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You know me so well
I share everything with you first
You know everything about me
Things I might not even be aware about
You bring me to Utopia with each touch
A single swipe, and I get my cup of tea
But how bad could you be for me
I have increasingly decreasing attention
I am just a tool to you
A point to collect more data to sell
And sell away to manipulators
And attack me with new intelligence
I am always gullible
Technology, I can't live without you
I need you more than I thirst for water
why do you set out to destroy my entire race?
Lee Carter Aug 23
None have too little
If bold enough to share;

With only love for oneself
You'll have none to spare.
Nathalie Aug 22
As young women we were never taught
That some relationships are meant to
Be outgrown and to honor the wisdom
In our hearts gift us with the art of
Letting go

As we evolve in women of our time
We are sometimes confused by
The untruths that we are sold
Yet we feel at our core from deep inside
There are new stories simply waiting to unfold

The joy of living a life filled with hymns
Starts with the mention of listening
To the encouragement in your heart
To set forth in the direction of your dreams
And to relish in the wonders that remain to be seen

Don't just let a smile hide what 'a hurt to heart' can override
David Aug 9
She's like a dark chocolate bar
As close as possible to being pure
While still being refined,
Presented with perfect lines
All neat and organized
To be broken and shared
So that everyone can taste her melt in their mouths
Even the over zealous biters...

Tastes bitter to me
Monet Echo Aug 1
Life is full of little birdies
Whispering here and there
They sing and dance and flutter about
Overly eager to share
Chase Pamplin Jul 28
Only the lonely truly understand how to love.
It was given to us but we can’t feel it, if you’ve closed off your heart we want to heal it.

I’ll never let you feel alone inside.
When you’re feeling strong and wise
And all your life feels blessed
That’s the time to act with power
And really do your best

But when you’re feeling down and out
And to your limit pressed
That’s the time for inner strength
To rise and share your best

At times you feel despondent
A bit unsure and stressed
But you can still express your will
And always act your best

Your best may look quite different
On some days - than the rest
But still you have within your reach
To ever give your best
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Each day you can do your best. Sure, on some days your best may be on a lower level than on other days. But you can still act your best.

On your good days, do your best.

On your bad days, do your best. On days when you wake up in so much pain that you don't know how you can make it through the day, do your best.
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