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fawaz Oct 11
Can we please fall asleep together,
Just for tonight?
And then be sad and hurt for the rest of our life?
Can we switch off our phones and be significantly quiet?

Can you please belong to me for just this long night?
I promise to never let you go
Can you please belong to me for just this lifetime?
Poetic T Oct 7
Life is not wealth but

For wealth can easily be lost.

   But moments always last a lifetime.
J Oct 7
Indeed, she’s a
shooting star;
fleeting, cutting
through the
night sky.

What joy to
have seen
such fire.
What misery
to know she
will never
be mine.
Dreams don't often
Come true but the
Day I met you
My dreams came true
Because I fell in love
With you.
My True Dreams 💝
Carlo C Gomez Sep 12
I begin anew
I begin with you

You are my isthmus
You are my tombolo

You connect me
You ground me

To this place
To this duration

One heart
One love
"Catalina" means a girl that makes you realize how amazing life is, and how every day prior to meeting her, seemed like a day wasted.
He wakes everyday and respire
Grateful yearly as calendars expire
He shouts glory for the end of December
But his time is passing away like a burning ember

He wails at the demise of the older
Forgetting about the stranger waiting to enter
His lifetime flying away like an eagle
But he finds solace in the company of his people

Up his sleeves are so many agenda
His average weight being seventy complete calendars
Each year his grave beckons,
But the calendar man fails to reckon

His whole being senescence,
He envisions his own absence,
He wallows in ill health
Edging closer to his last breath
mjad Sep 6
So much love within
Fingertips glide over my skin
Hands on my sides
While meeting my insides
Entire body shivers
With the way you deliver
Eyes roll back again
Over the way you have me bend
One night is never enough with you
I want an entire lifetime, or two
killian Aug 28
Oh, life like it used to be...
It used to be life-like.
I loved like the loved I’m supposed to be...
I’m supposed to be loved, right?

Still when I wake up I will be
surprised that i'm still alive.
I can't still the movement in my psyche
enough to paint a still life...

How can I paint a painting of significant realism
if I don't even feel real, even in the times that I kissed 'em?
How can I feel alive if my dreams make more sense?
My senses stronger, dreaming harder, and more innocence...

Oh, life like it used to be...
It used to be life-like.
I loved like the loved I’m supposed to be...
I’m supposed to be loved, right?

Oh, lifelines will never save me
I've paved out my life time
I loved well and, well, he loved me
At least he loved me, right?
wabisabichii Aug 23
sweet and mellow
she once was
no bitterness within her
at least that's what they thought

as young as the night
as free as she seemed
only one in her lifetime
she had lived what she dreamed

the sun was her scent
the stars were her eyes
the moon was her bloom
she was one of a kind

her touch so warm
it made their hearts melt
her words of white lies
made them feel what they never felt

sweet and mellow
as she always had been
was there loneliness within her?
she hid it well in her skin

and as young as the night
though as free as she seemed
only once in her lifetime
had she lived what she dreamed
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