Jeckymoy 15h

Your 'singkit' eyes
compliment your beautiful 'lashes.
Your not-so-chubby cheeks
lingers with your beautiful smile.
Your pale, imperfect skin
unquestionably goes with your long black hair.
Your calm, delighting voice
makes me want to love.

Don't ever change yourself my Darling because your symphony is already perfectly synched.

She's beautiful in every way. Anyone who says otherwise must be dellusional.
Ramsha 2d

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it.

There similar in their own different ways.

Both have anger and trust issues.

They can explode at any moment and I’d be stuck there trying to help them.

Why is it that I take the responsibility to help calm someone down.

It’s like it’s my job to do so.

I hate the fact that both pull me in with full force.

Why is it that I go to the trouble ones.

It never does me good.

What if, the secrets and answers lie in me?
I love myself,
I find myself,
And become enough for my own self.
No heaviness, no sadness, no ambiguous questions, no self-inflicted madness, no what if's, no imagining scenarios, no feeding sugar to my thoughts, no harm in being alone with my feelings.
What if, I am my sole saviour?
I would have to do nothing but redeem myself, because I should, because it's the law of the jungle - I get my own prey, I am my own alpha wolf, I lead my own pack.

- LynnAA

// It is all about choices.


Oh, for we are not taught to love oneself,
But we love others much more savagely.
We do not see the goodness in our self,
loving flaws of others passionately.
Instead of loving our beaten up soul,
We trust others with our weak, battered heart.
When Caring for others makes us feel whole;      
to care for oneself will tear us apart.
People will leave but we are our only-
constant; here, even if we do not wish
Even with our constant, we are lonely.
Destruction- loving and not, we perish
Finally knowing to stay on alert.
It's funny how we always end up hurt.

a very rough draft. A sonnet about love
Aidan A May 13

Learn to love,
Yourself before
You learn to love
Somebody else

And be the love
You feel and not
The love that
You would sell

In flaw, calls change
If will remains -
In fear,
Find strength yet again

Don't reach for those
Who let the door close
You'll meet them
Once again
In the end

Find yourself,
And find the friends
Who made you,
Who you are again

Love and feel,
Or hate and repeal
But act on just
What is real

Be and let be,
Leave memory
But more importantly
Make yourself free

And none had you lost,
But all could see
None made you fall,
As did she

Rise like before,
As love does adore
The soul that would try
Just once more

Learn to love
Yourself before
You learn to love
Somebody else

Live, dont regret
Don't forget
Who you are
Get set,
You will go far.

she was so focused on figuring out the flaws of people
she forgot to look for the strengths
the good
so she was left thinking
people ultimately are only a mess
but yet she was never able to see
and take a step back to figure out
we are all a mess
but together
we are an artwork

Pasha May 8

Its really naive
That i was thinking about
Knowing you so well
And the slightest change didnt mean anything to me

But sometimes knowing someone doesnt meant anything.
People change

Its silly for me
When we first met I thought that
I have known you for a long time
That you are not someone to me
You were something

Something that made me wake up at night and feeling that i must have you

But, some day I woke up at night thinking i will never be good enough.

Bu maybe I shouldnt romantize someone who didnt love me back.

And love myself more.
Know myself more.
More than knowing and understanding anyone else.

Your colored flags wave in the breeze, and with them flutters my
beating heart.

Your cacophonic symphony rings in my ears, and with it sing the
thoughts in my head.

Your smells tug me in every which direction, and flavors dance
upon my tongue.

Your trottoirs are filled with a million eyes — with men, women,
children of different creed and color. They are them, and I am I, and
together we stride forward.

Oh! What have you done with me, Atlanta?
I was only a lonely, aimless cloud drifting after your twinkling

Autumn Fyre May 2

When you start something
And you never quit
When you set a goal
And you work towards it
When you have a dream
But it’s counterfeit

When you try so hard
And you still fall down
When you get back up
And you look around
So you then realize
You’re in the background

When your eyes open
And you see the lie
When you feel so hurt
And you want to cry
When you be yourself
You suddenly fly!

Who cares if they hate
So filled with critique
You make no mistakes
Because you’re unique

I wrote this about a year ago. Originally it was supposed to be a song. Probably one of my best poems so far, though my english teacher had /nothing/ good to say about it.
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