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myrrh 5d
Wrap my own hands round my own throat
To promote less dark thoughts I don't condone
Pause the oxygen to pause the mind
Don't want to think, but want my thoughts to be heard
Excuse the oxymoron, heart & head aren't intertwined
Out there thousands of many miles away another country Is Angel who watches over me who every day
Sends messages that are so much a comfort to me messages that carried me through some of my worst day of griefing
An Angel who has become my true friend no question
about It, this Angel saved my life by hearing my cry from afar
Who sent a message to me and changed my life forever an Angel that has bought back light to my
once darkening
An Angel who heard my cry from afar an Angel who has become my friend
Rita Sailor Jan 24
i spoke and i've been heard
do you know the feeling?
                                                                                   oh how i've missed it
                                                                                   it's been missing
Shofi Ahmed Jan 21
No word
no sound
no colour
yet a lingua
is heard in
two hearts!
I want to speak
that will be heard.
that have power to change the world.
that can touch a person's heart.
that can touch someone inside.
that can make a difference.
that can give you freedom like wings.
if you had heard my heart
you might have learned even more
words that my lips won't convey
you might have get with your heart
as heart has mind of its own
that beats more to say
for you to understand
Thank you for listening
To my silence amongst the noise
My unsaid words reached your ears
My quiet voice was heard
Words said through my actions
Words felt with my touch
Thank you for accepting them
And for accepting me just as much
You lifted me up
So that others may hear
The story of my past
And the ocean of my tears
I can walk into the new year
So I bid you a final goodbye
I can go on my own now
All because you made me try
Mohannie Dec 2018
I want to scream
Let my words burst through in a stream
It has been pushing at me
It wants to be free
It needs to be seen
I need to express where my thoughts have been
I fight to be out
And live my life as I shout
To live in my truth
While I still have my youth
I want you to know
And to let myself grow

I want to say every word
I want to be heard.
R Dec 2018
Yes i am selfish
selfish to talk to you
To seek your company
When i want nothing to do with you

I seek your attention
To want to be heard
To tell pain
And clear my brain  

So selfish to not care that you have a girl
Because i,all i want is to be heard
To spill truth
That still hurt
And tell you words
Which no one has ever heard
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