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Jo Feb 16
I see circles, rounded things,
soft little kittens and eagles

I see shadows in the sand,
low-keyed sunsets, and an
outstretched hand.

I see snowflakes in the air,
moving onward toward
the ground, just like love
without a sound.

Moving on, I see springtime
on the run, making circles
overhead till winters done.

As if to stand fast in the face
of time, it plays its hand in
some repeated and favored

I see the arc of love between
two friends on a blue horizon,
end to end.
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Amanda Jan 29
Traveled many roads
Every direction I walk
Leads back to your arms
No matter what I do
I always come back to you
universe Jan 29
I keep on seeing circles
Unbreakble circles
Spinning and spinning

Filled with my future
Going around and around
Unbreakable circles

Waiting for nature to break them
Waiting a little to long
There will be a time where i will break
The unbreakable
This poem is based on the mundane everyday
Blixy Jan 16
My mind is racing in circles again.
It will go on and on and on.
Every minute.
Ever hour.
Every single ******* day.
It feels like pain is the only way to break the circle.
Cause for a moment I will feel something.
For a moment I will feel whole…fine.
But only for a moment. Then all I feel is shame.
All I feel is the overwhelming fear of people finding out.
But I'm so tired of hiding all the time.
Tired of hiding the truth.
Tired of pretending to be fine.
Someone is controlling my brain.
Someone is placing these horrifying thoughts and images in my mind.
What's wrong with me.
What am I doing?
It feels like I'm trapped.
Trapped in this mess.
My mess.
I made it.
I gave it fuel.
But it's so exhausting waking up to the same numbness… the same pain every day.
My hero where are you? I think I need saving.
IrieSide Dec 2019
trickling soliloquy's
of a thousand suns
melting forth from the
great abyss
of distant
Take me,
Mikey Kania Dec 2019
our car is burning and there is nobody
to drive it
our car is going in circles

tizzop's infinite journey
Amyrah Nov 2019
Drying tears, healing scars,
Dark circles framing sunken eyes,
Chapped lips from bitting hard,
Nightmares that return night after night, Are,
trinkets of a broken heart.
For all the times we were hurt, and broken.
Ackerrman Oct 2019
Old rings grow great
But the circles are less perfect.

Have to squint
To make the shape
Stand Stout.

Purple on black-
Looks bright!
******* on ****;
High as a kite.

Some mornings
Stay stale
As old cheese in the fridge.


No matter how hard I stare,
Or how much I squint,
I can’t make the blood
On palace walls
Look like liquorish.

I cant make the holes
In my shirt
Look like button holes...
Find the perfect partner-
My hand in hand;
To lead me across this ravished land.

To make it feel alright.
Like human means human.
I once dared to dream of an Oakland beholder, whose maker held a misused, trusted scheme.
B D Caissie Oct 2019
I don't like to use the word hate, but busybody worker bees who micro-analyze what other people do or don't do, **** me off.

We're all different and have our own quirky personalities. I see those who single people out in so-called social circles. They don't fool me with their classic misdirection. Trying to hide and mask their own insecurities and weirdness. All to ensure that they fit in with the so-called norm.

I'm weird and I wear it like a three-piece suit, and you know what? I'm looking good! Attention all you circles, clicks, and social groups. I'll keep being me. If that puts me on the outside looking in, then so be it for that's where my freedom dwells.

emrullah Oct 2019
remove circles in your life
where you cannot be yourself,
if you can't be you
in them,
then you are not apart of them.
not you
but someone else
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