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Yemaya Jul 14
Each pound gained
my stake in 'pretty' waned
in societies tiny frame
of what's pretty
and what is shamed.
Sometimes I convince myself my worth is based on the scale, but if I lost twenty pounds that would not make me twenty pounds 'prettier', and appearance does not define you.
Yemaya Apr 15
Why do souls
care for their cages?
Leah Carr Jan 23
Look at their arms
Have you seen their arms?
Their arms are lacerated and covered in scars
They can feel the pain shooting up from every single wound
It's agony

Look at their hands
Have you seen their hands?!
Their hands are small and scarred
Everyone who sees their hands,
Knows they are in pain

Look at their face
Have you seen their face?
Their face is pale
Black bags below their eyes
Which are staring into space

Look at their arms
Look at their hands
Look at their face

Then look away

Then look back

Like everybody else does
Broken Pieces Mar 2021
You see her walking through the halls,
You don't see how she put up her walls.

If you see her at home in her room,
You can see the cuts that begin to bloom.

She's good at putting up the public smile,
You'd never understand why she goes through the trial.

She seems to always be with the stars,
But that's only because you've never seen the scars.
Katie Feb 2021
Nobody loves
The fat girl.

Nobody loves
Stretch marks and body rolls,
Double chins and chubby cheeks.

Nobody loves
The 5'5" average,
130 at lightest, 170 at heaviest.

Nobody loves
L or XL shirts,
Size 12 skinny jeans.

Nobody loves
The ugly girl.

Nobody loves
Old scars and open scabs,
Acne and moles.

Nobody loves
Frizzy hair and unshaven legs,
Chewed nails and chapped lips.

Nobody loves
No makeup or concealer,
Maybe lipstick on a good day.

Nobody loves
The outcast.

Nobody loves
Socially awkward,
Happiest when alone.

Nobody loves
Religion and politics,
Outspoken and blunt.

Nobody loves
Outdated interests,
Stimming and rambling.

Nobody loves
A girl like me.

And I think I understand why.
If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that nobody loves a girl with more flaws than benefits. I am a flawed girl, and it's all I'll ever be.
Maria Mitea Nov 2020
I feel your shivers nestling inside me,
I feel the trace of your embrace, I want to cry
In the midst of old dreams, I wonder
And I don't wonder, I run, and I don't run,
Why are you coming to me, why, appearance?

Your breath touches my living hand
My shy breath clings to your whisper,
Sitting at the table, asleep to the mystery
You love, and your love loves the white paper
That comes to your mind like a blink.

We meet în the same thought, on the same line,
On the same letter, the eager thought urges
Dance, go inside her, invite her to dance,
We embrace in the same word, in oblivion
You invite me to admire you, I want to love you.

I'm in a hurry, your words caress me familiarly,
You were so close to me, gentle wind,
I wonder why I haven't seen you then,
When I was beside you, right across the river
Serene view, I see you rising in me, I wonder,

Are you a poetic fantasy of yesterday or today?
Are you waking me up from the waiting dream?
For an eternity, I close my eyes and find you
On the same line, in the same word, in tumult
We dance the appearance in the same breath.
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