Gabriel burnS Sep 24

cold drops falling
soft leaves slowly
sliding crystals
the soil again
becoming rich
color taking fill
lungs come whole again
one with the rest
connecting the opposites
into the loop ever stirring
the wheel slowing down
never stops turning

one shall attempt to write a poem for two
two writers dishing up something in one
one starting with the introductory part
part two following until they conclude

do you get the drift to this type of verse
verse one then verse two taking a turn
turn of hands working in an interchange
interchange is how it will be achieved

on reading this you'll have some ken
ken which shall show a collaboration's link
link the two pens together as one piece
piece by piece the stanzas fall into place

CautiousRain Jul 16

Wretched time loop
what a good song
I have never heard it
you should hear it
it’s my favorite
who knows what it’s about
man, check out this song
I have never heard it
I think it is familiar
Hey did I ever show you?
Oh boy, what a lovely tune
wish I heard it sooner
have you ever seen it?
You gotta let me show you
Whoa no, I never showed you
Have I ever seen this artist?
What is this about?
It’s good because I like it
it is a little sad
I’ve never heard it
You should show me this song.

Memory loss is a bitch and I've dealt with this for 6 months and some days I can listen to a song on loop for hours and be impressed every time I replay it because I've forgotten the tune. I'm so tired.
Maria Etre Jun 13

If space and time
were to entwine
I'd loop through
the galaxies
with fantasies
infinite times
in my mind

Over stars and black holes
comets and planets
If only time and space
were to entwine
infinity would turn
into my everyday

Sean Clarke Jun 6

I fear my mind is breaking.
It ripples.
And shakes.
And inevitably builds it self again.
I've never been the one to be in control, But i feel even less so now.
Even at the moment the world wobbles.
The morning...Maybe the evening?
I can't tell.
But Ive been feeling that this time is running thin.
Ive been breaking from within .
Wispy thoughts of grander things keeping me akin to a boy.
Or maybe a Man? Something in between?
But it feels like pain, sorta like death, like fading warmth.
Something like a ball of ice cold pessimism I can't shake.
a fever dream of a psychotic break.
like a fear of tomorrow.

Have you guys Even felt like this?
Jim Morris Mar 2

gaze into the eyes
of a voodoo girl
no one gets out alive
reveal the spiral
osculate the great serpent
by the vast and ancient lake
not to repent
deep blue, beneath the serene moon
they watch over and croon
lost in a trance
burning desire
around a diminishing fire
another chance
a new temple rises, same mistake
lost in a romance
lady snake
im fearful
of the coop
a world seen in clear crystal
tangled in a loop
wake dreams, hopeless augury
hideous laughter, drowning in mockery
laden under a spell insane
oh, disdain
we'll meet again

Vexren4000 Feb 21

Trapped in a place,
A causal loop.
Where the first event,
Is indiscernible from the last.
Sure to cause madness after prolonged exposure.
Prolonged exposure is the only option,
That seems available.


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