Turn your face and look away,
Ignore the hate, embrace the pain.
Find your strength and hold it close,
They don’t see it and never will know.

Find yourself among the trees,
Love your patterns like its leaves.
Know perfection isn’t an option,
But still strive for what you’ve always wanted.

Find your way through life’s windy paths,
Refuse to give into its continuous wrath.
Ignore where you are and don’t look around,
If there’s something to notice there’s always a sound.

Don’t look at your shoes and how dirty they are,
Notice where you’re standing and how far you’ve gone.
Focus on you and nobody else,
Forget all the products, forget all the wealth.

This is your life, so live every moment,
Love every breath and let yourself hold it.
Dith the anxiety and let the world do its work.
Fear will always exist but deny its fierce burn.

Find your patterns among the trees...
Morning 2d

You remember that one time... You remember? When you were alone in that one place, with that little bottle,
it was half full. You remember?
I was there as you cried alone in that dark room whispering, "You have no meaning here in this life".
One By One they entered you but if you truly wanted to die, you would have taken hand fulls.  
You remember.
And as much as I hate you, I don't really want to see you go. Our life is fun sometimes, don't you know.
So once again,
I save us...

Yes, I know you really want to go but if there is a GOD, she'll see your pain and take you home.

For being right.
For knowing more than you are expected to know,
For doing what is right.
For knowing who you are,
For knowing your worth.
For taking pride in your being,
For not being ignorant.
For being innocent,
For holding on to your beliefs,
For being hopeful and having faith.
For being loyal.
For being different.
For being an introvert,
For being an extrovert,
For being an ambivert.
For not being understood.
For choosing your own path.
For being your own best friend.
For loving yourself.
For leaving behind things and people for your own good.
For choosing to put yourself first.
For listening to yourself.
For being a woman,
For being a man.
For crying.
For believing you deserve the best.
For accepting who you are.
For being a cheerful person,
For being a quiet person.
For being beautiful,
For being confident.
For being realistic.
For being optimistic.
For being blessed.
For making yourself happy,
For taking yourself seriously.
For loving someone.
For being a human being.

If it is who you are,the only person to be sorry is the one trying to change you.

Your much bigger than
My palm sized sphere
Mixed with many meanings
But you have your breaking
And your reasons to let go
So easily dissolved
For everyone else's satisfaction
And not your own


Natalie Jan 4

Have you written that letter yet?
You naive soul, do you know the first thing about apologizing?

For singeing your eyelashes every time you relight a cigarette that's burned too far down
because you can't keep anything ablaze for too long
Letting the ashes fall off the edge and dust your floor and burn through your jeans and scorch your car doors
Putting the flame out on your neck so no one else has to leave their mark anymore
Because you're still blackened from the last person who charred you

Did you apologize yet?
For letting tequila run your mouth so you don't need to
And leaving slurred words hanging from your drunken lips
that propose no substance other than the poison you fill yourself with
Don't you know how to apologize?

You've put so much love into another body that you've forgotten to love your own
You are a garden that let weeds infest themselves in your home
You have branches in your build that tear through your fingers when they're overgrown
And their thorns rip your arms and the roots replace your bones
But have you even said you're sorry?

You're broken and you're beaten and you're bruised
You think you're nothing more than what he made you feel in that blackened  room
He may rinse the bloodstains from your bed sheets
He might wash the sins from your allure
He can hold your crying face in his palms tonight, but honey, he can't be your cure

Have you written that letter yet?

For pulling at your naked sides and thinking, "This is as good as it's going to get"
You've found more comfort in your vessel than you've found in accepting it
And you're still suffering the repercussions of the last blade you bit
Telling yourself, "I'll quit, I'll quit" but two things cannot stay together if they never fit
to begin with

have you done it yet?

Have you forced your brain to stand in front of your body, and say through muffled cries, "You never deserved what I put you through"?
Write out the apology now
Sign it in the blood you drew
Mail it with the dead branches in your framework you outgrew
I know you're broken and beaten and bruised
But you're so much more than what you feel alone in this room

Have you said you're sorry to yourself yet?

To be stronger
Than you think you are
Day by day
You’ll be stronger
Than the day before

This is how strength is born


never been left
how could you
write me wrong

dangling off the cleft
how could you
this has

love was
glass candles

my heart sewn
seamstess' vandle

harping in dreams
that's all

how could
we say
never been left


answers accepted

Sometimes, the people who make
The best actors work at
High salary jobs, usually
Being a "too good to be true" success,
Forget about being who you are,
And you can make a whole lot,
But you lose a part of yourself
In the process...

Who cares! It was all worth it,
Hunny bunny!

I'm not dissing high salary jobs, just said sometimes, it's not always truth the job makes one forget the self, but when it is it can be very wrong indeed.
Akshay Dec 2017

I guess it's true,
When you're in love with you,
The true love will find you.

That's the secret everyone should try to implement.
Lizzie Dec 2017

i cried for a good two weeks
after the main incident
i had told you i was sad
but i never told you what else
i had let happen

i stopped eating and
i stopped trying to breathe


the body won't let you stop
breathing, your body knows
you are a holy temple,
made to love but also to
be loved.

i was made to love you.
but i was also made to be loved.

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