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When she hold
His heart
She chopped it
Into edible pieces
Pour Jack Daniel
Lit 2 Cigars
One for her
One for
Her new lover
Genre: Dark Humor
Theme: Unholy
Styling C. Bukowski
Laokos Sep 10
folding the sirens of
eternity in on themselves
as this scant hour
rebuilds its stage
over and
in the light of my eyes

already there is a perception
of being caught
in a loop - of a lesson
playing out
before a malady
of ignorance

i am free to see it
and i am free
to miss it

it is the long
of the breaching
whale - an exchange
of currents for
the transformation of
sky into
ocean depths

it is
hidden union
in transience

in beautiful
It seems
People are
Like drugs
With their expiry date
But the soul

Be that soul
Genre: Observational
Theme: Soul factor
Lara Aug 18
I‘m trapped
Trapped in a time loop
Same scenario
Different people

I‘m robbed of my lifetime
I can’t do anything
I don’t want this to happen

I can’t get help
I made my decision
I have to live with it now

Was it the right thing?
Was it the wrong decision?
Am I going to be happy again?

I don’t want to feel like this
I want to travel back in time and get out of this dark place!

Decisions lead to new people, new adventures, old friends
You don’t have to change your life completely
Nobody expects you to do this
Nobody should expect this from you
JJ Inda Aug 7
hollow hearts tear at the skin
lust and passion-idle friends
bottles clink during the day
shatter at night.
whispers turn to screams
as the end begins again
Spriha Kant Jul 28
Shedding tears and laughing in her memories is a movie watched on loop by me.

Story of granny about the deceased shining as a star is the force driving me into asking all stars the reason for her deviation from the path of her promise of never leaving me alone.

Silences are her replies if she really exists in any of the stars.
Silhouttes of dark circles under my eyes is the waiting for her reply.

Her betrayal is a fire and I'm its victim.
©Spriha Kant
Quixotic Jun 21
We are a  circle
With neither a beginning,
Nor an end ;

Just me and You and
All our demons inbetween -

Hellfire may blaze
The meteor falls sidelined -
Uriel may stand poised , and
Deadly pestilences of the biblical kind
Ice and fire may reign
Yet - we will stay trapped
In that constricting ring
We birthed , our sad loyal child -

A circus devoid of comedy
Ladies, gentlemen -
This drama, our tragedy -

See the tiny scars etched hard,
The bruises, the marks,
The papery voices we use
To protest empty words;
Endless chasms borne into
Our chests ; These hearts —
They are empty.
Our arms, comfort seeking ;
The heads, our selves —
Caught in an infinite loop
Pulsing with an  old light
Like the one from a long dead star.
Stars die all the time, but their old light still remains , traversing all that distance and finally reach us humans in our little blue planet.
Arcassin B Mar 30
By Arcassin Burnham

Spending life pacing, ain't no way for a man live,
placing moments and events that should have been
a lone gift,
Is peace really an option? will the world take people as they are
without this mixed concoction?
a world I would have envisioned as a child, when I was oblivious,
when people were still tricked in society but still civil and they wasn't
i see the faces and what use to be,
please don't get use to me
but in my heart...

I'm stronger than what ignorant ******* think,
weak is not in my vocabulary , I do not lip sync,
thats code for lies , when they despise and try to break
my image like a pack lions killing a lucky zebra thats a lucky libra,
but didn't get to live out his life and achieve none ,so it would have been
a circle of life that was meaningless in an ongoing loop of
certainty that it would be reborn into human that might be me,
I am infinite lil' ***** , you can not stop me.

..but in my heart, I will survive, I'll make my mark,
I will not die.

Ruheen Mar 30
People are staring

I'm not moving

Maybe that's why

I'm not moving

Cause they're staring

And they're staring

Cause I'm not moving

And I don't know why

We're stuck in this loop

No difference

With eyes that stare

All around me

People are pushing

Too much pressure

I'm still not moving

The loop continues

But now, I'm alone.
I don't know. I was already messed up. Quarantine's making it worse.
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