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Riiyyaa 22h
Ever wondered around the house thinking about who has the rights to decide wrong and right ?
Who in the first place even set norms for the society ?
Who decided men are superior to women?
who decided that women are meant to do household works and men are supposed to earn?
Why does it have to be this way ?
Can't we just all live like Human beings?
Can't we just not pretend to be happy but actually be Happy?
Can't we just be you we are and not what we are expected to be?
Can someone please answer these questions ?
Can someone clear all the question marks from my mind?
Can someone remove Feminism ?
And can someone introduce Humanism again?
I know you want to help me,
but you do have a weird way of showing it.

Instead of telling me what to do,
why don't you let me handle it?

You want what's best for me but it's my future;
let me decide for myself.

Can't you see,
I am much of a better person than I used to be?

I got a long way to go,
so please don't worry so much;
just let me be.

And bear with me for now,
that maybe later on, you will think differently.
For all the sleepless nights
Underneath a ceiling
Of plaster stars
For every lonely day
With with only nurses
To keep you company
For every IV
For every EKG
For every single test
And teary eyed sentence
For every scar
For every pill
For every bullet
And every gun
There is someone
In an identical hospital bed
There is someone
Who aches the same

For every heart that breaks
There's another one healing
You are not alone
We are not alone
You will get through this. You will be okay.
Gd Bubb Jul 9
I'm desperate to throw
all of my woes of the edge
and into the chasm below.
Hearing the echo of my own voice
dissipating into the distance
as if it just didn't really
want to exist to begin with.
The jagged mountain range
and snow melting beneath me
being a subtle reminding factor
there could be a thousand things
more important than my next step.
I was lonely
and you were greedy.
But even if all you wanted
from me was my body,
It felt so good
to be wanted.
And then he said
Hold back, give space,
Don’t respond straight away
Irritable, he says
"so irrationally you"
What am I to do
Can't turn you aside
Can't pull you closer
Can't have you kiss me
Can't have me miss you
Theres no bliss in this.
We deserve better,
You and I
You are my sunshine
And I am your sky
But I cannot keep you
Unless you are mine.
A Simillacrum Mar 31
Am I healthy?
Am I healthy.
Am I healthy? What
Kind of question
Is that?

Am I healthy?
Am I healthy.
Am I healthy? Enough
To know whose eyes
See mine                  as prey.

I won't ask for much else
In the way of health.

Am I healthy?
Am I healthy.
Am I healthy?

Enough to avoid death in the short term.
*****, you have a problem with that?
It's ten feet, maybe less, to the door --
Remember when I sent that request ?
*****, you weren't invited inside.
I decide the clientele. You're denied.

I decide the clientele, for my health.
Pain writes poetry.
All the rainbows are gone
In the land of hurt and misery.
Nothing is in line.

Invasion of chaos.
Sacrifice of sanity.

A choice is on the table.
Reach for the gun or pen.
Think now or think no more.
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