JBH Nov 2017


You forced me to become a man when I wanted to stay a child and I am thankful

You told that life is hard and no one cares if you suffer and if you struggle
And I am

You showed me life is a dark and unforgiving place and you thought me about heartbreak and loss
And I am

You also showed me the countless mistakes I have made and are probably going to make so that I may learn from them and for that I am thankful

You protected my childhood innocentness when all of the world grew up and I  am

You comforted me when the tuff Times stood outside the door and I am thankful

You were my light when dark thoughts  and heartbreak filled my mind I am

You showed me all the good things I did in my life and you showed me all the things I still may do and I am thankful

Together you showed me in two very different ways how to not only survive but thrive in this fucked up place called life

You showed me how to keep my hands and feet inside at all time and just enjoy the ride the ride of life and for that I am not just thankful but

It's for that,that
                  I love you with all

Dedicated to my mom and dad
Liz Carlson Oct 2017

I really don't get you.
You walk around like you own this town
and you put on an act to look cool.
I've seen your true self once or twice,
and that image you put up; isn't it.
Why can't you be yourself?
Or is this yourself and I'm being judgmental?

You're just a fake.
You live for the Instagram and recognition,
but act like you don't care.
You're just a fake.
I know there's someone real underneath all of that,
can't you let him breathe?

I'm sick of these teenage boys.
Can't they grow up already?

Dawn Treader Aug 2017

A gentle push
Towards the harsh terrain below
Is all I need
To let this go
Love was never the question
Being alone is the answer
I was not afraid
Of this crippling disaster
We thought it was love
But I'm sure it's loneliness
Just push me out
Of this poorly built nest

I'm gaining new perspective. I see things as they truly are.
Jaslin Goh Jul 2017

how people grow up
why people change
who people become
what people fall for
where people find home
if love even exists

these happened to me
one at a time
or simultaneously

it is still ongoing
it is inevitable

you pull through
you get a grip
you kick and move
you start swimming

on adulting so far
xie Jul 2016

Life is full of mistakes
A world full of fakes
A world of dark reality
That can change your personality

As a kid you see color
A world without horror
Everything seems perfect and great
But what’s hidden under is hate

As we grow old
We became bold
A reality we used to ignore
Until we want it no more

Lights were dimmed
Demons were seen
Once were lost and gone
We can never be found

Wrist were cut
To form an art
Pain will be evident
When our body is full of dent

Now, I ask you this
What is life
a world that is fair?
or a trip to nowhere?


Em Jun 2016

Everyone told you
That growing up meant
Being free
Being yourself
Yet they somehow forgot to mention
That the feeling
Of suppressing yourself
Of locking yourself up
Never truly goes away
Past insecurities
Past self-doubt
All come rushing back
Like a tidal wave right before the crash
You've tried too hard
Now people think you're weird
You've tried to little
Now people think you're just lazy
You want to try new things
Meet new people
But meeting new people
Was never what you expected
They are cruel, vile beasts
Ready to attack at one sign of weakness
Rip your flesh out
But save your heart for last
So you feel every last ounce of it
No matter how hard you struggle
People will only see the surface
And once you're tagged
There's no escape
Because they will find you
Torture you
Until that one insecurity
Turns into thousands
And what's left?
Of you?
Of them?
Of your heart?
When people tell you
To grow up
Tell them
That you're staying
Right where you are
Planted in the ground
Because who really needs to grow up?

orangesherbet May 2016

we were ignorant but we were happy
the unknown didn’t bother me
the neighbourhood was my kingdom
and the front yard was my palace

we used to play pretend
my mind took me to worlds of fantasy
we made our own spells and slayed dragons
but now all i seem to do is question existence

asking more and more questions
but not knowing if we can handle the answers

ignorance was b l i s s
but look how we’ve brought ourselves to this

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