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I not exist with out you.
I live without you.
I breathe without you.
I love without you.
I thank you that you gave me freedom.
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Genre: Autobiography
Theme: Penship || Acknowledge || Thanks All
Do what you like.
Do what make you smile.
Do what makes your happiness. Live your own life.
Enjoyt this.
Appreciate every lesson, every moment.
The moment never come back. This moment just once here and now.
You are so warm and gentle.
I feel your presense from afar.
I'll see you though the walls even if my eyes closed.
I can hear your quite rustles even if my ears can't hear very well.
I can smell your sweetness in the air.
While you many miles away.
I enjoyed your calmness symphony.
I appreciate of your beeing closely.
Hlengiwe Sep 15
A mesmerizing red rose
So fragile with no guardians
Refuses to die, to give in
For it acknowledges the priceless history it possesses
Its petals ever so bright
Its redness blinds you
Ready to show the word the historians who shed their blood for it
For us all to rejoice and appreciate the little we have.
It's thorny stem growing strong showing the world all that it endured
Manifesting its strength.
For the rose is the heart of this land
Through it we shall all know what true beauty is
Preserving our history is our way of showing our love to the future generation.
Thanks, you showed myself from side.
Thanks, you was my mirror.
It was important for both of us.
It has effect exactly.
It's changed me.
Thank you for each lesson I learned.
I appreciate each moment we were spend together.
Thank you for your time and your attention.
Thank you, I appreciate.
I haven't regret I followed my heart.
I haven't regrets even 1 second.
I haven't doubts.
And still I have no regrets.
I learned so much and growed.
Even if things are painful and tough,
people should appreciate
what it means to be alive
I've been dealing with some pretty personal issues and thought up this
I have a story
It's me again
A journey of
The time
Without any personal gain
It's possible to appreciate
Without seeing
Without tasting
Or responding
In any form

Nature inspires us
Making life

You will too
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: The Muse And The Muser
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