Amy H 1d
...I'll write it.
Baby with those blues,
you sing a tune
and smile at me
like miles away we’re going
but not together.
Not for now.
You sail your way
I go mine
“Into the Mystic”
like Morrison.
For your voice and your guitar
I would write another tune,
another lyric sunrise
with you and I held closely
feeling whispers
holding hands
reveling in what we made together.
Ah yes, this serenade I keep.
Your Little gypsy,
My Sailor man,
I’ll build you a port.
I’ll shine my light
and camp a while
if when the fog horn blows
and calls you home
you’ll sail my way.
You play our song,
I'll write it.
For memories, made and imagined, I give you this.
Choose love not fear.
There's always a choice.
Whatever it may be your actions will show.
It's not much to live your life.
Just know that fear increases the strife.

Choose love not fear.
One of these two choices
The decision is yours in but a moment.
Cultivate, share, authenticate yourself.
The results will show they always do.

Choose love not fear,
No matter how hard it gets.
Life will challenge you.
Only one can experience it.

So choose act from love not fear.
Dare to love.
Risk to give.
You'll see its power.
Your actions in life fulfilled.
Ben K Jul 10
wrap yourself in cold October wind
I know I can't bring you home again

so I walk beyond these empty streets
looking back at my Eurydice

you threw the rope
and I let go
with no one there to catch us
and nothing left to hold
and so we fell

moonlight casts a heavy, frozen pall
covering the bruises of the fall

sunlight comes and all is memory
but does the day hold all that's to be seen?

I followed your footsteps
til the sun revealed the path beneath
where you and I - wandering, reeling
found each other - broken and bleeding
and saw we were two halves of the same whole

now back in your arms
with one mended heart
we can feel the gravity
the power and energy
that once tore us apart
it was in us from the start
that's why we fell so hard

lay your head here among the stars
know the day is longer than the dark
Aa Harvey Jul 7
Our time together.

I want to be the one who makes your toes curl;
By making you feel ‘Oh!’ Girl.
By making you feel whole inside;
By asking you to bless my night,
With a touch of your delight.
Before you leave me again in the morning light.

I want my heart to speak for a while;
I want my love to make you smile.
I want my touch to drive you wild!
So I can confess my wanton lust for your arousal.

My excuse to miss the party.
I can’t make it; I’m stuck in the bed with my lady.
You know I’d love to be there, but my lady is here.
So I’ll see you another time, but this is my time,
So get out of here!

Leave me be, let me rest in peace;
With my woman beside me, the rest comes easily.
Let me give you a hand with that;
Let me give you your release.

Such ecstasy, apparently.
I play along, wondering why she will have to leave,
This time.  
I’ll see you another time.
Goodbye, thanks for that;
Yeah, thank you too, for this end of this lie.

The following day should be completely different;
Oh it’s not; I see.  
Did you really expect anything other than what you normally get?
Yay more sex.  But no love.
This sex is so good!  This sex blah, blah, blah.

Sex is nothing without feeling;
Sex is only amazing when it means something.
Sex is not all I need for satisfaction,
But there is no love made here,
Just something, something,

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Giving up the ghost.
Giving up the host.
Difficulties, but mine,
it never was.

Give up the ghost.
Give up the ghost,
as the fighting it
is over what
just never
Leah Oviedo Jul 6
I tried forgiveness
Not to let them off the hook
But to taste sweetness again
I learned to create water
To put out that angry fire
When it returns, compassion dances in my dreams
A lightness to comfort my hungry heart
Lily Jun 28
Why do I write?
It’s not because I enjoy the
Pen on the paper, the faint
Smell of ink on my hands or
The sound of a page being torn
From a notebook.
It’s not because my fingers feel at
Home on the keyboard,
Because the clacking of the letters comforts me,
Or because the sight of a blank Google Doc
Excites me.
It’s not even because writing makes
Me happy, or that I find particular
Joy in it, inspiring me to release
My thoughts into the world.
It’s because these thoughts are
Lions pacing in their cage,
Growling under their breath,
Wanting to be let out; no,
Needing to be released and free to
Roam wild, and not be restrained by
Any human contraption.
Same with my words; they refuse to
Stay trapped in my head, they must
Come out somehow.
It’s a need.
Why do I write?
You might as well ask,
Why do I breathe?
Nicole Dawn Jun 28

Inside your head
      It's war.
Inside your heart
       It's pain.
Inside your soul
       It's death.

Outside your body?
It's calm

Don't let them know
Don't let them see
A poker face
Strong and cold as a mountain


Float above
Somehow one and two
Aware and unaware
The body stays...


Inside your head
Outside your body
It's too much to stay
Panic rising then gone
You are one but
You are two

Word vomit
Kevin Zhang Jun 22
The sweetest of confectionery,
I swirl among my basin’s waves
The nectar of life’s love,
I embrace for such pain
An effluence of pure ecstasy,
I erupt to merely contain

Such haste, It pervades
The roots run deep, feel no hurt
The streams dig deeper, feel no fire
The thoughts fall deepest, feel no thing
Metallic clouds cover
a kingdom of sand

Not a chasm
Not a prison
Freedom tingles
I feel in every part,
the luxury inside

Yet it stops, I shiver
I drop,
I flop,
all is cold

I look into their eyes,
Empty holes,
speak goodbyes

No joy
None no more

All that lies of me,
is blinding foam,
dripping to the floor
Sweetness becomes bitterness...
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