better but always feel the spark

With a promising brandish it died on your end
My heart sunk and drowned, trying to pretend

That I felt okay, that I was going through some phase  
Everyone assumed, but it never felt that way

What does it matter, you have a wife and kids
To be trusted and lusted by you  
I’d sacrifice anything to give  
But dreams like that never come true

Happy ever after seems a faraway thing
Effervescent laughter inside two rings

That sparkle on both of your intertwined  hands
How left behind I feel you’ll never understand
I wrote this after listening to right where you left me by Taylor Swift.
MoonFlow Apr 8
O the One brighter than the brightest star!
O the One who talked to the moon above!
O the One whose presence bloomed all the flowers!
O the Beaut One!
O the Belovently Beloved One!
O, Mustafa!
You are the source of sparkle for our illuminating universe.
Your luminosity left the shimmering sea overjoyed.
Your benignity softened the hearts of hard-hearted.
Your nobility had left me breathless.
For how can I describe the indescribable?
unknown Feb 5
I look in the mirror
as i play my shoulder with a blade...
like a violin.
between the blade, I pretend it to be a bow,
and the snow blizzard coming my way.
I see her,
my sparkle.
she so dazzle herself into my life, as another.
I put the bow down;
the violin heals.
the sun comes out,
so tragically,
she disappears.
and once again, alone,
playing my shoulder like a violin,
with the instant regret.
I shall do it again,
waiting yet to seek for another storm
to come in.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
My soul found true love
First second my eyes met yours
Saw that sparkle there
I miss you
Paul Idiaghe Dec 2020
Done, ends stitched in a seam—set
to be worn over yourself.
A stain so bright, you sparkle.
Too far forward to flip. The sipper,
the straw, the soda. Bleeding ink
every blink, but still brimming.
Ripped apart like a rainbow.
A love letter to life still
in the works.

So dead you’re divine.
Only visible in the love-light.
Weird as a plant that bites
the bully, as a phlox
sprouting through sand.
Wingless like wind, fin-less
like a fluid. Lost but
listening to your own heart.
after Sylvia Plath
Prachi Sep 2020
The things termed as coincidence,
Are nothing but magic incidents;
It is what you believe,
That you can live.

Believe and you will find it,
Trust and you will get it;
Who to trust troubles you?
It is no one else but you.

You yourself are magic,
Let things be enigmatic;
Just count on yourself,
Miracle will unleash itself.
The energy of beliefs is powerful.
Alienpoet Sep 2020
Is romantic love a myth?
a gift
staring at me from shop windows
and shopping carts
life has given birth to art
but is art another way to lie
inside the tears I cry
they sparkle like diamond dust in the sun
poetic lies go around they sparkle for everyone...
min Jul 2020
your stained cheeks
tell me you’ve been at
a war last night.
darling, your eyes
still sparkle
even when they’re
beautiful, as always.
Ciara argenziano Jun 2020
My face lights up like a little ******* Christmas when I see you
It's been only day or so but I won’t stop loving you
You make me into a diamond when I feel like a piece of coal
As you shine my day and make me sparkle.

Your smile is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen
As it brings joy to all
it is something that cannot be unseen
Every day you treat me like a queen
As I ascend my throne
You are my king
Lara Jun 2020
My heart is made of stars

They seem so small watched from the earth
But they are big
Living in the universe

Knowing where their place is
and when it’s time to come down to earth

Our heart is full of joy
Full of sparkle
Full of lightness

My heart is made of stars
What about yours?
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