Dasha Apr 24

I wonder why I think of nothing when I am travelling...
I hear voices of people, but no sounds of my own.
No whisper, breath or heartbeat sounds,
I only dream..A dream made out of icy clouds.
And there is, I hear voice of a little girl

Nun! Nun!
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Banana who?
Banana peel
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Doctor who?
You said it...

She kept making these silly jokes and even I smiled as I heard them...
She kept asking her parents and nun to answer her 'knock in the door'.
She reminded me of someone,
As she kept annoying them more.
I blocked out for quite a while staring somewhere far,
She reminded me of someone...
I guess once I was just like her...
I was just like that girl you heard,
I was this, little, silly kid
Making jokes, laughing all day long.
Blurry face with no care at all.

What about now? Would you like to know?
I am buried now, buried in routine...
Every day's the same, passing by so fast
Yesterday was spring,
And today is gone...

What about now? You don't want to know...
You are growing old, missing out youth
Yesterday was warm, but today is snow
Every year's the same,
It fades out slow....

Steve Page Mar 22

Father is a verb
It's not a noun to be worn like some crown
It's not an honorific
It's a doing word beyond what you do with your dick
It's not some name that you automatically deserve
Believe me, fathering is a lifetime of a verb

Fathering is important. And it's a lifelong job.
Aaron LA Lux Mar 18

Ride of Our Lives

Old Habits die heard,
Good Morals live long,
if it’s written it’s poem,
if it’s sang it’s song,

hold strong,
at the same time be ready to let go,
can’t escape our own cliches,
no matter how far we go,

see how the rhythm that’s written is muse,
well imagine the passion of being trapped in something as strong as you,

hold strong,
at the same time be ready to let go,
can’t escape our own cliches,
no matter how far we go,

and we go,
from the ends of the Earth,
to the beginning of a New World,

escuse me,
no excuses you see regret is useless,
you been gay,
I mean gay happy not gay like cabooses,

toodle loo kid,
I’m off,

outta here without delay no hinderances in my way,

the final frontier,

likely rightly or wrongly honestly we both must admit that we’re weird,

see the way I see it,
Old Habits die hard,
and I’m from Hollywood baby,
so everything’s a reference even Die Hard,

no Bruce,
know his daughter Rue though,
I mean I know Bruce,
and I know his daughter too though,

and they’re both real cool so kudos,

life in the Fast Lane most are toast because they move too slow

see these genius genes,
are not the type that just any one can wear,
custom fitted carefully knitted no lease on this fleece,
I own it indeed like I do when I’m out and I see the humans stare,

were we,

don’t want to get too off track I’ve got a habit for that,
and Old Habits die heard so I just got to the pool to relax,

how do you calm a heart that beats at the tempo of our times,
in sync won’t sink in stormy seas we ride as we ebb and flow with the tides,

and honestly Good Morals live long and Bad Habits die hard,

but either way we ride through the Times because this is the Ride of Our Lives…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

One lifetime is enough;
how long is a lifetime?
Do I measure from the day
of birth?
Or do I measure from the day
of rebirth?
I have been born again,
without ever dying.
I have been at the end of my rope,
where I gave up all ego;
all possibility of loss or gain.
I had it all and lost it all,
and yet found it was there
all along
inside of my heart and soul.
I found my unity;
my individuality is just
the most fragmented aspect
of that unity.
I found my purpose;
what I intend to do
and have set out to do
within this one
I intend to use my intention.
To be visionary and practical,
I intend to have the pure
and loving intention
that I can generate and purify and trust
only in myself.
I intend to do so
during this one lifetime,
and hopefully in each
of the next.
there is one thing
that I strive for
in this one lifetime;
the true happiness
of those around me.
The true happiness
of the united aspect
of all.

Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq
Meg Howell Feb 17

A contradiction.
An anomaly.
Representing everything I am and everything I want to be.
My passion in the afternoon, followed by my silence in the evening.
It'd take you a lifetime to understand me.

Anika Abith Jan 9

I know, our Hearts are long miles apart
but still I hope
you'd peep through the window
to my room, where we once shared warm nights.
I know, our minds soared with the new winds
but still I wish
you'd turn and look to see me alone
in the park, where we once walked hand in hand
I know,Our Love Story is to an end
but still I want.... no, need
you to gaze at me once,
smile at me once,
at least,gimme an angry look,
Still, I'll be happy- 'coz
I know I'd see a glimpse of Love
in your eyes - 'coz- you do,
you do love me like hell...
Or at least, the one time I could meet your eyes
is enough for my heart to live
A Lifetime....

"I don't care how hard being together is, nothing is worse than being apart...  "                                                -Starcrossed (Josephine Angelini)
harlon rivers Dec 2016

We can wait a lifetime
and never be certain

never taking that first step
that leads to a journey
of a thousand miles

arm’s length stands
just a step away…
Suspended with bated breath
at the  daunting crossroad’s  cusp

the sun yawns and vanishes,
stealing away the unused shine
abandoning its thrown shadows
yielding to the repose of night

aspect bemoans atrophy
the trepidation of failure
weighs heavy on the threshold,  
knowing all the while,
without stepping through,
life is just a step away…                                                        .

05. 29. 2013― © harlon rivers ... all rights reserved
Alan S Bailey Dec 2016

What does it all mean?
Is there a future life?
Why do I dream?

Every day that the world spins and turns,
Gray hairs mean we are all getting old,
So many recollections of the past
For which the heart yearns.
Life is so important, no one wants
To die, but in the end you're with
Everyone else breathing for the last time,
Why is this depressing? It's simply the truth,
I felt so invincible in the years of my
Happy youth. Who knows what tomorrow brings,
Where you can find precious things
Diamond rings
Time is running out
'Til the big bell finally rings
And the fat lady sings...

Who knows if there is anything
Real that even a possible
Future lifetime brings.

Zelle Nov 2016

Choosing me
means embracing death
A single moment with me
is a thousand steps closer to your death

and yet
Su, he chose to embrace me
he choose death

and what saddens me
is that

What was a lifetime for him
was just but a moment for me

This poem was inspired by the webtoon called "seasons of su". It is a story of a woman that picked up a baby. But this baby was not ordinary since he grows so fast. The baby's name was Su
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