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Mrs Timetable Sep 11
Some days
You will feel
Like a fine wine
Dressed up and fantastic
By your buffet of friends
Some days
You feel like
Watered down kool aid
Artificial at best
Trying to be
Something you aren't
In a world parched of love
You will find both will do
However you feel
Share what you have
Some of you
Some days we aren't our best. But we all still need each other to refresh
With soggy sight and leaden heart
Path is hard to navigate
Stumbling on snakes slithering underfoot
Faltering under hefty weight
I want to feel light again
For an hour or maybe two
Since you vanished from this earth
Found floating impossible to do
Nothing hits senses like before
Shackled by all I have lost
Athough summer has graced us with warmth
Surroundings are coated with a layer of frost
Everything touched crumbles to ashes
I am terrified to move at all
If I step and the ground gives way beneath me
Will be ****** to an eternal freefall
I'm too puny to pull myself up from the dirt
Only manage to splash in the mud
Skin stretching until wounds reopen
Apologies painted in blood
An ocean of shame pours out my eyes
Salty like the sea
Taste is sour in my mouth
Wish thoughts would just let me be
I strive to stifle sorrows to no avail
With any substance fingers can find
No matter how high my body gets
Unable to detach from my mind
The pain in soul won't let me grow numb
If going to work it would have by now
Try distracting myself from the terrible truth
Second of relief more than life will allow
I cannot help but dwell on past moments
Making my head stagger and spin
Turning mistakes over and over in hands
I am consumed by agony within
I am hunted by savage animal
Known by name of regret
Haunted by ghosts all sharing your name
Guaranteeing I won't ever forget
My mind is consumed with sorrow
Zywa Apr 28
Sadness disappears

in ever wider circles --

of re-retelling.
Novel "Ik ben er niet" ("I'm not there", 2020, Lize Spit), pages 250-251

Collection "Shelter"
I realize today
How much , I need
It's not the wants
It's the needs
Love , Family , Dreams
It's my creativity
It's painting my art
It's writing my poems
It's hugging my kids
It's being with friends
A kiss from my someone
You can make a million
buy a million things
But that is just not what
Your sadness is needing to heal
Your loneliness your desire
Your need for the social
So reach out find a friend
Find what makes you feel
Tell yourself your worth it
and give to you
Don't sit another day lost
in the lonely sad day
You can find happiness
You can have laughter
You can find appreciation
That's what I hope
I share with others
Cause I know I've been there
©Jennifer L DeLong 3/17/2023
Descovia Jul 2022
We got another sell.
Another day we set sail.
My purpose interconnected to a multitude of cosmic energies.
Searching in the midst for higher realms to dwell.
Breaking free from self composed hell.
The world is my playground and all is well.
If I was meant to fall. I would fail.
My black *** is living lively and peacefully.
An infinite soul ties to many lifelines.
Free from harm and not meant to be caged in jail.

Keiya Tasire Dec 2021
In this place poets care, share, and like
Encouraging each other along.
Lifting hearts up from deep trenches
of Ignorance, ill traditions, misconceptions and lies.
Drawing back curtains, just enough
to quench the masses ceastless wondering,
"There must be something more?!"

Your creative holy work has a great purpose!
Escorting the hopeful aspiriant to the place
Where the shadow dawns into explosive light!
Gently nudging, englightening cognizence of new awareness
As pieces of puzzlement merge into a glorious whole!

Dear Poets, you matter
Nevermore, doubt your place!!!
You are among the Inspiritors of the Earth!
Each person who writes has a purpose beyond their awareness.
We never know who or how we our word will touch someone else and literally change their world. By all means caring, sharing and liking each others work. We are a community, helping each other and others outside of our community to grow.
MuseumofMax Nov 2021
502 bad gateway again?
Don’t stress I’ve got it all figured out:

Save it as a draft,
Title and all
Then wait

That’s the hardest part
Guess it’s because it’s art

Once the site has calmed down
Make it public

It works for me I hope this helps

Spread the word

I don’t know what to rhyme with that
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