Amanda Jun 11
Why are you careless, determined to fail?
Making choices that will end in a coffin or jail,
Is it because you're destined to lose?
I'm telling you, you get to choose,
Stop pretending your outcome hangs in fates hand,
Like cause and effect is something you do not understand,
Want you to realize you are wrong,
Expel items in your life that do not belong.
I am tired of this stupid act,
You're smarter than this, that's a fact,
It is easier to turn a blind eye and play dumb,
Than admit the dope is making you numb.
So go ahead, waste minutes on a couch,
Attatched to your bloodstained pouch at another filthy trap house.
I'm sure that's where you're at right now.
You whine and complain, put all the blame,
On life like it's got a hit out on your name,
The reason you're in pain, is you doing things the same,
Repeating mistakes, you make your brain insane.

You are one bad day from your collapse,
One angry outburst before your patience snaps,
I can tell you are done, can't take any more,
Will you pick yourself up? Or remain on the floor?

The power is yours, become what you want to,
Life is a voyage, captain is you,
You could leave it behind and run away,
Or hang in place, this cold state where you stay.
You wish for money, too much dope to count,
Instead of willpower to go without,
Losing yourself, you do not care about,
A fucking thing besides not running out.
Even after being sick a million times,
You chase the rush, you're addicted to the life,
You crave more than the temporary high,
Chaos, the constant pursuit to feel okay inside,
Plus it is a steady excuse for your lies,
The old you I knew completely died.


Maybe someday you will decide
To stop using drugs, live your life right,
It might be too late, and any good left inside,
Has been killed by heroin, you're just another homicide.
Therese Syang Apr 24
If you come back
I'll Say yes
Even if It hurts
I'll Say Yes

I know I'd take risk
I know I'd lie
But I'll Say yes
I'll Say Yes to you

To you, who persists
Who wants me
And will not leave me
To be with me.

I'll forget..
the moments I watched him
the chances I gave...
I gave to myself

To see him
Fight for his dreams
Be happy
And achieve all of these

I'll forget and I'll say Yes.

I'll forget him and I'll say yes to you.

Even if it hurts...
Decisions with unstable emotions may be risky.

Be healed by TIME
Amanda Apr 18
I based personal judgements on the past
It is a good thing because I was right
You have not changed and you prove it
Each time you hide the truth from my sight

Electrifying distant indifference
Enfolds as extravagant lies come undone
With each passing second our fingers hold
Terrible time unravels another one

Of all your indecent indescretions
That which hurt me the most
Your willingness to cut and conceal
Sad suffering you still host

I do not want to live with deceit
So go if that is all you aim to provide
I hope you pick the choice that is true
I cannot control which future you decide
You think the decision is mine but it was actually yours
KM Hanslik Apr 10
It's not the problem of you, it's the problem of
how these things come to manifest themselves
in shaky fingers
bleeding knuckles
late nights;
just one more turns into
splashing your face with ice cold water to wake up, and you realize that
drowning your fears in alcohol and other people can only get you so far.

You start to think
maybe it is you, maybe it's your relation to
everything around you, maybe it's beyond your control or
maybe you brought this all on yourself -
is there anything to fill up
the space in between?

Maybe it's in the way you think or the things you say
maybe it's all poison, and the world has just coughed up another
body to spill its contents into.
Maybe you're another shell, wandering around without
a concept of how or why, but maybe that's because
no one ever told you there was a different way - maybe it's
the distance between your fears and yourself, maybe you
never learned the latter,

maybe it's time you learned to put these things away -
shaky hands and nose bleeds -
maybe it's time to decide what to put in
the space between fate and choice
because a lot can be done within the realm of
both, and you have only just begun to realize
the difference.
Alex Apr 6
When will you decide that the time has come?

When will you choose the fate that makes you unique?

When will you stop waiting for someone else to carve your life for you?
Never jump into a decision... but if you wait all of your life, you will be left behind.
Amanda Apr 4
I have been thinking
Maybe it is okay
I am sure a lot of people
Feel the same way

I am caught in the past
Though the future seems bright
I think of two
Instead of one each night

He is the absolute best
Anyone who looks can see
On second thought, wait
HE might be better for me

I look forward to his call
I can hear him shine
But I also wait anticipating
For HIM to come online

How he makes me
Feel deep inside
Is a stormy
Blue ocean tide

HE makes my head spin
Like a twirling carosel
HE has got me under
Some kind of magic spell

I need to choose
Which one my heart dreams of
How do I decide
When I am double in love?
Written soo long ago, i was so cute back then, i had no idea what love really was!
mjad Mar 11
He has an Android and the screen is just a crack
But when I hit him up he never fails to hit me back
You got an iPhone but the battery must be dead
Because I hit you up while I was all
alone in bed

He has a skateboard and half the wheels are out of order
But he makes it work because he always flies right over
You have a Lincoln but maybe you 
forgot to get some gas
And now the last thing that you're gonna get is any of this ass

He has an old hoodie that he's worn ten times before
But that's okay because it ends up on my floor
You wear a different name brand every time we meet
Even though they're different they all reek of conceit

He hates to borrow money because he feels guilty for asking me
But everytime he pays right back fast and eagerly
You hate the fact I can't afford a large instead of small
But when I ask you for some change you suddenly lose it all

He is well aware he's not the best there is
But he's pretty goddamn close
You don't think you're perfect, in your own words, you know
So because of all this and're just gonna have to go
pk tunuri Mar 4
The choices you make, will lead your path
Neither gods nor ghosts
Neither parents nor teachers
Neither friends nor enemies
Neither love nor hatred

The choices you make, will lead your path
You will have no clue
No matter how much you knew

The choices you make, will lead your path
You are the only one to decide
Though there'll be very few to guide

The choices you make, will lead your path
Ever felt like it's your FATE? Well, you call it Fate, I call it as the CHOICE. You are, what you choose to become. Don't blame anyone for your choice.The choices you make, will lead your path.
E McNamara Mar 3
I come from paint
And tangled words
I come from shouting
And whispers

I come from the sketches
And vibrant thoughts
Strokes of chroma
And artistry

I come from the salt of every ocean
From blazing fire
And summer storms
From the rock of Jupiter

I am an improved form,
Of the materials,
Of anything I decide.
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