Flowers fade
infatuation dies.
When tribulations come,
will you stand by my side?
bex 1d
every rose has its thorn
and i was just the one in your side.

the amount of genuine joy i may have given,
is overshadowed by the pain i caused.

there was always a maybe and im sorry i didnt act on it
when it felt the strongest
but i promise:

no matter how wilted you become,
you are still important as you were when you were flourishing.

i've said this over and over
but im sorry.

i really am sorry.
i know nothing i say will change how you feel or want to feel. but i swear to god if you kill yourself, i will truly become nonexistent and never be able to continue on.
Denny C 1d
An arid wasteland
Without the taste of water
You're the rose that grew
You bloom anyway.
you gave her a rose for your love
and each petal was a beauty of your kind words
but each thorn was against her wrist for your cruel ways
Isn’t it sad to see how two-faced people can be?
B Lee 3d
The purple roses hide under the shadows.
Promises of blossom in the Morning and betrayal at night.
The lustful scent draws us closer to its pure taste.
They cry out to the heavens stretching to a blaze in the sky that a being named his sun.

Day is deceived by night through its light everyday and the flower stays and watches.
Thousands of black and yellow creatures steal pollen from his family and the flower stays and watches.
Trees, plants and brothers support begins to fail, skin blackening with their colour stained petals becoming colourless...and all the flower does is just watch.

Your love is like a rose, attracting with your divine beauty,
But you trap me in palm like a Venus flytrap.
I’m crying out for help but my voice is drowned in the sorrow of the deep soil your devious roots grow, forever rotting anything that attempts to grow near it.
Zenon 4d
A dozen roses will not make up for much.
But seeing their smiles sure does help.
Knowing if someone's day was just made a little better is plenty of thanks.
Still you feel the hole
the heart bleeds behind a cool composure.
I choose not to disclose but I slowly grow colder.
hue 7d
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Like the waves in the ocean
I'll continue loving you.

But these roses aren't red
And violets aren't exactly blue
Even though you turn 28
You still manage to look like 22.
No matter what I'll continue loving you.
Robin Lemmen Aug 7
Our entire relationship I felt
Like all I was doing
Was waiting for you and I to break
Like goodbye was only one kiss away
And when I finally started feeling
Like maybe, just maybe
We would prove ourselves wrong
You left me in shambles on the floor
Shards of our favorite memories
Cutting deep and letting me
Bleed flowers painted red
All over my world
I can't seem to escape
Everything feels laced
With your winter remnants
Blooming a stark white contrast
To my deep red wounds
Leaving broken roses everywhere
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