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Jeremy Betts May 7
Let me recite a line borrowed from an old poem of mine about pain and sorrow,
"Release is a crucial element for any chance to get a better future from tomorrow"
While life has taken many shots at me, I seem to be supplying the ammo
By this point it's fully equipped, got 'em armed to the teeth like Rambo
Why would I be held responsible if, let's say, one day, the relief value was a no show
Let me guess, you don't know
That's not an aura of envy, my anger feeds the green glow
And nobody likes me when I'm angry so
I must open the valve and let things go whenever possible
I apologize ahead of time if you get hit with the flow

Jeremy Betts May 2
Knuckles go white as I grip my rescue flair
Read the warning through a blinkless stare
Pressed the thing tightly to my temple,
Count to three,
To keep it simple
Hold very still,
Steady as a thimble
'Till the very last second
Pull away on the second e in "one, two, three"
And release it to the night air
At least tonight the fight's fare
I can't make it to there
If I don't end this right here

Danica Apr 10
In whispers soft, apologies are spun,  
Like magic spells beneath the sun,  
Yet hollow echoes fill the air,  
For they can't heal the wounds laid bare.  

You say "sorry" without feeling deep,  
Unaware of the scars you reap,  
No effort made for reconciliation's start,  
Leaving shattered pieces of a broken heart.  

How can you act as if nothing's amiss,  
Sending messages with a careless kiss?  
Can't you see the effort I've bestowed,  
While you turn the blame, letting falsehoods grow?  

Your words, a dagger, twist and turn,  
Making me believe it's my fault to learn.  
But if your heart lies elsewhere, let it be known,  
So I can find my place, no longer alone.  

If it's her you seek, then set me free,  
From this tangled web of deceit, let me flee.  
For I deserve truth, not shadows cast,  
Release me now, let go at last.
Just let go at last.

Word and thought exist
in their unformed state
within the Aether..
which in itself,
is without beginning  
nor end..

And so it is within that union
into the Perpetual
that words and thought
are metabolized into existence..  i.e.
"Brought out into the light of day" ..
within the working  agreement
of body, mind, soul and spirit..
which in part, is of the finite..
    and in part of the eternal..

Which all,  in itself
places us in commune  with the Aether;
(and all of the spirits  within
that it contains)

And so the circle of inspiration is complete,
      but clearly..
      not only is it without beginning,

          but also..  without end.

I see the world
feel the chill
Which way to go
I see the words
on a rocking horse of time
I see the birds in the rain

Oh dear Dad
can you see me now
I am myself
like you  somehow
I'll ride the wave
where it takes me
I'll hold the pain
Release me

Oh dear Dad
Can you see me now
I am myself
like you  somehow
I'll wait up in the dark
for you to speak to me
I'm opened up

Release me
Release me
Release me

for my brother Jeremy

It is me tonight

that will need
to find  release
through ******

Find a quiet place
on the edge of
your bed

and join me

Dear world--

Some things you will never tame
This night take me
fold me
shake me
fashion me a coat
a costume of stars
let me fly
let me be
let me finally be free
this night is not ours
it is mine
the headiest of wine
that you could never know
now say goodbye
and let me go
M Vogel Feb 13

There is a   r e l e a s e
  that comes,
in holding you
close at night..   a
barrier that comes down
in the late night
and early morning

  You've been  alone
within all of this  difficulty
that you have  known
  for so long.

And then very much

   even if only for a moment,

you are no longer alone

movement  in to
the night's warmth

is a long and difficult journey

Keara Marie Feb 1
I think I’m going to do it this time. I’m going to cut it out of me. Why?
I can’t deal with this anymore. It’s as simple as that. The world is an ocean that washes over me. The sound of the water is deafening. It drowns my heart. My panic becomes as large as the sun and my mind as little as the moon appears. I need release. I need to hurt me before the world can again. Then I can comfort myself. I’m going to make myself a river worth drowning in.
And I did
M Vogel Jan 28

You need the kind of real that in its utter realness..
becomes a living form of fantasy

Something so real that it spells out  the word

     in everything that it does and says..

A reality  that is in  perpetuality,
               a forever-living fantasy

There is a condition of the heart, mind and spirit,
that is truly able to do that.
Nothing is lost within the process;

   And everything there ever was within it..
   becomes its own beautiful form of Gain

Jeremy Betts Jan 10
Carrying wounds that will not heal
A pain I will be forced to always feel
Stitched up, scabbed over
The new flesh is much paler
Sealed but not seamless
A basic healing process
That's what they tell me
Looks like a ground up mess, what does everyone else see?
The sensation is still so prominent
As if I'm back in that bathtub reliving it
The visual as clear as the day
Terrified but can't pull my gaze away
I only opened a small crease
Honed in on the crimson flow of my life embracing it's release
Two fresh exits located to my left and my right
Allowing it to forge a new path to the drain and out of sight
My past, present and future colliding
Pooling faster than it can move through the plumbing
Took forever to register my final decision
Turned out it wasn't final at all, just another negative mark on my person
No relief felt, only overwhelming regret
A permanent reminder
But how could I ever forget

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