Darling, why do you care what they think?
DON'T, they don't matter
if they did
they wouldn't mind

Viany 6d

You my friend are not a cemetery
thus, stop opening your arms
to those who are only
looking for a place to
rest their weary bones
love yourself—
it is the only way
we could ever

Naked I am when I write these words
I cast them on a screen

Hoping they find my readers ears
Cast out all of their fears
As they drown from all of their tears

This is just me and my words
I fear nothing but your ignorance
I pray for grace and forgiveness
My life once clean
Now a mess from unconfessed sins
I confess my insecurity
To the one who hopes the best for me

If you are to judge me
at least look into my words
And tell me you have never felt like me before
Your heart on the floor
Walked on by others who are more insecure

If you feel my pain
These words are now your words too

Lady Luna Aug 10

Hair made of water,
eyes of ice,
heart a flooded river,
hands like knives.

Mind like a glacier,
legs like the skies,
feet made of feathers,
arms of branches, reaching new heights.

Why be anyone else?
When you're more beautiful being yourself.

Just a really random thought in my head.
Jane Aug 3

We're all actors.
Lying is at the core of it.

Lying to mask the extremes of our emotional spectrum.
                   A mask can be whatever it is you chose.
The comedian? The artist? The leader? The emotional?
                   You can be whatever it is you choose.  

"Be yourself."
My question is, which one?

Dan Aug 2

You are the light
In the darkest places in my mind

You are the breeze
on the back of my shoulders

You make minutes seem like the days
I would spend in bed all day waiting for the sun to guide me to the clouds

They told me I was beautiful...
But they were just programmed to say it

You. You told me.
And I belived every honest word that fell from your lips.

Because you taught me what it meant to love myself.

Just thoughts and ideas. I am trying to get better at the "show, don't tell" protion of creative writing. Any constructive criticism is welcome!
Ada Harris Aug 1

These eyes
An aspiration to see my way through life, objectively
These lips
A hope for clear and concise communication,
These hands
A desire to create, work and play,
These hips
A reminder of the feminine soul that encompasses,
These legs
A means of keeping me as a mover and shaker,
These Feet
A balance that helps me to remain grounded, even when foundations shift.

Atul Kaushal Aug 1

Wait, if you are mature enough for that.
Love the dream of a beautiful future mate.
Work, on your health and even your career.
Love yourself to be loved by someone else.

My HP Poem #1647
©Atul Kaushal
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