mjad Mar 11
He has an Android and the screen is just a crack
But when I hit him up he never fails to hit me back
You got an iPhone but the battery must be dead
Because I hit you up while I was all
alone in bed

He has a skateboard and half the wheels are out of order
But he makes it work because he always flies right over
You have a Lincoln but maybe you 
forgot to get some gas
And now the last thing that you're gonna get is any of this ass

He has an old hoodie that he's worn ten times before
But that's okay because it ends up on my floor
You wear a different name brand every time we meet
Even though they're different they all reek of conceit

He hates to borrow money because he feels guilty for asking me
But everytime he pays right back fast and eagerly
You hate the fact I can't afford a large instead of small
But when I ask you for some change you suddenly lose it all

He is well aware he's not the best there is
But he's pretty goddamn close
You don't think you're perfect, in your own words, you know
So because of all this and more...you're just gonna have to go
pk tunuri Mar 4
The choices you make, will lead your path
Neither gods nor ghosts
Neither parents nor teachers
Neither friends nor enemies
Neither love nor hatred

The choices you make, will lead your path
You will have no clue
No matter how much you knew

The choices you make, will lead your path
You are the only one to decide
Though there'll be very few to guide

The choices you make, will lead your path
Ever felt like it's your FATE? Well, you call it Fate, I call it as the CHOICE. You are, what you choose to become. Don't blame anyone for your choice.The choices you make, will lead your path.
E McNamara Mar 3
I come from paint
And tangled words
I come from shouting
And whispers

I come from the sketches
And vibrant thoughts
Strokes of chroma
And artistry

I come from the salt of every ocean
From blazing fire
And summer storms
From the rock of Jupiter

I am an improved form,
Of the materials,
Of anything I decide.
Midnight Feb 4
I want you
And you want me
So tell me,
What's taking so long
For you
To decide
Do you want her
Or do you want me

Did I say or do something
To cause you to hesitate
Did you prefer her all along
Am I just a second choice

You said I'm cute
You meant it right
Is this a game
I can't decide

Am I not enough
Is something missing
Am I too loud
Or too quiet
Tell me
Why can't you decide
Nylee Feb 3
Grief bottles up inside
and my heart though isn't that wide
Indeed the question is on my pride
but nevermind, I cannot decide.

The letters, I will throw away
the room, no longer as pretty
the mess in my heart reflects here
but despite there is something I fear.

What could be right, right now?
the sun is hurrying to set down
hidden moon leaves us stranded
what to do, to what couldn't be mended.

Asking stars to solve the problem
quite typical defeat as I speak to them
crushing the flowers as I walk over
nothing will get it back, never.

Distance has made us more distant
I wish I could control, but I can't
missing what could have been
is the only thing I think now between.

Feelings have been discarded from the equation,
because they have always let us down
What really could be worse?
the sentence that won't really end with the curse.
Amanda Jan 29
Like a wave,
You crash over me,
Open my eyes with,
The calm of the sea.

Like a book,
Your pages read clear,
Sentences true,
Chapters sincere.

Like a wagon,
You carry the weight,
Of love, hold it up,
As your wheels rotate.

Like a compass,
I use you to guide,
My direction
I let you decide.
Another old one I edited. Much better now. I would love any critique or compliments.
Svode Nov 2017
Wake wake wake wake wake
confront confront confront confront
talk talk talk
ask ask

Wake wake wake wake wake
beg beg beg beg
think think think
contemplate contemplate

Wake wake wake wake wake
decide decide decide decide
tie tie tie
write write
kvgy Nov 2017
The train runs too fast
My dear i can't keep up
Droplets of rain
Start to fall down
Pouring onto me
Standing between the line
Of Xs and Os
Dancing demons Oct 2017
You want it all.
I'm sorry, but you cannot have it all. I'm sure they told you this.
You must choose.
And be sure when you do, do it wisely.
For i am not coming back, if i'm not the chosen one.
I won't be waiting around the corner, in case you regret it.
And if you don't choose me, if you don't pick me, i will respect it.
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