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Seb Tha Guru Mar 2022
You miss two or three celebrations, buy incentives, you beg me to come.
Meet and greet with brothers really different, we be bearing arms.
My family be at the table talking ****,
guess that's the price of love.
Putting money in his pockets, but I'm stressed, so here goes a dub.
For years, been writing page after page just to get a head nod.
Stay out the streets, get killed, or suffer;
my reason for over night jobs.
Trying not to rob.
I've always dropped the ball so I gave it to God.
Hanging out the window with my stick, we was out in Cobb.

I wanted to be in the league when I grew up.
I wanted to be in the streets when I grew up.
I wanted to be like bro when I grew up.
I wanted all the hoes when I grew up.

I wanted to be like my daddy when I grew up.
I wanted my own family when I grew up.
I wanted to free my cousin when I grew up.
I wanted to make it out when I grew up.

Never knew what love meant, I had to grow up.
I never knew how to vent, I need to grow up.

I was acting like a little boy, I had to grow up.
I be feeling like a lonely child, I gotta grow up.
Guden May 2021
Grow up
Short version
Lives not a game
Adventures are treasurous
I need a vaccine

Long version
Maybe a little of
And the traditional
I don't really care.
July Gray Nov 2020
I forgot how much I missed you
Until we started talking again
I've been through lots of painful things
But not many compare to losing a friend

You texted me a week ago
You tried to apologize
It wasn't your fault
(You liked looking in my eyes)

Said you found this jacket
In the picture, it reminded
Me of a 80s quilt
I said you should get it, you did

Adults keep pulling on our sleeves
Telling us to grow up
Keep only what you need
Well I needed connection
And I needed a friend
You were running low on those too
Maybe life's out to get us
Maybe they just don't care
I know it's easier
If I have you there
Alt. title: The aftermath of "Cut off"

I'm glad we're friends again
Jarred Karsten Jun 2020
The trees keep growing
The flowers keep blossoming
Shouldn't we still grow?
With everything happening in the world I find it strange that people always say thats how it's always been or that is how Ive always done it. Life is continually growing and changing into a better you. Don't stunt your growth
Lara Jun 2020
Age is just the earth going around the sun

What if the earth would just stop going around the sun?

Would we stop aging?

Would we know how old we are?

Your age is getting controlled by the earth

Age is scary

Growing up is scary

Disconnecting from people is scary

But this is life

Life is scary

The earth going around the sun is one thing controlling us

Missing is a part of life

Do I want to grow up?
I don’t know
Because of this actually no

Am I scared?
Yes, I am so scared of what is coming for me in life
Jamie Jun 2020
The words roll-off
your tongue
like you've been
in front of a mirror

Don't attempt
to humour me

Somehow I
want you
to wear my skin,
try it on
see how it

But at the
same time I
don't wish
such a thing
on my worst enemy

Your jokes
always hit home

You told
each one
with a straight face
how was I
supposed to know
whether you
meant it or

You find it
frustrating just
being my guardian
imagine the torment
I go through each
and every day
trapped in this
skin of mine

You can't blame
so you blame


Youth isn't
an excuse
it's a scapegoat

Please let me be, and grow up
putting pressure on someone to complete your dreams is not right.
Remember that what could be a simple task to you, is actually quite difficult for another.
s May 2020
i think about being a kid again

back when i played tag..
running away from my friends was fun.
i remember how exciting it was to run fast.
i always got an adrenaline rush running away.

back when i would spin in circles over and over to feel dizzy and fall down,
and after i fell i would lay in the scratchy grass and watch the sky because it was fun to see the world spin for a minute.
it was new to see things spin that weren’t supposed to rotate.

back when a swimsuit was just a swimsuit that my mom got for me at walmart,
i didn’t care what it looked like because i just wanted to play at the pool
or in the sprinklers
or to wash the car with my siblings on a crispy summer morning
(but the water always ended up being dumped on eachother rather than on the car)

back when the only validation i needed to be happy was a thumbs up and an encouraging “good job shay may!” from my parents.
because i’m pretty sure they knew everything when i was 5 years old.

back when i heard the garage door and would run to give my parents the biggest hug because every hour they were gone felt like a week..

and now it’s different
everything has something motivating it..

as we learn more,
we hurt more
we feel more
and tbh it *****.

because now
i run to prevent a mental breakdown
i run to burn calories

i spin in circles not by choice,
but because life is ****** and confusing
and makes your head spin..
it’s not anything new
i’ve grown accustomed to my mind
losing balance and falling over and over..
the ceiling spinning in my room at 2:00am doesn’t bring the same joy as the blue sky did.

now a swimsuit has to look flattering
and not show my body too much
because of course,
i’m actually a *******.

now i need validation from anyone willing to give it to me and also from the whole freaking internet
and honestly it’s still not even enough.
never will be

now when i see my parents
i walk up to them
and hug them and say
“hey how are you?”

it’s boring
it’s hard
it’s ******

and i wish i was little
when food was just food

and when running didn’t include
running away from myself
Growing up *****
Capriccio Dec 2019
It's like I'm just  a big kid
Who won't behave
I know I'm broken in this way

I am not the marrying kind
And I'm not fine
I don't need
Nor do I need to ever be
The One
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