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Amelia Glass Nov 16
What does distance really do? I don't feel
like I need you now that I've been balanced
with only my own arms raised
at my sides, my questions asked, my
physics written out in chalk, my palms
wiped on my jeans. I can do without
Rube Goldberg machines.

Was I supposed to miss you more? What
is distance even for? And be honest,
are you really shocked that I would doubt
what I want? On every Apollo mission,
two men walked on the moon
and the third one waited in orbit.
Marilina Sep 20
Why don't you look at me?
Why don't we ever talk?
We're both so similar:
Both quiet and calm.
I like to think we're smart.
We have similar views on things
And get each others jokes!

Yet we don't talk a lot.
And you don't look at me.

At break you always sit there
Staring at your phone.
All alone.
But you never look at me.
You never say hello.
Only rarely say goodbye.
But never look me in the eye.

You never text me first.
However, if you do,
You ask me what the homework was.
Is there nothing else you'd like to ask?

We spoke before, on a bus ride home.
Or at the theatre, we even sat together!
But it felt awkward and forced.
I started it, of course.

Though you have texted me once.
This summer.
You said 'hello'
And asked me how I was.

Yet we don't talk a lot.
And you don't look at me.
I don't know what to feel. I don't know how I feel. What do you feel?
Isaac Aug 9
What should a person spend their life doing?
How many things are worth pursuing?
Chasing dreams? Running errands?
Ticking off responsibilities? Getting to know people?
Getting really buff? Creating beautiful art?
Writing great poems? Winning at sport?
Getting super famous? Growing rich?
Reading good books? Helping the poor?
Watching movies? Fixing things?
Playing music? Learning languages?
Traveling the world? Teaching wisdom?
Building structures? Studying flowers?
It's hard to know, but you better decide quick.
Because it could be over before you finally pick!
Written 9 August 2018
We will believe in what we decide to believe in
Unless we decide to believe in what we want to believe.
Read it over and over, and slowly. Then you'll get it. Because the meaning is buried deep in the words.
If we decide to believe something or someone, we will believe everything in it or them, but if we decide to believe in what we want to believe, we will pick out the things we like and believe in them.
And is it right?
That's the question.
KM Hanslik Jul 26
I always fall apart with
such finesse, like maybe if my hands weren’t so cold
I could begin to understand the ways you led me through
each crash-course on learning how to undo my expectations;
I always think these words
will build stronger walls and these hands will be still
long enough to pour sense into what I’m saying, like maybe
calming my nerves will be enough to hold me over until tomorrow;
maybe you were right all along, maybe we don’t get to choose
who we sign our hearts off to in the end;

but I think maybe we’ve all just been
tossed out of the **** a little too early,
choking on the pollution before our lungs
were strong enough to breathe it in.
The way the sun kisses our skins has become a long-lost remedy for
old cleaning habits (we’re all keeping skeletons behind our doors)
& maybe paper kites fly higher when
you let them go, but it’s hard when oxygen gathers
close to the ground & your hands are always chafed raw from
trying to decide.
Amanda Jun 11
Why are you careless, determined to fail?
Making choices that will end in a coffin or jail,
Is it because you're destined to lose?
I'm telling you, you get to choose,
Stop pretending your outcome hangs in fates hand,
Like cause and effect is something you do not understand,
Want you to realize you are wrong,
Expel items in your life that do not belong.
I am tired of this ****** act,
You're smarter than this, that's a fact,
It is easier to turn a blind eye and play dumb,
Than admit the dope is making you numb.
So go ahead, waste minutes on a couch,
Attatched to your bloodstained pouch at another filthy trap house.
I'm sure that's where you're at right now.
You whine and complain, put all the blame,
On life like it's got a hit out on your name,
The reason you're in pain, is you doing things the same,
Repeating mistakes, you make your brain insane.

You are one bad day from your collapse,
One angry outburst before your patience snaps,
I can tell you are done, can't take any more,
Will you pick yourself up? Or remain on the floor?

The power is yours, become what you want to,
Life is a voyage, captain is you,
You could leave it behind and run away,
Or hang in place, this cold state where you stay.
You wish for money, too much dope to count,
Instead of willpower to go without,
Losing yourself, you do not care about,
A ******* thing besides not running out.
Even after being sick a million times,
You chase the rush, you're addicted to the life,
You crave more than the temporary high,
Chaos, the constant pursuit to feel okay inside,
Plus it is a steady excuse for your lies,
The old you I knew completely died.


Maybe someday you will decide
To stop using drugs, live your life right,
It might be too late, and any good left inside,
Has been killed by ******, you're just another homicide.
Therese Syang Apr 24
If you come back
I'll Say yes
Even if It hurts
I'll Say Yes

I know I'd take risk
I know I'd lie
But I'll Say yes
I'll Say Yes to you

To you, who persists
Who wants me
And will not leave me
To be with me.

I'll forget..
the moments I watched him
the chances I gave...
I gave to myself

To see him
Fight for his dreams
Be happy
And achieve all of these

I'll forget and I'll say Yes.

I'll forget him and I'll say yes to you.

Even if it hurts...
Decisions with unstable emotions may be risky.

Be healed by TIME
Amanda Apr 18
I based personal judgements on the past
It is a good thing because I was right
You have not changed and you prove it
Each time you hide the truth from my sight

Electrifying distant indifference
Enfolds as extravagant lies come undone
With each passing second our fingers hold
Terrible time unravels another one

Of all your indecent indescretions
That which hurt me the most
Your willingness to cut and conceal
Sad suffering you still host

I do not want to live with deceit
So go if that is all you aim to provide
I hope you pick the choice that is true
I cannot control which future you decide
You think the decision is mine but it was actually yours
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