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Snipes May 12
What’s on your mind?

Tell me it all
Confess your heart
Sell me your soul’s dna
For your peace of mind
You’ll see it’ll be liked later
In the memetime
Favorite your favorite memories
Comment your combative perspectives
Post your voice in a live
Before you die off the line
Hang your life as a bulletin online
While your life has bullets on the line
Trademark dna data usage is being sold
So tell me your what’s on your mind

What’s happening?

I walk bare these days…
Each wire shows truth in the lairs
My fear dies within this air
Hell lives on earth as it spears my attire
Heaven is so sought after as it’s quit with its laughter
Each shoe walks but the souls near retire
I’ve tripped up so many times I still ride lower
I see liquor every time I look in the mirror
The wind in the sky is the dream in my wireless eyes
I say it to the face of time, I am happening
Until my last happy breath
I’ll be what always happens

Write a caption…

…in the meantime
Keiya Tasire Dec 2021
In this place poets care, share, and like
Encouraging each other along.
Lifting hearts up from deep trenches
of Ignorance, ill traditions, misconceptions and lies.
Drawing back curtains, just enough
to quench the masses ceastless wondering,
"There must be something more?!"

Your creative holy work has a great purpose!
Escorting the hopeful aspiriant to the place
Where the shadow dawns into explosive light!
Gently nudging, englightening cognizence of new awareness
As pieces of puzzlement merge into a glorious whole!

Dear Poets, you matter
Nevermore, doubt your place!!!
You are among the Inspiritors of the Earth!
Each person who writes has a purpose beyond their awareness.
We never know who or how we our word will touch someone else and literally change their world. By all means caring, sharing and liking each others work. We are a community, helping each other and others outside of our community to grow.
MuseumofSoph Nov 2021
502 bad gateway again?
Don’t stress I’ve got it all figured out:

Save it as a draft,
Title and all
Then wait

That’s the hardest part
Guess it’s because it’s art

Once the site has calmed down
Make it public

It works for me I hope this helps

Spread the word

I don’t know what to rhyme with that
Hi Nov 2021
“I don’t think
Understand how
It is to explain
What’s going on
In your head
When you don’t
Even understand
It yourself..”
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Hi Nov 2021
You can do it.
Even though sometimes you doubt yourself . Even though at times it can feel so overwhelming.
Do not worry.
Trust yourself. Know that you are capable and you are going to absolutely smash it!
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dailythoughts Nov 2021
expressing love without having to stop myself from feeling the depth of what we share
love is only a feeling
Allesha Eman Nov 2021
Somewhere in a dream,
you soak your heart in a basin of damp earth
and from it comes seeping out, the colour of your skin
the voices of your loved ones
cover you in blankets of layered melancholy
deep within your veins
flows a network of love that drains into
that heart of yours now buried
under rich soil, fertilized with hope
and from it, a seedling of identity grows
Hi Nov 2021
“What matters
Is how well
You walk
Through the
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Hi Oct 2021
“Why are they so strong?

Because they walk around every day while being on the verge of tears,
And you don’t have the slightest clue that they're not okay.”
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Descovia Sep 2021
My ears ring with frequencies when you speak my name.

I know you are a gamer as well, and you been great at this game.

Studying my work. Wondering if it's about you. Eye for an eye and even the blind can see, You wouldn't even give up a tooth.
Covering up your flaws, concealing worries hiding behind old ways and phases of "youth".

Trying to decipher the lie, between fiction and reality. Trying to undercover "The Truth". Every chance and promise offered went invain. I watched it all go down the drain!

No options left, but he's always the one to blame. I am not chasing clout or fame.  

So how is this your problem? I got a lot on my brain. I can't afford therapy, I'm trying to hide the pain. Restless nights left me, crying in the rain. Did things out of good and bad. I was doing what I have to! In order to maintain! If I could go back to past, I would do a lot things differently but still remain the same!

I am just holdin
All on my own
Trying to protect my prince and his throne.
Forgive me Gods, if my rights led me wrong!

We all been forgotten, used, abused and foresaken!
We live amongst killers, instigators, manipulators and rapists!
I been all for my peace.
Never been down for the hatred. It doesn't matter how you take it!
Some of yall stick around, hoping a brother of another color, never make it!

In 2020 never have I ever, had to Fake FLEX ****. All of you in your feelings, throwing mixed signals, while getting encrypted in your own codes, ha! Playin' like we're not living in a Matrix!
Grow tired of living, in a world of "Lies".
Hoping you would give me some peace of mind.
**** a piece of *****, or piece of ***!

You never saw the signs, or knew what they define. I been lost in a bind. Torn away from all that was mine. Suicide sounds fine. They always say,
"Yo Descovia, you gotta chill with your FEELINGS at times!

But unlike YOU. MY feelings be pushing me to GRIND!"

**** everything you gotta say.

You stress me to
Say what you mean
While you over here hating
I am still living my dreams
It doesn't even matter
what you think, I am gonna
continue to do me
That's the way it's gonna be!
You should've believed!
You should've believed!
You should've believed!
Nothing else more to say!

A lot of **** been on my mind. Thanks for understanding and being part of my journey!
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