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This is the tough exterior
march in docs and denim
head down
cover face with hair, but
crack me open
this soft interior
leaks, drips, pools
I am blood, flesh, water
push and dent me
bruise turning blue
wish for gentler settings
my body stings
remove the make-up
scrunch up eyes
I am not who I used to be.
How much coping is okay
before you become pathetic?
Everything goes so fast
and I’m not sure I can even hold on
Crying in my closet
only serves to help my breathing calm down
but in the long run
I’ll still be crying again
I can’t drive
or make phone calls
because of my anxiety
How can I call myself an adult?
Everyone else is running so far ahead
I’m so scared of being left behind again
And yet
Opportunities present themselves to me
And I run for them
I work hard
but I’m never satisfied
and it’s never good enough
yet still I run
I don’t want to let them go
But it’s overwhelming
and I’m not enough
I don’t understand
how people blame God
for their circumstances or
I still find myself apologising to Him
for the way that I am
Everything feels like a personal failure
I could’ve prevented
It’s hard to find balance
it’s hard to discern truth
it’s hard to know
what to believe inside of myself
I’ll still keep moving
because it’s all I know how to do
because there are people
I can’t let down
But I need a break
I need a rest
The world is overwhelming
and scary
And I’m still trying to find
my courage
and strength
I’m still hurting
and I’m still here
just me
Just a word vomit to get out
Youth transforms us before days expire,
And my youth is new and my days are long
There are bulks of knowledge to acquire,
About manly nature and muscles strong
I sought to comfort my newly manhood,
With strokes of a pleasurable feeling
Behold the innocence of my boyhood,
Escape its enclosure through the ceiling
I felt a fleet of foreign sensations,
When lust ignited a luscious fire
The gentle gift of a Woman’s patience,
Is the cure to my deepest desire
     My body is ripe with a burning need,
     To cover Her fields in erupting seed
jupiter Sep 9
the world is not easy to children.
maybe it should be, but you are
too easy to hurt.
original sin doesn’t exist, but
weakness does, and he says that
your weakness is a crime. so you
sit and wait and wait for things to
be over, and hope that one day
you will be strong enough for
him to stop.

never let anyone call you lucky
for being favourite child.
in this house, there is no
such thing as luck.
not your mother or father
or brothers or sister.
‘favourite child’ is just a big
target on your young head,
and it’s enough.
it’s too much.

there’s something inside you
that you think he wants. it’s
a beast, and it coils and snarls
and he wants to make you snap.
it’s no fun being the punching
bag but someone has to be,
don’t they?

(there’ll be a way out soon.
you just have to be patient.)
i don't want to live like this.
Aisha Sep 5
Today I ran through the archives of the extensive library of memory,
in there I found various books with titles I have been longing to read;

"Days of shimmering sunshine,"
"Friendships forged for life,"
"The purple Barney I played with,"
"The best"
and "The worst."

I browsed through myriads of red and navy blue leatherbacks,
only to realize I found myself.

I found that it contained my dreams,
my fears,
my hopes
and even the reason for the selection of my favorite chocolate.

Memory reminds us of our essence.
The essence that brings tranquility to our souls on a chaotic day,
an essence that reminds us of our path that brought us to the destination of today.

Visit the library of memory often,
and remember to take a cup of steaming tea.
You are special. You are unique. Unravel what makes you different, visit the library of memory.
Mica Kluge Sep 1
Growing old is gracefully (or not)
accepting the passage of time.
Generally speaking,
you have no choice.

Growing up is being slapped
in the face with the understanding
that you must be the hero
you have been waiting on
your entire life.

Growing up and growing old -
there's a difference,
but both will break your heart.
For those of you who don't know me well, three of my favorite movies are Treasure Planet, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and How to Train Your Dragon. The movies are very different in plot, so it took me a long time to figure out why I loved them so much (especially when I consider myself a bit old for most animated movies). I realized that the common thread is that, in each of these movies, the protagonists were looking for approval and a hero in those around one, and not finding one. So they decided to become their own hero. It was never really a conscious decision, but more of being pushed to the point in life where they realized that no one was going to save them and what they loved; they were going to have to fight for it. Having recently been pushed to that point in life, I understand and love these movies all the more. Rant over.
Lily Aug 28
Please always wear your hair like that,
The blonde waves just above your shoulders.
Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s ugly,
Or that you should do it a different way.
Please always have your upbeat attitude,
Your willingness to learn,
Your happiness at the little things.
Please always have your childish sense of
Bathroom humor, and please never let the world
Change how you see yourself and others.
This world will harp and pick at you,
Trying to destroy you in any way it can.
But I’m begging you,
Be stronger than the world.
Rise above it, because your innocence, purity, and
Happiness is so precious, so irreplaceable.
So easily tainted.
Just please, please,
Never grow up.
This is written for my close friend, Hailey, who is just 10 years old, but is already becoming a victim of the world.
Abby Reynolds Aug 28
Life is such a fragile concept
not by it's pure existence
but by the way we choose to live it
so much is going right
but when you're sitting in a dark room
it's hard to appreciate
the light on the other side of the curtains
Bansi Adroja Aug 27
While you stay still
the world keeps spinning
without end
without regard
without repent

Everything is different from one day
to the next
friends move on, move away
lovers pass through
not stopping
not staying

But you stay still

People learn and start anew
new feelings
new findings
a brand new place to be

But you stay still
wondering if its ever going to change
if you'll ever be like them

There's a pace to life
steps to follow
but you stay still
A Poem a Day : Nineteen
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