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Amanda Apr 5
It only takes an instant to break
But a lifetime to completely heal
Pain will fade but never vanish fully
There will always be a trace of emotions we feel
And just like that you lose your trust and you never get it back...
I'm starting today for real coming Into society taking
an Interest In my home
for such a long time
I neglected through grief but
It was time to say enough for Helen wouldn't have wanted to give
But foolishly, I still believe she Is going be walking back through my door, but
In a way It keeps
going and Its a strange given me the strength to stop lazying about
and tidy my
So much has come through the tragedy of loss all taken time but I believe
can cope now I have so many supportive friends and my wonderful friend In Texas
I would never
believed It would possible
to know two Angels In my lifetime but I
have been
saved twice In my life but  truly I must a be a lucky man and so grateful
I am
I must truly be a lucky man to know to Angel In my lifetime saved twice In my lifetime
Shannon G Apr 3
I wanted you as bad as a child wanted a golden ticket.
I wanted to take a tour through your mind and body
in hopes I can get a lifetime supply of you.

mia Apr 1
her clothes reeked of cheap perfume and daddy issues
polyester black cloth elegant and purposeful in its placing
she lived by the motto “everything is free if you run fast enough”
and figured that something was going to **** her anyway
why not let it be something of her own design?

she asserted this often
taking a drag of her pernicious cigarette
forcing her careful and cultivated opinions on everyone within shouting distance
if only to silence the ****** inside

besides she had already walked in loneliness through
most of a lifetime
full of satin bows and
amusement ahead of her
for she had no one to go with, neither kith nor kin
so it might as have happened now
because everyone always loves you better when you’re dead
mediocrely morbid (thats not a word) and kind of lame. still, fun to write and hopefully fun to read.
Johnny walker Mar 26
Many times when I look back at my life as a kid so many dreams did
have ambitions that were never realised
as grew older none of them ever became reality till that Is this pretty girl came my
and as she entered my life all my dreams and ambitions did come
just like Christmas, they arrived all at once my life was totally turned around by this pretty
who came Into my life
when I needed her the most for I was suffocating In my failed dreams ambitions shamed by my failures In
but I was reprieved from a lifetime of failure by this pretty girl called Helen who shortly become that of my
When Helen came Into my life all past failures were soon to forgotten when she became
my life
Desire Mar 23
Mates mingle, mash, and match,
a mystery so miraculous.
A magical manifest of our
majestic and marvelous Maker.
Magnetize and magnify,
making it magnificent,
modest, meticulous,
measuring each minute's bliss.
Movies and moonlight,
moments made to memorize.
Memories that mesmerize,
meant to last a millennium.


Inspired by: the Hewitts
Johnny walker Mar 23
Magical moments beautiful memories all gone with the passing of time for once In a lifetime
I truly loved my
beautiful sweetheart for she was my world and all that I needed
sadly now
but I'll always remember that once In a lifetime
I truly did love this beautiful girl who
gave so much
the short time she was here but never to be forgotten she here In my heart to when going to sleep at
wonderful memories she left behind so I'm never alone for she's
forever with me always In mind and there she will stay for the rest of my
One In a lifetime love Helen gave so much In the short time she was here always remembered she's here In my heart
Poetic T Mar 14
The diversity of ones
path, is a well
trodden one. But we
must sometimes try anew.

For without walking upon
other routes, we'll get
lost on the path
we've walked aimlessly on.

Though we may get
lost, we'll find our
footing. And then a
new scenery will awaken.

And through life we
may change our direction.
Each footstep will always
give us different perspectives.
Ziya mansoor Mar 12
You was made from sand &you will be buried in sand ,
You would be taken care by yoir parents and then,
You would take care of them
You will crawl to take footsteps , then you would back to it with a stick ,
You would be innocent by birth and also by the endless sleep
Your life goes as a CYCLE
enjoy the time between this
Because you have a little time to be back to birth :)
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