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I wish you could see
How big my tear looked from my vantage
Feel how big it felt falling
From the corner of my eye
Down my face
My mouth
My blanket
Only one tear?
That's all
I had the strength for
Dont worry. Just trying to be a little dramatic. I love a good cry
Jammit Janet Jul 7
Finding the flow
The balance
The art
Of fulfillment
And letting go
Knowing when to say yes
When to say no
Self care at its best
Proof that I’ve grown.
Ophelia Jun 25
i've been told i have been silent recently
but maybe they just don't hear me
am i whispering?
i feel like im screaming from the depths of my soul
so why can't they hear me?
if your eyes wander long enough
you'll see the pain
if you're listening
you'll hear the long-held breath i let out
when i finally get the release
of detaching
and realising
what helps
Andrew Rueter Jun 20
Do I want to see the forest through the trees
if that also means the hornets in between?
There's a comfort trail of nothingness
leading beyond the sun setting west
towards a dark abyss looming
my friends try to soothe me
by saying it'll be like before I was born
but at that point my life ****** even more
so the vastness of the universe
reminds me that my bullet hearse
isn't blessed or cursed
it'll just disperse
like the tears on the face of my clock
coming from the face I show not
a shocked ant on a spinning rock
with vertigo fearing it'll fall off
knowing once the spinning stops
there's a darkness block
with nothing to be bought
or sold
not even gold
can reverse getting old
so I don't want to see the forest
and I'll hide behind the trees
getting lower on my knees
praying God help me please
because I fear that final release.
Jammit Janet Jun 11
I’m right where I’m supposed to be
Right here, right now

Letting go
Letting go
Letting go
Of all that does not serve me
Of all that stunts my growth

Breathing in
Breathing in
Breathing in
And compassion

To spread love and light
In the kindest of fashions.
Chelsea Rae May 31
I am not here for your sunshine,
I am here for your storm and waiting on the rain.

I am not here to coddle you
Without at least touching the pain.

It's easy to love a happy, easy going, sunny morning,
But it takes guts to smile through someone's rage.

I will not tolerate dragging weight.
I will break your ******* cage.
The ankle on the chains.

How much longer will we hear the thunder
Before you finally just let it rain?

Rain on me and bring sweet inner alchemy.

Rain, rain, rain,

And be free.
lua May 28
im tired
of keeping myself on a short leash
and getting disappointed
when i think you would release me
when all you do is make it shorter.
Robin Bulmer Nov 2021
An endangered generation, our future getting dimmer
A morbid sensation, our bodies wasting thinner
We trip and stumble blinded by the dark
The flood is already here but we couldn't afford the arc
Release me with a release
Free me with freedom
Give me my owed peace
Show me the way out of this kingdom.
ardnaxela Nov 2021
My blessing came
in a designer gift wrap -
The box made of Rejection.
filler sheets of many colors..
layered on top
of some
crumpled shreds
of Self-doubt and Insecurity.

— had to tear through
some things to get
to the goods —

The best present I’ve ever gotten -
a whole new Heart;
with me forever to stay.
Solace in knowing
all the junk that came
before Her,
I get to throw away.
6:22 am

The greatest things come in the most unexpected packaging.
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