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My thoughts of you
are like hundreds of seagulls
on two sides of a bridge,
some perched on small
islands of ice, others
floating on frigid water.

Or maybe they are
like roses in the wintertime -
budding but not blooming,
waiting for some warmth,
or like the once fragrant petals
now fallen to the ground.
dk 3d
Beast saw beauty, and
Everything, even the tiny turned,
Amazing, for the beast, but
Time had his own plans,
Right went wrong, roses cried petals,
It was left with a single petal, until the beauty
Caressed the lips of the beast with her own,
Ending the myth, born a fairy tale.
SgScrib 3d
You didn't even give her a rose today, how unromantic you are, dude."

Exactly ! I'm unromantic.
But why the **** are you so **** concerned with me being romantic.

Go to her and utter my name in front of her, and just watch her reaction that follows.

See if she can hide that blush or not,
control that smile or not.

A flower to prove my love is a way too offending to us both.

Our type of romance is far away than
what you imagine about.

We need not say "I love you" hundred
times a day,
we need not write cheesy lines for each other.

We don't get jealous of the other
friends that we both have.

We don't spy each other doubting the trust.

You just go and tell her of any another girl I'm in relationship with.

She won't be sad or angry,
she won't shout or lose her temper.

Neither would she call me and start abusing me the way you'd be expecting.

Dude ! She won't give a **** to whatsoever you've spoken.

Our way of confirming the things are so different that you will die out
of jealousy of perfectness.

When we share our things, every decisions, situations, not giving a thought of being judged, is the time we celebrate our perfectness together.

The time we meet and have an eye contact exchanging effortless smiles, is the time we celebrate our Valentine's day, regardless of the date and day.

Don't you please tell her of how unromantic I am, she will die out of laughing..
Never have I ever thinking about you only
Never have I ever been real
But you still standing beside me
You still hugging me with love that's real.

Your pure heart still beating for me
Your beautiful face still looking at me
But still I keep going to the wrong direction
I still keep playing you like a toy
And you still keep loving me with joy.

Never have I ever seen a brave girl
Never have I ever thinking I'm gonna change
But for you,
I'm going to walk into a forest with roses
And I'm going to walk into a forest with thorns
So I want you to stay still
'Cause I'm gonna leave my past
I'm gonna change
And I'm gonna dry your tears.
My petals falling
noble and proud,
I scream out loud
looking into the crowd
asking for help
praising the welp
I stand still and take  
a spill,
the petals wilt and
tilt towards the chill
Germane royal roses
Alex Thiede Dec 6
Sunflowers and roses
A unique pair indeed
And they’ll blossom for you
Whenever you may need
You deserve more than these
A garden of wonder
And a symphony that plays
Like a soothing storm thunder
You’ll shine brighter than these
I know this to be true
And the reason that I say this
Is because I love you

Taylor Ann Dec 6
I am not roses and champagne
Or birds on a sunshiney morning
I am not high heels and pretty dresses and bright colors
I am not the girl with a positive comeback to every little thing in life
I am not the person who you can look at in the early morning hours and find sleeping like an angel in your arms as you caress my cheek in the early sunlight

I am strong and independent
I am determined
I may not be champagne and rose
But I am steel and whiskey
I am as strong as steel and can take some of the strongest heat
I am whiskey because you'll remember my exact tones and hints even after I am long gone
I am the woman with an optimistic yet realistic comeback for things that happen in your life
I am vans and leggings because, ****, I have places to go a **** of a lot faster than heels can take me
I am most likely stealing the covers at night and if you wake me up before 8am you will get the worst version of myself
I am muted earth tones with hints of sunflower yellows
I am steel
I am not roses and champagne or a bird chirping on a Sunday morning.
Sharkie Dec 5
It really is quite romantic
I hand her a rose and she smiles sweetly
I crave those smiles
So I give her another
And more the next day
She rewards me with her expression
I walk through my garden of roses
All grown for her
And I realize something
I pick a flower.
I ignore it.
I pick another.
It worries me.
I take them all
I bring each flower to her
But she doesn’t look smile
She looks frightened
What have I done?
The roses melt away in her hands
And she lunges forward, grabbing my face
She looks through me
She’s crying
Her hands fall to her sides

When every rose has gone
And every smile fades
I let it sink in
That it’s over

I’m over
sunprincess Dec 5
Before the birth of our late president
George Herbert Walker Bush,
Ladies and gentlemen of the Victorian era
Strolled through gardens with their crush,
Inhaling pleasing fragrances of roses
And lilacs of summer
For our late president GHW Bush
Rest In Peace
As beautiful as a rose is,
it has lots of thorns
So is life,
Very beautiful but it also gets rough
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