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lucav 10h
candle lit night turned dark
no roses needed or in sight
darling,im not in love.
i feel nothing for you.
drop dead is repeating in my head
the temptation to press you to a wall and scream all night long
i never cared,you’re bound to hate me but at least you don’t want to date
lying and manipulation are my passions and my lip stick stain matches the color of your new pain,blood red.
you’re full of dread but still,
drop dead.
i’m a cruel lover haha
Ayanda 2d
I think of you so poetically but whenever I see you I just laugh.
Did you even deserve my poems?
Did you deserve all the romantic thoughts I have of you,
Imaginary roses, imaginary smiles?
Maybe we don't belong together.
Maybe I'm just desperate.
The love was so sweet, it makes me sad to see it crumble away
Fade away into the wind.
Maybe that's the only way I can be free.
If I let go.
Falling in love, the colours seem so bright.
The stars light up the nights.
Smiles taste like candy.
It's sugary thoughts and love heart music, schoolgirl chills and giggling in the corridors.
But maybe all you are is a boy.
And all I am is a girl.
And maybe we are just people
Searching, searching
For something we have yet to find
Within ourselves.
So I will let go
I will let it sail into the wind
All that poetry, all those thoughts
And I will learn to love myself
Tara 4d
My mother never smiles,
but her soul is a garden filled with joy.
Her eyes shine like a full moon,
glistening at all the darkness in the world.

She yearned to be free,
her soul tangled in the roots of oppression,
while her eyes were haunted by images of discrimination.

As a child I wondered why?
Why does my mother never smile?
She’s so beautiful like the stars in the sky.
Even roses are jealous of the redness blushing beneath her eyes.

I think I even yelled,
“Mom, why are you so unhappy?”
But I was just a child,
I didn’t see the love that filled her bubbly brown eyes.

My corrupted character debilitated her spirit,
believing she was,
    and cold,
as a tundra and I was a palm tree,
but really we were both tulips,
and she was just teaching me how to bloom.

She’s a hero who never received her praise.
Depicting her sorrows through colors on a canvas,
meditating herself to solace.
She knew how to leave this world behind,
for the sake of her own mind.

As I aged,
I suffered,
I spiraled into multiple dark holes,
    I blamed,
    I begged,
    I screamed,
with silence taped across my mouth,
“Why am I so unhappy?”
But unlike my mother I always smiled,
and it was always a lie.

This taught me the limits of a smile,
and why my mother didn’t need to smile,
because a smile is often just a lie,
she expressed her happiness on the inside.

I fell into a pit swimming with fear,
battled demons I thought were my friends.
I’d assumed sadness was a punishment,
but it became my reward.

My mother taught me I didn’t need to smile,
the sadness helped illuminate the good in my life,
and it was okay not to always be fine.

My mother exposed me to my soul,
how tender it is and how harsh I am.
Depicting the reality of what life is,
since I only saw it as a sin.
Sarah 5d
In a land  made of coal
And air filled with black smoke
Where the rivers so poluted
That no creature could live
And people filled with hatred
Till humanity no longer exist
Until one day
A star fell from the sky
Bringing down a heavenly spark
in the mud grew a rose
And a single heart shined with hope
The wind brought breaths of fresh air
And the darkened night finally reached thier down
And that was more than enough
To restore the land to what it really was
Springs and rivers
Animals and fields
Lilac and lillies
Butterflies and deers
human sharing laughter and hearts
Forgetting thier disturbed times of the past
And I stand and stair
To the beauty of that image
With a wide smile
And question deep inside
 Will my heart ever bloom
Like the land in my dreams ?
Aurea Aug 30
I remember the sound of his thundering footsteps
The glass shattering
I see my mother's hands shake
His loud booming voice filling up the silence
My mother,
One second, standing
The next, sprawled across the marble floors

I remember everything, I remember it so vividly, it hurts my head
The memory does not want to go
I still see it replay with my worn out eyes
I still taste the abuse on my tongue
I still touch the mirror and see his reflection instead of mine

I remember the stories my mother used to tell me
Of how she dreamed of "the one"
Meeting my father was some kind of twisted fairytale
But now, as years passed by, she stares at him
Wondering where the hell was the man she once loved

I grew up afraid of love-
Afraid of what it is capable of,
Afraid of myself.
If I will grow up to be exactly like him
If one day I will grow to accept the roses and ignore the thorns,
Just like my mother did.

Questions still arrive in the twisted part of brain
As if it is the airport welcoming hundreds of passengers,
I ask myself,
What do you do when the love you once longed for becomes toxic?
Dear Lord,
     I kneel before you in prayers,
Please do me a great favour.
     Pick the choicest roses from the Garden of Heaven,
Give them to my mum.
Tell her I don't go to her grave often,
For now,she is a soul with you in heaven,
And the miles are light years between us,
Till I meet her again, driven in a
       All I have left of her are beautiful memories,
And the sound of her sweet voices.
Her lovely smile after a hectic day,
Her reassuring bear hugs to say,
"There's always another day.
        Tell her that I love her,
I really miss her,
And when she gives a smile,
Hold her for me for a while.

Your Servant,
Amanda Oct 6
You promised roses.
Laughter. Forever. Long nights.
Yet only gave goodbye.
Trying to improve this one.. its not really inspired by my life so it seems.. lackluster.
Flames of passion dying red
Ambers fading - turning black

Dreams of love filled thoughts
Turning into pain filled doubts

Mind caught in purgatory
Of self inflicted speculation

Angels falling from skies above
Demons raising from hateful contemplation

Roots never had a chance to take
Roses welting from the lack of faith

From the start you already knew
That what you felt was so untrue

Black roses is what I’ll give to you
To signify the end of what we meant to you.
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