Jaceeyy 1d

Another beauty product that was tried and tested
by models who are made to be perfected
Setting unreachable standards of beauty
To gain profit through everyone's insecurity

I have doubted myself, the process was hard and rough
I tried to conform to their standards but it was really tough
Until I realized I am not happy anymore, so I decided that I had enough.

I will not succumb to their standards anymore
I will instead love myself and see what's in store
And if ever my insecurities will strike again,
I will remind myself that I am strong and won't be broken

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that is true
So don't doubt yourself for no one can be like you
Being different is beautiful too
And someone will yet appreciate you

karma Aug 18

Where did you come from, sweet angel of mine?
I need not the answer to that.
- for life as we speak is bearable,
Life has gifted me with a companion,
A companion in which my soul shares it's entity with.
Liberty and Karma.
It's almost as if it were meant to be.
The pivotal moment of my youth has changed from once was a sea of unchanging grey,
-to an ocean of blue and endless possibilities.
I thank the heavens for blessing me with a sweet angel.
-and so i thank you, Liberty, for joining me on this journey.
For trusting me and allowing me to trust you.
For laughing with me,
For many life changing times yet to come,
But mostly for being my friend.
I adore you endlessly.

yours truly,

letter for a friend.

Like the sun,
they are always shining.
When it is cloudy,
they are still there,
No different.
Their presence always felt in a sensation.

Like the moon,
They are the light to the darkness,
They never disappoint you.
Seeing them never comes too soon.

Like the stars,
All over,
each one shining bright.
With that bright north star being the Mother,
the real diamond.

They are always around,
All beautiful in their own way,
Priceless in every way.

Woman are hard to understand,
but they are definitely irreplaceable.

Happy Woman's Day ❤

Woman's Day In South Africa

You never appreciate your loved ones,
until they are distant; far away from you.

You never become sympathetic,
until you realise what they went through.

You never realise what they were,
until they are no more.

You never appreciate their existence,
until they don't exist anymore.

Somewhat based on 13 Reasons Why
alan Jul 2

Did she improve or did she change?
Did she close her eyes or find a new range?
Did she stumble as much as she stood tall?

Do you only pay attention when she will fall?

Did you improve or did you change?
Did you become wise or does your brain have mange?
Did you see when she was up or just when she's small?

Do you love her despite it all?

hey! alan is taking sides! how dare he.
Ennovy Apr 28

If you should see
a forest so blooming
a calming realm
finest things in life

If you would be
a better you
greater animal
nature nurtures

If you could try
to bring to life
deep desires
thoughts and cries

If you might dream
things never seen
but needed, morals
keen callousness

Juno Apr 22

I guess it didn't work, I wish I didn't make it hard for you
I know you're not confused,
I just mean all the words I gave you
All those letters in your hands
Step away, be away
Whatever you have to do,
But please know I appreciate you

Sandoval Apr 19

Appreciate the loneliness in me.

One day it wont beg for you no more.


Sometimes, I prefer to dwell my own Fantasy World.
My attempts to Save the World aren't always appreciated,
But it's hard for me to resist a Woman's Beauty.
Dwelling on  Fantasies does not address the World's problems.
But it is a way of Praising God.

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