Healing waters
flowing through my soul.
Beckons my heart
making me whole.

Flushing waters
falling down.
Streaming out
with a rushing sound.

Grace waterfalls
of full-covering peace.
Humble growth
through an act of release.

I kept you chained to the floor
beating on your body like the high tide against the shore
Every blow that fell upon your skin
caused a smile to play upon my lips
and security to encase my heart
Because you
can never
You've stopped screaming to be let out
My body aches for a sound from you to confirm my existence
I'd give anything to hear but a whimper from you
that sweet melody of doubt and fear
but you
should never
Your lifeless body haunts my dreams
as part of me dies with you
I beg of you not to leave me alone
You were the beauty in the room
will you stay if I say the whips were but a game
Now I
should let
you leave.
I kept you chained to the floor
your freedom was but a distant thought in the stale air
once granted
you malnourished body stood proudly
belittling the years worth of chains
spiting me for having buried you so deep
but my dear,
I'm glad that I let you out.

Most likely a draft, but needed to write.
Ella 1d

I think its the lights,

or maybe the sounds?

that make late night car rides

so peacful.

With the radio to drown out

all your demons,

of stress and depression.

And lights flickering by,

making your eyes look like galaxies.

Staring out the window,

watching the sleeping world

as you drive passed.

car rides

I don't have enough time
To forgive you
I know it has been months
But I have been busy
So I set it aside
Hoping the days till your release would be long
But here we are with only 14 left
and I can't even see a picture
of you without wanting to burn it
because you burned me
in more ways than I can count
and call me what you want
but forgiveness doesn't come that easy
not even from your daughter

Free your mind.
Feel your spirit
Inhale your senses.
Blind your defenses.
Loosen up
all the tired pretenses.
Share your soul
in evanescence.
Wiggle your toes
as you walk.
Glide with the trees.
Giggle as you talk.
Sing with the birds.
Ignore the clock's
Skipping rocks.
Stepping stones.
Get out.
your bones.
Be the peace
you need to rest.
Ignore the mess.
Alleviate stress.
Soul release is best
when your spirit
leaves its nest

9-13-17 (17)

Thanks for reading! K:)
Update: Sean  Hunt turned my poem into a song, and I love it!
Here's a link:
talia b Sep 2

dear: [redacted]
had a dream about you / body in the water. you held onto the
poolside with two shaking hands and when you saw the look
in my eyes you considered holding me under
/ drowning the spite right out of them. it would’ve worked but
this was my dream, about you and i killed you first / killed you ‘til
my knuckles turned white / to the sound of the hush hush water / to the last
gurgling breath.

excerpt from: the tangled heart (a book in the making)

poetry / book ig: @raggedhearts
tumblr: @softgum
twitter: @softgum_/@corpsehearts
Oskar Erikson Aug 24

i know i have to shout
to remove your hands.

tRevor gUmede Aug 22

Its all your fault
Why i cant
I try i do
But im locked
To you im sure

I've let you rule over me
Worse cause i dont think
I dow nt think you even know i exist
You tell me about your passed
You show me all those you hurt

I thought I'd be different
I thought you'd let me be
I thought I'd make it work
I thought thats how its done
I thought....
I thought I'd never regret

Enough thinking
Time to act
Enough dreaming
Im over you now
I know you'll always be there

But that doesnt matter now
Cause I'll never let you dictate my life
Not again... not ever

So i declare...
you mean nothing to me
I know you there and i
I'll rest with a peaceful heart
Knowing you dont have the power anymore.

I used to condemn
Now, I realize
That, if you HAVE the real thing,
It doesn't necessarily FEEL
If it ISN'T real,
It doesn't necessarily feel

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