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I began carrying my regrets with me,
stuffed into plastic bags.

A heavy drag on my shoulders,
handles digging into my palms.

At least it would be easy to suffocate myself with them.
Written 30/10/2016
Nylee Oct 3
Whilst the world wilts,
Sunshine dims,
River stills in between,
Winds are hurrying
The seasons are changing.

And we throw another plastic bag
We suffocate our lifestyle
Killing our species in style
Make it harder to breathe.
Poetic T Sep 28
I wasn't raised like you,
           I wasn't a full loaf of bread..

You were cut with the decency
        of a raised moment worth
                      a cut a slice pride.

Me, I wasn't like you,

      raised morality..
                      you were perfection.

I was an uneven rising.

               Never to be cut like

I was cut and never sliced in

a  correct line..

More like an uneven episode of
burnt on some

not realising the potential of the other..
               I was just ill positioned in life.

I'm never going to respect you,
                       I'll just walk on the cracks.

And you'll avoid me, but I'm more pure than

               your morality, as I'm never plastic...

You faker than I'll ever be...
                               I'll die before you, but at least i died realistic..
Carl D'Souza Aug 8
Do we need
to be joyful and happy?
Yes we do.

Do we need
like plastic-bottles and aluminium-cans
to be prosperous
joyful and happy?
Yes we do.

Is there a finite-supply
on the Earth
of many materials we use to enjoy prosperity
like plastic and aluminium?
Yes, many materials are finite.

do we have to recycle
like plastic-bottles and aluminium-cans
to maintain sufficient supply
to achieve joyful and happy prosperity
into the future?
Brad post Aug 1
Giddy with excitement,
she fumbled with her keys.
As the key slid home,
she grew weak in the knees.

She’d waited so long,
and it has finally come.
She’d spent a small fortune,
and the thing weighed a ton.

She pushed in the package,
starting to sweat,
and suddenly realized,
her ******* were wet.

She slid a finger inside her,
and let out a moan,
trembling slightly,
all the way to the bone.

Gathering herself,
she locked the door tight,
and forced herself to calm down,
gathering all her might.

Getting down on her knees,
she opened the box,
brushing away the packing,
like styrofoam rocks.

When she saw his face,
she sat up *****.
He was so lifelike,
and anatomically correct.

Reaching into the box,
she caressed his face.
He was beautifully sculpted,
not a thing out of place.

Then she ran her hands,
down his chest to his groin,
caressing his ****,
feeling the warmth in her *****.

It was bigger than expected,
as long as her forearm.
The biggest she’d had,
but this raised no alarm.

Taking her time,
she arranged him on the bed.
Even laying a pillow,
under his head.

Running her fingers through his hair,
she began to undress.
Doing it slowly,
cause slowly was best.

He was more than a doll,
more than plastic parts.
He would never hurt her,
or break her heart.

She crawled on all fours,
in between his thighs,
running her fingers over him,
as she stared into his eyes.

Then she filled her mouth,
******* gently at first,
and then she filled her throat,
trying to quench her thirst.

She was dripping now,
so exquisitely wet,
and moaning deeply,
like a good little pet.

The doll lay still,
as she mounted it slow.
She was lost in her pleasure,
as something brushed her toe.

She opened her eyes,
as a hand grabbed her throat,
and another her breast,
her vision starting to float.

She struggled for air,
and felt a ****** as it moved,
and a soft moan escaped it,
as the blackness consumed.

Bucking and fighting,
she clawed at its face,
but it simply slid deeper,
and quickened its pace.

She stared down into eyes,
that were filled with life,
and features so sharp,
as to be carved by a knife.

It’s beauty was gone,
simply melted away,
seeming to flow freely,
as if made from soft clay.

As her vision faded,
it moved inside her,
whispering “my princess”,
in a soft little purr.
Anastasia Jul 25
Talking next to you for hours
Turning cigarettes into flowers
Listening to the cricket's song
Can't sleep, awake all night long
Thinking of your, your voice, your heart
Being away from you tore me apart
Dancing by the lake
Moon's reflections shattered
Darling, I will wait,
You are all that matters
Found a plastic bag,
filled it up with violets
Listen to the sound
Of forgetting the violence
And store lights
Wandering with you
Darling how
I wish I knew
What I mean to you
I guess I'm just not good enough
Axel Jun 21
Bought somethings that you want
Hated the things that you need
It's all pretty and fun
Puckering up your small *** lips
But once the sun hit
You can't refund it.

You felt uncomfortable in your own skin
And your body is too ******* thin
But just so you know
That women and men
Aren't supposed to be treated like this.

God made us perfect in every inch
Of our face, of our legs, of our hands
But beauty is all that people dreams
Perfect is all that people think.

If you aspire to renovate every inch of your body,
Then where's the girl that she used to be?
Where's the guy that I used to see?
Where's the heart that used to be free?
"you spent the whole night trying to be someone else, so who's gonna be you?!!"

-handome devil (movie)
In my fairy garden
the bubbles fly so high
they blow into the atmosphere
and neutralise the sky

My fairy bubbles help my skin
they soften and they glow
they transmutate the sea-life
till extinction bids them "Go"

My lovely fairy bubbles
take my washday blues away
they saunter down my plughole
and drift into the bay

They poison and they modify
with each outgoing tide
They brighten up the logos
in the land of paranoid

Well my whites are so much whiter
since I bought my fairy friend
I give no **** for politics
I flush it round the bend

My clothes must be the cleanest
like the ones on my T.V.
A speck of dust a fleck of mud
is social leprosy

So lets all use our faries
and wash our blues away
let's forget about the ocean
and the price that we must pay

As the sea-life gets much rarer
from the toxic fairy sludge
ask yourself some questions
give your conscience a little nudge

This is the land of plenty
for all and not just one
Your cleaning and your preening
are blotting out the sun

"......for hands that do dishes
may one day grab your throat.... Mind-Need-Fancy-Snake-****....."
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