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It's like our souls are in love and they're trying to manipulate everything else while making everything possible for each other.
It's like our souls are in love... ❤
Johnny walker Mar 16
I can almost smell those sunny days as a child up playing In the hills above my home
abused as a child I was more than happy to stay outdoors as long as I possibly l could didn't want to go home
to more abuse but up In those hills I forget all for while at least for the time I  was free to do as I
but was always with fear of the time coming where have to return home and face my abusive
my dad nothing of dought he would believed me If I told him so didn't I told no one at
I loved playing those hills above my home I almost
smell those sunny days
Madeleine Jan 27
what is impossible?
Learning to walk after an injury
passing a test in a class you're struggling learning to love yourself when others do not
achieving your goal when even you think you can't
or raise your children alone because they left you or passed away too soon
Score a goal or hit a home run you try so hard but cut yourself short
is all that and more impossible?
How do I know?
Because you are stopping yourself and making it impossible
you are the one who needs to take those steps
to move forward
To Push yourself and tell yourself that you can do it
no one else can do it for you
they may help you get started
but that's it
after that you need to drink the water
you need to believe

if it is truly impossible
then ask the one who laughs at the Impossible
because to Him nothing is impossible and everything is possible with Him
and with faith
For He heals the sick
The broken hearted
The diseases that to us are incurable
The broken bones
The moving of mountains
The calming of the storms
The addictions we ourselves can't overcome

So I ask you again
what is impossible?
or should I say why are you limiting yourself
and saying you can't
when really you can
whether it is by yourself
or with God's help
Still a work in progress but thought to share what i have so far
OTP Jan 21
Is it possible I feel her from all the way from here?
That I can feel her touch even though she's not near?
If you say no, you're lying, 'cause I swear I feel her hand, and can hear...
her voice saying I love you, like when I'm close to her, right here, in my ear.
There is no such thing as distance, you're everywhere with me.

© 2019 OTP All Rights Reserved.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
On days like these, my mind can wander through my past
some of those beautiful
moments of the first time being In love
with that someone so special
times to cherish moment shared with the one you love always wanting be together
at every opportunity possible make
every day count as If you're last
like you've never loved before but always there In times of need a shoulder to
cry on, to be a
Being there no matter what possible to make anyone lau
Johnny walker Dec 2018
It's an ever-changing
world to where I now reside being single again after so many years shared with Helen 20 years to be precise
a long time to be trying to find a new beginning the burning question to what and where does one
Is It possible to start over I just don't know but my wife would have wanted to find happiness again she said so often when
Questions so many I have Is It possible to start over after losing one so close for so long
Wai Phyo Win Dec 2018
Desiring mumurations, or solitude
What an absolute
Such a possible, impossible truth
Now beyond the age of youth

With the sounds of the inaudible
Crossing obstacles
The road;  horrible
Can our souls be bondable?

Times passed; not wanting to be regretted
From this sight; don't want to forget
The battle; don't want to conquest
This life; many things to confess

Head in the clouds, my feet on the ground
I hear sounds: your voice, astounds
I doubt I can turn my life around
Life: a merry go round

Just take it slow,
Feeling my head on the pillow
Life takes me round and round like a merry go
Here's to you, cheers, one more go
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Can It possible for
love to strike twice
In a lifetime, could
It be possible to love
again when you've
won and
Can It possible
to win again and
win the heart of
another, would never replace that of your
first love
but to help
with the loss and the
pain Is It Possible
to love
Is It possible to love again after losing that of your first love can one be a winner again
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