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Something bad happened in 1990 on the 28th of May.
It turned out not to be such a great Memorial Day.
I saw a very beautiful girl who looked like she was sixteen or seventeen.
She was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen.
I wrote a note and put it in her storm door.
She was younger than I thought and her parents were pretty sore.
She was only fourteen, that was four years younger than me.
They told me to leave her alone and I agreed.
But I really liked her and it was painful not to be able to date her.
I wonder who she's with all these years later.
Owen Mar 30
Choose him
Choose them
Paint me a villain
A wolf
**** my butterflies,
Turned to stones,
and kick me
when I'm down
let me drown
in introversion.
Dont worry,
I always break my own heart
Sheila Greene May 19
What I see sickens me
Judged on size
It feels unfair
Skin color, gender,
Ones not as good me
it's so sad to see
Even though this I don't believe
Speak up, no one listens
Your just a kid
What I see, think, feel
Doesn't matter
On no I'm mad
I'm shattered
This isn't how I thought the world was
In one month my view is ruined
Written for my son realizing life isn’t always fair or pretty.
Sheila Greene May 19
When I was a little girl
          with a goofy grin and pigtails,
   daydreamed about being Queen.
A Queen that controlled everything,
          Love, life, happiness
The illusion was the Queen
    discovering control isn't a thing.
When I was a little girl I often drifted off into my daydreams.  The physical world around me stopped and my mental world would erupt.  Enjoy!
Giovanna May 18
Passes to sell, I went out
but no one knew what's a fete 'bout.
Started at 3:30 with ten,
and came back with nine.
Which was not fine.
Wanted all ten to sell out,
but no one knew what's a fete 'bout.
This episode reflects a disappointing moment in my life when I couldn't sell the passes of my school fete.
Lupus- May 10
Because of people like you
I don't trust anymore
Because of the things you do
I don't believe like I used to before

People like you spend their time lying
You've become experts at it
It causes others to end up drowning
Continuous lies, liars never quit

Every word was cutting through
You were the cause of my fall
But maybe I shouldn't only blame you
Because I was stupid enough to believe it all

At first I didn't want to trust
I knew how humans could be
But I decided to make an exception
Why did I let you get to me?

I hate how it ended up
I regret every moment
For getting my hopes up
But I promise never again
Even though you knew what would happen, deep down you hoped it would be different...but it wasn't. You brought it upon yourself
ring² (/rɪŋ/)

1. (of my ears) the thing they do when filled
with another disappointing, wordy silence, especially
when I'd so hoped to hear you say... Read more

• The thing my heart does when it hears
those 3 little emotion-packed words
(never said by you).

(See also, "disappointment")

Phrases: "Did you eat?", "Are you okay?",
"I made you breakfast..."

"I love you"
Instead of doing an ink drawing every day of October, I wrote a poem every day using the official Inktober Prompt List of 2019. This is a dictionary poem.
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