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Raven Feels Apr 22
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, why does it seem like we abandon the other planets?:)

threatened on the nights

on the skeptic luxuries they ignite

other insecurities come to highlight

abandoning wants of dark carries that were once in hindsight

not sure if marvelous from the precious of the might hopes tied

clouds of mutual Venuses or Mercurys to collide

on backgrounds of relate of lonely to define

styling a vintage glass of polished wines

not a drink but the dime

not a dime but the inside

Jennifer DeLong Sep 2020
It's not the things
that , I desire

It's the moments
It's a walk on a beach
It's a conversation over coffee
It's enjoying a good laugh

The moments created
That leave memories

To be humble and give
back what nature so glady
has bestowed upon me

To appericate what , I have
To just find the joy in this journey

It's not without struggle
But for now I am here

I am not gonna worry
Why stress when you are blessed ..

© Jennifer L DeLong  Sept 2020
Janine Jacobs Jan 21
I woke to the new year with a sense of peace. Waving white flags to the battlefields of months left behind. Finding paths back to myself and turning inward to heal and nurture. Drowning my heart in words of appreciation until everything started feeling right. The warmth of the sun has returned to my soul. I have stopped feeling guilty for putting myself first; for choosing my own happiness.  I don’t love the world less, I’m just finding more love for myself. As soon as I returned to calmer waters, the game changed. Not because things are now perfect, far from it. But I find myself smiling, more and more, every day, for the smallest perfect moments. Isn’t that what it’s all about, being present in your own life.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
Dare to
Or take it for granted
The virtue of
True love

The zeal unfolds
And expose itself
It may hold you
It may free you

All at once
Genre: Observational
Theme: Nature of love
Author's Note:
Choose the one

On open eyes
Even if they don't appear to you
But on close eyes
They stay
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
If you wish
To touch

Touch me with
Your soul
In light
In dark
And in between
What no one else
Ever has

And I will
Embrace you
With a fragrance of love
You deserve

I'm lotus
An open universe
Genre: Inspirational
Theme:  Sensitive
Maria Mitea Sep 2020
From malleable clay,
with his own hands
the potter made a bowl,

Only one day the bowl broke.

What would you do
if you were the potter?

Would you consider repairing it?

Would you throw it away?

Would you repair it,
but also elevate it to a
whole new level of appreciation?
Kintsukuroi is the Japanese art of
repaired pottery - The art of Appreciation
yellowgogh Sep 2020
little she did know,
her bruises had been
the fertile soil of
wildly beautiful flowers
and, her tears had watered them
to not just be a season bloom,
but a forever spring.
ATILA Aug 2020
Announce that you love me. At least to your best friends. I can’t bear to think that I’m not your trophy to be proud of. I can’t accept that my ray of light becomes dimmer day by day. I can’t stand the thought of sitting like a tomb in your soul, camouflaging with darkness that engulfs all sense of love. I can’t swallow the fact your face didn’t spark when you said I was your everything. I can’t comprehend when my existence in your world ain’t shimmer like a dewdrop catching the sun.

Announce that you love me. At least to your siblings. I don’t want to stay timid in the darkest compartment of your heart. I refuse to admit that you ignore me in four days — summer, autumn, winter and spring; three days — yesterday, today and tomorrow; two days — day and night; one day — everyday. I deny that you don’t feel immortal anymore when I linger around you. I oppose the idea of maybe your love to me is paperweight.

Announce that you love me. At least to your heart. Do my picture still be your favourite wallpaper? Do your heart palpitates everytime you hear my name?  Do my warm embrace puts an end to your insecurities? Do your mind still replays our memories of spending time together when sun came out, and we were miles away from anywhere? Do. I. Actually. Exist. In. Your. Universe?

I never doubt my love to you. It is you who should stop underappreciating me, and start loving again.
Stop taking love for granted.
Tess M Aug 2020
we rely on a future
that isn't there,
a past that too
we cling to ourselves
like there is no one else
This was written on December 6th, 2019 BEFORE covid which just proves the irony that tomorrow is never promised.
Donna Aug 2020
Everyday I appreciate
my wonderful family
It’s the best love ever

Love my hubby and my children with all my heart xxxxx ❤️❤️❤️
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