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Haley May 22
the world became a ****-show,
I was into the sciences.
Staying at home,
Has made me appreciate literature,
In a way I haven’t before.
I’ve seen strong trees grow on burial grounds
Mustered by many and every
Fertile and free
To stretch as far as it may see
With shade, with fruits
A strong tree for souls and me
When you will cherish
Poetic rain
First of it's kind
All of a sudden
The Heart
The Mind
And the Soul
Will align
And things will never be
The same

With memories
So afresh
Resonating a free soul
You will remember
How it feels
While being
Drenched in the rain
A lot more
You hold to say
Besides, grant me
And every tomorrow
Genre: Almost Romantic || Free Verse
Theme: What remains
dusty streets lie calm and grey
the people have abandoned them
except for walks to the supermarket
savouring fresh gusts, the swirl of clouds
to return again home, air-soaked,
lunch and books in an armchair
full of past thoughts, future desires

morning dawns to steaming black coffee
evening glows like warm cheery wine
little pleasures by full windows
as conversation sparks in homes and phones
looking out longing, pining for sunshine
time, time is all there is now, long path
leading out to the rest of our lives
Barcelona, Spain (April, 2020)
Mari Apr 10
You'll find
when you start to
appreciate the
little things
in life.
LC Apr 2
most do not see her beauty -
their dreams pull them away.
some eyes burn from the midnight oil -
to them, she may seem like a hallucination.
others run too quickly to start a conversation.
a rare few wait for her -
they appreciate her beauty,
continuing the conversation in awe.
she does not live for the people of this earth,
but she provides for them no matter what.
#escapril2020 day 1! A little late, but it's here.
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The new
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Realm
Author's Note:
Readiness is when your mind is ready, all other senses follow. And what if you are your inner inspiration, honor and integrity? Get more time to appreciate it. You are the truth.
I always and in always, wished for the day
To come and passes by with joy in my heart
No thoughts, no self-questioning
does she care or will she? Only then I think,
spare her sometime, she’ll come around

I lived my life wrongfully with those………
Waiting for the day when my heart would reach out to your soul
Only then that my sorrows and my pains will fade
My happiness will fly high up the sky and falls down pouring; like rain
To wash away your doubts and hidden fears, hopelessness and

Restores an everlasting joy, hope and faith into your soul

I want to make a vow; I will never hurt you
I will never forsake you, I will never live you out in a cold
For my life with you is complete in a way that I cannot tell
For my life will never be the same without you

I’m not a prophet but:
For eternity I will keep trust in you
You are the sole reason that I breath
My soul is yours, hopes and desires too
You are everything I could ever need and more, you are my baby

Many cries loud out there, looking for love
For tender care, desires and hopes
But you are my angel, my miracle you all I need everyday
Today, tomorrow and for future you are the one.

Is that too much to appreciate?
Writing gave me leverage
To escape the heartache,
Vomiting all the rage
For my own sake,
Engulfing me in solace
For per say
Familiarity to cling
One’s bay,
A passion igniting my soul
To stay afloat
From rowing the sinking boat,
Trying to sway
Between love and hate
Writing gives pleasure
To mediate
Keeping pessimism at bay
Engulfing optimistic rays
Writing a gift
One should
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