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clever 6d
your smile is sweet like ice cream,
but people like us have sensitive teeth,
and all of our words are just too cold
just so happens that's we're both coming down
GoAA Apr 10
She had the eyes filled with joy and billion stars,
They were unreal, deep as the space between Earth and Mars,
One look and her magic spells you at an instance,
A man loses his natural resistance,
Sinking slowly in the cosmic chaos she offers at a glance,
Your heart skips a beat and your soul starts to dance.
Thomas EG Apr 9
I will love you tomorrow
I will love every bone in your body
And every hair on your head

You can paint them black today
But even when every single one has greyed
I will keep your secrets

And when you do give up,
I will not
I will love every part of you

Every mood that is brought
With successess and struggles
Every blemish that will flourish on your baby-soft skin

Forgive my hands for touching your face
I know that it's sensitive,
But also far too lovely

Still, they both shake every time
With fear of damaging your near-perfect fragility

And we all have our vices,
But your smile is my sunshine
It warms me in ways that I dare not try describe

It is so gentle, so kind
A look really can speak a thousand words

And your grin tells me that everything will be okay
So I think that we'll be okay

And I will love you tomorrow
Tomorrow and beyond x
Amanda Mar 13
I numb pain by getting high
Bounce from drug to drug
Wish I was stronger than I am
Want to get clean and be done

I keep hoping motivation will blossom
Positive train of thought
Guess temptation is more seductive
Giving it all I've got

My skin senses familiar stinging
Night comes; I succumb
I tumble down the rabbit hole
The place my conscience is dumbed

My hands move of their own accord
Hope I soon gain control
My cold heart is seeking comfort
From the agony hindering me from being whole

I do not know any other way
To stifle the ache of being alive
Than consuming toxic substances
The irony of methods I use to survive

So near to dying completely inside
Want to unnumb emotions
Remembering how I'd always complain about the flood
Now I wish for those sensitive oceans
She wasn't sad anymore, she was numb. And numb, she knew, was somehow worse.
Ash Mar 13
You were a liar when you were little you’re a liar now
You’re lazy
You’re selfish
You’re a disappointment
You’re not worth furthering a friendship
You’re overly sensitive
You’re depressed
You’re insecure
You’re  anorexic
You’re not making any progress you are degressing  
This is the anthem rerunning in my head
Yet I harbor too much anxiety to end it
Too much fear to run away
And as I cry you stare straight through my face
Leaving me hunched over and neglected.
dead ophelia Mar 8
i wish i never be a fish,
the sad little, sensitive, unappreciative.
i wish i never knew how it feels to feel a thing if in the end i couldn’t even bare to feel anything.
i wish i wish i wish,
i wish i knew if i would be this suffocated,
i wish i never tried just to fall into the groud,
i wish i never be born.
i hate my birthday so much because this is the first day ever of my life that **** happens to me. yet the worst of all the time through the year is always my birthday every year. i dont even care anymore. nothing is matter.
Tiara I S Mar 6
I feel like a waste of time
My stomach boils with pink pills
Eyelids droop- I pry them open
To drink words I thirst for
Taste worlds I yearn for
Sludge pools in from the bitter thoughts
Soaking soaks- soaking sponges
Run and drain out the membrane
Everything is all too much
I seem to never be good enough
Tiara I S Mar 5
Senseless bubble erase the fears
Mundane life pulls at heartstrings taut
Carving ridges and trenches of pain
Back beaten concerns and worries
Never fully flush from my flesh
Excitement bursting and dissolving
Like acid into everyone's apathetic ears
Long limbs elaborating tales that could
Otherwise simply suspend with sentences
Splashes of distaste scald at my face
Burrowing deeply into my deep diseases
I'm thousands of degrees to cold eyes
Yet I burn within their icy glares of uncare
Every nerve twitches while others' tingle
Soft happiness blooms into blissful days
Torn by how I feel all too much yet am not enough
Tiara I S Mar 6
bitter honey slipping from my lips
an acquired taste of hyper sensitivity
don't whisper to me any pain
it thunders violently- rupturing my brain
molten eyes capturing 1000 frames
processing what a diseased mind poisons
rose lenses shaken from memories
hung to dry into pungent trauma
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