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Donna Jul 4
Life keeps on moving
It’s getting harder to write
New adventures bloom
❤️as much as I love to write it seems lately to have ;taken a back seat , life is hectic as per , big family ,  thank u  for reading and super supporting me it’s been much fun much love to u all ;***❤️❤️❤️❤️
Maria Nieves Jun 6
Slowly breaking its spine
Looking at that new front
Seeing the beauty within the title
The cover can give you an idea of the adventure you are about to take
Be ready to get attached to either the protagonist or the antagonist
You could even get attached to one of the secondary character
Holding that new book
You could smell the pages are still in that fresh new book
Once you start the book, you know you can’t put it down
One more page
One more chapter
Until you realize that you just finished your book
This adventure takes you to different universes
Different countries
Teaches you new languages
Don’t know how to speak Spanish, well I guess it’s time to learn for this chapter
Falling in love with the relationships within the book
Using the characteristics to finding your next person
Teachers used to tell us “reading is fundamental”
I will give them that
Reading became fun for me
The adventures I have gone on from reading has been the best
I got a letter to Hogwarts from reading Harry Potter series
Became a shadowhunter thanks to the Mortal Instruments series
I fought in the hunger games with Katniss
Stayed on team Jacob in the Twilight saga
Went to Camp Half-Blood with Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase
And many more to add to that list
Reading has helped me escape that scary thing called
nabi 나비 May 15
i love books, i love them with my whole heart
i have always been a book nerd and had my nose stuck in a book
i've been like that my entire life
and no part of me is upset about it
books are one of the largest parts of my life
i read an insane about of books
and with the amount of books i read i've learned what my favorite kinds of books are
and the only way to describe them is that they are all consuming
the worlds gobble me up and swallow me whole
i'm not me, i am whatever this character is and i'm in this new world
i'm on dangerous adventures or i'm head over heels or i'm learning lessons
they consume me and i don't return until the story is completely
i always return different and with new parts of me discovered
that's what i love most about them
they change me and they absorb me just as much as i absorb them
books are the only true escape i can acquire
and i am always willing to succumb to the stories they tell
Hannah Apr 12
What if I am the ocean
And the ocean is me
What if I want to kick it
Out of me?
I saw the fish
And I imagined it
Swimming inside of me
The next day;
I dreamed a dream
I was lost at sea,
Capable of breathing but
Surrounded by gigantic ghosts:
They were rolling their
Tentacles all over me
I woke up
I was on a boat in the lake
Which I knew nothing of.
Emily Wang Mar 3
To all the adventures I'll never go on:

If there was a way become someone else, believe me, I'd make the change.
I'd happily enter a different world where I can watch magic shape a mountain range,
If I could leave this life of paper and pencils and meaningless words behind,
I could be important, meet heroes and uncover how our fates intertwine.
I'd collect stories to exchange
Over bottles of royal wine.

No one has adventures in this world, everyone lives the same as their neighbors.
No one and everyone are in no one and everyone's favors.
We go to school and gain knowledge that's sat still for so long it's stale.
Isn't it wrong that everyone is excited to stop learning for a day when it hails?
The stories we tell are of government traitors
And explosives sent through the mail.

If only there was a way to be more than myself.
To be rich with life instead of with wealth.
To know love exists not just between pages
But also through the pulsing hearts in rib cages.

From: someone who wants to want to go on.
Nathalie Feb 3
Have you ever had
a dream so profoundly
knitted from imagery
and faith
that it appeared
as if by magic
right in front of you

Was there a time
in your life
when you just knew
that something was true
without having proof
but it resonated so deeply
at the core of you

Were you ever
caught by surprise
with a vision
or deja vu
as if you right
there reliving
the moment or one
of a future time

Did you ever
sense an attraction
so palpable that
you had to dive
into the curiosity
of it without
a life jacket or floats

Sometimes there
are no logical
something the mind
has a difficut time
to comprehend
but there is a
part of you
that can.

When you trust
your soul and
break up
with the sound
bites of your
mind, you are
living the adventures
of a purposeful LIFE
time after time.

M P Jan 30
i want to be in a field of sunflowers and
i want to take you with me
we can run away at three in the morning; going on adventures that we’ll remember forever
we can bring a bottle of ***** and forget about the rest of the world
we can watch the moon glide across the sky
taking in the presence of the dazzling lights of stars
rex orange county can play from the radio while we make the night worth it

i want to be in a field of sunflowers and
i want to take you with me
so that we can see the yellow flowers and feel like we can be happy again
so that we can belt out our favorite songs without anyone hearing
so that i won’t feel alone anymore

i want to be in a field of sunflowers and
i want to take you with me
because ‘loving is easy’ is relatable in more ways than one
because i want to love and be loved back
and bringing you on my journey to the field will make that happen
they can call us crazy but they should call us
sunflower dreamers
Miranda Jan 29
Every empty bottle
has a story behind it.

Whether it's a heartbreak
Or a happy tale,
There's a story.

And I'd love to learn yours.
Tell me your story
Nathalie Jan 5
She is led to this abyss of discovery

No curiosity of hers is left unmet

Experiences of the soul emerge

Throughout daily adventures

A charm is at every turn

And the treasure in opening

Awakens her senses

Even more profoundly

She’s learned that

Distractions are only

Meant for the purpose

Of showing her the

Contrast of how it

Feels to truly live

Infused with her life source

The core of meaningful

Living and existence

Is to merge with this

Love that is at the centre

Of her…being

To know this is deliverance

From the parody of appearances

Which only serves as a comparison

To fully illustrate the duality between

The mind of the ego and the

Awareness of spirit

Ian Robinson Jan 1
Yes it's true
Heroes need saving too
They get beat black and blue
All to save damsels like you
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