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Do you always wear your smile like this?
Have you tried it from the side, like this?
You’re the highlight of the show.
Let’s live tonight like we’re myths.
Do you always ride the vibe like this?
Have you ever felt the hype like this?
Be the highlights of the night.
Kiss me through your sunset tears.
I might,
Empty my conscious out,
Invite you to newer heights,
A modest view of the sprites,
I might.
krissie May 31
and then i arose one day, to realize i'd lost myself in time
perhaps i lost who i was because she's no longer here to find
or not lost at all, but found a new home - of this, i'm not certain
dwindling amongst the constellations comprised of all my other versions

but ****, i feel so free, i've found the keys to my own prison
wasted time looking for a better life yet all the while i was livin' it
let your soul live with intention, not in a state of suspension
live your potential that brings your most enlightened peace
live not to bridge the chasms in another soul's journey

put forth more energy to only that which serves you
untangle yourself from that which does not deserve you
don't let your waiting existence be made into a sport
cause one day you'll wake and there'll be nothing left to wait for
Nobody May 6
I often talk to myself,
Asking, screaming y I am the way I am?
Questioning every prayer ever made and Thoughts ever occurred,
And then there comes a point,
Where the decision of ending it all seems the best,
But never found the courage to do so,
I hate myself for making me believe that I am worst thing other person can ever experience,
But I love myself for being able to survive through all of it alone,
I hate myself for all those bad decisions,
But I love myself for holding on to me when no one else did,
I hate myself for being reckless,
But I also love that part of me,
Because I know if I had never hated myself
I would have never known how much I love myself
You're named,
And considered,

Your name,
Needs special,
Khadro Jama Apr 25
It took 28 years
For my mind and body
To fully be in the same setting.
I have grown and experienced life fully.
I have learned the hard way!
You cant Help evolve another when You haven't!
I have been busy with things I have No business
involving myself as Part of my growth.
Thus I have Learned all that my mind allowed!
In my journey,
I learned the true meaning of
Love thy self!
I learned patience.
I learned to really Listen!
I'm still learning that one.
I learned to slow down and take my time.
I learned to accept all my emotions.
I learned to keep an open mind.
I learned to accept yourself wholly  
Be willing to accept others the same way!
I learned never to judge others!
I'm still learning about my empathic self.
I'm still learning the proper way to conduct myself.
I'm Still growing
Still learning more ways to Not only Improve myself
and those around me!!
Educate to better yourself.
The best ally of humanity is Knowledge!
Raven Feels Apr 20
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, not for them for you:]

in your own skin they say

in your own way they say

in your presence they say

but to me in my feels not the exact same

in the self satisfaction I see it

a smile your heart only can beat it

magic for the veins to bleed it

not for others to tolerate it

not for the others to be it nor name it

                                                            ­                  ------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Apr 13
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, no one knows you better than yourself:}

you know inside

you know outside

of yourself fears of the dies

they come to a fatal end they cry

letters on night candles lit

not even legal to spit

not sure if I can handle this not a bit

a mad house on the blacks

on dug wholes on the ***** slacks

problem with dignity

pride on admitting the consequences of this troubled malignity

The crowd always controls you
and you will feel lonely
because you do not know who you are.
Indonesia, 12th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
deadhead Apr 11
you cannot blame
others for the way you are.
you're the one that's
been creating your
character, after all.
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