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Akvpoems Oct 12
We don't just study
To pass the exams
We study
Because we want to learn.

Studying lasts for years.
Learning lasts a lifetime.
Study the appearance of a person. Years later, you might forget how he or she looks like. Try to learn about that person, because what you learned, you can never forget.
Michael A Duff Nov 2017
please let me lay by your side for hours that stretch into years, we can talk about thousands of nothings that make us comfortable so we can have a lifetime of somethings with meaning.
The goal of true love is deep and broad
And you know I truly love you
Reckless child, that's what I am.
Nonetheless,you know my heart is real
Unrequited love that's what it seems
Loving you was worth the risks
Find me in another life
One day, when the time is right.

Please forgive me for feeling this way
And for dreaming that we could run away.
Just let me love you in my own way,
And then I will slowly fade away.
Radiant and irresistible that's what you are,
In my heart, you'll remain every tick of the hour.
Let me love you as long as the sun rises in the east,
Longing for your love as long as it sets to the west.
On the other side of this life, I wish that we will never be apart.
This poem is for a man I truly love but can never be mine.
I have never wanted forever with anyone before,
I’ve wanted a life time,
I’ve wanted another day,
I’ve wanted another minute,
But never will I want an eternity with someone who doesn’t want an eternity with me.
please let me lay by your side for hours that stretch into years, we can talk about thousands of nothings that make us comfortable so we can have a lifetime of somethings with meaning
Meaning is not always surface
Kleigh Sep 1
That day, you caught my eye
Looking for a reason why
One day, I saw you laugh
That makin' me fall in love
Today, you're the cause of my euphoria
You make me begin to feel this way
You're everything I wanted and more
You're the one I'm praying for
Hoping that I'll be your girl
But maybe not today

Even I will wait you forever
Nothing else matter
It'll help me to feel better
To live in your melody
Like an energizer of my body
I will dance every beat you make
Slay it, like a piece of cake
I will sing every song you sing
In every word make it shinning
Even I'm not with you from the start
Your music make us unite like an art
Supporting you is just a part
Even our distance far apart
I will love you until the last beat of my heart
Living loving you
Janine Jacobs Aug 26
Our friendship caught fire
and soon our roots intertwined
We wrapped our arms around each other
Filling the empty spaces once there

We held each other’s hands for years
and from today, for a lifetime more
Ever since your heart laid onto my soul
I knew that you are beautiful
I take you as you are
and will love who you are yet to become

I will choose you again and again
at the start and finish of each day,
each season, each year
I will choose you through our struggles and successes
and all the mountains left to climb
I will love you into oblivion
and we will tremble as we feel it

You are everything I never knew I needed
You are the question
I never knew I wanted answered
The question was love
and your answer was  “I Do!”
Riley Aug 23
I'll fall in love,again.
And I'll love,again.
Wherever I go,I'll remember every moment
How it all began.

Once in a lifetime
I lived that day.

With you.
Sneha Thakur Jul 29
It takes a lifetime to know someone.
Knowing someone is like plucking the petals of a rose,
Only to realize there is more to the picture.

Everyday I learn more and more about you;
You are one of those novels I will keep reading on my own till the last word.

Even though my friend gave me a spoiler,
I don't care, I will wait for the words to spell out of your mouth, off the pages I mean.

What if you are not the rose afterall?
‌what if you are like an onion,
whom I peel everytime trying to know you,
Only to realize my eyes are sobbing even more.
The Vault Jul 13
My hair curly and frizzy in the summer heat
But not a speck of sweat touched my young face.  
You looked at me with a sweaty smile as we walked through the heat.  
My frizzy hair blowing in the wind
I wonder what I look like through your eyes.  

Do I look beautiful?  Even in the heat?
You say you will love me no matter what.  
Even when old age hits us both?
And we won't look flawless anymore?
Even when my curves will turn into wrinkles?

But still.  I will have my frizzy hair
And a love for you
That never started with how you looked.
Just random thoughts.
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