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lake 7d
did you check the time?
it must have slipped your mind
you went home so late
look at these cold plates
bet you think i wouldn't notice
bet you think you could control this
i don't like it when you lie to me
when you said that you would die for me
Sahana Oct 5
Remember when, he
Called me on that rooftop night,
Just checking, to make sure
I got in—pulled me in for half a hug.
Joined me for a dance,
Thought about the time he
Told me that I’m so fun.
One last night out,
Young and free, before
Careers kick in and reality sets in.
It ended before I knew it,
On the car ride home,
Thinking about what coulda been,
He tells me he’s crying,
Begging me to stay—but
Saying yes is not an option.
Remembering when I found out,
He was reading the book I had,
Or felt he that fire in chest,
About our political crisis,
in a way like me,
In a way I hadn’t seen yet.
Spending so long settled in
The idea of a man lesser than &
Surprised to find the joy
In expanding my horizons,
Learning about my self imposed limits,
Watching them crumble in,
Realizing I am capable of
Every bit of the life I wanna live.
Found solace in the similar ways we think,
A sketchbook of drawings,
Connecting each & every limb,
Far far away
from spaced repetition.
Death by a thousand cuts
Ambition, something else
That I didn’t think I was looking for.
You took me by surprise,
Chelsea boots in that kitchen,
Didn’t ask me where i was from.
Between the bridges and lights,
Guitar riffs playing in the back
You grabbed my hand,
Spun me round, drink in another.
Kinda hated the smell of your breath,
The way you patted me on the head.
When you begged me to stay,
Under the night sky, every sway.
If my disappointment dressed in wrath,
It would rumble in hell-flames and chaos,
Reaching the gates of the seven heavens
Asking for justice with the blood of pathos.

All good feelings made out of nothing-
Just as the lightsome grab of a baby's hand,
Or either heavy as a smile, making compliment-
Shall be enclosed far away of the worldly hell of pathos.

Since, the heavenly drops of happiness
Are drunk up by stone hearted human greyogles,
Playing hazardous games with my rare happiness,
And leaving me in a chaos-like hellfire with my dear pathos.
I noticed that you look at yourself really disgusted like you not good enough to be loved and that you in need of serious adjustments

Clearly the smoke of rejection clouded up your judgement instead of sparking a fire igniting flashbacks to intial assumptions.

Birth from intuition of how your gut felt, especially when the signs been lining up,  pointing out the fiery trial in the night  

Thinking it was a star to be wished upon
when reality just showed you a meotor
falling to the earth, soiled even before it has been discovered

Imprinting marks but nothing of worth
to a heavy heart burdened by expectation
While mind unfortunately waited for the same effort instilled to be reciprocated.
There are many incidents where people are being given false hope for love and then they are rejected and left to feel worthless when all along the connection with the person who shown interest in them felt wrong from the get go
Nicole Sep 27
A suitcase always promised uncertainty

But staying put always guaranteed absolute

You are a

I’m so
I hope you (never) see this.
Klita Sep 20
The stench of it fills the air
Flooding the car
seeping into my lungs
Overwhelming my senses

She says nothing
She doesn't have to

I can feel the disappointment radiating off her
Drowning me
Suffocating me

Just from the look in her eyes
I know
I have failed her

Its pushing me into my seat
Holding me down
Like invisible shackles
Worn and cold

I'll try to do better
I can do better
I have to do better
I will do better

To fail is not an option
I dont fail
We don't fail
We win
I'd love to love
I'd hate to hate
I lived enough
My path is paved

I used to use
The good to know
My soul refused
To let it show

I filled the gaps
With violent pours
And now it leaks
Out of my pores

Catastrophe reject
The hollow amass
Let him hit the reflex
Let him stand aghast
Freestyle written in 11 minutes.
This is all there is to me
Boredom, disappointment and debris
This is all I am about
Rudeness, deafness and bad snout
This is all I can provide
A few thousand grave warnings to mind
This I can assure you of
In a week you'll have enough
Felt a little down, when I wrote it. Freestyle written in 17 minutes.
My thorns turn blunt
My shields let arrows through
My life-risking stunt has left me life-still too
The echo comes from muttered den
The day's too violent
To youth that be I shout "Plague me again, miscreant"
The cave's ajar
The wounds are fresh
The head spins, body scarred
Treacle of death
The cold that swallowed me
It burns the soul that's spent
To love that reaching tries I shout "Plague me again, miscreant"
This was supposed to be a longer song lyrics, but I don't have the means of recording or any instrumental skill, so I gave up on that.
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