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I thought I was everything
and nothing all at once.
This world all spinning
To the direction of my blazing trails.

But I was a fool
I was always a fool to think so.
I let my blood run cold into the depths
of every body of water I could drown in.

And I thought it would be enough
I ran this world clutched under my fingertips
I believed I was above it all
And above every felony I could commit most of all.

But I believed in things
When I couldn't believe in myself
"The ends justify the means."
As I thought myself worthy of giving judgement.

But everything that goes around comes around
For who was I to call upon judgement
No mercy and no worth
All  under the guise of a wrathful and unforgiving God.

But I stand here before you now
Before the court, the jury, and the Gods
To sentence me now, a false prophet
For I once believed I was everything and nothing all at once.

I confess all my sins
And admit that I was a fool
I was a fool to think I could change something
That there was a meaning to everything I've done.

So lock me away
From everything I have ever hold dear
For nothing will be enough
To erase all my faults.

But isn't it punishment enough
That I've lost all I had?
Watched good men fall to dust.
And saw empires of what I've built collapse and rot?

I suppose it never ends
After all we carry all our atrocities
Even in death and rebirth
Forgiveness was never an option.

So maybe I'll just raise hell on this ******* earth every chance you allow me to.

s p i t e
the couple pledged
a lifetime of devotion
vowing to be loyal
to one another
as the years rolled on
the bonds of affection
increased in steadfastness
theirs being a true
endearment forevermore
My heart
My soul
My one
And only
Beautiful Wife.
My Heart 💖
Silence is so
Beautiful in
Life so just close
Your eyes and
Just listen to the
Sound of silence
It's just so beautiful
And peaceful in life.
Silence 🤐🤐🤐🤐
Tessa Savanna Jul 16
Your eyes tell,
Your smile shows,
That you wished to give us time,
To start again,
To love again,
Under different circumstances,
With no limits,
With no hindrance,
But with the same person,
With the same feelings,
A chance to live
A chance to love,
Kris Balubar Jun 21
Every day with you is promising,
Your beautiful soul caught my attention
I sure need your lovely heart
You give me this unconditional love
****, I may be falling harder than I thought

I promise to love you,
Every day that will last forever
This beautiful world lead us to each other
I sure want this for a lifetime
****, I better marry you
I hope this could be it, haha
Svetoslav Apr 13
I stand in the place where I stood before
Thinking of the time that is long gone
I remember how I laughed and cried here
Dreaming for this time to reach the dawn again

I look at the place of my former house
Seeing how fast time went by
I am grabbing myself a handful of dirt
Letting my emotions take over me

This house has been ruined by time
Angering me to take an immediate action
Only dust has left from the place of my lifetime
I throw the dust there to fill the abstraction
I don’t want to whisper anymore,
nor wish for stolen glances
to be my messenger,
odd hours and pillow talks
on different beds miles away
have now become my misery.
The faucet of excuses
to meet you in person
and pet my pinings to sleep
has run itself dry.
I wish to say it aloud
for your heart to hear
and the universe to register.
I love you.
I love you,
and I am left with no will, nor patience
to not be with you.
To be around you
is no longer flattering,
for in the moon and musk
I see distances and measures
that pull at the chords of my longing
and render me a sweet wailing
in its own wake.
I want to come home now,
make my bed with you
keep the phone aside and hold you.
I want my emptiness filled
with your touch
and find my closure  
in the heaves of your breathing.
Take me in
and leave me in no doubt,
for I would live a moment with you
than a lifetime without.
Life love death and we'll be together
As long as we love each other forever.
Lover's 😘💓❤️😍
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