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gracie 5d
here’s to the thrift store sweaters,
well-worn, wooly and warm,
meant for curling up
with a book and hot tea
as the snow comes
twinkling down.

here’s to the little stray cat
street-smart, striped, and shy,
tossed to the curb
but somehow still grateful
for the touch of a stranger
passing by.

here’s to the weary lovers
run-down, restless romantics who've
learned to stitch up their hearts
and put on their smiles
because life is too short
to waste it
i heckin got this
One man's trash,
another man's
But I suggest you keep all your
happy memories
and hold on to them
Keep the things you love
A day of lone suffering. Today was the day I was expected to participate, today was the day i was supposed to be positively sublime and sane. I suppose that I wasn't supposed to grieve today given the fact that I hated him so, I don't. what a tragedy. my broken soul was forced to smile and wave in the guests and family members. what a pity. I smile and choke down my laugh and furious tears. how mournful. The whelp gets the better of me even in death. what a tragic flaming fate of twisted blood battles and a broken love. He won the women. I look into the crowd behind me and I feel torn apart. **** the masses. I spin back around a walk to the coffin and feel a chill in my spine. ***** of a man. I think of his enormous wealth and empire. I spit in his face. what trash of a man. I walk to the exit and see his wife, my "old inspirational love." I walk forward and slash though the doors towards a new future and never look back. the man is dead and so, my madness is finally appeased. I dash and run and smile, I'm free! bless the god who granted me this gift and brought ****** into the world!
eF Feb 2
I’m misunderstood
Like torn and scattered pages
From a lengthy book.
I’m not sure if everyone is just vanilla.
Or if I see the world too openly.
But I’m constantly getting put into boxes I don’t feel I ever belonged to be in.
Shlomo Jan 27
Perpetual occupation. Thoughts o’Disgust.

A path into oblivion. Who can we trust?

5% of the world population.

20%, prison population.

More thoughts. More of disgust. Despair. Hope? Less.

And less! Each day I think I forget. Its there.

Orange TV show personality.

As the leader of the free world?! What kind

of world is that? What am I supposed t’think?

Oh right. Because he’s free to tweet trash, garbage,

putridness, calling everyone out other than himself,

calling people dogs? That’s freedom. No thank you.

In the meantime, go fix your ******* self!

Before you try to fix everyone else.
My first attempt at an iambic pentametre.
Lost Jan 20
I like being wrapped in blankets
And hiding in small spaces
I think it makes me feel more secure

I trash my living spaces and fill them up
It’s like the presence of empty space
Represents the uncertainty in my life
So I eliminate any openness
To ensure that anxiety can’t hide
Behind furniture or under the bed

I occupy my space with a protective layer
Of garbage and disorganization

It’s not on purpose

I don’t like it

The clutter of my room or my car
Often reflects the clutter in my mind

I think I do it
So I can feel
Hidden and safe
Ron Gavalik Jan 7
A dead Christmas tree
was set out with a neighbor's trash.
It lay sideways, stripped
of half its needles.
A brown cat sniffed
one of its branches,
but then sauntered away.
All relationships eventually
lose their charm.

-Ron Gavalik
s Willow Jan 2
My Existence can be summed up as a broken robot beyond repair
Rally works and when it does
***** up the job.

Left behind as trash.
No one wants it.
Could be used to creat new,
probably shouldn't the new will start broken.

Over all I am nothing but,
a broken robot beyond repair.
FallenAngel33 Dec 2018
Im sinking in my thoughts
There’s so much around me
I’d rather hold my breath
For hours underwater
December 20, 2018
Piles and piles of garbage
In my room
In my brain
In my mind
I'm too busy sitting in it
To do any spring cleaning
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