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Jeremy Betts Jun 19
I took a quarter of a lifetime to create
Boundaries with an impenetrable gate
That I could fall back to at a later date
Who knew I wouldn't have to wait
Because as soon as I challenged fate
And tried to break this family trait
And shift from the pattern of self hate
To a more beneficial internal way to associate
I was lead to and left in this mental state
No trial, no debate
Forced with the threat of death to participate
And that safe place, it began to deteriorate
As the darkness started to manipulate
Causing my stronghold to mutate
At an astonishing rate
'Till now I just feel like an inmate

Jeremy Betts Jun 1
Trust might be the hardest thing ever to recover
Whether mother, father, sister, brother
Grandfather, grandmother or casual lover
The lies and deception can take a lifetime to uncover
Other times it can be right there, in your face, front and center
Something you'll regret to ignore
And these actions hardly ever, mostly never, affect the perpetrator
But they literally **** off an innocence and should be charged with ******
Instead they get to go live a good life type of forever
While I get blamed for trust issues that I have no control over

Ostef Jan 28
love me
I promise you will live forever
I am an artist and you are my distant muse
my art is timeless because it's sprouted from our love
as long as someone keeps reading, we will be alive

I know you are my muse, and I have met you in every life time
but this life time is the closest we have ever been
yet we are still not close enough
but maybe
just maybe...
in the next one
at last we will be united
the circle will be complete
my heart will rest
but for now just continue loving me
and I will continue waiting
right person wrong time
Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
When I say I care little about you
Please know it's the absolute full amount of truth
I hate that I can't scream it at you
Won't forget all you put us through
Just another father on paper, a DAD tattoo
I swore it wouldn't be a preview
Now I look in the mirror and take a swing at you
I try to break through to this other dimension too pull you through
Take back a lifetime that doesn't belong to you
Do my best too squeezed it out of you
Count to three, pull on two, forced to play and pay what's due
Not on queue, but life caught up with you
Couldn't have happened too a more deserving fool, though way overdue
I didn't cling to tissue, I knew I wouldn't miss you
Already grieved for you back in '02
And I knew I'd never let the son of your son know you
Not as a man I knew, not as nothin' but a cautionary tale of what not to do
With both middle fingers to the earth I say thank you

Heavy Hearted Nov 2023
To you I scribe these words of grace
& pray you reach that golden place,
the one beyond the world we live- a place that transcends time.
A place to move through, with the brightness of peace-            all places

Untill we reach that
faithfull destination
Of our dreams.

Though we've got direction-
The destinations never been clear.
Regardless, onwards we march
with confident discretion
Revel, in the thought -
togetherness; connection.
Keah Jones Oct 2023
You know, I think that maybe you were the right person at the wrong time

maybe you were the right person in the wrong lifetime
Zywa Jul 2023
It is just like then,

as if I have tumbled down --

in between two times.
Novel "The Gap of Time" (2015, Jeanette Winterson), chapter "Watery Star"

Collection "Inmost [1]"
George Krokos Jul 2023
A lot of people in the world labor under the weight of too many things
they have accumulated in their lifetime and to which their mind clings.
From "Simple Observations" - ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Felisa Jul 2023
My love for you
is stronger than
death —

I found
and chose you
in this lifetime,

And If I had to do it
for all eternity,
it would still be you.

If it's not you,
bury me

For M.
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