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Lara 7d
You can’t control them

Some people are able to show their emotions
Some people prefer to not share them

Emotions are private
Everybody decides who they want to share their emotions with

Emotions are a way to express feelings

Emotions can be rough or sensitive

They sometimes drown you
You decide whether to swim back to the surface or go under
Can you control them?
John Tan Jun 2018
You like being honest.
You say it’s the best policy.
So, you say whatever that comes to your mind.
Without thinking about the consequences.

You call me sensitive.
You deem me emotional.
When I voice out my hurt,
Pain caused by your recklessness.

But you don’t care.
You like exercising your right to be brutally honest
So, you never once cared how your words affected me.
How it caused me distress for years

Because while it took you a few seconds to utter those words,
It took me years to heal from it.
But again it’s none of your concern,
Cause you were just being honest.
Cody Haag Apr 25
A smile is on my lips,
While a hole is in my soul;
I'll laugh for the moment,
But cry when I'm alone.

My mask is perfect,
Deceiving all who see.
They think I am content,
Cannot hear my silent plea.

If I am hurting,
You will never know.
My mask is unwavering,
Blow after blow.
Anastasia Apr 24
I'm a concoction of emotions
digging my own grave

I back away from desired eyes
to avoid the shame and hurt
when my core's been exposed

Will this cycle of
remaining a prisoner 
of my own heart
ever come to an end

Perhaps I wasn't 
meant to be loved at all
but beautifully resilient 
on my own
Thomas W Case Apr 18
We poets were a sensitive lot
in a world that shat on us
although we fought.
We are who we are, and the world is...
Pax Apr 13
Why do i feel much and yet experience so little.
Perhaps its been a Curse, being to sensitive at times...
Skip Cope Feb 7
If I lose my place,
  I'm sure to be triggered.
I must find a safe space,
  so I'm not reconfigured.

If someone I've met
  as I go through my day,
yells at me or my pet,
  we'll both run away.

If a person protests
  my political views,
it causes such stress,
  it gives me the blues.

I'm a sensitive guy,
  so I run from all trouble.
Just don't ask me why-
  you may burst my bubble.
Ann M Johnson Jan 28

   I am just sensitive enough to cry to a sad song  

   I am just sensitive enough to sing along to a song that touches my heart

   I am just sensitive enough to cry while watching a Hallmark movie  

  I am just sensitive enough to listen to other’s troubles and either empathize or sympathize with them  

  I am just sensitive enough to be a shoulder to cry on

  I am just sensitive enough to be a good friend  

  I am just strong enough to not feel like apologizing for being sensitive because it is a part of who I am

I am hoping that you are sensitive enough to except my sensitivity as part of my unique character and personality.
My poet friends feel free to comment and/or offer feedback.
As always I appreciate you all.
Love is not blind
Love has eyes
a face, heart and ability
to feel and touch
your deepest inner….

Accessible, not for everyone
like you, there is only one
i came, i saw nothing but i conquered
my fear phobia
mental inability
ego my person everything i do is ever
i look in the mirror i am not there
can you tell me where i am
that i don't even know myself anymore?

My girl the name is Love
your sweetest place on earth
you know that like no other
it's worth the most to you
you travel in many countries
you have roamed everywhere on this globe
you will always find the same Country, i hope

My girl really doesn't know where that is?
take a look in the mirror
do you see that Country?
that Land is called Love
Love is not blind, has
a face, heart and ability
to know and know it
look longer in this mirror
you will see that Land rise
that Country where you stay in more often
than you ever expected
your deepest inner…..

©Sylvia Frances Chan
The Land called Love, our true conscience
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