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Tsunami Aug 12
make an appearance
before the
so will you.
i was 17 when i wrote this
She was more than her skin color. She was more than her features. She was more than just her appearance. It was about her soul. It was about her pure heart. It was about her mind. It was about her passions. It was about the beauty of who she was and what she did. It wasn’t just about intimacy or appearance. It was about her moral beauty more than physical beauty. It was about exploring the depths that made her who she is. She’s the one you could explore the corners of your mind, the one you get lost with during deep and soul enriching talks. She was more than just her skin, she was the ocean. She was a Kalon –  beauty that is more than skin deep. And only the ones who who look beyond skin deep will see her for who she really is.
M Solav Jul 16
I wanna make it simple
But it ain't
Though it is.

I thought it'd be easier
If I stopped
But I kept going.

I tried to correct the course
But no excuse
Could be admitted.

So I keep on writing
Just to seem
Like I knew it all along.
Written in July 2019
One face looks out from his eyes, a pure reflection of his deepest desire.
Flawed skin, unkempt hair, thick thighs - he sees her every flaw and accepts  them.
Every scar and freckle, every strand of frizzy hair, every single stretch mark that appears, he sees everything, and still he worships her.
The clumsy way she walks.
The way she sings too loudly with the radio.
The sparkle in her eye every time she sees a dog,
He sees her, and he loves her.
Her flaws become his obsession
And no matter how she appears to the world,
To him, she is nothing but perfection.
Amelia Apr 11
My hand trembles
at the sight I see before me.

My face damaged
from the expectations of society.

My body bruised and scarred
from every ounce of derision inflicted upon me.

Not only is it a corruption of appearance,
but a corruption of the soul.
Johannah Jeanty Jul 2018
I'll make you look pretty
I will make beautiful
You just have to use me
Just by that, I'll make you full

I will hide your empty,
I'll put on an illusion
Overuse'll become healthy
Incomplete? Then I'll make you done

I'm the perfect finish
I'm the cherry on top
Start with me, I promise you,
You won't want to stop.
I'm the creme de la creme
I will make you ENOUGH.

Cover up
Apply emotional makeup.
Lewis Hyden Mar 24
His new jacket,
Hot off the hot-sale shelves.
Strangely decadent - in the
Personal sense - yet straight,
Reserved, almost classy.
An honest facade, clean-cut

Hides within itself
A rich tapestry of ambiguity.
The lemur paws a jungle-vine,
From whence hangs a
Broad-winged and exotic bloom,
Rich with the complexity of a man

Whose aspect is honesty,
Simple integrity; but whose
Inner workings are ever more vivid
And complex, like the lush petals
Sewn through the lining of
His new jacket.
© Lewis Hyden, 2019
megan Feb 26
its hard to despise your reflection
when you refuse to accept less than perfection
and when you wake up everyday feeling as if you have failed.

its hard to fight against your body for control
as melancholy takes over your soul
as you slowly lose your mind.
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