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Casey Sep 26
Thought I knew this well.
every step I had to take,
every lie--delivered smiling--I had to sell,
every mindless task, no breaks.

Thought you knew of my own created, designer hell.
watching me falter towards an imaginary goal,
watching my fibs for tells,
watching my to-do list quadruple.

I thought I knew how to quit,
how to snap out of it.
I thought you knew about it,
and how to deal with this ****.

Turns out that neither of us knows jack-squat.
And that's alright, I swear I got this, yeah I'm good, I can do it.
I hoped for you to say something, I thought you knew I was talkin' *******.
Yet, without a word, you left
me to rot.
Did you care? Did you ever even care? Did you see the signs? Did you know they were there?

Alternative Title: Doormat
**** i feel walked on
Ferns Jul 2018
Mahirap ikalimot
mahirap tigilin
mahirap pigilin
ang pagiging hangal

ang taong tulad mo
ay ang dahilan
ng paghila ko
sa tali ng pag-asa
subalit ako lamang
ang dakilang tagahila
sa sobrang kapal
ako'y nakabitaw
Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
Don’t stare,
don’t look away

as if we don’t exist or
will disappear.

Don’t judge.
“So glad that’s not me”

It could be.

Don’t assume
“offer a dollar
it’ll go for *****”

You don’t know

Don’t presume to grasp
the reasons,
the whys the wherefores
don’t write us off
as useless,


If you can’t help,
don’t want to help,
are afraid to help,
don’t trust,


Just offer a smile,
A good wish or prayer

But acknowledge we exist,
we, too, are human.
We breathe, we feel,
We need…
trust and love,

Not disdain,
not even pity
if that is all you have
to give…

Was reminded of this as I read Gregory Monroe's "Strange Angels" which says so much in so few words! (And has a much more creative title!)
jas Jan 2018
me vs. me
battle or war?
on the other hand
what you see against what you don't
interesting theory.

you see what I want you to see
you see what you perceive of me
what your mind believes
but is that truly me?

perhaps not.
so perhaps call me two faced
i admit i have two sides
one for the show
and one behind the curtains.

oh, close minded individual
open you eyes
what do you see
surely, it's not me.
day 8 of 365
lins Dec 2017
People may think
People may stare
I shrug them off
I do not care

Let them think what they want
Let them believe what they will
My mind is made up
My heart is still

I know where we stand
I know what we are
They may assume things
They may look from afar

Come ask me in person
Come ask for what’s true
Don’t be scared I don’t bite
Don’t debate what you "knew”

He would tell you the truth
He would answer the same
Go ask him next
Go ask for his claim

We are on the same page
We both know how we feel
At least I think we do
At least that’s how I deal
I keep looking for an exit;
hoping and praying that all these confusions;
be straightened up and give me clarity.

I hate having to make up stories in my head;
that all the things you do for me;
you do for true love.

And all I ask;
is there an off switch for this?
because my heart's fed up;
with false hopes and broken promises.
So I met this guy and he treats me like a queen even though he knows I'm *** and all. I'm afraid to ask him if he also has feelings for me. Because what if he's just used to this kind of relationship between him and a *** friend? I remember last week, the day of my birthday, we met early in the morning to go by and hang out by the shore and I was surprised that he came prepared because he brought with him a picnic cloth and a drink for two. We smoked there and talked for almost 5 hours. and then he gave me a gift after, two books. hahahaha i love him.
Twirl Jul 2017
Assuming the world would stop spinning
in the next hours
I would take you to the bar
and dance.
Share one last drink.
Clink glasses.
Feel you next to me.
That would be feeling of being ready
to face the end.
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