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The whole existence is dancing in ecstasy.
Inside the dew drops I am envisioning a new life.
The fresh red roses are making my mind serene and tranquil.
Being covered by fog the whole nature is seeming beautiful.
I feel like I'm alive again
I've finally grown up
Can make responsible decisions
I'm not living purely on my emotions
All of this growth stems from him
And the sad part is that-
he'll never see any of it.
Consumed and assimilated,
Into the shadow of hatred.
Filled with roses colored red.
I am just filled with dread.
Of what I'm facing ahead.
Is it love or hate or both?
Red Roses

Got my girl wearing a halo
but she finna sin, dancing like the devil
going *******
atop of a pile of red roses
and her horns hidden in her
hashbrown hair.
I can't tell if they really there,
but once you stare into those eyes,
any speculations mindlessly disappear,
then you start to sniffing the lips of those red roses
inhaling neurotoxins and brainwashings.
and I think I'm loving it;
pray I become allergic
before I sell my soul in my last few moments.
Lyrical Dream Sep 24
It's ironic, isn't it,

how the heart's gentle mascot,
the rose,
can make rubies pool in the creases of our flesh

or, how love itself can pluck the beat from our hearts until we are left numb to emotion

or, how we beg our heart to feel,
but when it does, we fill our souls with gasoline and choke matches down our voiceless throats,
hoping to make ashes of emotions that we fail to suppress?
Amanda Sep 24
Roses are colored red
Also can be blue
Artificial dyes turn white ones
Into shades of every hue
A silly note I wrote after I found a rainbow pen at work hahaha
Sophia Sep 22
I want roses to grow inside my lungs
Its okay if their thorns ***** my sides, and the blood pools inside my chest
Its okay so long as
I can ***** rose petals
And choke on their ever growing vines.
Anastasia Sep 22
red roses
and tulips
in your hair
on mine
a day
like this
in the air
on my waist
cherry taste
this love
of mine
by crimson twine
blood drips
from tiny ******
sharp thorns
with ruby tips
with all of my being, i love him
Enas Sep 22
Her aurora voice, her sunlight soul;
like rays, she walks on different colours and breaks into million dancing pieces.

Her scent of light, her cherry blossom lips,
ivy in her veins, lilies on her skin
and a lotus blooming in her heart;
for a petal she drifts.

Luminous, she shines against all light.
Is she a friend, a lover or a stranger?
She only greets my soul by breathing.
She’ll release me, she’ll save me!
Flower C Sep 21
Vestal white roses,
Shed their serrated surface,
Then tainted in red.
A Greek goddess, love, roses, and blood.
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