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irinia Nov 2023
out of the blue
my hands turn into themselves
and so does the dust of leaves feeding
the soil of a mysterious skin
we are passengers through blissful omens
cruel visions of a ravished anti-time
so treat me like fire
Bardo Oct 2023
I don't want to be nice anymore
I want to be dark...dark and mysterious
I want to be quite mad bad and dangerous to know
Moody and brooding
When I walk into a room
I want the girls to all blush and take a sharp intake of breath
And men to suddenly get up and walk out
If I was in a music group/ a Band
It'd be called
Yea! It'd be called "Dark and the Evil Doers"
And I'd be the Messanic front man "Dark"
A Jim Morrison type figure
I'd be spouting deep dark impenetrable and incomprehensible lyrics
Yea! I'd be singing something like
"O! Take me to the Darkness at the End of the Road
("End of the Road" - Refrain)
O take me to that Sweet Abode yeah!
(End of the Road)
You can empty your Load at the End of the Road
(End of the Road)
O! There's a Big Huge Toad at the End of the Road..."
Everybody wants to be dark and mysterious sometimes LoL. Poem for Halloween, a bit of fun 🎃.
Like leaping into open sea
Dark and brooding waters
Deep fathomless expanse
I barely pierce the surface

Gulp of air, then dive down
The chill prickles my skin
Undertow ***** at me
I'm carried deeper in

Undulating pulsing
It's quiet underneath
Waves pushing and pulling
Never gratifying fully
I love the ocean. It’s vast expanse conceals so many secrets
ky Jul 2023
You were the sun, she was the moon, and I was the rain.

You, the sun,
would rise every morning, sometimes accompanied by the most
beautiful array of colors, other times with dark clouds so deep,
suffocating—your rays couldn't even attempt to shine through.

She, the moon,
would go away every morning, just as you were rising,
because she knew that you would be too busy fantasizing about
the mysterious rain that you could never love her liked she wanted you to.

I, the rain,
would come and go, loud and soft, hard and gentle.
I never saw you, the sun, give off your beautiful, majestic colors
because whenever I would come, clouds would shield you from
being able to send me your love in the form of tremendous hues
that would have made me stay in love with you forever.

If it weren't for the rain, maybe the sun would have fallen in love with the moon.
If it weren't for the clouds, maybe the rain would have stayed in love with the sun.
But the moon shines brighter alone in the night sky than it ever would next to the sun,
and the sun is much more beautiful without the rain.

That is why the rain went away.
It had fallen in love with the sun because it felt like the sun was
the only thing that had also experienced the storm, but the
difference between the sun and the rain is the sun shined after each storm.
But the rain disappeared.
The rain could never see the sun shine.
Tiny, puffy clouds
were once above my head
My feet were there below,
steady and firmly placed.

I can walk a straight path
with no complications
Even in twist and turns
and a loss of directions

Rarely do I trip
or dangle from the branches
The weeds are growing taller
but facile to remove.

I traveled further
in the long, narrow streets
The constant flickering lights,
a very mysterious aura

I headed straight,
but something made me turn
the clouds were on my feet
I suddenly disappeared.
© Cyrille Octaviano, 2014
Farah Taskin Jan 2023
It was curious
that the horror stories
were not false

Believe it
or not
The pairs of glassy eyes
the horrific shadows
the blazing ignes fatui
the strange cold
the ghostly celebration

Termites, spiders, ants
and bats are alive
the rest are dead

The spectres and the skeletons
roam the island
they were **** sapiens

They exist betwixt
the cryptic hallucination
and the paradoxical illusion
**** sapiens is afraid
"There are more things in Heaven and Earth,.........."Prince Hamlet(SHAKESPEARE)
Nigdaw Jan 2023
to be like us
stamped on, tortured, beaten to dust

a jealous rage that yells
at the gates of perceived equality

you want our world
then have it

you were beautiful

so welcome
now you're not
Nikki Apr 2020
Iemand reikt me een hand
Als ik verstar
verdwijnt de hand opnieuw in de schaduw
Twijfelend blijf ik staan
Ik tast in het duister ..

Net als ik me omdraai
verschijnt de hand opnieuw
Deze keer neem ik ze zonder aarzelen in de mijne
En als de schaduw wegtrekt
kijk ik recht in twee hemelsblauwe ogen
en wil ik nooit meer loslaten
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