Roses are red
violets are blue
they say its a way of saying
I love you and I love you too.

Roses are red
violets are blue
I don't believe it
it is not true.

Roses aren't red
violets are not blue
I gave you my heart
but you threw it instead.

Roses aren't red
violets are not blue
sincerity ignored
my heart is now dead.
The sounds of church bells and the pleas of pastors saying "do not fear for God is near" echoes in my ears as i watch my father leave his temple to walk with the almighty.
The warmth of his hands began to fade into cold, and lifeless limbs i did not recognize.
Lingering sounds of a flat line accompanied by your voice of despair to let my father go.
That was when the first few petals fell.

Your vivacious smile accompanied by your long midnight hair was buried within the garden under the dead apple tree. 
The whispers of silence were deafining to your ears as you wet your pillows with the taste of brandy on your lips and the black streaks ran down your cheeks.
The once so full flower was beginning to thin. 
My hands turned cold as yours pulled away into those of another who was not my father. 
A rose petal fell. 

Time ceases to stop or slow down except when we are feeling melancholy.
But time with you was like taking roses off of a thorny bush with your bare hands; delicate and painful.
Just like you and i.
A child was left for the elders, but little did they know, she was an old soul.
I saw the sadness projecting through your eyes as you were trampled by this concept we call life.
I attempted to be of aid to you mother, but the demons wouldn't let go.
Little did i know your demons could wither a flower.

White oleander ran through your veins as you put those little white pills into your mouth.
A rose petal fell.
Then the day came where you were flying high. The sounds of white noise and tear drops hitting my skin haunt my dreams as i learned of the rose being taken away from me.
But did you know mother?
Did you forsee the quick end to a great future?
I did not; however, i knew there was not going to be much of a story to tell if you did not stop playing with the thorns.
But like a flower, you were delicate.
I guess that is where i get it from.
With every beautiful flower comes a root.
The last rose petal fell.

All that is left is a seed and thorns.
But to make a new flower, you only need the seeds.
A rose is like a Phoenix; the flower dies, but the seeds are reborn.
You left me with a seed of your life that i can use to continue to blossom into a beautiful rose like you.
And one day, my petals too will fall and wither. 
But my flower wont be made weak with thorns, but strong with them.
The thorns i have will be my story even as my thorns watch my petals fall to the cold damp soil that is my pillow.
Every petal falling is a different ending.
Your rose died with you.
Just like my fathers died with him.
But my petals wont fall.
My petals will one day wither to only be replanted again.
The crisp air pressed to the breast of that dewy morn',
A piercing of the skin by the rosiest of thorns.
Thorn to skin, blood to air,
A soft ebbing of life from its lair.

Venous roads and capillarous tunnels,
A captured path in which life is shuttled.
That damned thorn that interrupts its flow,
Allows life to meet that soft morning's
I legit never knew the beauty black roses possess.
I stared at one day after day.
She looked like she didn't want to be bothered.
Still she'd look and stare.
She grew differently than the red ones.
Prepackaged, given to others in mass quantity.
She'd sit alone and read amongst herself.
With arched eyebrows and shapely dress.
Most were afraid of her thorns. Despite all the beauty she possessed inside.
They only saw her outside.
Reason her thorns were so sharp.
The misconception that she was to be feared.
When in reality they protected her.
They made her to think that she was ugly.
The red roses that surrounded.
They'd bunch around her in fear of their own self conscious.
Attempting to stop her smile.
The more they tried, the more she stood out.
Grounded in her faith she grew out of her insecurity.
Being the regal beauty that she was.
Realizing the heroine she searched was inside her the whole time.
Her petals testimony to her root.
When I spoke she cheerfully replied with a smile.
I walked by day after day
sophie 5d
Dear darling,
At your grave I planted roses,red like the blood that flows in my veins. The same veins in which your love reigned.
Thorny like every night I spend without you and of all the things I miss, I miss the reflection of me in your eyes.
Soon these Roses will die away but I will come back and plant more cause for as long as the stars are above me my love for you shall live.
This time when they grow, I hope they are black, maybe their roots will let you know how dark it is inside my heart. With no light. Rest in peace my love until I see you again.
sophie 5d
My heart is fertile from drowning in a love where I found pain.
In every season,  black roses as lifeless as they could be,
Bloom to drain the dark out of me.
Until then I shall never know what it is to love with life .
Doğa 6d
Roses are red
Roses are white
But they changed colour
One day at night

Wine is Red
Wine is white
Like the sunset
Like the star bright

Moon is Red
Moon is White
In a trajic date
Seeing the last light

Blood is Red
Tears are white
Just like life thread
Just like last sight
this is the poem I wrot a year ago, which I've sent for my application for this website. So happy I've been accepted! I didn't choose a title back then though...let me think!
Star BG 6d
em>Roses are red.
My hearts blue.
Because I'm lonely.
without you.

Roses are pink
My heart is grey.
Hope you come round
so we can play.

Roses are yellow.
My heart is brown.
Cause you have gone,
far out of town.

Roses are purple.
My heart is dark.
My moneys gone now.
Marc your a shark.
inspired by kathryn anne
Anji Feb 15
You deserve to shine -
That's why
My heart is hammering, handing you roses,
Obliterated by the joy radiating from your smile in surprise
My hands shaking, heart racing, mouth so dry
As you reach out and embrace me, I’ve never felt so certain that
Everything is gonna be fine.

Lets talk. Get out of the drive-
Way, go inside, lean against the counter
You’re looking at me now with brand new eyes,
I’m probably blushing, you wanna hang out?
Yeah - now we go walking outside.

Under tall, dark pines, you and I
Sneakers slide on the overcast hues in the sky
Whatever you want to tell me, I’ll just keep listening,
Math class and kingfishers, eels and anime,
Weekends and hiking, improv and rock climbing,
Your childhood memories, skipping stones
You didn’t even laugh when I made a horrible throw,
But said it was stylish and when I had to go,
Held out my jacket for me.

Sitting next to you by the lake today, was everything.
There were no words necessary. So.
This poem is for you, and let me get this off of my chest:
I think that you deserve happiness.
This one goes out to my Valentine, who is super fucking rad and loves American Jackson Jihad and inspires me like crazy and always makes me laugh.
For in the algorithm of their minds lay deep strategies,
But it's a maze to a sepulchre,
a colonial mind that bears many rooms,
where other men are lorded to their satisfaction

For they stand in the courts, and declared to be like children
their smiles far from sinister,
but their minds create a haven like hell to those around,
though they decorate the sky like the western sun, they burn the roses with their palms like the Libyan desert sun

For their dearth of love, they carry out vengeance on the free spirited, they carry a cripple staff of justice,
they are the town criers declaring who ought to be colourful,
they crown the underserving and deserving,
their tongue a tidal wave of envy,
slander chokes their breath, loneliness fills their temple,
hatred distills their roller coaster pain.

Now I understand why roses wither,
But even the crumbs of love in these cactus hearts
will be taken away.
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