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With every day, your Sundown, maybe is the last,
your life story will end, one day, in which you cast ...
Everything has its uprising and it is so sad — downfall,
sometimes you feel so tall, then again so small ...
With seven hundred and seventy-seven ways I love,
my angel, I send prayers for you, to the God above ...
With your deeds you will be closer to h**l or to heaven,
her sacred number is seven hundred and seventy-seven ...
She is always talking about that — her sacred number,
I would love to listen, all the time, but I have to slumber ...
But, before I fall into asleep, give me your — the sweetest kiss,
just want to be dreaming my dreams with blessing — bliss ...
EmVidar 5d
As we lay
our bodies intertwined
She looked up and asked
"How much do you love me?"
Tracing my pinky finger from her lips
down to the crescent birth mark over her heart I said
"As many atoms that exist from here to there".

-em vidar
The Dybbuk Mar 14
A floating point value,
Of a test score four-years-old,
Can float away your dreams,
And leave you homeless in the cold.
A floating point value,
Defines the friend's we've built,
Watch them steal the you you were,
And drown in a night of guilt.
A floating point value,
Separates you year from year,
Defines your rights, your days and nights,
Your every sip of beer.
A floating point value,
Separating me from you.
Close your eyes, count to five,
And wake up someone new.
A poem on how numbers define us
Poetic T Feb 9
We where strangers
              that slept within
                             each others arms..

And we ended up
         knowing each other deeply..

As we screamed other peoples
                   names out..

We laughed,
      and took each
               others numbers.
Äŧül Feb 8
I looked into your eyes,
Hoping these to be true,
What I didn't see were lies.

I dreamt about you, please,
Holy Love of mine were you,
Who new loves you better than me?

Innocent they look as pure as ice,
Hopping without any rue,
When did I not see the lies?

I hoped for it to sustain long,
****, I didn't know they'd rust,
Where should I sing my swansong?

I trusted your romantic promise,
How you broke my trust,
Why these deceiving eyes?

I now suspect that you lie,
Hey, you can't cheat on me,
Whom new did you learn to love?
My HP Poem #1731
©Atul Kaushal
newpoetica Feb 7
getting number day by day,
i don't know what i can say,
please mom, stay...
don't fade away,

i need you.
things just seem to be getting worse and i want to cry everyday, but i guess i'll just wade through these dark waters.
Bastian Pop Jan 12
Teens that would throw themselves
out of an eleventh floor,
just because of a number that
determinates how good they
would actually be,
on being nothing real
in a hypothetical
Samuel Louis Nov 2018
I could count
The stars
Before I
The number
Of poems
I will write
Our love
Being with you is like having infinite inspiration

I'm very good with numbers; Always been inside my brain
They freely shift and move about; Allowed to dance and play
However, one equation baffles and confuses me
That one plus one will equal two; This is not what I see

It's people who must be confused; Wrong value they give "one"
Because the single integer alone can't have much fun
It's only with another "one" first one will come to life
With purpose, reason, starts to smile; Now feeling satisfied

The presence of the second one gives first one happiness
When one is standing all alone life has not much to give
Can not survive a vacuum; It is dark and empty space
No digit there to interact; One's value just a waste

Some people disagree with me; Say one is fine alone
And doesn't need another one for value to be shown
I don't completely disagree but my experience
That I feel most fulfilled with life when I receive and give

The elegance of the exchange; Where miracles exist
Life's greatest gift is that of love but with it there's one twist
How it takes two to tango; Love is not a solo dance
To give another all your heart is taking a big chance

But can't compare reward to risk; The blissful ecstasy
Cause "one" is more like just a half but with love it's complete
Written: October 24, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Iambic Heptameter format]
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