poetry is so broad to me
i love the sense of everything that it holds
the love, the anger, everything in between
it makes me feel the urge to write about anything and everything
it has the most beautiful power over me,
and i am ok with that
it's the only way to tell in words your feelings
i know as cliques as that sounds
majority of people on this planet have the worst time communicating to one another
although they can speak
poetry makes it easier for you
and helps you release
and that is exhilarating
How warm is your touch
against the barren wasteland
that is my soul?

As we lay here, the dying sun
gives us one last taste of freedom
before falling from the sky.

Beneath a blanket of night
you find the courage
to remove the layers of insecurities
clinging to your fragile bones
like flesh.

We intertwine
and as our bodies become entangled
you whisper words of release
as your core throbs
to the pace that I've set for us.

You dare not utter a moan
for the silence has claimed us
in this moment of passion;

stealing your voice
but giving you something
greater in return.
For her; a reminder of that evening.
The depth of  one's  soul arises  with the early birds song
Sweetness of  contentment
Within me stirs up a longing of
Things to come
Satisfaction of knowing God.
Talking with him
Being in his presence.
Being  surrounded by his protection.
Brings security
A hope
That never fails.
It is well it is well with my soul


Dont think about the bad things.

Just stay busy.
Just keep working.
Till you die.
Its hard to stay busy when work is slow
Aa Harvey Apr 18
A moment of bliss

I had a moment of bliss, in the middle of the pain;
All the hurt just floated away.
A light shone around me and the world disappeared;
The dentist causing me pain, no longer caused me any fear.

Everything was ok, for a moment in time.
I was ok, the pain was gone; for just a moment in the light.
Then the rest of the pain that was coming my way,
Could no longer hurt me; with a smile on my face.

I had ascended from my body into a moment of bliss;
I was alive, I was happy…
I was infinite.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
PAAA Apr 16
Everything glows in light;
Getting up onto ten little
creatures moving happily
up and down on the floor

Three steps to open the glass
letting in fresh air; Little
gemstones sparkle on grass
and violets in the rising sun

The left ear hears church
ringing, deep and relaxing;
The right ear bird songs,
light and exiting

A little fluffy bumblebee
hums curiously around the
white frame; A robin perches
on the fence’s edge turning
her small head joyfully
towards the sun

Trees move slowly in the
warm breeze shaking away
the last tiredness

Arms stretch out releasing
big strong wings to fly into
the day
A beautiful sunny Sunday morning looking into my garden. Love this moment so much that I just had to write about it.
who do we believe
when it comes to news delivery
are any of the reports
credible in their livery

a fake story can
promulgate far and wide
there's a question mark
along for the ride

reading between the lines
is a definite must
that's where we'll find
something to trust

media organizations
peddle much disinformation
which invariably requires
an expert's confirmation

false copy in the daily
cycle of press release
these misleading volumes
never seem to cease

inaccurate news is blurring
the picture we see
by not displaying an authentic
perspective's tee
Amanda Apr 10
I never meant to hurt you
With words poured from my heart
I am scared my careless thoughts
Will drive you to depart

My poetry brings pain to your eyes
All I want to see there is joy
The world hidden deep inside my head
Is a home you do not enjoy

You have no way of knowing
Which parts are pretty lines
And which are ugly truths
How can you with no signs?

Some places the exaggerations
And honest feelings overlap
Then split apart and scatter
To the four corners of this paper map

When my brain gets filled to the brim
The ideas begin to overflow
Start leaping out onto blank pages
No other dwelling exists where they can go

I write to lift the heavy weights
Of resentment and hurt bearing down
It seems unfair that in doing so
I also curse your face with a frown

I am sorry for causing you pain
Wrapping your mind in unease
It was never my intention
To force your peace to cease

I apologize, but can't say I will change
That is a promise I am too weak to keep
It kills my heart but I need to release
Sorrows though they cut your soul deep
I hate that my writing causes you pain
Orange Rose Apr 7
I remember all those years ago,
You said, “Don’t grow up too fast.”
I remember us watching the fireflies glow,
But the past is now the past.

You picked me up and spun me round,
You tucked me into bed.
With you I was always safe and sound.
Now I follow where I’m lead.

I remember us playing in the sand.
You always made me laugh.
I wish I could always hold your hand.
But I walk a different path.

I find it hard to turn away,
It makes me want to cry.
A part of me just wants to stay,
But it’s time for me to fly.

A brand new season has begun.
I don’t know where time has gone,
But my eyes are on the rising sun.
It’s time to journey on.
For Graduation.  The first three stanzas are dedicated to my Mother, Father, and little brother, respectively.
I can feel it coming on once again
The little tickle inside of me
The child that needs to come out and play
The devilish grin permeating my face.

Once it begins
It seems to never end
The expression of my silly side
My quirky side unleashed.

My giggles are colorful marbles
Falling down an echoing staircase
Earshot spectators get quite a show
Pulled into the vortex of my laughter.

I know it must end
The nonstop hysteria
The cleansing of my body and mind
The cure for what ails me.

There is no anguish
As the laughter cascades from within my being
The pit of my stomach
The confines of my throat.

It feels like therapy
Letting it all out,
I feel the rush of life in my veins
As I laugh away all the soot in my soul.

Copyright 2015 Stacey Handler
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