Kuvar 1d
We've been decieved  
To worship a Trojan horse
Thinking it is all that matters
The brainy relationship so to say
Between sits and desks
against an innovative innocent board
Trolling Man’s Allegation against ignorance
Depends on statistical ratios
That Trojan horse I refuse to worship
Her name  “Cumulative Grade Point Average
Live not the life that others think you should ;
Live instead the life that you yourself would.
Lesoko 4d
I see myself being who I am
And still reaching for what I can be

I see myself  ready
Ready for obstacles,challenges and mountains that will be moved by faith.

I see myself..
Emily C 4d
I am happy!
But then a little voice comes along
Today is such a
But I'm happy
Ew do you have acne
But I'm hap
Gross your thighs touch
But I'm ha
She didn't shave!
But I'm
Your clothes are so cheap
Do you have an overbite?
Wait. Where did you go?
I'm not good enough.
Then another little voice comes along.
Yes you are
I'm not good
Wow I love your hair
I'm not goo
You a perfect smile
I'm not
I love your shirt
I'm not
Yes you are. We all are good enough.
I'm good enough and happy.
Take that society
We all are amazing human beings
You pour too much, honey
You can give some to your self
Your bones were not meant to be broken apart
And to be given away as a parting gift
and your heart isn’t gonna take itself to sleep
to give way for another heartbeat
to succeed in making more songs for life to be lived
you deserve someone like your self
your lungs collapsed when you breathe
for anyone who needs serenity
you turn your back to your own battles
you were afraid to go home
when home became just a place
and you don’t know what happens next
you tried to cry
but the rivers were enough for you to sleep, so why?
You tried to look at your path
But you carelessly joined a troubled soul
And you waited for the aftermath
You knew.
You live by faith
And how it would lead to a better fate
You tried not to worry about your pain
Learned how to live and love and die in vain
You deserve someone like yourself.
And not someone who broke you apart
Not someone who decided you were too small
For the eyes to see
Never someone who rated your worth with your color and melody
You weren’t gray
Nor the gave the slightest hint of happy
You provided yourself as the safety net
You never had one for yourself.
So, you,
You deserve someone like yourself.
stop searching for others' happiness.
Ashley Kane Mar 13
I really hate those school Cliche groups
The jocks, the skaters the nerds
How did this childish survival ways bleed into our societies heart

I hate the way it sticks into adulthood
How sad as adults we still have this need to be liked and wanted by peers
So much
So desperate are we
That we
Hateful hateful world

I want to see strong wild men in the wind standing tall speaking there minds and saving the abused

stood next to them strong Amazonian woman equal and proud

Intellectual characters being right, debating discussing , RANTING on their soap box next to the argumentative and rebellious types
Sticking it to the man with all their might

I want to see the witty and the bitchy speak up and say there peace
Socking reality and bluntness to you
Bowling over your cliche
And next to them ...
The advocate of the underdog standing  strong
I want you to hear our voices our views our arguments
I want you to stop bending and straighten your spine against the wind of oppression
To enlighten your fire your flame
Soul recharged
Eyes open to the realities and ignorance
To truly take into your conscious brain
The man
The rule
The emperor structure of unfairness of life
Stand against this gale with all your differences
Unique diversities
Proud to be that spark that can only shine like you do
I just want you to be the best you
Angry writing after thinking about some injustices at work - I still get fustrated even in areas where it shouldn’t matter that we are a face fits society in many ways
What is bad?
is it when I get mad?
is it when you give me a slap
or when I just snap
and hate myself after
crying to the repeated sounds of laughter
is it endless hate
or will it be my fate
to recoil from every touch
till it gets too much?
am I bad?
is that why I get so sad?
is it why I hide?
is it why I lie?
is it why I cry?
is it why I want to die?
is it bad that I want to be good?
is it bad that I thought I could?
is it bad that I'm this way?
have I been led astray?
is it bad to be happy?
or will you just slap me?
is it bad that I let you?
is it bad that the things you say are true?
is it bad that I never want to love,
because becoming you is what I'm most afraid of?
PoonWhisper Mar 6
Dastardly and reluctant I have came to speak for the wretched things that have made me weak. Sit silent as I speak, it softly settles as I move to quick retreat.

Bare in all that is me to be the might of examination. If that is so what you please? But also remember you are just as evil and fucked up as me.

I am so quick to want to be worth more when I treat myself less. Intolerably suffocating the idea we should all forget. More or less of a forfeit.

Stranded in solitude of the ever deepening abyss. Complete consciousness in adrift.
So much remorse, so much regret. Who am I?

Where off am if I eventually forget? It seems intangible be it that you are not here. The sound of her voice Start's to disappear. Albeit there seems to be more to this. Than a lost soul and lost mind driting into the abyss. No. There is defiant tendencies that do exist. A reason to run from the part of me I do not want to adress.

I cannot seem to just carry on and forget. It eats at me like locusts latching on to my neck.
So I write to capture the moment to quickly relinquish it. Only you can picture this.

Imagine we are somewhere beautiful. Imagine we were better off than this..?? Imagine I was someone who could offer you advice, someone who has also dealt with this.

Oh wow that sound's great. Yea here is a prescription. This should handle it. By the way this pill gives you the shit's. So you might wanna also take this. Whats this?

Oh this? This is a pill that will offset this. Thats two signatures.
Two pharmaceutical trial drug checks. Well it seems to work I mean other than the nausea or the frequent headaches. It is also free to me because the insurance pay's for it...pays three hundred a month for insurance. Just thought I would add that.

Face yourself alone, find your weaknesses and eradicate them.
Small changes eventually add up to a big change. Start where you are.

Lets network! If you have a talent lets see how we can work together to achieve that. Falcons increase their chances while flying in trio. So it is a fact in many instances that you suceed together greater than you do alone.
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