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Samara Reddy May 22
your gunpowder steel
on my sycamore blues
haunted by vanity
on a string just out of reach
escape the perpetual debt
we have to our makers
captive in sun strewn streaks of shade
never to feel the warmth of its gaze
willingly judged by sunburnt noses
for being less than
I just want to sparkle
in the ultraviolence.
Sal AK May 3
A diamond doesn’t sparkle brighter
Or deem low and tame
With or without eyes
That love, admire, or shame.
Stay true to your truth
Watch the world from far
Where they crown the sun
You’re destined a star.
Grace Haak Apr 24
Throw me up against the wall!
Tie me up and let me fall
I hate soft scenes and caressing cheeks
Love isn’t patient nor for the meek
I drown and rise until I fly
Only to sink and sparkle across the sky
You’ll be pleased to know you’re the reason why.
Hamies Apr 8
you were disguised by my lies
that you forgot about the truth laying behind
didn't you see it through my eyes?
that I was blinded by the thought of your outrageous mind?
how did I fall in love with a spark of hope?
I mean, how can so someone hold on to something so tight
when it actually is something
never going to be real?
I may be stupid for reaching out for a spark
as untouchable as ours
but I may never regret the glow of light the moon sacred me with
when I told him about our destined spark
it was magical, wasn't it?
oh, my little spark in the dust
sparkle in the doom
don't let our spark light out

oh dear moon, tell me with whom
I may be
if not with him?
Black blankets above cover the plane
Not much to see
apart from the rain
Lights in the landscape
vary in height
Specks in the sky
as we travel at night

Circles and signs surround from afar
Cats eyes sparkle below in the tar
Stay in your lane as the lights travel past
Red and white blurs
We're moving so fast
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Grace Haak Jan 2
you confuse me.
but that's probably
because my mind
is clouded with
and sprinkled with
champagne stars.
i've been walking
in a fog of feelings
and pushing them
further and further away
with every glass i pour.
it's not fair
to ask someone steady
to walk with someone
so unbalanced
so not ready.
but you like that my
soul is filled with glitter
and i tell myself
that's gotta count for something.
Glenn Currier Dec 2019
It’s a quiet cool twilight
and through the windows I see
elm and pear standing in elegant silhouette
arms and delicate fingers
calmly reach for the sky.
They know not the years’ end is nigh
they remember spring summer and fall
and now they rest in winter’s arms
theirs the wisdom of passing
season unto season
their roots reach down and deepen.

We two are quiet at twilight
yet reaching for the heavens,
but we do know the years we’ve stayed,
more than eighteen thousand days
in the embrace of our love
season unto season
our roots deepen
and reach into our hearts
finding reason upon reason
to learn and grow and mature
millions of minutes step by step to endure.

And breath by breath
she has said yes upon yes
to this man unworthy of the grace
I have found in her voice and her embrace.
In moments of anger and near despair
we crafted a sculpture of care.

We’ve walked through darkness into light
knelt before each other sad and contrite
for our failures and night upon night
we have laid side by side
and together we’ve stayed
conquered our pride
found the divine in each other and beyond
turned tears and fears into a durable bond.

Still her smile melts me
floats me and bolts me
and her lips still thrill and pull me into her fiery orbit.
Even after this long, this woman I cannot resist
and yes, she persists
in her acceptance of this old guy
who can still bring a sparkle to her eye
a chuckle to her voice and a smile to her face.

Here we are at this twilight time
golden and holdin together
and – still – yes, still we rhyme.
Dedicated to my wife, Helen Elizabeth Currier on our 50th wedding anniversary - 12-30-19.
Grace Haak Dec 2019
nostrils flared
can't believe I ever cared
fists clenched
drenched in rage
now on a completely new page
I erupt
but those around
remind me that I am
just a sparkler
not a fire
and so my anger must retire
good riddance
I'll be dancing
dressed in silver
matching the stars
Grace Haak Dec 2019

tinsel wrap
ped around the
christmas tree in the
living room and glass bau
bles hanging from the branch
es with white lights woven in be
tween such a soothing sight to see as
i start my early morning with some pepp
ermint coffee and i just love these december
i just wanted to try a concrete poem
Renee Danes Oct 2019
This is sparkle dolphin town
Everything is glitter now
Lots of lights all up and down
Stay here and there
And sparkle now
I have a sparkle dolphin thing that my bf gave to me... happy fun friday :)
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