George Krokos Dec 2018
Like a reflected shadow appearance and deception
is really this endless universe of ***'s conception.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Jo Barber Dec 2018
Pictures of me
never look like me.

I'm short and stout,
like a kettle,
ready to pour tea out.
Like a Schiele painting,
skin yellowed, body distorted.
There's a strange beauty in it,
but it takes the right painter to realize it.
Left alone, my body and face
remain simple, unattached, unintelligent,

Do I look as empty as I feel?
Seanathon Nov 2018
Looking at an author

It’s in the cheekbones
Below the eyes
Beneath the subtle shades of truth
It lies
To hide the self
Hiding itself
Yet worlds
Worlds are presented as such
So as to think
That they reside inside

And sometimes they do
Who? A girl named door of course.
Carter Ginter Oct 2018
As I picture myself in the future
Through years of HRT
Small glimmers of excitement
Reflect off the walls of my heart
I rarely feel excitement these days
So this instance is important
I picture ****** hair and muscles
A deepened voice ands flat chest
The physical changes excite me
It's the social ones that scare me
I cannot imagine having male privilege
I cannot imagine not feeling objectified
I cannot imagine being read as a man
I was raised in a position of oppression
I am constantly stared at and made into
Nothing more than the prospect of my *******
And yet,
One day,
It will no longer be that way
I'll just look like a basic white boy
And they'll have no idea
Except that I will not stay silent
I will not hide in the shadows
I am transmasculine and nonbinary
And I refuse to remain invisible
Anya Oct 2018
Throwback to middle school
We were dorks
Who didn’t care

We do
And they try
I don’t

There’s all that
“The best smile is natural”   But people
Still wear it
Even when they         Preache

There’s nothing wrong
Highlights certain
Gives a new look

And aesthetics
Are valued
In our

Is it I sign
Of insecurity if it’s
Worn every day?

Or is it just like
Wear whatever
You want
And shape your

I don’t
Want to judge
I don’t mean
To judge
There’s no need
To judge

They only reason
I don’t wear
It is

Is it really though?
Or is it,
That I don’t care?

Our society has
An obsession     With

Which one matters more?
I guess...
It’s up to the
Elizabeth Zenk Oct 2018
her body was a prison, she could not escape from.
a life sentence of hideousness.
each mark on her body perpetuating her to
spin and whirl
and dizzier and dizzier and dizzier she got.
even though she was sickened by this feeling,
at least she couldn't focus on the all things she hated about herself.
at least nausea distracted her from her hideous face.
shayna Oct 2018
hurts. to feel alone in a class
that's crowded / loud. when the
teacher comes and asks you
why you're sitting alone in a
swarm of students, you say
'there was no space, it's okay.'
you keep telling lies.
you don't trust yourself
enough not to cry, so you don't
open your mouth at all.
best that way / mistaken for shy.
hi!! thanks for stopping by this poem. i'm new to poetry & hepo, so any feedback (constructive criticism preferably) is appreciated:)
japheth Sep 2018
i envy
the mirror
for always being
the first
and last
to see all of you;

how mesmerizing your smile is,
how dreamy your eyes are,
how the curves of your body
create slopes not even
the most beautiful mountains
could compare,

i wish i could see it all.

but unlike the mirror,

you can hear the words coming out of my mouth,
you can feel my embrace as i caress your skin
as if it were a vintage vase,
i could say something funny and then your smile will just effortlessly come out.


the mirror should envy me;

for i could
and feel,
the beauty
that is you.
been a long time since i wrote. but im getting back. now to more exercises!
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