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am I really
letting go?

six years worth of dreams
a hundred thousand streams
leading to a sea
tears flowing out of me

am I really
moving on?

to let go after this long,
I don't know if it's wrong
or if it's right
to give up this ancient fight
move on into a different light
Clinging to my artistic integrity,
like its full of helium
And about to float away from me.

My poetic release in a world of uncertainty,
Gives me control,
no one to manipulate me.

At a time of utter disregard
for human decency,
This artistic exclamation is my relief.

From the chaos of personal grief
And misunderstandings
and unjust decrees.

How is it that we can no longer SEE
each other at all,
for the light that we bring?
EmVidar Mar 12
Thanks to her
I came to realize
How much of me
I had sacrificed for you

-em vidar
thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving me unconditionally
EmVidar Mar 11
My finger nail polish lasted longer
Than any relationship
One can claim
To have had

-em vidar
part of the unconventional love series
Empire Mar 8
My mind is a tub
For this, I write
I'll try and explain
Why I seem to delight
In typing my pain
Night after night

You see,
This tub is filled
With pain instilled
Inside of me

But in addition,
Poured into the blend
A kind of fruition
And things that mend

I recently learned
How to pull on the plug
For which I had yearned
Forever to tug

Bursting out
In stanza and rhyme
Came all my doubt
Fear, hurting, and crime

Then I could see
In my tub what remained
Was light and beauty
Now reclaimed

So on I write
Of terrors and fear
To put up a fight
And keep my head clear
If I can get it onto a page, at least it doesn't have to roll around in my head anymore.
What say ye now?
unbroken vows
follow me to ****
down the gates
Satan's estate
demons, and where
they dwell

Angels fly
to live and die
the pits have no rewards
storm the walls
answer the call
and honor all accords

So follow on
dispatching spawn
releasing tortured souls
heaven and earth
a new rebirth
for whom the bell
still tolls
What if..... we didn't want to put up with **** anymore?
Elaina Mar 1
Letting go of wants
Release all expectations
Bask in pure freedom
Dominique Feb 28
I didn't cry throughout the week;
I didn't open gashes either,
Or carve waves into the floor
With bits of glass from the kitchen
(Like I usually do).

And I didn't lick my cacti or
Graffiti ****** phrases on the wall
Or drown myself in a steaming bubble bath
(Like I wanted to).

I wrote poetry;
Reported it to strangers who
Didn't know his name or his face
And I felt at peace with the tragedy.

But admitting it to you
Collapsed into your arms, your scent
(The safe one that puts me to sleep
And protects me from traffic)
It was different somehow.

When I whispered "It really hurts",
My ribcage released the breath
It had been clutching for 180 hours.
"It really does," my cells conceded,
And a flood broke through my lashes.

Crying is a blessing,
Because I know that for once I am
Allowing myself to weep.

There is nothing left to dilute the sunlight from here.
rebecca Feb 27
im going through a lot right now
and i dont know how to escape it

im fighting with my mom
my dad is in stressed denial
my brothers hate me
my fake family is breaking
and i dont have time to process

ive missed school for the things i love
but my assignments are missing
my grades are dropping
my teachers are angry
and i dont have time to catch up

my anxiety is sky high
my depression has a thirst for blood
my drugs arent working
and ive resorted to toxic ways
because and i dont have time to feel anything

im losing my way
im losing my patience
im losing my mind
im losing feelimg
im paralized
but still my mind is running
and the world is lagging behind

im going through a lot right now
and i dont know what ill do to escape it
havent written in a hot second
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