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Hearts skipping beats,
Unable to vent,
1, 2, 3...
الى متى؟

Lungs filled up with dust,
Medical was attacked,
11, 12, 13...
الى متى؟

Eyes running out of tears,
Unable to occupy,
21, 22, 23...
الى متى؟

Voices heard deeply,
Some pilloried, some bombed,
31, 32, 33...

√'Wir haben es nicht gewusst'
71, 72, 73... Suffocated by injustice.
الى متى يا عمي؟
الى متى؟
Till when?
Saige May 18
the sampling of amniotic fluid using a hollow needle inserted into the ******, to screen for developmental abnormalities in a fetus.


Not everything about you
is on that little screen; 
not in your number of chromosomes,
not in your misshapen genes. 

Yet everyone talks about you,
as if they know you:
"impaired cognitive abilities"...
"50% chance of being stillborn"...
"impacts the family unit"...

Your life and capacity for love
will never be defined by your DNA,
but rather by your smile and
your laughter and 
your heart

In short, my love, 
you cannot be defined by what is missing
but rather by what you can
and will be when you arrive 
in all your humanity
I'm just trying to live my life
Like any other human being
I get on the bus, sit on the guys side
I go through my day-to-day

I get called down to the office
I'm told I have to sit on the girls side because I'm in the system as a girl
I tell him I'm not a girl and the heteronormative system is ridiculous
I didn't do anything wrong and sit by myself anyways

He says he will see what he can do
In the hallway not long after, after school ends, going down stairs
I group of kids scream near my ears
I mumble to myself and they touch my head

I said stop
They didn't stop
I turned around
And for the first time in my life I lower myself to violence
And punch one in the leg

I break down
I'm lucky to work with such wonderful people in theatre
I just want to live my life
I just want to be left and not harassed

Im told I can sit on the boys side
I have to sit alone
I can only sit in the front or back
I have to tell the stranger next to me he can't sit there

I want to tell him why
I don't want to out myself
I have to give up the ounce of validation of being treated like a normal guy on the bus by the other guys, who are unafraid to get in trouble for sitting with me cause they don't know what I am or care

I wish...
I wish I was born right just like he and every other guy on the bus

But if I was I would not be me.

I could not understand my own struggles
Or sympathize so much with others

I could not learn and adapt the way I do now
Could not have taught myself to be brave in the same way I am

I could not have the experience of having kids with my spouse the way I want to

I would not have needed to stand up for my rights or that of others

I would not have addresssed my lack of understanding and my internalized transphobia

I am stronger for who and what I am.
My gestalt.
For learning to come to terms with the harsh truths of what I am to the world.

If that wish came true, I would not be me. I would not be
An improv prompt from my theatre teacher/director. My group decided to do a funny skit but I wanted to answer it in a heartfelt way on my own separately.
Twalib Mushi Apr 18
I take my pen
As i want to stand still
Applaud their pain
Everything is against their will
For their lives they had a plan.

Being separated from their family
how they're starving
Do they deserve?
how they're suffocating
This isn't correct
how they become homeless
Nobody wants to address this
This isn't fair.

They become more than hopeless
Snatching away their rights
Burying their dreams
Dreams of the innocent children.
KyleB Apr 11
Not all flowers have thorns
but roses do

roses are special, they are beautiful
just to the likes of you

so many flowers are pretty
but nothing compares
to the aesthetic of roses

and that's why they are aware.

their thorns protect them
they are born to fight

but they keep us silent,
cut our voices
they make us die

some people don't like roses
or don't like their thorns
they'll cut off their leaves
because they aren't thorns
and they'll cut down the thorns because nothing should be in the way

of their love

or so they say

when they cut our thorns
they are so proud
but do they know they take the rain out of clouds?

they break the spell,
they obstruct the beauty
sometimes they go ahead and just shoot me

I wonder, I wonder
oh dear rose of mine
why you die, oh you die
without your thorns sublime

not all flowers are roses
but none wishes to be
for the life of a rose

is as miserable as torture makes us be
KyleB Apr 11
“Have a share“
They say
Then only look at some
They turn their back on others
Pretending they are none

There is only a share
When things are being shared
How can we have a share
When some people never were
In possession like the others
But does that even matter?

Rights aren‘t potatoes

We don‘t cut them like fries
We don‘t share them like a meal

We don‘t have to lose to thrive

Your ugly entitlement
It‘s based on taking from other‘s
You took a share and claimed it “right“
Then dared to call it “rights“.

There is no “right“
And no meaning to rights“
When you build up on the wrong

Rights have never been  potatoes

You don‘t decide who gets a share
Rights are no achievement
They are universal care
How can animal rights be defended,
not defending the rights of the unborn children...
How can the rights of the unborn children be defended,
not defending the poor or the hungry children...
Oh, the right, oh, the left...
Conservative jerks will call me names like a "leftist",
And on the leftist side, they will accuse me of being a rightist.
I am not a prophet in my country.

kainat Mar 23
People name that place a paradise,
where painful screams are heard; but unheard
the Walking Souls are dealt to be soulless
the Blood is shed as a vain fluid
where Heartless beings are imposed to be escorted

People name that place a paradise,
where Sun rises with hope; but unhope
the Wanton is unbridled in his tyranny
and Victim is to be hushed unattended
where each Atom tells the story of oppression

People name that place a paradise,
where laughter became the part of past
that is mortuary but not a homeland
where Lively spirits are declared hollow
where humanity is just taken for granted

   People name that place a paradise
where painful screams will be heard; but unheard...
Robert Rittel Mar 20
Value of kindness and compassion towards other beings,                                             people that serve humans by fraternity teachings.

Tagore believed to have contact with the divine;        one has to worship humanity to confine.

Reaching future generation and it means to be a human,
coming from the most selfless act conclusion.

Acts of humanity should not be corrupted,
in any form by fame, power or greed conducted.

Divisiveness caused through race, religion and nationality,
socio-economics causing humanity to disintegrate radically.

The poorest countries infested by international charities,
volunteering for a CV are the modern parodies.

Regressing all to the point not to care about their surrounding,
perplexities to indulge that defy humanity confounding.

Qualities that form the foundation are honesty and integrity,
courage and self awareness, no religion is bigger than humanity.

Orwell’s warning that we grow into a dystopian society,
with conformity that is a polluted big brother anxiety.

Fear in propaganda at means of oppression conducted,
status quo by **** retentive honors as state consulted.

Through in charge by handicapped people that cannot rise,
above the sense of duty have a heavy price.

Then duty becomes pleasure by true intuition,
conceived by reason of loving human condition.
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