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A M Ryder Jun 2023
This kindness?
I don't trust it
Like a purple sky
Before a storm
Beautiful; but
Do you realize
The birds are
Agitated and
The ants are
Marching in circles?
emru Sep 2022
walk around in circles
and i miss the site of the city
stare down on the ground
drowned in thoughts
about you
its all in rhymes
string of words in harmony
about you being
my light,
my flower, my heart,
my one and only
my crowned queen, a piece of art
so far apart and so forlorn
the night comes around
and i just went ‘round and ‘round in circles
and im bound to the same conclusion,
the end’s always the same
that i love you
i write better than i can talk
Odd Odyssey Poet Jul 2022
Circles—round a trip,
going all around the plains of plain thinking,
A blank mind; empty paper, ****** canvas,
As of the first I'll write: a masterpiece to create.

A shaking pen, a hold of my thoughts and emotions.
Dreams so unreal; feels so prohibited to a natural
thought. So I write them out in words.

Read through it, subtract, dissect,
read through it again; alter, adjust,
As many times, till I'm content with the piece.
But I'm never content; until the next piece,
the next piece, and next pieces after that.

Battling thoughts on whether to share or
archive for a later story. Post for likes, comments,
to please an ego—post for dispraise, inklings,
to better self, and writing capabilities.

For all-inclusive
Strying Oct 2021
on pages
and hands
our love
around and around
we draw
and draw
until all your ink ran out,
and now I'm but a line
drifting on a blank canvas.
physics test tmr - wish me luck <3
Zoe Mae Aug 2021
It is what it was

It was just because

that's how it's always been


It's not what it should be

nevermind could be

yet here we go again
camps May 2021
going outside nowadays is just a game of
who can hold their breath the longest and of
looking for reasons to pass the time in your
own backyard but the gardens i see are only for
the literary muses haunting writers into submission
and for digging up holes with plastic shovels and
for wishing that i could pick up the daisies
and place them in your hair

i was in the middle of drawing a circle when
my arm quivered and now the line shoots
way past the paper and it's currently
undulating over my desk and zooming past
a caterpillar that's contemplating whether the
process of becoming beautiful would actually
make him beautiful when he already knows
that he is beautiful

i hope the god i pray to forgives me for
making all the lines i write be about you
this poem makes me picture a certain someone
title inspired by a certain somewhere

from my new book anywhere but here
LC Apr 2021
the lion tiptoes in circles around her.
her mind spins in opposite circles
while the voice in her head yells "run."
but her limbs freeze and lock into place.
she hides her breath deep in her lungs,
staring straight into the lion's eyes
hoping it won't feel the fear in the air.
each second crashes onto her shoulders,
until the lion slowly saunters away,
becoming a small shape in the distance.
#escapril day 22! Re-posting due to issues with the website.
she is pointlessly running in circles
desperately searching for definite answers
she cannot help running in circles
knowing full well that she has run out of chances
Moe Dec 2020
your lips are bleeding
somehow the attraction persists
a dream awoken and the realization only
makes the sunrise that much louder
exhausted like a different direction
and the destruction was intentional
starting the next part
one round in the chamber
coming and relapsing into it all
like a year ago
nothing is a song
i am pretending to walk in circles
not taking to you
calling out
no echo
it's all fabrication
the lost distance in your eyes
this is all textbook insecurity
a shared life experience
it's still hard to hear your shadow
it's  unsupportive and I'll remember the final seconds
and meaning is not important
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