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Although I am driven
   Loony by the very
     Existence of the double
       X-chromosomes that live
          Around me, I shall
            Never forsake those most
               Dear to myself, who in
                  Relation are more
                     Intertwined to one
                       Another than DNA.

                     Sometimes there are
                   Altercations which
               Maim our connection and
            Afflict onto us great
         Negativity, rotting the
      Tree we stem from.
   However, this bond shall not
Altogether disintegrate.

Sentiment throughout our
   House of blood helps to
      Alleviate countless
        Nights of conflict, which
           Never cease its constant
              Oscillation, even though
                 Nature has granted fit.
For my sisters and mother
Lewis 6d
there comes an age where magic must die
when you realise that your heroes are flesh
you know Hollywood lies
and theres no face in the stars
when life has ripened from something so fresh

when life turns grey
and it rains throughout may
and the summer is just always too hot

when you put down those books
and care more about your looks
and if you can get a space in the parking lot

yet I try to find magic in every day
and I agree that life is a gift
I smile at small things like yellow cars, escaping balloons
or your coat getting caught in the lift

but as sure as the burning setting of the sun
someday that curtain must rise
to reveal the frail old man behind
sickly and dull with no light in his eyes

but I have to remember to conjure my own spells
with friends and family and more
travel the lands with stories to tell
of my adventures on a distant shore

but i'll always miss those summer days
with magic in the air and my heart
splashing colours, inspecting insects
running home for my favourite jam tarts
coming of age is bittersweet
MerlieJ Oct 19
I remember these early times
The first
Downtown in the cold
Lights out.
Adults living like heathens
Teens on the streets
My inspiration
The freedom which comes
from taps on bricks
cold air to put
you right back in your body
It was freedom nonetheless
Growing up in Eugene as young teens we would frequent the downtown bus station where scores of transient teens would congregate to talk of life, meaning, use drugs and debate existence after childhoods of parental neglect.
Jonathan Oct 13
His knuckles were knots.
Round, tight bunches,
Tied roughly, taught
By the lessons of men;
Who seem only to brutalize
The beauty of the body.

His heart was chiseled.
Stone in the stead of flesh,
Fixed to a function. Grounded,
Not in hope, but the kiln’s capture.
Heat, the blistering rage, resolved
In all the hand’s heartless work.

His mind was not his. Home;
A house of helplessness. Now,
The mental mutiny made know.
Year's of yearning for youth, only
To forfeit all faith of the future,
In exchange for hard truth.
Bee Aug 28
shattered soul splashed across
wet pavement
dreams caught in between
empty spaces
left alone to
dry, crack, fold
into nowhere places

look at the etchings
carved in the ground
ghostly reminders
of things never found
Allie Dotson Aug 25
1 2 3

hush little baby
it will be alright

4 5 6

shh its okay
nothing to fear

7 8 9

Don't worry
you're okay

10 11 12

You have learned your lesson
mistakes happen

13 14 15

Don't do that again
You're getting too old

16 17 18

You're not a child anymore
That is not okay

19 20 21

You're on your own
Bee Aug 24
i don’t know a lot about love
i used to
but it wasn’t until you
split my world in two
made me forget the truth
of what it was to
love and be loved
spit venom into my soul
made a home in that hole
refused to let go

and then i met him
he reminded me
that to save myself
i had to let go
to say he was the antidote
would be naive and simple

he reminded me of
how beautiful it is
to be held
to be told
that to be whole
is a futile goal
but instead to fall
in love with yourself
the flowers
and the thorns

and to know
that he’ll *****
but he’ll always try
his best to
keep me warm
through the night
because he knows i
grow cold

we are grabbing at vines
rising up from our old demise
constantly, we stumble and fall
but we hold each other through it all
we are a gentle flower
that poked through the brush
forever blooming into something lush
straight, good posture
white and abrasive as baking soda
thrifty, ideal of motherhood
hosting new years parties and other
get-togethers for the kids while sipping,
socially, of course, a margarita,
she buys her children, ruddy-nosed
devils, gifts while their friends stand with empty hands,
letting those other kids,
kids with empty pockets,
sit to the side,
and know their place.

another mother she
drives thirty miles to pick up a daughter’s friend,
male, lanky, and for cops
the wrong color at midnight
from a gas station in the wrong part of town
which is really just code
for poor and less white
and she takes him home to
sleep on the sofa
gives him hot tea
and in the morning pancakes with eggs
she doesn’t ask about the bruises
on his forearms or his heart
she just feeds him and drives him
to the library with a sandwich in old Tupperware
he doesn’t need to return
although he does with a thank-you note
and gratitude in his heart,
despite all the bitterness around him.
Ginger R Aug 16
It's like a catalyst
Where I'm running out of words
Because the words I can't say
Aren't there
It's the
Feeling old while I'm drinking coffee
Feeling young absorbed into a book

Almost feeling me when I
Reach that space
In between

There's a moment staring at the tv
Excited because someone got kissed
Seconds when I write a sentence
Knowing it's nonsense
But there's a pause
And falling to one side
(My back acting up)
(Giggling while I run)

Searching for a domestic peace
Being pushed to the side
Searching for

Growing up

It's hard

Tensions that shouldn't exist
Tensions that aren't seen by anyone else
Pulling away in an effort to walk the line
Searching for a balance
In between the tension

It feels like a catalyst
Like something I don't know yet
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