When I’m 18, I’m moving out.
Away from this home, Without a doubt.

It drives me insane, unable to be who I want to be.
Controlling my life, keeping me from my dreams.

When I’m 18, I’m going away.
Away from this home, I don’t want to stay.

It’s not that I’m in danger, I just want to leave.
Start up my life, I want clean air to breathe.

When I’m 18.
I’m going away.
Away from this home...
That has made me astray.
Kept me for years,
I’ve shed so many tears.
I just wish to leave,
And that’s all I believe.

For when i’m 18.
I’m finally going away.
This is sorta how I feel at them moment and I’m hyped to go through the rest of high school and start up my life. I really wanna be myself and just get out into the world. I know it’s hard and it’s not what it seems, but I suppose I want to experience everything as soon as possible and get a head start. I can’t wait to be 18.
It’s time for you to let go,
For me to learn and grow.
To spread my wings and fly,
As my goals are as high as the sky.

It’s time to see from my point of view,
Not many choose this path, just a few.
All I want is for you to believe,
That at the end of the day I will succeed.

It’s time to bid goodbye.
Not for long, just for a while.
Life’s a game of hide and seek.
With each one’s journey incredibly unique.
Ndolo 2d
Please God, help me get rid of this anger in me
It's swelling, getting larger each time they say something to me
They could be joking,
But the punchline, some reason its escaping me

I need to yell, the time and place holds no rationality now

Let it go, the end is coming and I know its gonna be loud
Emm Jun 10
Small hands with its deep small palm lines
Watching you grow
Inside out
Small hands as in the womb they first folded
Small hopes, small fists
I watched you grew up, you watched me grew

Small hands, layers of fat
Lines perfectly aligned, perfectly etched
When the soul inside felt too big for the body
When the soul inside wanted to break free
When the soul inside wanted to cover the whole world in its palms
Within the small hands,
that's what the soul inside thought

Small hands fine wrinkles
Find solace in moistures
In the midsts of convoluting mist of daily life

You watched me grew up, when did you grew up?
Small hands,
'til you find another ones to hold,
going through every single wrinkle fold...
I'll hold you up
Chase S May 17
I suppose that in time I will get better
I will smile without reason to be
Make others joyous and not unhappy with the stories apprise
Make others feel pleasant with true emotions of joy

I do not want to undergo feelings of being an encumbrance
I just want to feel contended again
To feel what others may not understand
Is harder with life stifling your brain

Remembering the feelings you had as a child while picking flowers and making crowns
Not knowing life would alter you soon
That make you now open wounds
I suppose that in time I will get better
I will smile without reason to
jigyasa Jun 2
and somewhere
amidst the daydreams
lost in flow
I evolved from child to woman
mar Jun 1
please be tender
i am a human caught between forms
stuck in the tangle of my daydreams
caught in a maelstrom of would be could be should bes,
and maybe one day i'll come out of this chaos
fully realized, a human completely humanized
but for now here i am,
a thumbnail sketch of a person
a doll with all the wrong parts.
morseismyjam Jun 2
What we have is good, and what's out there is better
but we're right here, with cold iced tea.
The meaning of life is in your grasp,
why do you spend time with me?

Why be deep when it doesn't matter?
Why be deep when we have us?
Why find meaning in a world with no answers?
Let's settle for "just because".

I wait for the day when you'll outgrow me.
Cast me aside with your toy trucks & dolls.
I'm holding you back from a shining future,
why do you bother at all?

Why be deep when it doesn't matter?
Why be deep when we have us?
Why find meaning in a world with no answers?
Let's settle for "just because".

You're genuine, I love that about you.
When you're deep, you're not posing,
You're actually knowing
things no one has a business to know.
I don't want to keep you,
but I worry about you, or about me
when you are gone.
I love when we talk
but it only reminds me
that I'm so far behind where you are.
And I'm too scared to say
this to you because
I'll just look needy
& drive you away from me...

I know you will leave, & go chase your sunrise.
I'm only prolonging the inevitable.
I'm happy you're staying and talking
and being, but I realize your life is full.
how to let go?
I'm not what I once was
A sea of change and pain
The smiles that follow a new touch
A whisper of time gone by
And all that's new I was gone
As smiles of old now die

I'm not what I once was
A whole to be filled
In the light that was my life
An age stretches out before us
A line drawn in the sand of time
Don't talk or fuss or touch

I am now anew
Reborn from the ashes, rising
The dust has settled the ash is laid
A step across the sand of time
I'm not what I once was
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