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Eric Babsy Sep 14
The bees swarm.
They do it just to explore.
Their disturbed by a potential confrontation.
For themselves and the protection of the hive yet another righteous indignation.
They fill the combs with honey.
They stay together as a family that always tells me something.
All within my dignity.
Creatures should always be approached with caution, and I feel the fear it brings within me.
As sun helps them thrive.
They still have a struggle to survive.
On this day I just seemed to pass.
The swarm was provoked by my humble passing at last.
If you know your terrain you know your danger.
This time it was not like I was a stranger.
Although I already have a plan.
It must have been fate that shook my hand.
Though I was never stung.
My fear still lives deep in my heart for that one.
Always respect the way of our earth.
Just like with any living thing it is their choice of birth.
I am not getting into politics here.
I am just warning in nature be cautious and know what is near.
If you are someplace you do not know.
Adjust accordingly and off you go.
Just know you always need family or friends.
So seek out life’s adventures to the very end.
There is a voice that doesn't use words.
Listen to silence, it has so much to say.
Let silence take you to the core of life.
The dangerously glamorous life of Chateau Marmont, where everybody is racing at an incredible speed. Velvet nights fraught with promise and mystery under large canyon moons. Skinny dipping in the heated saltwater pool, bodies dripping wet, in the privacy of palm trees, old Hollywood charm in swaying leaves fanned across the indigo sky, as we dangled over the city. Parties in the hidden bungalows, punctuated by pinot grigio and mescal mules, in and out of bedrooms and beds and clothes. ******* on hands, car keys forgotten, I tore your silk shirt as you threw it off the bed.
m Jul 27
love of your life
                                     love for your life

which are you?

its hard to tell,

but finding out

will lead me on

an exciting journey.
weird stanzas lol
veritas Jul 22
gaslit streams of dreams
and now you're psychedelic
soaking in highs and higher you're
throwing me over the bridge
and under a bus but
     >is that a bucatti?
and im telling you
     >no, its just another dead thing
and that seems to catch your blown eyes for a moment
because you smile at me
as if I can't already see the phosphenes dancing behind your gaze but
not before you say
     >what if we could make it one?
and now i'm smiling too because
     >who's to stop us?
the night seemed impossible and
unfortunately, we were still awake.
Make the most of life they cry -
The years are simply flashing by!
You must live it to the full, they say,
Do not settle for a bland halfway.

Don’t worry too much what you eat
Or if your house is always neat
Nor if your hair’s not is at its best
And you aren’t always smartly dressed.

Fret not in the face of others’ wealth,
Be thankful if you’re in good health.
Take the high road if you dare -
For you will find adventures there.

Be honest, joyful, never judge,
Always forget to hold a grudge
Avoid tales of woe and bitter gloom
Embrace the promise of hope’s perfume.

Enjoy simple pleasures, shun dismay,
Keep anger and impatience well at bay.
Do not feel you must conform
With the prevailing, accepted social norm.

Don’t be afraid to waste some time -
Relaxation is not a crime.
And it may be considered immeasurably wise
To enjoy the odd, unplanned surprise.

Spend time with friends; family too
Without letting them dictate your point of view.
Ward off long arguments and altercations,
Consider lowering your expectations.

Exercise willpower without being too tough,
Reasonable self-discipline is quite enough
Incorporate enjoyment into your routine
You’re not just a work-eat-sleep machine.

For this short life, so full of care,
You can live it anywhere.
Rich or poor, old or young
Make it resonate with joy and fun.

Follow the advice of a wise old man;
“Laugh out loud as oft you can,
Aspire to go out on a high
For it won’t be long before you die!”
Wisdom to muddle through on this journey…
Awtumn Jun 15
Three words,
Sometimes four.
Easy to say,
But easy to manipulate.
They mean so much,
And not quite enough.

When I say it to you,
They're more than just words.
They become a universe
Of stories and poems,
Of adventures and memories,
Of a forgotten past
And old scars healed,
Of a future untold
But predicted in the stars.

Because when I say I love you
For the first time,
And every time after,
I don't just say the words.

I present my mind
Like an open book.
I give you my heart
Carefully sewn together.
And I share my soul
To help mend yours.

I don't take I love you lightly.
Because to me,
It's everything.
Aaron LaLux Jun 14
Greatest Ever (GOAT)

The greatest ever,
don’t hesitate for the Haters,
I stand here united in love,
while you’re divided as the Equator,

or better yet division equations,
no hesitations I’ve got now don’t care who has later,
baskin in the Florida sun while ballin’ in the fun,
on a beach in Miami with my belly in the sand call me a Gator,
got Florida sun shine in a New York state of One Mind,
in California at Greystone getting more wine from the waiter,
feeling like He-Man at Castle Greyskull getting great skull,
both reckless and tasteful variety the spice of life I like to savor,
and yeah they call me a player but better a player than a hater,
and yeah they call me selfish behind my back then face me and ask for favors,
but I cut through the BS with my lightsaber half Luke Skywalker half Darth Vader,
with no time to waste and no mind to spare so catch me now or see you later,

in the meantime you can find me at the beach,
between just laid and self made plotting revenges and favors,
went from being on the street on my *** with no glass to Best Ever,
fully clothed now with all the bells and whistles from minor league to major,

dressed the nines with my thumb on the button,
and my finger on the trigger,
and I won’t hesitate to detonate,
on any fool that flexes hate because I’m the Greatest Ever,

I’ll spell it out for you,
and that is the truth,
for real for really,
I’m the GOAT,
setting records and making goals,
so while all the losers are lost in hesitation,
I’m non stop always on the go,

the greatest ever,
don’t hesitate for the Haters,
I stand here united in love,
while you’re divided as the Equator…

∆ LaLux ∆
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