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Nicole 7d
She walks fragile and intense
Fleeing in flight from those
Terrible, clattering impulses
Telling her constantly
She can't be something wonderful
In this world because of how
Broken she once was.
So easy lost yourself.
So hard to find.
When you in stream of minds. When you're part of wave.
It's easy be someone than be yourself.
It's easy be someone for others eyes.
But inside this streaming you're not the one.
In streaming just a shadows.
You'll find the force to get out.
This metal rod is inside.
You know who you are.
This grain inside of you.
The force inside.
And you'll find yourself again.
You know where's a light.
You know where is exit.
You've been here already a million times.
malluraeh Oct 7
decline the call,
delete the e-mail,
ignore the speech,
ignore the message,
focus on yourself and yourself only
Sunshine Oct 7
when you're feeling better
when the scars have healed
let me know
when I should turn around
when things look brighter
tell me so
when you're done cheating
when the lies about her stop
say it to me
when the bullsh*t is over
when you wanna tell me the story
I'll be over here
when that times come
when we're finally back in reality
that's when we can finally be
honest with ourselves
going through
a lot more than
i usually do rn

Be yourself
Being yourself
More people will
Love you.
Show them honestly
That your 100% real
You get more in
Being myself
I learned to love myself
I learned to put myself first.
Because in the end of that
Only you could do it.
No, one else
Keep on pushing.
Point light source.
Glimpse upon your reality.

Soft-spoken liars,
Emptying their forsaken breath upon battle-scarred ears.

Anticipation of the days to come,
Eases the empty mind;
Drain'd by warfare unseen.

The fight ongoing,
Rough-cracked skin boils in the sun,
Heat-stroked by the anxiety.

Retreat into the shadows,
You poor, blossoming flower.
All you need,
Is partial shade.

Your pastel rare petals will bloom,
With colors that will amaze and astound.

Feed upon the streams that drift by,
And at last you will shine as your heartsongs always knew you could.

Define your own beauty,
And become your very own,
Point light source.

~Robert van Lingen
Chay Oct 4
I know my brain isn't perfect.
There are a lot of things about myself that I'm not brave enough to share yet.
And honestly, that's ok.
My grades don't define me, and they don't decide what I'm capable of
I am a different person than I was before, and I have grown so much.
I am me, and that's the best thing I could be. :)
hey, you're ok. Whatever it is that might be gettin you down, it'll pass over eventually. Read this to yourself, being positive can help more than what you think. You got this. I freaking love you.


They go on and on.

An example of life?

In life, you can only count on yourself.
And when you take out all the
little factors
of your life,
you are the only

Count on yourself. Believe in yourself.

*Note: I've been thinking about prime numbers a lot recently, and so I decided to make something out of it. I know it's not really a poem, but here it is anyways.
I hope you enjoy.
listen to me closely            
I have a lot to say            
please do not talk              
for I am already so distraught    
please give these words some thought
I think that you're crazy                                                            ­      
you drive me insane                                                           ­                 
talking about how I leave you alone                                                          
t­o stand on your own                                                              ­        
do you forget you were the one to leave                                                            ­
you text me at night      
telling me you are not alright
do you forget that neither am I
you hang around the out crowd                                                            ­
but you still don't fit in                                                               ­   
the life that you live in
does not pique my interest
I want to live optimistic
you think you can outlive the oblivion
yet I still love you
you are my best friend
i hate that i cant leave you
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