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Zywa Jun 6
It's with fair sharing,

as friends, that discord begins –

which splits the friendship.
#172 – “Heer Bommel en de spalt” (#172 – “Sir Bumble and the Split”, 1983, Marten Toonder)

Collection "Bearer Toonder"
Earth flows with an
Abundance of native matter
Throughout her body
To silence our bellies and
Bring to life, key necessities
Imagined from the vast mind
That wills so.

But greed continues to
Be embraced by men
Numb to empathy, who sadly
Struggles to warm our cold
Hearts of stone.
Prachi Apr 9
You and me, we share no stories,
no convergences.

There are no bridges binding together the extremes we breathe in. There are no constellations connecting the dots of our reality. There are no heartstrings holding us together. There are no poles to measure the distance by which we are apart from each other.

There is nothing common between you and me except the fact that we dream under the same blanket of darkness, shades of that blanket might be different at times yet, you shiver, sweat and squeeze just like me.

You and me, we share no stories.
What we share are just some nightmares, nightmares we can't ever swap.

And I was runnin' far away
Would I run off the world someday?
Nobody knows
Nobody knows, and
I was dancing in the rain
I felt alive, and I can't complain

But now take me home
Take me home where I belong
I can't take it anymore
Love you!
Daring to change
Wanting to feel alive
Wanting the happiness
I see it everywhere
Wonder why not I
Is it possible
for me to find
that joy that comfort
to build upon a love
thats just real
no issues no drama
I wanna release my passion
set it on fire
dance in its flame
Laugh till my eyes water
Find the adventure
I got you
So whats in the future
Just dont tell me
I will always be alone
Post your poem so I can share my thoughts, she says.
That child that gets to share at show and tell in kindergarten.
I get to talk to everyone about me, that little boy says.
All proud of himself.
Is it a hidden world where I am a star?
When will it be the other kids' turn for show and tell?
When I'm interested, he maintains.
This world is about me when I focus on me, and about them when I focus on them.
Is there a place not to share?
Does this mean I listen to others by not sharing?
Well, it certainly sets the ears to others than myself.
Ezekiel Mar 2
My day, my cake, my family with fake masks, uncover the truth, stay put.

Don't look, don't go, restrictions on space, my limitless.

Oh, how the sun shines on me today.

Fill pals, fill empty hearts, but they grow to be brutal.

My cologne doesn't smell the same, I am sick.

Oh, how the sun shines on me today.

I get by, without being broken, glass behind a safe.

Opposites, my shirt is flipped and so is my memory, I have not eaten.

Oh, how the sun shines on me today.

Claimed by a poor family, they have just enough to spare.

They have watched, and seen, I am a victim, for the first time.

They know what I like, and dislike, I have found love.

Unlike draining conversations, these are plentiful.

Unsettled to this feeling, but it feels right.

Oh, how the sun shines on me today.
This poem is of many, this is a series that I have been thinking about, the series itself is called "Eugene". But this specific poem in my early starting series is dedicated to an important person in my life who has taught me to be humble. Hope you enjoy :)
MJL Feb 2019
Muddy doors shut
Alligator mess nipping
Confined dirt bubble
Air taint
B. O.
Stale fries
Sanitizer plans
You expect a tip
We have different tips in mind
Spicy no-star-to-go
Uber sad
Descovia Feb 6
I never wanted to leave

I will never be free

The light is calling to me

For me to have peace...


My mind runs deep as the ocean, thoughts are tides filled with memories that slowly merge it's way through the sand, but still existent within the water.

Ocean of sadness, I hear you sing so beautifully! Feeling every part of me, sinking and drowning into semantic memories. The tide pulls in my mind. Drifting away, to escape the pain and miseries.
I sought vigorously to become immortalized in your heart, where my home suppose to be!

Diminished of my energy. Eventually this will be the end of me. This is not temporary, if you could truly see.

Terrors in my heart surfacing. Ocean. Sea. Hear my plea. Please set my burning soul free!!!

Thank you so much for your well being, knowledge, protection, dedication to survival, unlimited appreciation, patience and understanding to my growing light as well as demons surrounding us!
(@clairastudillo on instagram)

This collaboration wouldn't have been possible without you.
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