Ashes to Ashley Aug 2016

I didn't change, I just grew up. I learned what's best for me. If I have to lose people to get where I need to be, then I'm okay with that.

xie Jul 2016

Life is full of mistakes
A world full of fakes
A world of dark reality
That can change your personality

As a kid you see color
A world without horror
Everything seems perfect and great
But what’s hidden under is hate

As we grow old
We became bold
A reality we used to ignore
Until we want it no more

Lights were dimmed
Demons were seen
Once were lost and gone
We can never be found

Wrist were cut
To form an art
Pain will be evident
When our body is full of dent

Now, I ask you this
What is life
a world that is fair?
or a trip to nowhere?


Emma Jun 2016

Everyone told you
That growing up meant
Being free
Being yourself
Yet they somehow forgot to mention
That the feeling
Of suppressing yourself
Of locking yourself up
Never truly goes away
Past insecurities
Past self-doubt
All come rushing back
Like a tidal wave right before the crash
You've tried too hard
Now people think you're weird
You've tried to little
Now people think you're just lazy
You want to try new things
Meet new people
But meeting new people
Was never what you expected
They are cruel, vile beasts
Ready to attack at one sign of weakness
Rip your flesh out
But save your heart for last
So you feel every last ounce of it
No matter how hard you struggle
People will only see the surface
And once you're tagged
There's no escape
Because they will find you
Torture you
Until that one insecurity
Turns into thousands
And what's left?
Of you?
Of them?
Of your heart?
When people tell you
To grow up
Tell them
That you're staying
Right where you are
Planted in the ground
Because who really needs to grow up?

orangesherbet May 2016

we were ignorant but we were happy
the unknown didn’t bother me
the neighbourhood was my kingdom
and the front yard was my palace

we used to play pretend
my mind took me to worlds of fantasy
we made our own spells and slayed dragons
but now all i seem to do is question existence

asking more and more questions
but not knowing if we can handle the answers

ignorance was b l i s s
but look how we’ve brought ourselves to this

Ashes to Ashley May 2016

I just wanted to be a kid again - to make this grown-up shit go away. So I wore a Little Mermaid shirt to the airport and tried not to cry. I failed and you saw it. So you put the car in park and kiss me. I'm still lingering in that moment. I spent the rest of the car ride practicing my numbers and letters again like you do in kindergarten. The letters wouldn't make up words that could explain to you how I felt and the numbers just counted me closer to the parking lot and the gate and the plane. Some days love is the worst kind of game.

J.r. rogue

Ana S Jan 2016

Play dates
Soul mates
This is how it was
Constant fun
Young one
As we grew old
If we only stayed.
If we never wasted away.
If it just stayed how it was.

A childhood
D'Kiehl Nov 2015

It seems as we age
We drifted apart
The love we shared was
Now I feel
Because I know I am

Anna Banana Oct 2015

Not even 18

She told me to sleep on the streets

“time to be an adult”

Jobs and school are not cool

Dreams and ambitious cannot take flight

But there’s no point in a fight

So I try with all my might

Sleeping on the steps

Working 8 hours shifts

School is a gift

No time to drift

Not even 18

Yet I’ve aged far beyond my years
all in one night.

Life is a little more complicated then this, but whatever..
Mark Lecuona Oct 2015

Young man
You act so world weary
But what do you know about life
Was it your mother or your father
Maybe it was your friends

Young man
You’re too young to be tired
They haven’t taken it from you yet
There is so much time left
Is there something you need to say

How much time do you need
I can’t tell you the answer
But if you need any time at all
Then you’ll never start
Because what you could never be
Is a book written by your heart

Young man
I can’t see your broken mind
Did you think wisdom was pain
You can’t pretend to be crying
If you’re looking for meaning

Young man
There’s nothing sacred about defeat
You heard a preacher that you rejected
You became a tale of locked coffins
Salvation was not pleasing to you

How much truth do you need
I can’t tell you the answer
But if faith is a fools game to you
Then you’ll never know
Because what you could never be
Is a book written by your soul

Song lyrics
Cat Fiske Sep 2015

there once was an englishman
and he treated me as well as the bee treat the flowers as they land,
and the englishman told me everyday,
how much he truly loved me,
how he loved me as if I was the only girl around,
how he told me I would be the sexiest girl in any town,
and the englishman told me he loved me,
and it took me quite a while to actually believe,

but, this englishman did other things for me,
when he'd talk I feel in love with his voice,
and his smartness,
and his jokes,
and his way to always throw into the conversation,
a million compliments,
and I could barely find the words to say thank you most times,
and I was shocked to hear all the lovely things he had said about me,
rather than the usually flaw countdown party I got daily,

and I hated myself,
that I could not say I love you back,
for a while I don't know why I didn't believe,
why I felt like it was too good to be true,
and how I wanted to grow up each second I spoke to him,
so I could move away to see him,

so, I truly loved this person,
and I kept thinking and waiting,
for when,
he'd stop,
loving me too,

I love this guy a lot, and I figured I'd write something about him.
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