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deadhead May 7
dancing in the air,
i fell in love with the smoke
mysterious shroud
Sheathed in golden mist,
mysterious and alluring.
Ghostverses Apr 7
I love how you imagine us together
Oh how knifes are so pretty.
Idk i just came up with this while in math class
Hex Feb 25
Forsaken shrine,
Nights align,
In a spotted chalice,
Like onyx wine.
Out rings a bell,
A raven knell,
The wicked cry,
And doleful spell--
     --Of witching's time.

A wayward soul,
On blinded stroll,
As through the dark,
They must patrol.
The traveled path,
A harsh lambast,
And so return,
The hour's bath.

Fore a shape,
A phantom escape,
Awaiting idol,
Past a molten scape.
River quelled,
Fusion's shell,
Lest a shade and shadow weld,
Beware the spell--
     --Of witching's time.
A cautionary tale of night time and darkness.
Jasmine Reid Feb 17
Am I in love or am I convincing myself?
I would be a fool to be either.
I awake in a bath of glimmering sunlight,
The warmth seeping into my complexion flushing incarnadine rose.
Cyprus invades my senses, smoky and sweet lingers as I inhale the dewey delights,
Of this aubade- encompassing the tranquil meadow I find myself within.

Leaves rustle, my olive eyes flicker rightward, and I gaze straight into anothers,
A fawn dances on the brim of the eclipsed woods, and my sunlit serenity.
I feel a sharp cool breeze whish past my locks, splintering my stare with the youthful creature,
In time to witness the silver arrow soar past, and I glance again to where the dim meets the day.

I see Her then, gracing the forest floor with the juvenile doe,
White robes flowing like gentle crests of the Aegean sea, entrancing every living thing around.
The elysian Lady of the Wild Things nimbly takes another arrow from her silver quiver, shoots,
And vanishes within the shadows of the forest, leaving behind a presence of orphic divinity.
your camouflage is spotless, babe
i want to reveal your inner
it's difficult to find you, babe
you revealed my inner last night

we are apart from each other
although we're sharing the same dreams
green ideas, arrival's smile
real laughter and toxic strangers

how can i find you between 'em?
how will i know that it's you then?
in the middle of my middle
eight syllables, i count on you

you're my lady but you're hidden
among buildings, streets and people
between the glimpses of despair
somewhen, never, always somewhere

the rouge of your bloodstream enchants
my wishes, longing, desire
in the moment of the key-night
we'll stand before our door, baby

maybe i've found you already
maybe you are my wife, baby
maybe you are my wife, baby
maybe i've found you already
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