As soon as I heard you were enlisting
You never struck me as the type
To completely change your plans.
Such a free spirit before,
Only to conform
Simply because you were afraid
Afraid of what you could have done.
There was so much more I imagined you doing,
Playing for pleasure was always your living.
But now, you are to listen to a droning shout
As the entire world shuts you out.
And I'm forced to sit here and act like it's okay,
That you're throwing your entire life away.
Perhaps I have a biased view
Maybe serving your country was what you were meant to do.
And I'll let you go
To live life on your own
Although, I wish I would've known
How much you've helped me grow.

in baptisms of tequila
are we born again.
swaying -- a second

laughter and tears hysterical.
swaying -- stumbling --
finding our footing.
a hand on the ground in case it disappears

(but every day,
a millimetre
closer to
the tomb)

welcome to life, part ii.
please find enclosed
work, bills, bereavement,
the fear of settling down

...and a chance of freedom

everything we were promised
can be lost in a phone call.
do we trust ourselves to do it right?
will we ever be sure we are?

ambivalent and hopeful and scared of what is to come (two years too early)
Liz Carlson Dec 5

her bones ache as she moves.
her mind won't follow the rules.

she looks so worn,
i've got a lot to learn.

she knows this life so well.
many secrets she could tell.

however, she keeps her lips sealed,
for she knows it will soon be revealed.

This is what happens when you go people watching around town.
Samantha Dec 5

Kids just don't fall in love
It would fly right away, just like a dove.
Every single day, on the Net,
I see love poems, but I haven't yet
Fallen in love, for that is a task
That kids do not do, as it never lasts.

I am far too young to simply quit
For I am just a kid, that's it.

When I was just little, in sixth grade,
Something happened to me that made me seem played.
I was just waiting, outside of math class
When by me, this weird boy walked past.
"Sam," he said to me straight-faced,
"I like you." he exclaimed with no disgrace.
How could it be, I wondered from shock.
I can't be liked, to myself I would mock.
I looked him straight, right in the eye,
"Okay." I just said, without any lie.

I never loved him one little bit
For I am just a kid, that's it.

One day, I may hope to grow up
Like an adult dog, not like a pup
So I can finally find love
The big change will be like a shove.
But it will sure be worth it at the end
I'll make a new pal who's more than a friend.

It'll be like falling into a big pit
For I am just a kid, that's it.

I decided to write my first poem about love, and my first poem where I tried a repeated line! How awesome is that?
Liz Carlson Dec 1

starry skies
and sad eyes.
growing old
on memories we hold.
never want to leave.
never want to stay.

When we were little, they told us to drop that bad attitude,
as if it were dropping a rock.

And after years of hearing it, I learned how to do that within a moment, and yet when I'm supposed to feel,
I drop that rock, no matter how hard they try to keep it with me, I've always dropped it.
But when you're happy all the time, you forget the relief of anger, and miss the pull of sadness, and who accomplishes anything when they're worry free?

Happiness is a choice.
                                    But always consider your choices.

Is there something wrong with being happy all the time? Or am I just feeling entitled?
L Perry Nov 28

The fold-out mattress is a bitch tonight,
Sheets spilling over the side-
I'm awake,
Stiff in the dark,

And nothing sings on Baylis anymore,
And the silence stones me,
And I reach for a soul,
And she rolls over,

This is it.

Wasted in the summer,
Work by the morning,
Left to spoil by the night,

Writing pretty letters backwards in the bus window,
Feeling shitty when she doesn't see them,
Sixteen and blue,
Grabbing all that glitters.

it is not a knife
when you gut the fish,
it's your words.
you live in a cabin,
and when you leave the cabin

everything else becomes
the facade of the forest.
my roots are here, beneath
your words, beneath the wet earth,
i am a tree growing here,

spreading my branches
like a dancer,
i am grateful
for the way you kill me,
i am grateful for the way

i die like a fish,
flopping and gasping
for air. i wait for the fire
to come, it comes ever

and when it comes
i know the prayers
you whisper;

the cabin never
falls, the cabin never
and the river
never runs dry

Jonesy Nov 18

Growing up I was always told:
"Jonesy, you will change the world, I hope they're ready."
I was sold on the idea and held fast to it ,
I was there, awaiting jubilantly my future duty.

Growing up I was never informed:
"Jonesy,this world will change you"
Appauled that after trying so hard to know your character  
The world just change the script.

Growing up I should have been notified:
"Jonesy, life offers you more pain than joy"
Slowly, I realized that and I cherished those beautiful moments,
And dearly I did.

I know now what I was never told then,
Life is stressful; it is relaxing;
Life brings obstacles; it brings you aid,
But most importantly, Life is what you make of it.

Just a sprinkle of inspiration
Belle Nov 9

so young and unprepared
like the ocean before a storm
i was once like that.
but in due time one becomes aged and bent
you are no longer innocent
your eyes begin to sag
your body is an old tree
and with such cruel fate comes even more confusion
for all this time you let yourself go, it was not enough
but do you remember when you were a child?
when your mother kissed you goodnight.
and the stars were twinkling like diamonds
the ones your grandmother got you on your 11th birthday.
but now it's over, mother is not here. the stars are old, and so are you.
you have heard the call from the past.
and that is all it is.
you are older.
and so much more different and so much more sad.

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