Annie 1d

Red roses
And your broken smile
Don't go
Please stay here for a while

We'll talk
About how the world will end
The dark theories
And the forgotten thread

The broken glass
And the moon lighting our faces
Feel the moment
Feel it before we leave our traces

In a hundred years
And days I can't count
These silk robes will smell like us
But we won't be here -we won't be found

just as a flower
my loved blossomed
it grew to be a beautiful flower
my colors full of life
eventually every beautiful flowers fate
you cut me off
I withered away
my petals withering away
the last of life left me
I held on for to long
now i'm ugly and dead
you cut my life
now I'm dead
to be thrown away

It is nightfall
and it was here
I thought I saw ...
                                 thought I heard;
               but no,
                      I was again mistaken;
            thoroughly roused by
  the vibrancy of roses -
nonesense and what-have-you -
choked by thoughts;
led by ...
                 something or other -
       I dare say I have forgotten;
    it is nightfall
         and the light has not been greater
and I have not been spared enough
    from living
        without daylight.

Enjoy (:
© Shane Leigh

Would you like to hear a poem?
I'm sure you would
After all that's why you're here
Okay, let's see

Looking down this abyss with me
Feels kind of calming don't you think?
I can hear it gently whisper words to me
If only I could make it out
If only I could
Make it out


You hear that too?
It's a sound of wind
Brushing against something
Something empty, hollow
A plane
A hole
A burial
The sound
The uncertainty
It's been driving me insane for years now
The sky told me to calm down
The abyss told me to come down
But whose voice did I hear?
I don't know anymore

But it's beautiful here, isn't it?
Oh right sorry, the poem
What would you like to hear?

Roses that smell like citrus and melons.
red wine covers my bones.
how I love the sway of the moon...
so poise,
she sings to me.
the roses use the sun as a decoy.
I haven't felt so alive in decades...
the dirt dried my tears.
the shade discovered my fears.
here I stand.
here I am
so poise
she sings to me...
love me forever,
love me forever.

Today is my birthday,
Why did you come now?
Who invited you here?
Why that sudden longing for me???

Don't weep,sing songs in sad tunes!!!
I want to see you merry..
I'm happy you came,
But by then the song was over..

I'm happy and sad seeing,
The only ROSE you gave me!!!
You are too late,
Sorry I can't have them!!!

I can't smell em ,
embrace em tight..
For I lay in my eternal sleep,
my final niche,buried in soil..

Yes today is my  BIRTHDAY,

Looking at you takes me back
To that paradisal garden
Where we used to pick roses

Roses are the colour of blood.

Petal by petal, life fell apart
Until there was nothing
But a thorny stem

No one wants to help you
When you are the cause of scars

So you pretend
Pretend like nothing happened
Pretend that you have no negative emotions
Pretend that Eden hasn't turned to Hell...

Until the only evidence of your soul
Lies in your eyes behind each iris

Roses Are Nov 15

I live in a God's complex
A metropolis of facilities all lined up neatly in rows
One by one, each line of an intelligent design
State of the art insulations perfectly enclosing this refuge
An oasis in the cold, safe from outside harm
Sheltering the lost arts of relaxation and comfort

They say God is blind
Oh so precious was the thought
But from this view
I can see everything
And from the inside
I can hear everything
Carry anything
What could ever tear this down?

Who knows
Only God knows
God's elaborate
God's complex
He oversees everything
Hears everything

But they say God was deaf
That God owed them
A heaven in the skies
That he hears everything
The truths and the lies
But God owns a building complex
Behind walls he was confined
He was a terrorist
By the mask that we assigned
An almost architect
A destroyer nonetheless
And through his own believes
He was once an atheist
A teacher, a student
A son, a mother
A father, a daughter
A cynic and a lover
Conformist and traitor, his own creator
A dreamweaver, human creature, Godmaker
Taking up every living space this world had to offer
Settling in, committing sin
Exploiting God's creations, claiming it theirs
Leeching off all that he is within
Taking and taking as God gave them up out of love
One by one the spaces were occupied
The new Gods came

As all the young and old put words in each other's mouths
Fighting for what was once good, now only selfish
Driven by a need
For a purpose, a calling
A self-fulfilling prophecy to create something out of nothing
They talked in circles and shapes
As he
He didn't say a word
And so they thought he was mute
But they just never listened
Inside these last four walls
He will hear everything
When nothing outside exists anymore
When nothing he's created talks back anymore
When nothing moves, and nothing moves him
Dead silence
He's heard enough
And so on the last day he rested
To never return again

God has a building complex

To renovate

Renovating the nothingness inside

I'm not religious, this is an ambiguous piece
Roses Are Nov 15

I remembered in science class
We watched this video about the water cycle

They said something about rain
And how they were in those things called clouds
How over time they would cool down
And how they fall
Tiny drops plummeting to Earth
Conforming into shape wherever they ended up
In definite volume when in constant pressure and temperature
As they slowly become the makings of the oceans
Waves crushing, brushing over the shores, hiding what's below
Each wave a secret the ground could never know
But they gave it life and motion
Luscious colors, traces of red, blue, yellow
All combining into everything else, for everyone else
But they themselves only embraced what was around
Made to be see-through
But they never noticed
How in yourself you drowned

They played with you, toyed with you
Abused you, consumed you
Under the sun, broad day
In plain sight you slowly fade
But they never noticed
Until it was too late

Only then they called you, knew your name
Said something about the rain
About those clouds they didn't see
As guilty tears went down their cheeks
They call you now
But you can't speak

It's a cycle, they said
Something that never ends

Yet here I am longing

I remembered you in science class


. . . T  h  i  s . . .
B o u n d l e s s  ocean of  life
And in roses imageries of you and me  
O’ sparks of your beauty I am yearning to see
Face to face, if you raised those beautiful eyes, at me
Heavenly niche of hearts would cause the shadows to flee
My tongue soaked in bouquets of your melody, would set free
Odes would fall from movement of sky, endorsing my plea
Elegance of your smile, a garden of paradise and it’s key
B l o o d  of my heart, O’ red  w i n e  it would be
Baring of your  s a c r e d  sight with g l e e
M a r v e l   of  fresh blossoms, is it
. . . You or me ? . . .

✒ ℐamil Hussain

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