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Brynn S 5d
Cycolpitic view
Unedited outlook so bleak
Disabled in ability
Off turns the night
Replace stars with bottle caps
****** glass
Little shells
Today,  the weather is
  grieving with me. I share my tears
  with the rain. I share my pain with the
  wind. I share my mood with the
  dark sky. Today, we have
  many things in
Tears and rain
Nathalie Jan 31
You know its love
by the way you give
You enjoy sharing
not because it will
get you anything
in return,
you do it because
your soul is
so filled with joy
that it is overflowing
with wanting to share
it with others
and generously so.

Pallavi Jan 19
You're my love,
You're my heart,
You're my thought's,
Indispensable part.
You're the torch,
You're the light,
You're the Sun,
Making my day
You're the force,
that lifting me high.
You're the reason,
of my amplify smile.
The honesty, the loyalty,
the positivity we share,
the laugh, the cry,
and your special care.
Thank you is a small world,
I don't want to mention.
Your friendship is the
only thing,
I want as an extension.
GreenTrees Nov 2017
By the toaster I stand and I wait.

Both eyes open but barely awake.

Patiently I listen for that familiar pop.

Out comes my bread so toasted and hot.

Dry and thin with a light crispy crust.

A thin veil of butter that melts to the touch.

A  kiss of marmalade but not too much.

Golden brown perfection to satisfy that mornin' ****.
I wanna be great.
The same way that everyone does.
I wanna share my art with the world.
The same way that everyone does.
I like to help people.
The same way that everyone does.
So I will share your art.
Not like everyone does.
There is so much out there.
A lot of it under appreciated.
I will share your art.
If you are willing to speak it.
I am starting a project.
I hope you are interested.
As much as I am for this.
Please leave me a message
I will get back to you quick.
I wanna Share your work. This is real. Speak your poetry to the masses. Touch people emotionally. Message me please!
I am starting a project, where I will be uploading
spoken word to soundcloud\ or Youtube.
To help Everyone share the art.
I will be doing this completely free.
Because I love seeing artist grow.
If you are interested please please
I really think this Is a great Way to have the community grow.
I love Everyone I've had the plessure to talk with on this website.
I see so much potential in so many peeple.
Again Please Messsage Me If You are Interested.
Amy H Jan 10
life is poetry my dear,
while minutes and moments turn to years
and all the laughter, all the tears
teach us to release our fears;
to live like kings surviving jeers.
so raise your glass and let’s make cheers
for love keeps living, far or near;
a story for the poet’s ear.
I’m glad you’re in my story, Dear.
savor every moment, be happy for what is
Amanda Jan 10
Everyone says I'm a sweetheart
I am always making others smile
They don't know that I need to make someone else smile
Before I am allowed to wear my own
Happiness is contagious
It's a spiritual path , I  walk
Born with this gift
as I have learned
its a gift to cherish & appericate
It's a part of me it's not to fear
Though at times its a challenge
the things , I see & feel & hear
Knowing its been handed down to me
Its my path my spiritual
life lesson
it's who I am
I now show the souls
the way to go
I teach others to understand
makes me appreciate it more
it comes with wonderful intution
It comes with healing hands
It's not a curse it's my gift
My spiritual path , I must walk
Witch , Healer  , Psychic
I have them all in my arsenal
My Spiritual gifts
I am a witch
© Jennifer Delong 1/4/19
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