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sadnspicy0 Oct 15
She was never enough,
and that's why she was crying,
lady "Nobody's Type",
whom I was glorifying.

In the kingdom of dreams
she will stay for too long.
She's the queen of white sheets,
the prettiest girl
                                                     in morgue...
There was a girl in my hometown who decided to do a rhinoplasty because she had a tiny **** on her nose.
She never woke up after that...
"Alive failure is better than a dead masterpiece"
nevaeh Oct 9
lifeless eyes
full of lies
i learned infant cpr today its pretty lit
nevaeh Sep 10
i collect
little plastic animal figurines

i have basically every living thing you can think of
sure, the basic zoo and farm animals
bugs and fish of all kinds
but not just generic animals
i have different species
i try to get scientifically correct ones
i have 15 plastic birds
they are all different and all real birds
i have 16 fish
again, all different
11 lizards
2 bumblebees
4 bears
6 butterflies
a fly
innumerable snakes and spiders

almost 60 of them altogether
this is random but true - i used to have an axolotl
isabella Jul 21
“The scentless plastic flower/It’s kinda different from the flowers I knew previously”

This difference makes all the difference, doesn’t it,
The way you smile and laugh seems stiff and practiced,
Yet it’s beautiful in its own way, looking through glass,
I can’t smell your fragrance but I admire you from afar.

“I can’t understand and I’m going crazy/Spinning my head”

Soon I feel myself falling, cascading soil of the flower ***,
You’re driving me crazy, I’m going crazy and crazy and crazy,
Yet I still pick you up, hold you close, feeling your plastic hardness,
It digs into my palm and etches into my heart.

“This is a really intense lovesickness/No, it’s a harmful toxic”

I see right through your lies, your answers, your sharp brilliance,
I see the faded, dusty boy underneath, tired and worn and wondering

“I’m an ignorant loser when it comes to love methods”

It’s been five days since I’ve started, how many more days until it ends

“Come to my side as you’re such a waste beside that person/The person who can fill you up with your fragrance is here”

I remind myself your roots are not true,
Yet they grow and twist and beckon and poison
Looking for a lovesick girl to prey upon,
Looking for a loving girl to take from.

“I find you through buzzing/Buzzing towards you”

My secret becomes a disease, slowly traveling throughout,
If you were to be with me, you would feel it too.
Pain more than pleasure, that’s what real love is.
I’ll find you and teach you, plastic boy.
Rose Jun 26
Nobody cares anymore.

Money makes the world go round
Not the orbit of the sun.
The universe doesn’t matter anymore.

They say that we should keep our eyes wide open
But their eyes are glued down
At the screens that feed them information

Whether it is true or false
We don’t know anymore
We just go with it since we know no better.

As you get older
You accept the world
Instead of questioning it like you should.

So many things you could do
But you are cut off from it
Your eyes are blocked off behind the mask.

I wonder how many miles
Our thumbs must have scrolled
On our screens.

“Look at the moon,” they say
“Of course,” they reply but once they sit outside
They are back to scrolling through their phones.

“Slow down,” I want to say
“Everything will be okay.”
But everyone keeps rushing all the same.

They ignore the skies
And instead find their gold
In cheap, plastic, machine-made stars.
basil Jun 13
black heart
making paper mache knives
sitting on pottery thrones
cause we're the reigning water
falling from the
quilted sky
feeling... artificial.

CI Thomas May 25
What will we do
When the birds fall from the sky,
Their stomachs full of lids,
And beaks wrapped in bags?

What will we do
When the whales wash up,
Their bodies start to rot
And the bottles spill out?

Where will we be
When the wildfires burn,
Turning towns to ash
And the future to rubble?

Where will we be
When the trees are bare,
Turning forests to stumps
And no air to breathe?

Who will save us
When we go to war,
The bodies pile up
And the skies are stained yellow?

Who will save us
When we fall to disease,
We neglect our health
And we're naive to death?
Anna May 17
Who's the crazy
To climb on the roof of the tallest building
And scream to the whole city
***** this plastic love
And the liquid lovers
Out of the lungs
Feelings are too dangerous
To be taken as something beautiful_
But truth be told
We all love the danger behind the fire.
Lara May 13
Wind flows in the air like water in the sea.

But Wind also brings the trash and plastic into the ocean.

You can’t stop everything.

Nature is unstoppable and invariable.

Nature does what it does.

The wind whistles together the invariable events of the world.
Sarah Pavlak Apr 14
A Nigerian told me I need to have more ***,
Tap tap wedding ring on a
Plastic dashboard.

Sir, it breaks my heart
That I had to leave him to his nightmares
Yes ma’am, that’s how you fall asleep--

If I’d have known -- well hindsight is,
That it was the last time I would’ve
Let it take you down easy--
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