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Haven't You heard?

The great wave represents

Mona Lisa's smile is not happy
Let me tell you why

You just don't understand
what it means

Maybe if you were more in tune
With yourself
And your soul
You would know what they were saying
What they were expressing
With each color
Each stroke

Haven't you heard
The answer is definite
I know for sure
What they represent
What they mean
Don't you feel the same way?
YusufKudsi Aug 30
She was different than the rest,  A Sunflower facing the moon.
Trying to grow taller than the rest, to have a voice in a windless field, to be what she is meant to be, when everyone is just the same.
Her roots were the strongest but she was the weakest
How can you blame her when she is just a sunflower facing the moon.
A wild wind took her off, now she is lonley like never before.
All she wanted was to be heard but she was just a sunflower facing the moon.
japheth Aug 29
there are poetries

meant to be read,

there are poetries

meant to be spoken,

but all poetries

are meant to be felt.
Poets never lie, never keep secrets.

They always find ways to reveal things.

If you only look closely,

Everything you will see.

From their smile every dawn

To their cry every sundown,

From their laugh every morning

To their sob every evening,

All are written on their papers.

Using rhymed and unrhymed words

If you're only analyzing their works,

You will know them deeply

And understand them surely.

They make wonderful pieces,

Behind those are bruises.

The melodic tone of their poems

Are the pains behind the vizard.

Every positive word they write.

Are from their pained hearts.

They never want to be pitied

Rather, wanted to be heard.

Every truth, they write.

Every piece is a secret.
So do keep it,

Most especially if you're not a poet!
There once was a plain old greedy degenerate
Who fancied himself some sort of profit
Most of the town's folk even bought it
Some say he lost it

We must laugh together at the irony we see
Someone degenerate as he
Redesigning our humanity
First conceptual sold as a divine product
******* ecstasy…

I won't support the scandal to fund the living Dead council
The Swine
Thought to unwind and rewind in the way they felt fine
Thus genetically designed a millennia of succession of clergy kings
And unleash them to father all mankind to be

Hear me when I say
I do not feel okay
When malice men metal with God's work

Got a hell of a good pitch though
I mean you really make that **** looked ****, no?

A well-designed slaughterhouse may have its livestock walking into spirals right to the mouth of the grinder
Scientifically each breed more perfect than the next
As I deflect
Do my very best
To warn just in case you could respect
Liberty and freedom
Or obey to choose to sleep comfortably
Happy sheep healthy cut of meat
Splash, shear and then repeat

I love you So much
Almost as much as I love myself
Hope you can learn how to be alone with just yourself all by yourself
and be present with yourself Love
Erian Apr 5
If you heard my head
you'd know what's right
because you're the only thing
that won't let me sleep at night
myrrh Mar 19
Wrap my own hands round my own throat
To promote less dark thoughts I don't condone
Pause the oxygen to pause the mind
Don't want to think, but want my thoughts to be heard
Excuse the oxymoron, heart & head aren't intertwined
Out there thousands of many miles away another country Is Angel who watches over me who every day
Sends messages that are so much a comfort to me messages that carried me through some of my worst day of griefing
An Angel who has become my true friend no question
about It, this Angel saved my life by hearing my cry from afar
Who sent a message to me and changed my life forever an Angel that has bought back light to my
once darkening
An Angel who heard my cry from afar an Angel who has become my friend
Rita Sailor Jan 24
i spoke and i've been heard
do you know the feeling?
                                                                                   oh how i've missed it
                                                                                   it's been missing
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