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I refuse to succumb
to your
This is my
you come back
to me
and never go away
Rollercoaster Feb 24
I find the charging sky lights to be
disorienting and pure.
Black and white at same time.

It’s a rainbow in the clouds after the rain
and succeeding the dark clouds which make me sane.

I am aware that rain will come again,
yet I don’t know when I will be rain-bound.
Each turn is a change in the circle of pain.

When the lightning strikes,
we look at the bright, white flash of light.
White pierces through the dark,
and confounds us and leaves us looking at the stars.

We wait for it to strike,
only for it to come at the most unexpected of times.
We must not be confused, or surprised.

We should rejoice when things go awry.
For it will too pass, and change will evade.
The earned hope will remain.

For chaos and the unexpected are change,
and change is the inevitable truth which cannot be tamed.
We’re celebrating the chaos and celebrating change.
We’re celebrating the inevitable when we dance in the rain.
Everything is in a circle, it a cycle of interconnectedness or several cycles of interconnectedness which are themselves connected to each other. It is the same storyline, a basic plot line that follows a similar story from the past and everything repeats itself. So, it does not matter what the end goal might be, it is about the experience and the change that will give us a greater understanding. Living though the motions, looking at the circle go, and know a greater story exists and you just have to fill in the blanks to make it your own - to make your cycle of birth and death meaningful and like a ring with a lot of engravings on them and then hanging that ring in an a larger ring that involves the entire existence. Not just your existence, but everything that exists which is also going through the motions and is following the circle and engraving its own little and large details on the Ring of existence.
And at every turn point of the ring, which is almost at every point, there is change and there is chaos.
We think of rain to be release- from winter cold or summer heat. Release from the uniformity of suffering. Yet, rain comes in as chaos. We do not know when it will come and how the raindrops will fall. They will fall as they want to - in utter chaos. After uniformity, comes change. Change comes in form of chaos. And navigating in that chaos i.e. dancing in the rain is thriving and celebrating each little raindrop as it is. We’re celebrating the chaos and celebrating change. We’re celebrating the inevitable when we dance in the rain.
Quiet Justin Jan 30
I feel as if I'm just going in circles
Where I'm constantly switching from
Happy to Sad
Then from Sad to Happy
And then it keeps going.
Around and around and around and around...
Satvik gupta Dec 2020

Back then ,

we were lost in love .

And now,

The love lost us .
Sad music enters
Maria Etre Dec 2020
I've never heard this song all the time
No matter how much I try,
I keep winding up at the same place
I keep trying to break out of my loop,
I want to learn the way life survives
By never staying the same.
What are you waiting for
A change?
An awakening?
An answer?
Riley Nov 2020
These days, situations from the past,
Are going around me so fast,
To test me how will I react,
In those situations where you have to act.

Almost the same people, same locations,
Only you avoiding those stations.
But you're still finding that way in this maze,
Even though I'm not the one who chase.
Not Anymore :)

To get in touch again,
It's hard, I know.
Relax, I'm preparing a great show.
After ten months, you found a reason to talk to me.
You realized - I miss her, I see.

I will do my best,
That in the end we can lay on each other's chest.
Ces Sep 2020
A tight, hot knot
strangles my insides
Constricting my chest
crushing my heart
until it shatters...

"Not good enough"

Such thought, accursed!
A loop of torment
Placed by the devil
Inside my head.

When will this self-flagellation
come to a halt?
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2020
When she hold
His heart

She chopped it
Into edible pieces
Pour Jack Daniel
Lit 2 Cigars
One for her
One for
Her new lover
Genre: Dark Humor
Theme: Unholy
Styling C. Bukowski
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