Ennovy Apr 28

If you should see
a forest so blooming
a calming realm
finest things in life

If you would be
a better you
greater animal
nature nurtures

If you could try
to bring to life
deep desires
thoughts and cries

If you might dream
things never seen
but needed, morals
keen callousness

Juno Apr 22

I guess it didn't work, I wish I didn't make it hard for you
I know you're not confused,
I just mean all the words I gave you
All those letters in your hands
Step away, be away
Whatever you have to do,
But please know I appreciate you

Sandoval Apr 19

Appreciate the loneliness in me.

One day it wont beg for you no more.


Sometimes, I prefer to dwell my own Fantasy World.
My attempts to Save the World aren't always appreciated,
But it's hard for me to resist a Woman's Beauty.
Dwelling on  Fantasies does not address the World's problems.
But it is a way of Praising God.


Age is just a number
That's what they say
It'll catch up day by day
So you have to be clever
Cherish those little moments
Appreciate all of the love
Never take it for granted
Because in a blink of an eye
Everything will pass you by

Live your life to the fullest

I remember the times I was wasted on alcohol,
and you chose to help me stand up.
I remember we'd always drink tea in the fall,
and you'd make it in my favorite cup.

But then, one morning it was all gone.
You said you were feeling so done,
and you decided to leave by dawn.
That was when the hurt begun

I blamed myself constantly,
saying I never gave you enough.
I should've loved you cautiously.
I shouldn't have acted so tough.

I should have given you my absolute all.

If you've ever fallen in love,
don't ever regret it.
It's nothing to be ashamed of.
It's okay that you were open hearted.
He made you happy,
even if it was for a slight moment.

we've all been there.
Ashlea Mar 16

People are constantly waiting for something more,
Something better,
Then what they have now.
But why,
Why are people constantly trying to find more,
Experience more,
Live life differently?
When what they could be doing
Is appreciating what they have right

She inspires me to raise my voice,
and let myself be heard

She inspires me to stand my ground,
to find my own place in this world

She inspires me to chase my dreams,
and never be deterred

She inspires me for every day,
she's as free as any bird

For women everywhere, who are role models to the rest of us.

Women are not a different species
They do not need a special day
Why can't you respect and appreciate her ,
love her and treat her equal everyday?

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