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The sun beats a dead horse through a desert of lies
the only oasis is 44 ounces of pure bliss
cooling the essence from within
There is no greater comfort, no greater satisfaction

On the hottest summer day
life drains out of the chalice of joy
Its remnants still cold against my lips
burning into my being the memory of it

Empty and discarded the heat rises
Once again roaming and rummaging through the day
searching endlessly for the reality to match the memory
a world of imposters pretending they are worthy

Trying to believe that contented equals happiness
Disappointment lies empty at the bottom of the bin
Left to wander in search of that purity of bliss
For there is no greater comfort, no greater joy
nothing else comes close to the real thing ;)
Callie R Oct 12
I know exactly what I want to say
Every letter, syllable and comma
So I’ll type it down

Polite and eloquent
But I’m getting my **** point across

Emojis, gunky gifs and text speech
**** & SMH

**** that’s not what I want

But that’s how you reply.
Damaris ZA Oct 12
there's no time for love
and no room for consolation


there's time for disappointment  
and room for failure
Alexis Oct 1
A sudden cloud, an electrifying touch
She held the assumption that she wasn’t worth too much.
She walked down a path
And to an open road,
And raised her hands up
Like the drops would pour right down.
She screamed at the gods.
Who she thought were there to listen.
And the only thing she clung to were her old  bag of crystals.
She was a rainmaker,
She couldn’t control the events that went on close to her heart,
So she wanted to make the raindrops
peyt Oct 10
i dont know what it is about fireflies
but i have always been drawn to them
whether the night is inviting or not
i have always gone outside to greet my tiny friends anyways
dancing outside barefoot and letting the grass beneath me dance between my toes in a tickleish tango
it was always my favorite thing to do
i hate it
its all because of you
Aman Dahiya Oct 8
All I ever wanted
Was to care for someone
Who cared for me.
For I know how difficult this world is
And how shoulders are all we need.
Would it really have mattered if
still, today, every day,
I told you you're in my
Hopes and Dreams? Unending
Even if I was the one who ended it?
Even if I was the one who walked
away and set you all free? No,
I didn't let you go, I never did
But you can't have me, and have you
tethered to me; no, my reasoning so
I could tell you only if you'd ask
Nevermind - that's all in the past
it doesn't matter now, that was years
ages ago in Love's time, the 'us' that's
just you and him now, and me alone
Stuck, but you know, I had to let you go
You deserved so much more than just
an every day disappointment such as
myself - yes, you deserve life, I only
Ever offer a small and slow death.
Natalie Feb 2016
That look,
that look you're giving me, i could tell what it is from a mile away.
You aren't mad, no. You're disappointed.
That look,
that look you're giving me, with your eyes darkened and the corners of your mouth twitching down.
You aren't sad, no. You're disappointed.
That look,
that look you're giving me, like i just stained your favorite sweater; the one that fits you just right.
You aren't remorseful, no. You're disappointed.
That feeling,
that feeling I get when you give me the look.
It's a punch in the gut.
A loss of trust.
A trembling, constant worry.
I'm not disappointed, No.
I'm the disappointment.
Wait! Wait!
A pinch of salt in my heart,
Keeps inflaming through the halt.

Wait! Wait!
Some lost in their lives, living with you
Some lost their lives for the pain given by you.

Wait! Wait!
When people meet you,  
To the expectations they live up,
When people breathe you,
To the life they give up.

Wait! Wait!
To some you yield results,
To the most you offered upsets.

With perseverance, I get towards my aim,
As an interference, you send me back with a shame

People exclaim what *** say
Why fear when I am here.
But Mr. Wait. You say
Nothing here, when I am near.

Through you, I faced disappointment.
With your end comes my accomplishment

Hello Mr. Wait. I warn you
The more you live with me,
The more I turn rebellious.
The more you give me woe,
The more I become your foe.

Thank you Mr. Wait.
You made me the best Hunter animal with a ferocious killer instinct,
I won't leave this instinct, till you become extinct.

Challenge for a change,
Revenge for an exchange.
I personified wait as a person. In career, what waiting does? This is is what I wrote. Waiting may be sweeter when it is more personal. But when one is rejected chances due to money, poverty or other reasons, a person is pushed to live with that waiting till the end of his life. Waiting has stolen many successes and even life. This is the central theme of the poem. But, beyond it, waiting offers a never defeating strength to attain an insurmountable task. It gives that Hunter and killer instinct to win with that aggressive spirit. That's what I told in the poem.
People will disappoint you
and shatter you into pieces
It's okay to let them go
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