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A M Ryder Aug 25
I'm telling you
That it hurt
And you don't
Get to deny that

When a person
Tells you that
You hurt them
You don't get
To decide that
You didn't
Zack Ripley May 2021
I'm not sure exactly where I stand
When people ask me if I'm a boy or a man.
But does it really matter?
You're going to see what you want to see.
You're going to say what you want to say.
So while you decide, I'll be standing on the side
Just being me.
nick armbrister Oct 2021
Always this way fact/one team other team best way/do you want to change?
Zack Ripley May 2021
I would be lying
If I said I wasn't afraid of failing.
But I'm more afraid of succeeding.
There's so much more pressure.
You have more to lose.
Your actions have more consequences.
You have to think more carefully
Before you choose.
But sometimes, you have to take risks.
You just have to decide
If it's worth the extra stress.
leeaaun May 2021
i wish to see my heart
without a hole
from where all the
e m p t i n e s s
in the world
and decide
to reside
in it
Aislinn Vesper Apr 2021
What if I told you that happiness is a lie,
That love you think you have is swimming by,
Letting you know
You will never know how.

Emptiness is what surround us,
Don't let it get to you,
Don't let it get to you.
And if so, never lose that „you“.
Don't let the loneliness get the worst of you too.

I wish I could just walk away,
From the lies and dreams I've had about you.
I've imagined you as an innocent pure clay,
Who had no clue, no clue.

It's hard to admit it's here again,
the unexpected rain through my vein,
But it's the very same
Just with a different name.

I wish I would be strong enough,
To stand up and be myself,
Stay away from when it's rough,
Enjoy the time when you are not around.

I thought it's not possible.
Not possible to find someone, who could handle me,
So on the edge and yet, still so shallow.
I might be someone who sees a meadow
From a shadow.

They think when it's not visible
It's allright.
Then why I feel like
It's getting worse, more like.
The more they do not see
Becomes painful just to be.
Dance in the rain again
Felt like a kid
Free and fresh
With a smile on my face

   Chances are always there
   Whether you like it or not
   Sooner or later the time will come
   One day you'll have to decide

Maybe you're not even ready
Maybe you're well prepared
Maybe you'll love it
Maybe you'll hate it
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