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The bartender says “It’s time to go”
“Because the moon has clamored high
And the sun was banished low.”

They were only speaking to me
I raised my glass, took a swig
belch, “i’m not even empty.”

They grab and toss it in a bin
The crash of glass, the waste of gin
Pollutes the air and that is when

They spoke. It was stern it was cold
“Get out right now! Before I leave
Your chest all gaped. Your chest all holed.”

“I’m a patron,yet you’ve decided
To push me out into the darkness
Lonesome and unguided”

“There are other bars out there,”
“No need to bother us, They said
I bit my tongue so as not to swear.

I made a choice, a simple choice
To sit and stay at the counter.
I cleared my throat and raised my voice:
“Do what you must. Let it occur,
But understand this, we will not be deterred.”
The words just poured on out as I was trying to process RoevWade and the possiblity of other cases being overturned that directly impact me.
selina 7d
it is one thing
to follow her into the dark

it is another thing
to borrow her fragmented words
and hold her in one hand
and a scale in another
and call it justice

but, by God
(whichever one you’d like to cite today
the kind one, the cruel one, and so on),

it is a whole different thing
to seize her by the neck
and rip the words from her throat
and twist them into cotton *****
and dip them into holy water
and force them back into her mouth
until she can no longer breathe
and no longer live and no longer exist
without drowning in a sense of helplessness
because we, the people, will always remember exactly how
you took your greed and shoved it into her mouth
and down her throat, until you stifled the cries of
‘my body, my choice’ with a book of myths and a man’s voice
weren’t you supposed to be our voice?
what was this all for? was the money so loud that
you could not hear the echoes of pro-choice?
our rage—will it be worth those thirty silver coins?
the SCOTUS decision on roe v wade and plan parenthood v casey was heartbreaking

A closed casket
often proposes
A High price
or something
That's why I opt to favor my
So therefore
I don't wanna switch to
And that's on sight
In light of or inspite of
how the might of my
will be
( wrapped ) with
the Lord's
for when they
Test me
So don't test
Cause I'm not looking
to turn a Right
or a
And that's even
if it's
the way that
Me and
For I know that
the Lord
will truly
Prep me
before my breath


Fight the good fight of faith
Roland Jun 2
Give them to the knives, hungry as they are.
Give them to the noose, hang them out to dry.
Give them to the cross, ***** them for the mass.
Give them to the streets, put their fires out.
Give them to the soil, welcoming them back.

Give us to the knives, dull them with our hides.
Give us to the noose, loosening their grasp.
Give us to the cross, bring it down to size.
Give us to the streets, parade their hate out loud.
Give us to the soil, taking back our lives.
Skyler M May 6
Don’t wanna be restrained to,
Allow for the politicians abuse,
Freedom from the celebrity ruse,
As I struggle with these hues,
Red, White, and Blue.

We’re like toys,
We make noise,
Bring them joy,
We’re easy to poise.

Grab me by my hair,
Throw me in the chair,
Scream at me, “It’s not fair!,”
You say, “You’re a burden I can’t bare.”
I’ll kick your teeth out, it’s only fair.

Life couldn’t give you a more silver spoon,
Sat up in your high chair, tightening our noose,
Drinking from a sippy cup, it’s alcohol abuse,
I hope you forget that karma is on the loose.
Cause we’re coming for you.

Half-dead brutes,
***** of dried prunes,
Master of child abuse,
You are the fake news.

Others will avoid,
You will destroy,
The bombs you deploy,
For the middle east oil,
Brainwashed toys are easy to exploit.
Svode Mar 6
I feel like Christian Bale
in that one movie
"Am I... the American ******?"

the emic and etic personas
collapse in pantomime
like how the Donald destroyed democracy and civil rights for four years.

I feel like the average citizen
who has no choice but to vote
so that I don't get deported once again
selina Dec 2021
they say it's a god-given right
a necessity, meant to be
a part of the American life

but tell me, do you know what it's like
to have to the cold steel of a barrel
pressed between your innocent eyes?
note: i am not completely againsts the second amendment. i am against the fact that our government allows businesses to hand out guns to people the way people give free candy on halloween— to practically anyone and everyone, even if they don't deserve it or need it.
SpiritHeart67 Dec 2021
Ask yourself a question? What is at the root of every conflict?

Go deeper.
Personal rights?
Still deeper.
Correcting error?
Keep Going.

At the most fundamental level
every conflict comes
from the inability
to understand
the other person's perspective or position
and to respect their right
to think, feel and believe
as they choose
(instead we attempt
to negate
and eliminate
these things).

Everything else,
including that listed above,
all arise
from this root cause.

Now ask yourself this.
What would the world
be like
if this root cause
of conflict did not exist?
I can't say in all honesty that I know the answer to the question that I've asked here, but I would love to hear yours in the comments!

I do know, if 100% of the beings on this planet had the ability to understand the other person's perspective or position and to respect their right to think, feel and believe as they choose,
100% of the time, there would be no need for the concept of 'Personal Rights' to even exist.

It would be a non-secretar and moot. They would not exist as a SEPARATE object because they would be the given way of life and the fundamental root cause would no longer exist.

It's a Nice Thought
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