Robert 3d
sitting on a cozy sofa
my hands trembling
that was when I saw you
walking up the stairs
smiling and giggling
slightly fidgeting
my first thoughts
my god she is pretty

never had a perfect type
but now I think I do
a person who’s cheerful
and smiles like you do
I’ve forgotten all of this
dating wasn’t my thing
but as soon as you arrived
I want a date with you

but that was just me
your heart had been taken
trapped by someone else
it didn’t work for you as well
these feelings that we have
are never returned are they
just one sided love
that ends with disappointment
and apathy

and now that I’ve moved on
went out with someone else
someone who appreciates me
for just the way I am
my feelings for you
begin to fade away
so can you just leave me
don’t show yourself again

we may have missed each other
but now it’s just too late
let’s quietly cry by ourselves
and try to start our lives again
never had a perfect type
but now I think I do
someone who feels for me
just what I’ve felt for you
tried writing something a bit longer, got inspired by a korean dating reality show, I'd recommend it to anyone who likes romantic stuff
A joy
A moment
The pinnacle has been reached

A fall
A lifetime
The plane was weak and the rocks slid

Is the body
Its physical humanity forever lost

Is the mind
Its newfound knowledge laced in poison

Is the innocence
Its end caused by unimaginable cruelty
The long lost cries
Are but distant memoirs of foolishness
Why conform to my misery?
When I have all that I need
Why the want to be great?
When I can just be
Why the feeling of disappointment?
When I'm not failing
Why the anger and envy?
When I can choose not to care
Why be like I am?
Why I can be how they are
Why must I be like this?
Why can't I just be?
If ever you feel angry, if ever you feel a failure. If ever you feel as if your past had a brighter future than your present, well guess you're in the same boat as I. No need to worry too much about it. We all need time. Time to figure things out, time to sort ourselves out.
Whilst you were faithful
The sky stayed blue
The sun shone orange
And the moon stood bland
Then she lied
And lived under covers
Relishing every mistruth she uttered
Reliving every moment she deceived you
But it was a shame
Because you could have walked barefoot
Across the glass shards of her previous embittered pasts
You were willing to live beneath the light
For her.
But human beings hate having to owe anyone
And they hate having to live confined lives
And so she threw it all in the bin
And opted for a life in-between the sheets
Then things fell apart
And suddenly, she realized that the regret she felt was not of the things in the past
But rather, of the future passed
Of the things that could have been
And not those that had not been.
Like a knife in the woods,
you hunted down the good in me.
Carolina May 9
She mumbles in her sleep,
worthless thing she couldn't keep.
The magnetism turned into cruelty
and the guitar plays a disastrous melody.
Absentminded lover who was never there,
now he's not here and she is aware;
People like him cannot make it last.
He likes taking roses from behind the glass.
He lets people in but "Do not touch anything!"
Peeking through the window is the same damn thing.
She now understands and tries to accept.
You know, she's just me, who would have guessed?
I know you didn't mean all the nice things you said,
to you I was just a new marionette.
I just wanted your love and protection
but you gave me a kick in the face with no hesitation.
You took it all and broke me apart,
but let me tell you the very best part;
I thank you for the depression thrill
but I never needed you and I never will.
She's me and I am her, we keep each other safe.
We are one, an union you can never take.
Bruised heart? Yes. But guess what, snake.
This one you can never break.
liv May 7
it is the saddest feeling, when others believe in you more than you believe in you, when others are more disappointed in your failures than you are
it pulls at the strings of your heart
Michael King May 6
Last night... they fumbled. Stumbled,
failed, ending in her disappointed hope.

'Why do you not lust me?' She asked him
but his sorrow was too much to bear
and he slowly faded away, leaving
her cold and empty.

He is doomed. He bears the shackles
of indifference on one hand. Love on the
other. They cause a hesitation so strong...
no arrogance cam ever overcome it.

So he falls to his knees and screams in
anguish. 'Help me Cre'Atus!' But wind only
answers with a breeze and the occasional

He hears her calling his name from another
world. His saddened sigh is enough to lay waste
to entire countries,  but he goes, a little
slowly. A little hesitantly. Hoping she
will still exist when he gets there.
Cam May 4
I remember the disappointment,
the loss in battle,
more so the loss of hope.
I missed home.
My mother, she was my home,
she knew what was best for me, she had my heart.
I remember looking over the ledge,
questioning myself, "What if?"
What if the sounds of birds chirping,
the sound of waters movement,
the warmth and comforting feeling of the sun were my last.
Oh how the sun felt on the surface of my skin and the scalp of my head.
The chill feeling as I sat on the rock,
the refreshing feeling of being under the leaves in the shade.
The sound of the waterfall in front of me
as it glided down the stream,
taking everything down with it in the ripple's path.
Being here was all for show,
the money,
your reputation.
Why didn't you speak up sooner?
I was young, scared,
I didn’t know what was right,
Or what was wrong.
Why did you put me through it?
You swore you didn’t have a problem,
you swore you did nothing wrong.
We fought,
we cried,
we ran,
we hid.
I remember the arguments,
the broken glass and the broken walls,
a broken family.
Thinking that leaving my problems,
would solve my fear of you.
But you never left,
you’re still around in my nightmares,
And what I used to call home.
While I sit on that rock and look over the edge,
I continue to ask myself today,
what if?
“If It Were My Last” reaches a more personal side of my childhood.
I wrote this poem based off of a picture that was taken of me looking over the water. I remebered the day.
AZ Apr 30
Do we really say time brings change
Can we say it heals wounds
Can we say it breaks chains
Can we see us moving forward
Or do we only see the pain
Is there an answer to these questions
Or do we just lie and wait
As the weight of our burdens bear down on our claims
Do we even have a voice when they aint listen to the tapes
Do we even have a story if they just flip past the page
Can we even share secrets when the ground full of snakes
Do we chase every leak til were flooded with disdain
Does justice mean extortion why did snowden run away
Is corruption the focus when minorities are slayed
Are elections even fair if the poor man getting paid
To give his votes to the bigot that put him there in the first place
Is the seed that were planting ever sprouting something great
Or are we giving them a melting world and telling them to skate
Is realness an illusion cause being woke is just a trend
Do i sound like a fool
Spouting words without end
Cause just like sway im clueless
Im just speeding round the bend
Hoping i dont end up like schuma
confined to his bed
But if i do
itll be the only rest i ever get
You get the rest.
What has time changed?
Haleigh Apr 30
During every stage of life
I am a failure
Stupid,stuttering child
Always messing up
Probably never going to succeed
Pointless to try anymore
Over life as it is
In a dark place
Never anybody's first choice
Totally incompetent
Exiting stage left
Nobody cares
Time to quit.
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